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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> from boston fell news leader -- this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ben: there have been changes -- rv is tracking it. the eye of the storm making a close pass to daytona beach. three power lines toppled. more of a sideswipe really. maria: damage being done sure. of the coast, flooding is a major concern. jacksonville under the gun at this hour. ben: matthew has weakened, as harvey told us of the top of the hour.
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and there is the storm surge? harvey: these are always triple threats. there's the flooding, the storm surge. this is west of jacksonville, 40 miles west and east and about 20 miles west and south of savannah. it will make a close pass or touch savannah. that is the idea with this of moisture rotating in from the ocean. it has incredible bands of tropical moisture. and the storm surge, a lot of that coincides with high tide or low tide. if it coincides with high tide, it diminishes severities some. if it coincides with low tide, it enhances it.
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gusting at 45. those winds will only get stronger. hurricane force winds brushing the coast of florida. just about the border of north carolina. and then it continues the weakening process. i got el minimal. i would not be surprised if there are some spots the in-depth with 15 inches of rain. it's an amazing amount of water. ben: thank you, harvey. nicole estaphan has more on this story -- nicole?
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health evaluation. at peering infused -- -- appearing confused, certainly sounding so, kerry edwards charged with murder, repeating the phrase please don't throughout her arrest and arraignment. just after midnight, there was an argument between edwards and her husband of one spiraled out of control. >> he grabbed a large knife from the knife block, walked back into the living room and stabbed him once in the chest. nicole: according to police, his wife chased him from the home. >> he ended up in the street and collapsed. at that point, the defendant
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collins died from his injuries a short time later. no answer from the home where the couple were staying, just markers of the tragic events that unfolded hours earlier. edwards being held without bail, pending the outcome of that mental health evaluation. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: the goal, thank you. checking your economy now -- last month to the u.s. economy. this is significantly less than the 229,000 jobs added last september. the labor department says unemployment climbed slightly from 4.9% to 5% explaining that , is the result of more people feeling confident to start looking for jobs but not all finding one. they do not count people who are not looking for jobs. as more americans do head to work, experts say expect the pace of job growth to slow.
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state reservation this year. the second hunt to be approved in two years will begin at the end of november and go into early december. officials say the deer population has exploded in the reservation, threatening the long-term health of the forest and destroying habitat for birds and other animals. ben: using a tragedy to help others. maria: the man trying to make sure his wife's death leads to more awareness about brain aneurysms, and his recent success. ben: plus, helping a dog suffering from constant sniffles. the surprise vets found when maria: a big boost for one of big papi's biggest fans. david ortiz may be busy with the post season, but that can't stop him from helping this little boy after serious surgery. ben: the friday night getaway -- a holiday weekend. monday is columbus day. this is the pike getting out of town. we are from watching this for
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meserve guy, was it a faulty valve? no ma'am, just a hairy snow beast. that was my second guess. you're right, honey. help protect your heating system with a repair plan and save 50% your first year. homeserve. service for the unexpected. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. maria: let's go back live -- i believe i'm being told is jacksonville, florida. it does not look that bad. a lot of people are still without power. ben: husband on a mission to
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lisa colagrossi was a news anchor at the abc station in new york city before a brain aneurysm took her life. as newscenter 5's erika tarantal reports, the efforts are already paying off. erika: like so many women, lisa a deadline-driven new york city reporter, a wife and mom to two boys. >> i said, don't you think we should get this checked? and she said, i don't have time. erika: what she did know, the symptoms were signs of a ticking time bomb, a brain aneurysm. then, moments after finishing a live shot one morning last march, colagrossi collapsed.
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they had my wife and they weren't sure why. erika: now, her husband todd is working tirelessly to save others, starting the lisa colagrassi foundation, dedicating to teaching the signs and symptoms of brain aneurisms. >> i had just completed working out and on my way home i experienced a very sudden headache. erika: after hearing todd tell lisa's story on a radio broadcast, kris sorenson's sister called her immediately. the emergency room. nine hours later, i went home with this diagnosis. erika: turns out kris did have an aneurism. todd's warning saved her life. last week they met for the first time. >> it's really a credit to my loving and beautiful wife that angela heard my story and that kris can be counted as a survivor and is here today. erika: erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5.
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own bob halloran. maria: i just did a story with him. i also have a link there. signs you should look for, 20. ben: it is so sudden. he was exercising when it happened. maria: and he should be back to work in a couple of weeks. a quest to help a dog with a runny nose leads to a strange discovery. ben: it turns out, the pup picked up something extra when he was sniffing around. harvey? harvey: matthew is making his
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ben: just to show you, hurricane matthew pounding florida, the storm surge along the coast battering homes and businesses. the destruction is continuing as the hurricane moves up toward georgia right now. the impact is being felt all across the country when it comes to travel, especially cancelled flights. flights are grounded, terminals are empty, and vacations are hurricane matthew also leaving nearly a million people in the dark after power lines were knocked down. governor macquarie: if you're power goes out don't assume it will be turned back on in the next five to 24 hours or even 72 hours. be prepared for look -- for prolonged power outages. ben: in a very rare move, savannah's hilton head airport is the latest to close its doors until sunday morning. fort lauderdale airport was also
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reopening friday morning. miles away from the shore, orlando international airport's flight board was covered in red, signifying cancelled flights. in miami, hurricane matthew passed with little disruption and flights there are back on track. this traveler from argentina says he could feel the strong gusts of winds from matthew while in the air. more than 4000 flights were cancelled through sunday according to flightaware,, and nearly 5,000 more were delayed. before getting stuck, many packed their bags and headed out. >> a home is a home but our feeling really good. ben: trains arent going anywhere either. amtrak cancelled service up and down the florida coast. maria: all right, so from travel to flooding to the wind to the power outages. there are problems out there. harvey: that's right, and there are more problems to come, just farther north, of the coast of the carolinas. this is a spinning top.
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that is the eye where it is calm. there is a b line, coming very close to savannah. even if it never makes landfall, you still could get hurricane force winds. it's always better it does not cross land. that is better than the alternative even though it is crossing -- it could be worse. that is one way to look at it for sure. weekend. that's a gradual process, and that is relative to what it was. it's still a strong hurricane at this point. and you can clearly see right in here, that is the center of circulation, those are the incredible bands of rotation. south along the florida coast, two things, and it's pretty much over because the storm was north of jacksonville.
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26, and you start to build up a little bit, melbourne, 40 miles per hour. of course, it was much worse tray four hours ago. jacksonville, gusts up to 55 right now. they are building up. and as i mentioned, this is what we will be dealing with. the edge of hurricane force winds coast of florida then will affect the southern coast of georgia. so even though the storm will be curving, it is kind of paralleling the coast and it will continue to do that through myrtle beach and close to wilmington, north carolina. there is a possibility of hurricane force winds. and there is an immense amount
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then there is the weakening and the heaviest push offshore. this does not take into account what is already happening. we are talking about extra 10 inches of rain. the storm is only moving about 12 miles per hour and it's not going to accelerate that much. it is still very mild this was an incredibly gorgeous day around here. temperatures will be very mild. low clouds may try to move in a long south coast later tonight. and there may be some sunny breaks. we will lose the high pressure area. this front will make an approach. the body of the storm, matthew, will not come up the coast, but a stream of moisture may combine with this front and that could affect us overnight into tomorrow night.
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this heavy rain come up through the carolinas. the storm does not make it up. the front does. so, that is why sunday is the trick your forecast. monday is a lock as a gorgeous day around here. here's another computer model. some areas getting in late. it's not that heavy and then it moves offsre get some beneficial rain. not sure how much rain yet. where they are peaking, the weather will be nicest. kit god has the most clouds. all of us have beautiful weather to enjoy on monday. there's the seven day. nice weather coming up. we will have much more for you. ben: not bad for october.
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turns out his runny nose was because of a five-inch long stick, stuck in his nose for months. newscenter 5's antoinette antonio explains how vets were able to help the dog. >> so he was chasing a rabbit and he followed a rabbit into a little wood lot and came out shortly thereafter after acting strange. aixa: -- antoinette: >>'s nose was bleeding, so being a good pet owner, mark took him to the vet. they flushed his nose d but after nearly 6 months, rex still had a runny nose, was sneezing, and just not acting like himself. that's when mark and rex were referred to blue pearl in grand rapids, who had an idea of what might be going on. >> he had a very acute or sudden onset of sneezing after running into the woods so therefore a foreign body is highest on our list of possibilities. antoinette you'd think finding a : five inch stick in the small snout of a beagle would be easy, but it was so deep it required the help of grand rapid's only
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>> and i can show you here, if we look at the ct scan this is an image of him on his side and if you follow it it goes through his skull in millimeter slices and if we look at this little round area here, that's where that stick was sitting in his left nasal cavity. antoinette: the stick was removed and little rex went home a happy, and finally healthy dog, with a very relieved owner. give up. internet: antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: big papi, he is a hero. not just for hitting homeruns. maria: but for helping kids like
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maria: fair to say david ortiz
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plate, he always saves a special place in his heart for the patients at mass general hospital for children. >> we have red sox shirts, red sox hats. maria: and ask nate who is favorite player is, he speaks from the heart. >> david ortiz. maria: he's a hero, not just for hitting homeruns, but for helping kids like nate get through heart surgery. >> we knew from the day he was born, essentially, that he had a heart murmur. maria: the cause, a small hole in the wall separating the left and right sides of nate's heart. son is going to need open heart surgery, it's, it's a terrifying thing. maria: and yet, kind of routine for the pediatric cardiology team at mass general hospital for children. this home video shows nate walking out just 4 days later. today he's doing great. >> it was a little hole in the heart. but they patched it. maria: in the past 3 years, the david ortiz children's fund has donated more than $400,000 to pay for sixteen procedures at
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>> his foundation has been incredibly generous to our program. maria: it's even paid for children with heart defects in ortiz's native dominican republic to travel here for care. >> their lives are quite literally changed for the better. maria: and frequently visits the hospital to check on the kids. everybody's so star-struck you know to see him and then when you really think what he's doing there, it just makes it that much more impressive. maria: for the sacco family, big papi is more than a red sox legend, he's a hall of fame humanitarian. >> it's amazing to see how committed he is to boston and his home country. it's just incredible. maria: it's incredible. the red sox foundation and owners announced they will donate $1 million to his fund to help even more kids. ben: it's great to hear. so come, new video with donald trump making shocking commas
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florida slammed by hurricane matthew. deadly effects being felt as the storm starts to weaken. harvey: a little moist or for matthew could make it appear. i will let you know where in win. maria: a grandmother growing a single marijuana plant in her yard until state police swoop in. why investigators say they did not have a choice. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. maria: , florida. hurricane matthew headed north. at least two people died in florida. more than a million without power right now. ben: the danger far from over. next in line, georgia and south carolina. matthew is already leaving behind a mess in palm coast, florida. a huge storm surge, sending waves over the seawall, right into this home.
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120-miles-an-hour sending huge sheets of metal flying. pushing big heavy dumpsters into the street even blowing the roof off building. -- off of a building. ben: and further north in st. augustine, a dangerous situation. 20 adults and children who didn't heed the urgent warnings to evacuate are stuck at a bed and breakfast. the storm surge turning the street into a river and the mayor says its too dangerous for emergency crews to operate. we have team coverage, beginning with stormteam 5's harvey leonard. harv? harvey: the emphasis shifts northward. jacksonville, georgia, south carolina, eventually north carolina as well. the storm is used of jacksonville, south of savannah, moving to the north. -- the storm is east of jacksonville. it will move very, very


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