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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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monster storm. >> the death toll from matthew growing tonight. conditions to expect as it moves farther up the coast. >> the bombshell tapes igniting a firestorm. >> she was married. >> and new tonight, who he was talking about. >> a call for help from a local teen's bus. the accusations against a coach. >> for 25 years, he has had one of best seats at fenway. only on 5 and why this season will be his last. we begin with bragg breaking news in the race for president. donald trump dumped in an appearance with house speaker paul ryan. >> the tapes park sparking an uproar tonight on many fronts. >> new tonight we know who trump
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smare here are the fallout. mary? >> social media is exploding tonight and "access hollywood" is firming the woman donnel trump is making comments about is former host nancy odell. >> another october surprise. this one involving a hot mic and a 2005 conversation. failed. i'll admit it. bush: whoa! trump: i did try and her. she was married. >> "access hollywood" now confirming that the married woman trump bragged about hitting on was then co-host nancy odell. the billionaire made the comments as he was en route to tape a soap opera cameo. the conversation, reported by the "washington post," took place just months after marrying his wife melania. trump went on to say his celebrity status helped with women. trump: i better use some tic tacs just in case i start kissing her. you know i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a
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i don't even wait. and when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. bush: whatever you want. trump: grab them by the you can do anything. >> trump released a statement saying "this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course. not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. hillary clinton wasted no time tweeting -- "this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president." clinton's running mate tim kaine -- >> i'm sad to surprise. i'm sad that say i'm not. maria: billy bush releasing this statement -- "obviously i'm embarrassed and ashamed. it's no excuse but this happened 11 years ago. i was younger, less mature and acted foolishly in playing along. i'm very sorry" tonight, nancy odell isn't commenting, but the chairman of the republican party is condemning trumps comments saying "no one should ever be described in these terms or talked about this way. ever.
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hampshire police are investigating the death of a toddler. the child's stepfather, leo witham is behind bars tonight, facing child endangerment charges. police say the 19-month-old died wednesday alone in a hampton apartment. the cause is still under investigation. witham is also charged with drug possession and falsifying evidence. he is being held on $10,000 bail. maria: hurricane matthew pushing past florida tonight, bringing the threat of severe flooding to georgia and south carolina. the storm now a catagory 2 hurricane. coastal and low lying areas. harvey has been tracking this all week long and you have it for us now in the weather center. >> the winds are down ever so slightly. the ever so gradual weakening trend will continue but this is still a formidable hurricane with a massive amount of rain, damaging rains and of course the
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as well. the warnings are still flying. all the way up to the coast of north carolina. this is showing you where the hurricane force winds or wind gusts are likely, along the coast near savannah. then south carolina, including myrtle beach and right around the border of north carolina. by that time it is about ready to be below hurricane strength and then you don't see anymore hurricane force winds but a lot of damage will have been done by then. jacksonville, 45. savannah, gusting to 51 in georgia now and as we go farther up, hilton head, south carolina, gusting to 51 and gusts up to 41 miles an hour and 46 miles an hour around charleston. there is a possibility of well over a foot of rain in a small area somewhere near the south
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top of the storm surge and the wind damage. we'll talk more about to surge and how a little bit of that moisture may reach part of our area. maria: thanks. matthew's flooding up the coast leaving people in the dark. ben: nichole is live for us in the news room. nichole: four deaths in florida being blamed on the storm. the storm causing damage along the coast. even though hurricane matthew has weakened, this storm is still packing a mighty punch in parts of florida, ripping down power lines. wind gusts dragging these trees across a parking lot, power poles slammed across cars, broken windows, damaged roofs and part of this roadway washed
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just one of many states stepping up to help. >> we're going to go to channel 46. >> work on overhead power. nichole: meantime, officials in georgia and the carolinas asking people to leave as matthew makes its way north. >> this is going to hurt. we're just trying to reduce the amount of lives lost or harm done as we much as we can. nichole: right now, more than one million people are without power. no word how soon it will be restor a wcvb newscenter 5. maria: thousands of flights are canceled up and down the east coast as hurricane matthew continues north. the impact is being felt at logan tonight. many people have been forced to change their plans. travelers we talked too just dealing with the inconvenience, saying their thoughts and prayers are with those in the hurricane's path. ben: as the flood waters recede in haiti the death toll there is rising. more than 800 people killed. a number expected to rise as aid
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matthew hitting the impoverished caribbean nation, still rebuilding from the devastating earthquake six years ago. here in massachusetts, local relief agencies are coordinating aid, as members of the haitian community wait to hear from loved ones. >> the worst part is i got all the people here that look up to me and they want me to give them news about their loved ones. ben: need help for years to come. you can track the storm in real-time no matter where you are. just download our wcvb mobile news app for your phone or tablet. maria: a small massachusetts town still struggling in the aftermath of a deadly crime there. an elderly man murdered, his wife clinging to life in the hospital and still no arrests. right now, our juli mcdonald is live in orange with the latest
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reporter: without an arrest, there are understandably a lot of elderly people in this neighborhood who are on edge. police are asking for the public's health in locating a vehicle they believe my provide them with some answers. a simple sign of sympathy outside this home in orange, the scene of a deadly crime on wednesday. police still searching for the killer. >> it's terrible. you hear this on television and know it happens. but never this close -- this is really scary. reporter: 95-year-old thomas harty was killed. his wife joanna fisher is still hospitalized with serious injuries. no suspects have been named, but police believe the killer may have stolen the couple's car. they're looking for a 2003 toyota corolla like this one. the license plate on the grey or silver station wagon reads m99949. >> they did interview all of us around here. i know the people i've talked to
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reporter: as investigators look for a motive, neighbors also wonder who would hurt the warm and friendly couple they've waved to for years. >> they were the nicest, the hardest working people that you would ever want to know. >> i have a lot of sympathy for them being close with my own mother and my nieces and cousins. it hits home. a total nightmare. reporter: that attack happened here at the couple's home on wednesday have seen that vehicle since then, you are asked to reach out to origin police. ben: thank you. two newton football coaches have been suspended with pay after a player claimed he was assaulted on a team bus. the alleged incident happened thursday night as the freshman football team was returning from an away game. police pulled the bus over in
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had assaulted him. the newton superintendent says both coaches on the bus are now on paid leave. >> the police were called and investigated. we are doing our own investigation. we take these incidents very seriously. it is going to be done quickly. we will follow up. ben: it's not clear yet if either coach will face charges. maria: the red sox push for the pennant coming home to fenn we. we know sunday's game three must win do-or-die. josh is here with what the team is josh: they will have to return to cleveland. david price left one out over the plate. lonnie chisenhall hit it 354 feet. that was enough. red sox only managed three hilts the entire game. the sox get shut out in cleveland 6-0.
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it is pretty clear what lies ahead of us. we go home down 0 mf 2. clay buchholz on the mound sunday with an attitude of no tomorrow. >> tomorrow game three is at fenway. maybe that will help. sox were 37-34 at home this season but clay butch olsols only 2-7 at home this season. >> next on news center 5. >> for 25 years, he has had one of the best seats at fenway. the scoreboard revealing only on 5 and why this season will be his last. >> how this local grandmother is fighting back after police seize her backyard pot plant. >> a little of matthew's moisture may make it into part
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ben: an 81-year-old amherst grandmother is speaking out tonight after her marijuana plant is taken from her backyard. margaret holcomb who goes by peg, says she uses marijuana for medicinal purpose and believes it has helped with her glaucoma. she says she was out of town when authorities came to the property. her son says he heard a
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time later troopers were at the home knocking on the door. the massachusetts state police says it was a part of a marijuana eradication operation working with the state's national guard. >> we supposedly live in a democracy. i am beginning to wonder about that. >> you feel like that is a violation? >> yeah, a violation of my constitutional rights. particularly the fourth amendment. police says it doesn't matter what the marijuana is used for. the law makes it illegal to grow it outside in an unsecure area. maria: he's a kid who grew up in belmont and loves baseball. at the young age of 19 he was offered one of the greatest seats and jobs at fenway park. the scoreboard keeper inside the green monster. and now after 25 years christian elias is saying goodbye. ed harding and i got a look inside his office. maria: 25 years, we're saying goodbye. >> absolutely. come on in to what i have called
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1,800 games. watch your step. maria: you can't help but feel the history and the wonder and the ghosts that live behind this wall. >> they started the tradition of coming back here and signing their name. players will come back and say so and so said the first thing i need to do is coming here and see you and sign the wall. maria: tradition christian is about to say goodbye to after 25 years. he is the guy >> over 1,800 games, rain delays and extra innings. i spent a lot of time back here. >> does it get lonely? >> buzz the wall is so close here at fenn we, we can hear the outfielders communicating with the other outfielders. with us. maria: it is the signing of the names that really captured christian and will guarantee he is set for life in the storytelling department. have you ever signed it?
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there? >> there is nomar. maria: this hands down the best scratch on this wall. >> home and away. you can see these x's. the scorekeepers at the time in 1951. they kept track of ted williams home runs home and away. jimmy pierce is our oldest signature. this wall. manny, of course the most famous one. >> terry francona was coming out. usually when the manager comes out, they are making a pitching change. we thought we would chat about everything but baseball with manny. francona left the pitcher in and all of a sudden we heard the crowd erupt. we thought a fan was running across the field. it was an unusual sound. we both looked at each other and yelled an expletive and manny
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that put manny coming into the scoreboard on the map. no, he wasn't going to bathroom. i've been doing this so long, i can from the sounds of the game figure out what is happening out there. i'll let you do the honors. this is our scorekeeper intern program. come on out. if the red sox scored a run in the bottom of the first. that is the bottom of the first inning. that is the inning by inning line score. that yellow number one would slide that's it. i think you passed. maria: and then ed asked the question i was hoping he would. >> do we offend the karma if marie aia and i sign this thing. maria: no, we have we are not professional baseball players. going behind this wall transforms you into kids. >> i did grow up a yankees fan.
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in good fun. i'm very grateful and a little nostalgic and emotional. i think it is the right time to leave. i have two little girls at home. it has been something i'll never forget. maria: christian told ed and i we won't forget that either. christian told ed and i his favorite moments. he has direct of england. that is his full time job. he said he can't wait to go back and sit in regular seats with his family. >> there is no bathroom in there. maria: no bathroom. ed made sure he went in. where is the bathroom? no bathroom. confirmed. >> even without a bathroom, i still think there are more pluses than minuses. we have to get back to matthew.
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the southeastern u.s. it is still a 105-mile-per-hour hurricane. it is slowly coming down in terms of wind. that will be a slow process. still a tremendous amount of moisture coming in. it is a category 2 hurricane. it is about 70 miles from savannah and 115 from charleston, south carolina. it is going to get very close to charleston and then as a category 1 by tomorrow morning might maintain category 1 through the day tomorrow when it gets just southwi and then it will weaken when it moves to the east at that point. may start to loop south but it is going to be a ghost of what it once was. it will still skirt the coasts of georgia. a movement to the east will take care of any further hurricane force winds. savannah, georgia, 39 miles an hour. gusts over 50.
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50. gusts of 48 in charleston. those winds are still going to pick up some. here you see the storm. that is the wall of water. in this case, i'm talking about the rain. you also get the wall of water with the storm surge as it moves to the north carolina coast. look at the rainfall. 6-12 inches of rain all the way from savannah to possibly even the northeast corner of north carolina with some areas that could get other a foot of rain. so there is from freash water meaning from the rain coming down and then flooding from the storm surge and then you have to worry about to wind damage. all three factors coming into play. there is the potential storm surge. this is all quite significant. worst case but possible scenarios. the other thing is some case also coincide with high tide and some cases with low tide which helps a little bit. these are the temperatures locally earlier this morning. it was 35 in norwood.
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77 in lawrence. 77 in concorde. it was a fabulous day. a nice night. 59 degrees. temperatures are cooling as they have in the outlying areas. not quite as much as in the last few nights. these areas of fog. patchy ground fog overnight. it will burn off early tomorrow. today's temperatures, we will have an increase in clouds. a narrow little piece of moisture may move period of rain possibly overnight tomorrow night or especially on sunday morning and the best chances are over southeastern mass, the cape and the island. there is your partial sunshine to start tomorrow. clouds taking over and you do see some rain approaching from the west. just showers. then we should get clearing later sunday from west to east. so as for all the sporting activities going on, the red sox
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we hope there is a game four. cool and dry. sunny, 61 weather looks better there. if you're going to see the fall foliage, you have maybe a spot shower tomorrow. it clears during sunday. gorgeous on monday. a nice stretch of weather coming for next week. lots of dry weather continuing. it starts out chilly and temperatures will moderate a little bit. columbus day looks beautiful. n: even with the latest technology, weather forecasters can learn a lot apparently from the waffle house. maria: how you may ask?
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maria: the waffle house index is predicting a rough recovery after hurricane matthew. ben: what is it? the popular breakfast chain known for staying open no matter what so any time one shuts down, it suggests rough times for the economy. so far at least 25 have closed across florida, georgia and south carolina and josh, you corrected me, it is not the waffle house. maria: just waffle house. josh: you know when a short night feels like a really long night? 3 1/3 innings was all he could
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kelly: you know me. nfalse, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms.
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josh: if you didn't like what you saw in game one in cleveland, i'm afraid game two was more of the same. red sox came out flat and finished thatfun at home today at the sox expense. david price 0-7 as a starter coming into the post-season, this had to be a win. but he was in trouble early and often, already down 1-0 in the 2nd inning when he served one up to lonnie chisenhall. a lefty in the line-up hitting 9th. three-run home run and cleveland out to the big start that the red sox needed but didn't ge corey kluber, banged up, pushed back a game, didn't show any rust. seven strikeouts over seven, didn't allow any hits. even the most reliable, losing their focus, dustin pedroia has won 4 gold gloves, but didn't get his glove down on this one, leads top another run. last licks, another sox bat that hasn't been working. xander bogaerts flies out to end it. cleveland wins 6-0.
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he was very good. i thought we stayed in the strike zone a little bit better but nothing to show for it. we had a couple of scoring opportunities. not able to cash in. a well-pitched game against us. josh: patriots with a roster move. jacoby brissett to the injured reserve r for the official return of tom brady. brady was back out today stretching with his teammates, we didn't see any throwing today once again. also out there though listed as limited on the injury report was julian edelman, questionable to play sunday with a foot injury. gronk, garoppolo, and blount also questionable. and like brady, rob ninkovich is back from a four game suspension. he violated the league's policy on banned substances. he is expected to play against the 0-4 browns. our friday night lights game of the week, undefeated wellesley
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the 3rd quarter when grant chryssicas takes the ball over the goal line. one-yard touchdown run. 10-0 raiders. rebels would come back at home. start of the 4th quarter. the touchdown plunge for senior running back ferry armand, 10-7 wellesley. they hang on to move to 5-0. clemson at the heights. that's it for sports. maria: good weekend? >> pretty good >> monday morning on the eye, three foods you should have on your list. >> a chilly start, join us on
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "masterminds." zach galifianakis, owen wilson. kristen wiig. plus jimmy versus tim kaine. with music from the lumineers. and now, back by popular demand, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us. tonight the main event from hofstra university in hempstead,


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