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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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from brevard county and up the coast were georgia. people in florida are checking out the destruction, making its way up the florida east coast, leaving one million people without power. ben: this is a look at the storm surge in saint augustine. you see water covering the roads there. matthew battering the coast there. causing m the coast. the storm is also turned deadly. alleys to two people -- at least two people killed by hurricane matthew. good evening. i'm ben simmoneau. maria: i maria stefanos. things have changed, harvey? harvey: yes, the storm as we can just a little bit, it is just under category three to category
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mile per hour winds instead of 115. it is east of jacksonville. but hurricane force forging can be up to 60 miles to the west. they have been brushing the florida coastline. the coast of georgia, south carolina, and north carolina they are the part of the storm. the weakening process will be very gradual. it still will be remaining in hurricane for at least another train for hours. we have got up to 66 miles per ho. brunswick and nevada now. they are gusting up to 49 miles per hour. hurricane force winds will brush the northeast course of florida, the coast of south carolina. all the way of the coast until he gets farther east and weakens even more. that will be later this weekend.
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any slight deviation and look of the landfall. even without a landfall, it is close enough to bring hurricane force dust to the coast. -- hurricane force gusts to the coast. there's lots of freshwater flooding as well. maria? maria: we will check in with you in a bit. we are getting a better picture of the damage from matthew. nichole berlie joins us with a look ae chole: hurricane matthew is moving up the coast, bringing storm surges, flash floods, and damaging winds. hurricane matthew continues to batter florida. >> when you factor this with high tide, this could be unprecedented in some locations.
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wind gusts bringing down trees. flights canceled. savannah hilton head international airport closed until sunday. hollywood international temporarily closed, but has reopened. at least one u.s. death attributed to matthew. a woman in st. lucie died of a heart attack after emergency services were suspended. president obama once the worst could be yet to come. everybody this is still a really dangerous hurricane. nichole: the death toll in florida is now too. north carolina and georgia in the hurricane dropout. people are being urged to evacuate, especially in coastal areas. ben: all right the clean up and , recovery is just beginning in haiti, hit by hurricane matthew when it was a category 4. the death toll has been rising all day. it's now at more than 800 and is
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haitian community is working to reach people in need. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in newton with the effort. jorge? jorge: the local haitian community working hard. they are working to bring aid to this impoverished nation hit by another natural disaster zone. just as the poor caribbean nation was beginning to rebuild him a devastating earthquake six years ago. >> they do not have anything left. everything is gone, for real. jorge: hurricane matthew -- another national -- natural disaster, another heartbreak.
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jorge: large parts of the country ravaged. floods washing out neighborhoods. aid trying to reach loved ones. >> at least knowing the person there is that much better instead of -- where are you, i don't know where you are, what has happened to you? jorge: more than 800 so far. president obama: there is been severe property damage and they will need help rebuilding. jorge: the saint boniface haiti organization runs a small hospital among the hardest hit. >> disease tends to follow storms like this. it will be a problem for a long time. jorge: the hard work will continue for years. coming up at 6:00 -- fears that
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matthew for casualties. jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5 . ben: thank you. and you can track the storm in real-time no matter where you are. just download our wcvb mobile news app for your phone or tablet. maria: a murder rocking a massachusetts town. police are still searching for the killer. the elderly victim found dead, his wife survived, but fighting for her life. juli mcdonald is live in orange right now. juli? juli: maria, neighbors tell me they did not see or hear anything unusual when the attack happened here in orange. they need help locating a vehicle they believe could provide some answers. >> it's terrible. you know what happens, but never this close. this is really scary. juli: still no arrests following a deadly home invasion in
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thomas hardy. his 77-year-old wife joanna fisher is still in the hospital. >> they were the nicest, the hardest working people you would ever want to know. juli: the district attorney's of the said following the murder, their corolla was stolen from the scene. the gray station wagon looks similar to this. >> non it was not active the last couple of days that i have noticed. juli: neighbors tell newscenter 5 their hearts are with a couple's children and friends, some of them comforting each other on the steps i'll be home early friday. >> i have a lot of sympathy for them being close to my own mother and nieces and cousins and stuff your it it definitely hits home. total nightmare.
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uli: joanna fisher was flown to umass in worcester. she is still there. the chief medical examiner will determine exactly what caused thomas hardy's death. i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: thank you. new at 5:00 -- at least 6 years behind bars for the man who hit and killed an 8-year-old girl in mattapan. a judge today sentencing 45-year-old james horton to 6 to 7 years in prison. horton pleading guilty in court yesterday to four counts, including manslaughter and accident. he was arrested in june 2015, after hitting yadielys deleon with his car. prosecutors recommended a longer sentence of 8 to 10 years. an investigation underway into a stabbing in boston. it happened in the early morning hours on beach street in chinatown. boston ems says one person was attacked. they were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no arrests have been made. maria: new at 5:00, a car
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you can see it right or -- well, you can see it in a firefighters second. getting it back out into the parking lot where it belongs. no one was in the room when it happened. police say the driver was an 87-year-old resident of bellingham, the driver and passenger were not hurt. no word on what caused the crash. new at 5:00 now -- braintree police chief russell jenkins is now officially off the job. he announced his retirement last month, in the wake of the evidence room scandal. 5 investigates first reported in august that a review of braintree's evidence room found missing drugs, cash and seized weapons. stoughton's former chief, paul shastany, will serve as interim chief. ben: also new this hour, logan airport is working with federal aviation officials to reduce noise from planes flying over neighborhoods. faa officials say flight paths have become more concentrated in the past several years, with planes flying over some
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and federal officials together with mit engineers to test programs to curb the concentration. massachusetts congressman stephen lynch, calling these tests a baby step. >> you don't need an m.i.t. engineer to figure out that putting all those planes over that narrow band of homes is a bad thing. ben: congressman lynch says if this program isn't effective, he and other congressmen will study health impacts caused by the noise and file a class action maria: this is the weekend we've all been waiting for. tom brady back on the field with the patriots, his first game in cleveland. josh brogadir is here with a preview. josh. josh: maria these past few weeks , have been filled with uncertainty of the quarterback position all fueled by the nfl , punishment that's been hanging over this team since january 2015. but brady is now back and he leads the 3-1 patriots into cleveland. he was back on the field with
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shoulder pads, and the second day in a row we only got to see the team stretching. he was throwing passes. bill belichick says the timeout from football can impact anyone. >> in general, it's hard for a player not playing football to practice football. i don't care how meet him to run the track or how many situps you do. be on the football field and work on the timing and situations in football. josh: jacoby brissett has been placed on the injured reserve, opening up a roster spot for brady to be activated in time against the browns. josh brogadir, wcvb newscenter 5 . maria: all right, josh -- guess who else is going to be there sunday? tom brady?
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look for him live. both presidential candidates pulling back on live appearances , but that does not mean there is no politics to talk about. ben: plus, how this guy got to safety. maria: and saving a dog from a lifetime of sniffles. a discovery a vet made. ben: and how big papi helped this little boy recover from serious surgery. all right, let's check first alert traffic. friday night, holiday weekend to boot. a mess on the left-hand side of your screen. going downtown, not doing too bad. let's check out the drive time. 33 minutes of mass avenue to root three. there is the pike we just showed you. .5 minutes.
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128 stacked in both directions. works on. further dumbing pike, a long drive. a lot of you may be headed to the berkshires. 495, both directions a slow go. 14 minutes.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends.
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when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. maria: all right, let's go back live to florida. it's windy and rainy. that shows you the power of matthew right there.
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hillary clinton, donald trump not on the campaign trail. both are focusing on the debate. sally kidd's live in a washington, d.c. bureau with how they are preparing. hi, sally. sally: hi, then. donald trump is making a provocative new claim about immigration. donald trump claims florida patrol agents have been told to allow illeim election. that is what officials told him. >> we are hoping to get the immigration status corrected. >> why? sally: a spokesman said the comments may have been misleading. hillary clinton in new york, prepping for sunday's town hall style debate. >> you get a lot of body language issues that clinton is
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vantage a little bit. sally: both vice presidential nominees are on the trail. mike pence in ohio. governor pence: i would have gotten your sooner but tim kaine kobe five times to interrupt me. senator kaine: again and again and again -- nevada, not nevada. sally: >> >> we are in the middle of the storm. sally: governor scott, who supports trump by the way, says everyone has had plenty of time to register. sally kidd, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: and our own emily riemer will be at the debate on sunday. you can watch the coverage beginning at 9 p.m.
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as hurricane matthew starts to make its way closer there. hardy -- so this is in florida -- harvey: oh, for sure. maria: a million without power. and now it is making its way out? harvey: and it's not done in florida. saint augustine is the southern edge of the heavy rain and strong winds, even daytona beach getting some fans. as time goes on i would say the next six to 10 hours, it will be jacksonville to savannah. carolina. all right, heavy rain, storm surge, no questions about that. there's another storm out there that reached hurricane force. what happens is when you get to tropical systems, they start to
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matthew will do this as nicole stores to do this. kind of interesting. they may even merge into a storm in a weekend fashion several days -- in aweakened -- a weakened fashion in a few days. kind of a weird situation. lashing the coastline -- the storm is 4 jacksonville. will not get much closer than that but may get a little closer to savannah as it moves north. right now it is 25 miles south of savannah. it will go live -- it will parallel the coastline. 56 and jacksonville. 52. those which and by themselves are strong enough to take on trees and limbs. that is why there are a million people without power.
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carolina, and north carolina. so, they have struck -- tropical storm gusts already. the edge of the hurricane force winds just brushing -- it may be close to wilmington, and it may be weakening to category one or just under. story. rainfall will be a huge part of it. torrential rain. the storm is only moving about 10 miles per hour. there's one projection of 10 inches center allston. i have seen one computer model with 15 inches of rain. there will be flooding, wind damage, storm surge, a triple whammy for that area. look what happened.
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beautiful evening. exquisite day. one of the top 10 days -- i think you would agree with that -- although we have had many beautiful days this year. mild, clear skies. low clouds from the south coast. the daylight hours should be dried. this front will make an approach. sunday morning southeastern mass and move all the way up the coast. it will move east from the carolinas. it may make its way to southeastern mass and the cape. that may be lingering into sunday afternoon. the cape for sunday is at risk of getting rain in the morning. you know where the pixar --
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year. -- you know where the pixar, usually where does this time of year. central and northern portions of new england. the tricky part of the forecast is sunday because clouds may linger. especially on the cape with a time of rain and that is most likely over southeastern mass in the cape. maria: terrific. thank you, harvey. people are not the only ones taking cover from hurricane matthew. this is a stork from the saint augustine allir bathroom. they moved their own birds. that includes young alligators who are swimming indoors in plastic tubs. a new way to skip the guilt that they goes along with a trip through the drive-through. ben: the new research revealing how to make good choices when it comes to fast food. maria: coming up at 5:30, our coverage of hurricane matthew continues with an update on the travel impact.
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guilty for taking your kids out for fast food. but there are guidelines to make the quick and convenient trip healthier. tasty nuggets and fizzy drinks? and toys. for kids, there's much to love about combo meals from fast-food restaurants and they make a parent's job easier. a package deal with a cheaper price tag than ordering each item separately. but these combos also come with higher calories many from , sugar-sweetened beverages included in the deal. researchers at nyu surveyed roughly five hundred kids in fast-food restaurants along with their , their food choices. those kids who got a meal containing sugar-sweetened beverages downed 179 more calories than those who got meals without these drinks. these beverages contribute calories but have no other nutritional value. in addition, combo meals had about 80 more beverage calories and 20 more beverage grams of sugar than non-combo orders. all those extra calories over time? it could mean a higher risk of
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experts say it's an easy fix. they say you should make fast food only an occasional trip. let your kids get the burger or -- this is what been was just saying -- he likes the burger. he does not want to have that taken away from him. or the nuggets -- but skip the combo. and choose water instead. ben: i can't say no to the fries. maria: you can never say no to the fries. ben: investigation in roxbury. maria: the victim for a wife facing charges. ben: we are staying on top of the path of hurricane matthew as we look at the damage left behind parts of florida. maria: and the thank you for special help from big papi
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>> monday morning on the eye, cutting your breast cancer risk in the kitchen. >> three foods you should have on the list. >> matthew moves out, a chilly
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