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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5. this is eyeopener. >> breaking news. a child shot while playing outside in boston. >> a commuter train derailed outside of new york city. what investigators say caused the accident. >> tom brady is back the waiting for all season. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. >> we are still tracking what was matthew. causing record flooding in the carolinas. it is sunday, october 9. >> for all the problems matthew
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called a post tropical cyclone. it is not a hurricane but it does have wind up to maximum of 75 miles per hour. it's the same storm system but has a different name. it has some characteristics to it. it will still be moving its way offshore over the next 48 hours and will not pose a direct impact on us. effects. the system down here to the south is picking up a lot of moisture. so a friend that usually comes through with little rain now has something to work with. right now, if you scattered showers. especially along 495. down to the south, we see more
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and this takes on a little more responsibility. through the afternoon, it downpours in the southeastern part of the state. in the meantime, very little rain going on in the west. i'll have much more on the timeline on this and when it will move out of here coming up in a few minutes. >> we are following breaking news on the eye. a child is recovering after being shot in a playground in roxbury. for the public's help with this case. police tell us the victim is a 9-year-old girl. she was with a group of others in a roxbury playground when shots were fired. this happened on annunciation road just after 1:00 this morning. police saying they responded to a call for shots fired and now they need people to step up with any leads. >> we need your help on this one because there's too many guns on the street and this is horrible . so time for everyone to pull together and help us solve this
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to a local hospital to have surgery, but we do know she was alert and talking when police arrived on that scene. >> breaking news out of california this morning. the man accused of killing two police officers, and injuring another in palm springs is now in custody. one of those officers killed was the mother of a four-month-old baby the other, on an overtime shift. a woman called police yesterday afternoon to say her son was causing a disturbance. that man holed up in his house, officers, and threatening to shoot them. police tried negotiating with the suspect, who then pulled the trigger. to another tragedy on the tracks . this one in new york where a commuter train has derailed. a long island rail road train slammed into a work train near new hyde park. at least 11 people hospitalized, but none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening. the work train actually caught fire after the crash. train service in both directions
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donald trump defiant as calls for him to leave the presidential race continue to grow. he greeted supporters outside trump tower yesterday, giving high-fives, promising to stay in the race. but more and more republicans are now refusing to support him. newscenter five's juli mcdonald has the growing backlash. >> just hours to go until hillary clinton and donald trump go head to head on presidential debate but for the gop nominee it has been a week on the defensive. >> anyone who knows me knows that these words don't reflect to i am. i said it and i was wrong and i apologize. >> he apologized for the leaked video from 2005 in which he makes bulger comments about groping women. but republicans sounded off, pulling their support.
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women, to our daughters and granddaughters and to future generations. >> despite the backlash, trump defiantly tweeted his commitment. >> i will never drop out of the race and never let my supporters down. >> protesters interrupted bill wikileaks released thousands of e-mails from sentence campana men to -- from clinton's campaign manager. and in an editorial this weekend, the boston globe wrote that there is only one candidate who belongs to the white house and they enthusiastically endorsed hillary clinton. doug: both trump and clinton are now preparing for tonight's second presdiential debate. and our own emily riemer will be
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you can watch the showdown right here starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight. emily will have a live report after on newscenter 5 at 11:00. >> right now, boston police are asking for your help to track down a man they say is a suspect in a attempted sexual assault. police say he attacked a woman from behind in the mission hill neighborhood early yesterday morning. it happened in fitzgerald park. he was also seen riding a mountain bike in the area. doug: do it with me -- good air in, bad air out. it's the day patriots fans have been waiting for. tom brady is now officially on the team's active roster, and he will be back on the field today as the pats take on the browns. our ed harding is in cleveland with a preview. >> and a matter of hours, the stadium will be cheering loudly for the hometown cleveland browns. and they will also witness the return of tom brady.
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week. >> a look good. the fountain of youth. >> speaking in a radio interview. >> i love playing in new england. i want to make us all proud. >> the patriots were shut out last week. >> obviously having him back doesn't we know the focus of what we have to do this weekend. it is the deciding factor. >> the universe is back to normal. in cleveland, i am ed harding. doug: and don't miss our continuing coverage from cleveland after the game. ed harding will have live reports tonight on newscenter 5. >> a lot of happy people. doug: there is a collected sigh
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sox at fenway. shayna: the stats and the players red sox nation hope will keep the push for the playoffs alive. doug: and a devastating attack in yemen. the nation being blamed for the air strike that killed more than 100 people at a funeral home. shayna: and we are tracking the damage left in matthew's wake. the areas hit hard by flooding and wind damage. >> matthew is weakening. the track it's on right now at the boost it gives tr
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tracking matthew right now. the powerful storm no longer a hurricane this morning as it makes its way off the east coast, leaving behind a deadly trail >> a similar scene all along the southeast coast, where streets are heavily flooded. firefighters rescuing dozens of people stuck in those floodwaters in georgia. choosing to take their chances and stay. the rain swamped homes and cut off roads. >> this is a look at the flooding and damage left behind in south carolina where matthew made landfall between charleston more than two million are without power from florida to the carolinas. >> and this scene in north carolina where residents are seeing record flooding this morning. more than a foot of rain in that state. the downpour of rain flooded homes and businesses as far as 100 miles inland. >> and behind every raincloud, there is this. there was one couple who didn't let the storm put a damper on their special day. this pair from illinois saying their "i do's" during the hurricane yesterday. mandi and michael derr had
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nearby wilmington. they exchanged their vows as the city was being flooded. the rain stopped during their reception and the entire wedding party went out into the flooded streets. not necessarily a really good idea. cracks that is a dedicated couple. appreciate the love. too much? >> are there gators in that water? [laughter] >> way to ruin the moment. >> he is keeping it real. >> it's no longer a hurricane and it is a post-tropical cyclone. a duck by any other name would be a duck. it takes on a different form. we give it a different name and it does have maximum wind at 75 miles per hour. that finding the center is difficult.
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that will lift its way over top of us. this storm will track really all the way out to sea and fall apart completely. maximum sustained winds going from 60-45 miles per hour by tuesday. there is moisture to work with. even though the center of the storm is focused down here. it does give us a better opportunity to see rain and we have had rain this morning. we see a band here with a batch coming through boston. area and then a wider view, more clusters of moisture finding their way in. so far this morning, there are a couple of places that are picking up rain. most places, a 10th of an inch or less. i think we get more opportunity as the day goes on. we do start to see the focus on the southeastern part of the state.
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through the evening hours and into the overnight. boston will be right on this line as for how much rain we get out of this whole thing. tomorrow? this guys do clear way and it is beautiful. here, you can draw the line at where we get showers. could be over two inches of rain. you saw how this tapers off to medically to the north most of this rain is falling out of the state. so right now, boston at 63 degrees. the warmest temperature of the day. the wind will pick up into the afternoon. the wind will pick up and usher in cooler air so the temperatures fall back a bit. steady rain in the southeastern part of the state. tonight, downpours and inland
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so the next seven days, let's talk about sunset. i will get back to the seven-day forecast in just a bit but right now the forecast tonight is that 6:49 and we are losing three minutes every day that comes through. the seven-day forecast. clearing skies monday and tuesday. the next chance for rain looks like it will show up into thursday's foras the best chance were rain will be today. doug: it is 5:16. stories we are tracking right now. deadly airstrikes killing dozens in yemen. >> more than 140 people were killed when bombs struck a funeral home in the capital of sanaa. hundreds more were injured. u.n. officials say they are calling for an immediate investigation. yemen says the saudi-led coalition is responsible for the airstrikes.
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for that coalition. also overseas right now, german investigators are hunting for a 22-year-old syrian man believed to have been planning an attack. investigators found several hundred grams of explosives in an apartment they raided yesterday. police are questioning three people believed to have been in contact with that man, who is believed to have ties to terrorists. doug: on the west coast right now, eight people, including three children, are recovering after a boat capsized in the san francisco bay. look at that. 30 people were on board when the boat sank, trapping some people under the hull. the coast guard was able to get everyone out of the water. authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. >> now, here is josh with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. >> iamb writing wishful headlines for red sox fans this
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clay buchholz on the mound. simply cannot get off to the same kind of start that rick porcello did in cleveland. because the series will be over. while the lineup has struggled the confident clay buckles says his teammates to win the next three and not dwell on the next two. >> we're the boston red sox and we know how good we are. we are here for a reason. to go out and make quality pitches. as far as he said, game is no different, it's just a bigger stage. >> needed a breather from some rotation. worked out some issues and now have returned and pitching the best baseball in his career. so i am completely confident. >> 4:00 at fenway. have a good day. >> he is really lucky to be alive. >> our colleague and friend bob halloran suffered a brain aneurysm this summer.
5:19 am
our maria stephanos spent some time with him. >> the eagles are for-seven and riding a three-game losing streak. >> for 13 years, bob halloran has gifted viewers with his wit, charm and unique style of reporting. but on july 20 8, 2016, his day planned. like a true pro, he finish up his story and made an appointment for 3:00. he got in his car and started his drive and that is when everything went lack. >> i crashed the car woke up to 10 minutes later and the car is in the trees. there were two or three people surrounding me with water and splashing my face.
5:20 am
know is that those people help save his life. >> many people were able to react and get me to the hospital on the time. and they said they would send them a guy and they had a team waiting for me. >> that team worked miracles on the spot. >> he had a unique problem which is a suitable aneurysm. it is caused by a small tear on the inside of the artery wall. >> i really didn't know what an type of aneurysm die in minutes. >> it seems sudden but that is the scary thing. it wasn't. it actually started with a birthday ritual that involved push-ups. >> every year on my birthday i tried to do the same number of push-ups as my age. this year i did 53. and i did 63 witches the most
5:21 am
it is the most ever done but during it i felt a pop behind my left eye. and it looks to see in the mayor if my hair was still in place. [laughter] no. i looked to see if i popped a blood vessel. and the next day i got pain behind my eyes. >> i was on the practice field with the patriots, that is when he went down. the way i put that together i he was doing his push-ups. it is something that's known to happen. >> they inserted a drain to release the pressure. bob is lucky and he knows it. the doctors have made a difference and so has his own family and his channel 5 family and the viewers. >> when you scroll through and each comment is positive, it is
5:22 am
sweet, and each one gives you just a little bit more energy. and when there are 837 of them, you are ready to go. >> and he cannot wait to get back to work. >> it doesn't matter if it is shooting the patriots or doing a game, just doing what i do. i don't care if the camera is on the or not. i enjoy being good at it. [laughter] so you see, he had no problem making us laugh and himself laugh. looks great and sounds great and he hopes to be back here at work later this month. >> we want him back. i have chills. doug: elected thanks all of you on this road back to recovery.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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>> we are getting some rain in here which is the good news but it will dampen your sunday plans. scattered showers now north of the city and south of the city and the rain will be with us all day today. over nantucket, an inch and a half of rain before it is done. the rain clears out of here tonight and the next rain doesn't show up until thursday of next week. >> this is interesting to me. a couple in maine waking up with an unusual title this morning. doug: they are this year's north american wife carrying champions. the competition is held annually at sunday river. elliot and giana storey completed the obstacle course in 59 seconds, beating out 43 other couples for the title. they also took home giana's weight in beer and five times her weight in cash.
5:27 am
year's world championship. and just before the competition, the husband says here, have a couple more hot docs. [laughter] let's take home more money. >> and drink more beer. doug: a gop dilemma, lawmakers across the country are dropping support for their presidential nominee. shayna: the impact of trump's latest campaign crisis on new hampshire's senate race. and a fire watch in a local town, five fires in 40 minutes. the vehicles burned and the investigation underway. >> it is dark out, it is moist and 63 degrees and we might have
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mike: we are getting some much needed rain, how long it will last and the areas that will see the most. doug: breaking news in boston. a child injured in shooting in shayna: the political fallout after the trump tapes. the impact on new hampshire's key senate race. doug: what a day to be a sports fan in boston. brady is back and the sox hope to keep the party going for big papi. first the patriots take on the
5:31 am
in town for game 3 of the alds. mike: scattered showers right now. it is not full fridge -- full-fledged rain. we will keep you posted. it is no longer technically a hurricane but it still has 75 mile per hour winds. it has brought a tremendous amount of moisture into the atmosphere. we've got some showers. it is kind of waning in the last half-hour.
5:32 am
especially toward the southeastern part of the state. it is coming off at boston. it's a tricky one as far as red sox are concerned. they will hold off as long as they can before they cancel it. the rain is going to be over the southeastern part of the state. steady rain toward the cave and the islands. temperatures are going nowhere today. they may even be dropping. we will talk more about showers and when the sunshine is back in just a few moments. shayna: breaking news out of roxbury this morning where a child is recovering after she was shot overnight. doug: our nicole estaphan is live from boston police headquarters with the plea for help as police investigate this crime. nicole?
5:33 am
pleading with the public for help in this case. the child that was shot was a nine-year-old girl. she was with a group of people at a roxbury playground when shots were fired. police say they need people to step up with any leads. this happened at a park just after 1:00 this morning. asked to give the boston police a call. shayna: to commitment 2016 now, donald trump vowing to stay in the presidential race as calls grow for him to drop out. the new backlash after a video was released of trump making lewd comments about women. many prominent republicans are now calling for trump to drop out of the race and are dropping their endorsements, but trump
5:34 am
kelly ayotte doing her best to distance herself from donald trump. the republican incumbent is running for re-election. newscenter five's david bienick reports on the potential impact to this closely watched race. >> democrat maggie hassan bounded onstage like a candidate with new energy and launched into a fresh attack on republican rival kelly ayotte. >> this is who my opponent is and this is what she does. kelly ayotte sent out a statement with her first reaction to the release of a 2005 video showing donald trump talking about assaulting women. >> i'm a mom and american first and i cannot support a candidate for president who brags about degrading and assaulting women. >> she has failed an absolute test of courage, character and judgment. >> for weeks she declined to
5:35 am
his running mate on her ballot. she said she also wants trump to exit the race. >> i believe he can serve as president and so absolutely i would do that. >> just days ago she said she would consider him a role model for her children before retracting her comment. >> i misspoke. >> she had a six-point lead over maggie hassan. the race may decide which party pushing away from donald trump allows kelly and to run as kelly m who people in new hampshire generally like. >> she canceled all public appearances and declined our request for an interview. she said she plans to answer questions about the race on sunday. shayna: both donald trump and
5:36 am
this will be the second time the two go head to head with just over a month to go until the election. unlike the first face-off, this will be a town-hall format, where many questions will come from voters. tonight's debate will be in st. louis. you can watch the showdown live right here starting at 9:00 p.m. and our own emily riemer will be right there. you can watch her live report after the debate on newscenter 5 at 11:00. doug: 5 fires in 40 minutes, burning cars in tyngsborough. they broke out in th morning hours, investigators now working to figure out how they started. our diane cho reports from tyngsborough. >> take a look at the damage caused by the fire overnight. there's not much left on the inside. the owner of the suv says pieces of glass from the jeep landed across the street on the lower part of her roof. they hadn't been asleep for long
5:37 am
beginning to be engulfed in flames. >> this is video she took from her cell phone. the flames shot up as high as 12 feet and damaged part of their home. police say their truck wasn't the only vehicle fire. in 40 minutes authorities found 10 vehicles damaged by fires in tyngsborough. >> i was in bed and i heard crackling. >> lisa says she felt helpless as she waited for firefighters to arrive at her home. >> i was afraid because it had a full tank of gas in it. >> several agencies are now investigating including the state fire marshal office. shayna: tom brady and the pats are in cleveland, ohio right now, prepping for the quarterback's long-awaited
5:38 am
doug: all eyes on this game today. and our ed harding is right there at the stadium with what we might expect on that field today. >> at sign says home of the cleveland browns. this afternoon at the place where tom brady returns to the nfl. the greatest quarterback of all time has been out. they have a one-game lead in the afc east. he will be on the field at 1:00. game will be if the patriots can actually score points. we will have complete reaction for you after the game. back to you. doug: assessing the damage after hurricane matthew. shayna: the staggering number of lives lost in haiti and the devastation that storm
5:39 am
doug: and the cost of the cleanup in the u.s,, the estimates on the damage from north carolina to florida that are just coming in. mike: and the storm is still causing trouble to the south but helping our rain totals. the areas that are expected to see the most rain today. shayna: and we are following breaking news in roxbury. a child has been shot, she was in a play area with a large group of people early this morning. witnesses tell us she was
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doug: continuing to track matthew this morning, the storm no longer a hurricane, weakening and moving off into the but it did leave behind devastation. hundreds were killed in haiti. officials are still trying to gauge the full extent of the destruction, but aid convoys are finally arriving as some roads that were washed out have been cleared. shayna: heartbroken by that disaster in haiti, a local family is giving back after hurricane matthew. belikebrit held a donation drive in worcester yesterday for the victims. they collected money, food, and bathroom supplies and loaded
5:43 am
shipped to haiti. belikebrit was named for brittany gengel, a teen from rutland who was killed in the haiti earthquake in 2010. it's not too late to help, they're holding another donation drive tomorrow morning. another local group volunteering with the matthew relief effort. a crew from the boston board up emergency services is heading down south right now. they loaded up supplies into trucks from g.j. towing in revere yesterday and began their drive, taking along plenty of tarp and generators with them. doug: and there is new data suggesting jho property data firm corelogic projects the hurricane will end up costing between 4 and $6 billion in insured losses on residential and commercial properties. the firm's estimate covers storm surge and wind damage, which it anticipates will account for 90% of insurance claims related to the storm. mike: we are getting a little bit of that here.
5:44 am
that thing never went on shore. it is called the post-tropical cycle. the canadiens came up with this name in the early 90's. it means it is losing its tropical characteristics. there are still some tremendous wind gusts. 75 miles or hour. the actual center is right through here. action is going on a long way away. that's why it has become post-tropical. this cold front would have gone through almost unnoticed. a few scattered showers here or there. it will enhance a little bit. where this lands is where we will see most of the rain. i think we will be seeing most
5:45 am
up .2 inches. you can see from plymouth to wesley and down to the south more moisture is working its way in. in the western part of the state we will probably not see much out of it. isolated downpours from bedford to lawrence. not so much to the south. this will be picking up as we had through the day. afternoon look at the downpours taking place. look at the cut off. from plymouth to providence rain here. the game today at fenway is a little tricky. we will be in scattered showers. boston is not going to get that much rain. most of it will be from plymouth
5:46 am
raining at the cape. skies have cleared away. we start tomorrow morning off. 50 at the cape. tomorrow lots of sunshine. we start on the poolside tomorrow. heaviest rain will be to the south. right now it is 63 degrees. humidity is quite . a rain threat. not a guarantee. kind of a cool day. 56 degrees with the northerly breeze. scattered showers. rain to the southeast. tonight we will be looking at downpours in the southeastern part of the state. clear and chilly temperatures inland. today is the rainy day of the forecast. tomorrow back into the sunshine.
5:47 am
warmer than that on wednesday. thursday may feature a round of showers. it doesn't look like much. behind it temperatures cool back to fall like weather. some chilly starts tuesday and wednesday morning. shayna: and we're continuing to track breaking news out of the west coast this morning. doug: the man accused of killing two police officers, and injuring another in palm springs, california is now in custody. police say they were responding to a family dispute when the man they had been negotiating with opened fire on them. the officers who were killed have been identified as jose gilbert vega and lesley zerebny. amazon has sent some of its users an email to let them know that their passwords have been changed. the company says they found a list of email addresses and passwords had been published online. while that list is not directly linked to amazon, the company took the step out of an
5:48 am
same passwords on multiple sites. shayna: a big win for the naval academy football team after it's stunning upset of houston. the midshipmen will get to the continue their celebrations this week with a day off from classes. they've already got monday off for the holiday and now they've got tuesday off as well. the naval academy superintendent decided to give them an extra day off following navy's first defeat of a top 10 team since 1984. he is really lucky to be alive. our colleague and friend bob haan doug: at 5, we introduced you to the team that saved his life. now, maria stephanos with the complications sending him back to the o.r. a second time. >> it's never good policy to give out someone's age. every year he does the same number of push-ups as his age. this year it was 53. he decided to do 63 when he felt
5:49 am
>> i finished my work out and the next day i got pain behind my left eye. >> that led to a aneurysm caused by a tear on the inside of the artery wall. >> bob knew something happened a few days before this and kind of downplayed it. there was no question something was going on. >> surgery number one saved his life. in the weeks following he realized his short-term memory was not where it needed to be. >> you are having certain problems with short-term memory. >> i can't remember.
5:50 am
finding myself in the middle of quincy and not knowing where i am and how to get back to where i'm going. >> it was back to the operating room. right before his second brain surgery he grabs the microphone and goes into work mode interviewing someone who had an aneurysm. >> how is someone supposed to know they are having an aneurysm? >> mri and then surgeon talk. >> into the or where he is put under. this time they put a catheter into his brain to drain fluid that will help with that short-term memory problem he was having. which is clear when you see and
5:51 am
feel great. it is night and day from this surgery to the last surgery. there were so many times i had conversations and would come home and tell eileen about the conversation but couldn't remember who i was talking to. today laying in bed i remembered all those conversations and all of those places and people. a door opening. lights were coming on. at bus and it almost got me. >> how do you know if you have an aneurysm? some symptoms can include a concentrated headache in one specific area or sudden and severe head pain. sudden confusion and dizziness. the best thing to do if you are
5:52 am
facebook for any information you need to know. shayna: a family hero makes a surprise visit doug: the grid iron appearance
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mike: it's a chilly morning. these are going to be the warmest temperatures of the day. temperatures will be falling off through the afternoon. the moisture is being supplied
5:56 am
is the most likely part of rain. sunshine is back as we start the week. shayna: a cheerleader one football player didn't expect showed up at quincy's militia football game. doug: one family's hero, took the field for the surprise of a lifetime. >> serving our country in afghanistan. welcome kelly and o'leary. doug: corporal kelly anne o'leary has been in afghanistan for the past year. kelly anne knew she wanted to surprise her brother chris, a semi-pro football player. she teamed up with her cousin to catch him off guard at a playoff game. the tense moments leading up to that surprise were worth it.
5:57 am
see my family again. i'm glad i get to surprise them. doug: kelly anne told us she hoped she would be a good luck charm for chris and the quincy militia, and she was. the militia beat the eastern mass seminoles with a score of 7 to 0. tom brady is back. shayna: our ed harding is in cleveland with a preview of the game pats fans have been waiting for all season. doug: and another commuter train just outside of new york city derails, passengers are hurt, the new information in overnight >> monday morning on the eye, cutting your breast cancer risk in the kitchen. >> three foods you should have on the list. >> matthew moves out, a chilly
5:58 am
the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth:
5:59 am
according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
6:00 am
doug: breaking news, a child shot while playing outside in boston. the new details in overnight from the scene. shayna: a commuter train derails just outside of new york city. the passengers injured and what investigators say caused the accident. doug: tom brady is back in uniform. ed harding is in cleveland with preview of the game pats fans have been waiting for all season. and we are still tracking matthew. the storm is still causing record flooding in the


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