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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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reid: donald trump digging in.
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>> now on newscenter 5 -- reid: trump under fire, but not backing down. greeting supporters outside trump tower as his campaign goes back into crisis mode. >> hurricane matthew taking a deadly toll as it makes landfall in the carolinas. my updated track, and how we're feeling some of the effects. nichole: fenway, and fighting to stay alive in the playoffs. the prospects for their sunday showdown with cleveland. >> this is wcvb newscenter five. reid: breaking news from our nation's west coast, three police officers shot in palm springs, california. the desert sun newspaper now reporting two have died. nichole: police are now searching for the gunman. "the desert sun" reporting the
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was threatening crops. visit for updates. reid: in other news donald trump , refusing to leave the presidential race, as we are now hearing more and more calls for him to step down. i'm reid lamberty. nichole: and i'm nichole berlie. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is here now with the new fallout. juli: the new fallout is coming to a head just one night before the second presidential debate, and less than five weeks before election day. republicans acro nominee to bow out. paul ryan wouldn't even say trump's name when addressing the elephant in the room at the wisconsin event from which he was uninvited. >> it is a troubling situation. i'm serious. i put out a statement last night, i meant what i said. it's still how i feel. but that's not what we're here to talk about today. juli: the fallout comes in response to that leaked video from 2005, in which trump discusses groping women. >> i think its degrading to our women, our daughters, our
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trump said he's not perfect. mr. trump: anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. juli: but hours later, he high-fived supporters outside trump tower, tweeting this message, "the media and establishment want me out of the race so badly i will never drop out of the rac my supporters down." the weekend isn't without waves for the clinton campaign either. bill clinton was interrupted by angry protesters at a rally in milwaukee, holding signs and yelling about his treatment of women. this, after wikileaks released thousands of hacked emails from hillary's campaign manager, some of the sensitive documents shedding light on her
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and in an editorial today, "the boston globe" announced they enthusiastically endorse hillary clinton's candidacy, and urge voters to run, not walk, to their nearest polling place when early voting begins october 24. juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: new hampshire senator kelly ayotte doing her best to distance herself from donald trump. the republican incumbent is running for reelection in that state. newscenter 5's david bienick reports on the potential impact to this closely watched race. reporter: democrat maggie hassan bounded on stage like a candidate with new energy and launched into a fresh attack on >> this is who my opponent is, and this is what she does. everything is a political calculation. reporter: moments earlier, ayotte sent out a statement with her first reaction to release of a 2005 video showing donald trump talking about women. ayotte wrote, "i'm a mom and american first, and i cannot and will not support a candidate for president who brags about degrading and assaulting women."
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absolute test of courage, character, and judgment. reporter: for weeks, ayotte declined to formally endorse trump, but said she planned to vote for him. now she says she'll write in trump's running mate, mike pence, on her ballot for president. through a spokesperson, ayotte said she wants trump to exit the race. >> i believe he can serve -- can serve as president, so absolutely i would do that. reporter: just days ago at a debate, ayotte said her children before retracting her comment. >> as i said, i misspoke. reporter: a poll released thursday showed ayotte with a six-point lead over hassan. the race is being watched around the country because it may decide which party controls the u.s. senate. republican political analyst pat griffin says ayotte is smart to cut ties with trump. >> pushing away from trump allows kelly ayotte to run as kelly ayotte, who people
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ayotte declined our request for an interview and says she plans to answer questions about the race on sunday. reid: both trump and clinton are now preparing for tomorrow's debate. and our own emily riemer will be there in st. louis. you can watch the showdown right here, starting at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. nichole: we're tracking hurricane matthew tonight. taking a live look from our radar. the storm is along the north carolina coast right now. more than a foot of rain is expected to flood the carolinas. the storm made landfall there this morning. look a in charleston south carolina just under water. and the cleanup is beginning in florida, which just got out of the line of fire. downed trees covering the area, lawn furniture thrown around like rag dolls, and homes took a lot of damage. 10 people in the u.s., so far, have been killed. mike wankum joins us now. mike, the storm seems to be weakening.
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the land, it starts to fall apart. look at all the moisture we are talking about. incredible amounts of water. a category one storm continues to move its way off to the east. later tonight, a tropical storm. it will stay that way tomorrow and end up a tropical depression. we are watching this for a couple of reasons. there is a lot of rain down here, including a tornado watch. we've got a cold front to the west, throwing moisture in thi from the cold front. overnight tonight, a few scattered showers. tomorrow, especially toward the cape, we will be seeing steady rain. the computer model shows scattered showers, but look what happens. we have moisture moving in. it is quite in the southeastern part of the state, but not for everyone. i will have more on the timeline and cool temperatures in a few minutes. nichole: remember, you can track this storm and any other severe
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tablet. reid: right now, boston police are searching for the suspect who stabbed a man near emerson college. the attack happened just after 11:00 last night at the intersection of tremont and boylston streets. a witness says he saw a stranger help the victim, who'd been slashed in the throat. he's expected to survive. no word on what led up to the stabbing. nichole: and five fires in 40 minutes, burning cars in tyngsborough. they broke out in the early morning hours. investigators now working to figure out h in tyngsborough. reporter: you can see there is not much left on the inside of this jeep. the owner of the suv is telling us that pieces of glass flew across the street and landed on the lower part of her roof. >this is what the fire look like outside lisa's home after table woken up by their neighbors, alerting them of what
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at least 12 feet before the fire department got to the scene. >> we were worried about the house. we were kind of in the doorway until the fire truck guard here. -- got here. reporter: she also says fire melted part of the house. they were not the only victims. in fact, the tyngsboro leased apartment says this is one of three fires that took place overnight. >> i was in bed. i heard crackling. i thought it was gunfire. when i threw up my shades, the car was already engulfed. reporter: this is what the car looks like today. she says she is glad no one was in it. >> it had a full take of gas, so that's what worried me, and the explosion, thinking it might take the windows out of the
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reid: the push for the pennant back at fenway this weekend. the red sox returning from cleveland down, but not out. sportscenter 5's josh brogadir joining us live at fenway park. josh? josh: reid, 24 hours from now, we should know if the red sox are going to stay in this series. they face illumination in game they will look to one of their three. most inconsistent pitchers on the s in game three. clay buchholz, loosening up with his teammates earlier this afternoon, is 3-0 in his last five starts. he is also the only member of the starting rotation who was a member of the 2013 world series champions. and he knows there's no margin of error against the indians at fenway. >> our backs are against the wall. that's heart of it area we are also at -- that's part of it. we are also at home.
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up in sports, patriots water moves -- roster moves, and the wettest football game you may ever see in your life. for now, live at fenway park, josh brogadir. nichole: still ahead, it was not a clean getaway, but these thieves got away with a pile of stolen metal. how you can help solve this crime, caught on camera. reid: plus, a strange sight slowing down traffic on the pike, but the state police were able to move in and catch the >> it is winding down, but not the moisture in our direction. i will show you how much rain to expect.
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surveillance video showing some thieves in foxboro fumbling with their loot. police are looking for the three men who still -- stall s --tole -- scrap metal and truck radiators this past thursday on east belcher road. you can see, the items were so heavy, they stumbled over them, dropped them, and eventually had to drag them away. if you recognize these men, call foxboro police. two people hurt when a car slammed into a building in dudley. nichole: police say the driver went around a curve, struck a guardrail, then hit the building morning. the driver and passenger were taken to a hospital, but both are expected to be ok. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and an unusual traveler stopped on the mass pike in charlton this morning. a horse wandering down the side of the highway. massachusetts state police captured the horse without a problem. it was returned to its owner safe and sound. police are not saying where it came from or how it made its way to the highway.
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reason for traffic to be backed up on the pike. mike wankum is just ahead with the latest on matthew, and the rest of our holiday weekend forecast. nichole: and coming up next, helping hurricane victims in
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nichole: the clean up just beginning for people hit by hurricane matthew. this is a look at the damage and flooding left behind in georgia. people in florida and the carolinas also impacted and it's not over yet. reporter: hurricane matthew leaving its instructive mark. >> this is a very serious and deadly storm. reporter: after ripping up roads and damaging homes in florida -- >> the catastrophe is something else. reporter: today, the storm tearing through georgia and the carolinas. >> you cannot stand in one place. the wind is blowing at such a
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those strong winds blowing down trees and power lines, leaving more than one million people in the dark, but the biggest concern remains flooding. drivers stranded in savannah, and a storm surge tearing down a. myrtle beach. >> what i am going to ask for you his patients. most fatalities occur after a storm, because people attempt to move data soon. -- move reporter: here in north florida, bridges moving to coastal communities are being left open, and residents are coming home to find there is little left. you can see the walls torn off, the inside ripped apart. while for some people, matthew may not have been as severe as expected, for others, it was life-changing.
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heartbreaking disaster in that country. a local family giving back after hurricane matthew. belikebrit held a donation drive in worcester today for the victims. they collected money, food, and bathroom supplies and loaded them into this truck to be shipped to haiti. belikebrit was named for brittany gengel, a teen from rutland who was killed in the haiti earthquake in 2010. it's not too late to help. they're holding another donation drive monday morning. nichole: so much devastation. i think and all of this, at least it is weakening down. mike w.: very much so. we are seeing a lot of rain in the carolinas. and you saw that damage in florida. that storm tracked offshore 20 or 30 miles. added moved inland, we would be talking about more damage than what we have seen right now. it weekend toward the carolina coast, just making rainfall
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hurricane with 75 mile-per-hour winds. remember what a hurricane is. it is dropping tremendous amounts of water. we are talking about matthew, but just out to the west there is another system. that is nichoole. it will just sit down here. it is not expected to do anything, but there are two things systems offshore. you can see a tornado watch is up until midnight down south. this storm system has brought moisture all the way up these coast. this cold front would typically not have much rain with it, but because there is leftover moisture from matthew, that's why we are going to see steady rain. via strings are in the south, over a foot of rain in parts of north carolina. over 20 inches of rain could fall in some of those areas before the storm is over with. up to her we are just getting a
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now, we had a few scattered showers. not much going on. it will get enhanced. as we look over the city right now, still 67 degrees. every mile night, with southerly winds at odd miles per hour. temperatures will not change tonight or tomorrow. here are those temperatures right now, blow to upper 60's. tonight, cloudy skies, 54 to 58 degrees. tomorrow, warmest of the morning. there will be scattered showers. a full-fledged rain, with perhaps even some downpours. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. scattered showers, temperatures relatively mild. 10:00, notice what happens. we start to see more and more developments in the southeastern part of the state, especially toward the cape islands. that will continue to blossom. if you are inland, you will go, watch rain?
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downpours taking place over the cape, but as we head toward late sunday night and monday, it all starts to kick its way offshore. we may be left with a few clouds early monday morning indicate, but we will enjoy sunshine. how much are we talking about? most areas, a quarter, maybe a half inch if you are lucky, but toward the cape of the islands, we could get an inch. boston is right on the dividing line. as we talk about the ballgame tomorrow at 4:08 there will be h we will be on the cool side, with temperatures pretty much in the mental upper 50's. behind this system, cool air comes through. temperatures much chillier. we start to talk about the sunshine returning to the forecast next week. here's the way the forecast looks. tomorrow, great day, showers around the area and brain to the southeastern part of the state. sunshine monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
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could be triggered, but the moisture would be limited. behind it, even more fall like weather, as high temperatures will be just to the upper 50's. best opportunity for rain will be tomorrow in the southeastern part of the state. that is our latest forecast. >> now here's josh brogadir with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. josh: fenway more lively 24 hours from now. a way to change the mindset in game three, john farrell called a team meeting this afternoon with his guys to basically say to them, "just play your game." after all, they won 93 games and the al east title. xander bogaerts is among those in the cage looking to start swinging the bat in this series. too many check swings and called third strikes up and down this lineup. the red sox have been failed, so
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they managed just three hits. meanwhile, they'll hand the ball over to clay buchholz to save the series tomorrow afternoon. >> i'm someone that needed a little bit of a breather from the rotation, work out issues from the bullpen, and has returned in his pitching some of the best baseball in his career. completely confident, as i am with all our guys as we take the field tomorrow. >> kind of nervous to start off, the crowd being the way it was, and everything being new and magnified. but now i know what to expect and kind of know how everything will play out. josh: it's official. tom brady and rob ninkovich are back on the patriots' active roster. the two dies activated earlier today. the league granted the team an exemption until today. both veteran players will be in there tomorrow afternoon against the winless browns in cleveland. to make room on the 53 man roster, guard jonathan cooper
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that sent chandler jones to arizona, has been released. he never played a game here, after injuring his foot. more than the remnants of hurricane matthew in north carolina for notre dane and nc state. look at this. it was torrential. game tied at 3-3 in the fourth, notre dame punt blocked. dexter wright, 16-yard touchdown return, 10-3 wolfpack. two minutes notre dame, bad snap. deshone kizer gets rid of it, turn over on downs. final score, 10-3. irish now 2-4. that's going to do it for sports. reid: all right, josh, thanks. nichole: coming up later tonight, after college football, we're on the tom brady watch. our ed harding is in cleveland, where patriots fans can't wait where patriots fans can't wait for tb-12 to get back on the in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, where patriots fans can't wait for tb-12 to get back on the protected education...
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e's...up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now get our best offer ever, super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. reid: three police officers in palm springs, california will -- were shot. it is now reported that two of those officers have died. nichole: police are searching for the gunmen. the gunman is a man with mental health issues who had threatened cops. go to for updates. a paddleboarder comes close to
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reid: a helicopter that was out spotting sharks took this shot yesterday off nauset beach. the atlantic white shark conservancy says there were five sharks in that area yesterday alone. they spotted 12 total. good thing he did not see it. hey, that was me out there. i did not know that. mike w.: the next days, the servers will be out. ames will start taking on later tonight area as far as the forecast -- waves will start picking up later tonight. we've got a lot of waves -- raiys in the southeastern part of the state. high of 60 degrees, but we dropped into the 50's in the afternoon. moisture for matthew will be with us all tomorrow night, and then it clears away. once it clears away, very fall like weather big.


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