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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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doug: breaking news, a child shot while playing outside in boston. the new details in overnight from the scene. shayna: a commuter train derails just outside of new york city. the passengers injured, and what investigators say caused the accident. doug: and tom brady is back in ed harding is in cleveland with a preview of the game pats fans have been waiting for all season long. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eye-opener. doug: and we are still tracking matthew. the storm is still causing record flooding in the carolinas. it's sunday, october 9. good morning. i'm doug meehan. shayna: and i'm shayna seymour, in for antoinette. but for all the problems matthew is causing in the south, it's
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good morning. mike: good morning. some tropical moisture working its way into our area. the main focus of matthew is down here. the wind is still 75 miles an hour. technically, the way it is shifted in development it is no longer a hurricane, it is a post tropical cyclone. heavy rain down there, and it willh going and getting weaker and weaker. we are not seeing any direct impact, but we are seeing this moisture lifting up on that storm, focusing on a cold front and that is why we're getting showers across the area. rain with us today, the main focus to the south. showers to the north shore, and the downpour focusing themselves on the cape and islands. that is the way it will be all day today. not a sunny sunday. instead, cool rain we will talk
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and what you can expect in your neighborhood in a few moments. shayna: we are following breaking news on the eye. a child is recovering after being shot in a playground in roxbury. doug: the eyeopener's nicole estaphan is live at boston police headquarters with new information in overnight. nicole: a nine-year-old shot and boston police are pleading for the public's help with this case. here's what we know. police tell us the victim is a nine-year-old girl. she was in a part on annunciation road. it was just after 1:00 this morning. police are asking people to step up with information. >> we need your help on this one. too much guns on the street. this is horrible. time for everyone to pull together to help solve this.
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she was transported to the hospital and is expected to recover. again, police asking for any one with information to give him a call. live in boston, newscenter 5. shayna: breaking news out of california this morning. the man accused of killing two police officers and injuring another in palm springs is now in custody. one of those officers killed was the mother of a four-month-old baby. the other on an overtime shift. afternoon to say her son was causing a disturbance. that man holed up in his house, refusing to open the door for officers, and threatening to shoot them. police tried negotiating with the suspect, who then pulled the trigger. to another tragedy on the tracks. this one in new york, where a commuter train has derailed. we are outside of new york city -- it is outside new york city,
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train slammed into a work train near new hyde park. at least 11 people hospitalized, but none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening. the work train actually caught fire after the crash. train service in both directions is still suspended at this hour. doug: to commitment 2016 now. donald trump defiant as calls for him to leave the presidential race continue to grow. he greeted supporters outside trump tower yesterday, giving high fives, promising to stay in the race. but more and more republicans are now refusing to support him. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald has the growing backlash. juli: just hours to go until hillary clinton and donald trump are head-to-head for the second presidential debate. but for the defensive against his own party. mr. trump: anyone who knows me knows these words do not reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. juli: trump apologize for that video from 2005 were he makes
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republicans find it wrong and are pulling support. his running mate, mike pence, ignored all questions. despite the backlash, trump defiantly tweeted that he will not drop out of the race or let his supporters down. clinton in new york for day four of the paper it -- debate p clinton in milwaukee, yelling about his treatment of women. this after the release of thousands of e-mails about the discussion of the sanders campaign and speeches to wall street companies. in an editorial this weekend the boston globe writes there is only one candidate on the ballot that longs anywhere near the
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endorses hillary clinton. doug: donald trump's wife reacting to the latest controversy. melania trump put out a statement saying her husband's words were offensive and don't represent the man she knows. she's asking his supporters to forgive him as she has done, and to "focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world." both trump and clinton are now preparing for tonight's second presidential debate. and our own emily riemer will be right there in st. louis. you can watch the showdown right here starting at 9:00 p.m. emily will have a live report after on newscenter 5 at 11:00. shayna: right now, boston police are asking for your help to track down a man they say is a suspect in a attempted sexual assault. police say he attacked a woman from behind in the mission hill neighborhood early yesterday morning. it happened in fitzgerald park he was also seen riding a mountain bike in the area. anyone with information is asked to call boston police.
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been waiting for. tom brady is now officially on the team's active roster, and he will be back on the field today as the pats take on the browns. our ed harding is in cleveland with a preview. ed: in a matter of hours, they will be cheering loudly for the cleveland browns, but they will also witness the return of tom brady. brady himself is low-key this week. >> he looks like tom. a little younger. >> i love playing in new england and i want to go out there this weekend make them all proud. ed: wide receivers going a quarter of the season with you touchdown passes and being shut out last week. >> that will be a deciding
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the patriots did activate tom brady. doug: and don't miss our continuing coverage from cleveland after the game. ed harding will have live reports tonight on newscenter 5. shayna: so exciting. doug: so is this. a must win game for the sox at fenway. shayna: the stats and the players red sox nation hope will keep the push for the playoffs alive. doug: and have you seen this video this morning? a dramatic sight in san francisco bay. the rescues after a boat full of people capsizes. shayna: and we are tracking the damage left in matthew's wake. the areas hit hard by flooding and wind damage. mike: and matthew is weakening. the track it's on now and the boost it's giving our rain totals this morning. doug: and we are following breaking news in roxbury. a child has been shot. she was in a play area with a large group of people early this morning.
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mike: tracking what is left of matthew right now. that powerful storm no longer a hurricane this morning as it makes its way off the east coast, leaving behind a deadly trail. shayna: a similar scene all along the southeast coast, where streets are heavily flooded. firefighters rescuing dozens of people stuck in those floodwaters in georgia. thousands of people there choosing to take their chances and stay. the rain swamped homes and cut off roads. doug: also, take a look at the flooding and damage left behind in south carolina, where matthew made landfall between charleston and myrtle beach. at least 10 people are dead, and more than two million are without power from florida to the carolinas. shayna: and this scene in north carolina, where residents are seeing record flooding this morning. more than 500 people rescued across the state. streets became river rapids after more than a foot of rain. the downpour of rain flooded
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100 miles inland. doug: and they may have wanted to rethink this one, but there was one couple who didn't let the storm put a damper on their special day. this pair from illinois saying their "i do's" during the storm yesterday. mandi and michael derr had planned their wedding on bald head island, north carolina but had to move the wedding to nearby wilmington. they exchanged their vows as the city was being flooded. the rain stopped during their reception and the entire wedding party went out into the flooded shayna: there is no stopping us now. doug: an intrepid couple they are. mike: a strong foundation. shayna: good luck. mike: we're still talking matthew. a tremendous amount of rain down there. and moisture up the coast. we're seeing some rain. it is back to what we call a
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hurricane but a different shape. and later on a different kind of name. a hurricane is literally hundreds of thunderstorms working to create that rotation. that means hundreds of thunderstorms act like a sponge. so, the center of it, typically when a cold front comes through you do not get much out of it. but this one is becoming the focus point for that moisture to rise up. out there. it is a beautiful day that -- i know is on that he would like to have a beautiful day but it is not happening. here we are seeing kind of sun showers going on. boston southward, looking pretty good. south shore only to the cape. more behind it. you see all of this. including downpours.
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totals will be heaviest. not a lot so far, some isolated downpours. i half inch of rain. to the south, still some reports in, but right now quarter to a third of an inch. probably add another inch, inch and a half. two inches before we are all over with. here are some :00 this morning, scattered showers -- this is 10:00 this morning. down to the south. as you had to evening hours, look at that. more rain here. they are skies to the west. still raining in eastern -- clear skies then to the west area and still raining to the east. relatively warm on the coast and islands. towards 2:00 a.m., the rain out of here, and tomorrow, back to
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about? computer models all over the place. right now, one to two inches of rain for the cape and islands, another half inch in other locations. today, gray skies, rain over the southeastern part of the state, and tomorrow, early morning clouds giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. tuesday we start off on the chilly side. we warm things up as we head through the the rain thursday. -- the next chance for rain is is a. -- is on thursday. it does not look like my much rain for the next front, and behind it, cooler temperatures. the one with day happens to be your weekend -- wet day happens to be on your weekend.
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a great day to watch the game. doug: stories we're tracking right now. deadly airstrikes killing dozens in yemen. shayna: more than 140 people were killed when bombs struck a funeral home in the nation's capital. hundreds more were injured. u.n. officials say they are calling for an immediate investigation. yemen says the saudi-led coalition is responsible for the airstrikes. the white house now saying the u.s. is reviewing its support for that coalition. meantime, also overseas right now, german investigators are hunting for a 22-year-old syrian man believed to have been planning an attack. investigators found several hundred grams of explosives in an apartment they raided yesterday. police are questioning three people believed to have been in contact with that man, who is believed to have ties to terrorists. doug: have you seen this video? closer to home now, eight people, including three children, are recovering after a boat capsized in the san
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under the hull. the coast guard was able to get everyone out of the water. authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. >> now sportscenter 5. josh: the buck stops cleveland here. wishful thinking for red sox fans. they really need a big game from clay buchholz. that rick porcello and david price did in cleveland because then the series will be over. the lineup has struggled. 15 needs to win the next three, -- his team needs to win the next three. >> as far as myself, it is to go out and make good pitches.
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a bigger stage. >> he worked out some issues in the bullpen and returned and his pitching some the best baseball i think in his career. i think he is completely confident. josh: red sox and indians, 4:00. shayna: in this morning's made in mass, you may not know their name, but chances are you own their product. doug: you'll probably recognize e soles on shoes for decades. perhaps you recognize the famous logo on the bottom of the shoes you are likely wearing right now. but did you know they have a giant and proud new england know-how? -- italian roots and proud new england know-how?
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as a local rubber manufacturer. in the mid-1960's and italian shoemaker was looking to team up with a u.s. partner to produce a rugged and dependable soul. they stepped up to the challenge. last year, the two companies became one. >> we are a performance niche brand. doug: they are produced rubber soles for industrial and outdoor markets and the u.s. military is priority one. they provide the soles for every soldier, sailor and airmen's footwear. they say the company is also serious about innovation. take, for example, their brand-new bottoms.
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different manufacturers making the shoes and boots with the best sole in the world. >> it is unbelievable. it is unbelievable. doug: and vibrant is marking a century in the community. they believe it is only possible because of his -- its workers. because of the soul they put into that arctic grip thing is unbelievable. it really just stops you on the ice. getting back to some of those workers, when they are taking the soles out, they are 300 degrees. such incredible work. part of the fabric of the community. shayna: it's an annual competition like no other.
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with an unusual title. the race they won and why they are likely nursing some sore muscles this morning. also, a live look on the radar this morning. remnants of matthew dowd to the south giving our area a good soaking. how long will it last?
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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hampshire. the time of year and a big weekend. p colors -- not much color in the boston area. we're also talking about the ballgame today. it is going to be a rain threat out there. 56 we do warm up this week. thursday is our next opportunity for any rain. today, gray skies and cool and a little fog out there. shayna: thank you. this next story, i am already cracking up. a couple in maine waking up with an unusual title this morning. doug: they are this year's north american wife carrying champions. the competition is held annually at sunday river. elliot and giana storey
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59 seconds. i guess that is good because they beat out 43 other couples for the title. really? they also took home giana's weight in beer and five times her weight in cash. next stop for the pair is finland to compete in next year's world championship. shayna: i don't -- doug: i guess you don't mind bumping ita shayna: no. doug: a gop dilemma. lawmakers across the country are dropping support for their presidential nominee. shayna: the impact of trump's latest campaign crisis on new hampshire's senate race. and a fire watch in a local town, five fires in 40 minutes. the vehicles burned and the investigation underway. doug: it is nasty in downtown
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? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. mike: we are getting some much-needed rain. how long it will last and the areas that will see the most. doug: breaking news in boston. a child injured in shooting in roxbury, the new information in overnight. shayna: the political fallout after the trump tapes. how it is affecting the senate race in new hampshire.
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, boston's news leader. good morning. doug: what a day to be a sports fan in boston. brady is back and the sox hope to keep the party going for big papi. first the patriots take on the browns in cleveland, and later this afternoon the indians are in town for game 3 of the alds. bring your umbrella. i'm doug meehan. shayna: and i'm shayna seymour, i ir watch games. i don't know if it'll be a great day to be at again. shayna: how about the couch? doug: good shape. mike: look at the rain we have. matthew the center of it. all this tropical moisture and now this cold front. i think we will get substantial
8:31 am
rain out of this everywhere. once again side of 128, rain in boston. showers right around the canal at this point. maybe even to this out. more rain down here. i just did a lightning scan, there is no lightning. but there are downpours out there. is party, keep that in mind. heading through the day, lots of showers all day long. not much in the western part of the state, have you downpours in eastern part. this is 6:00, and it stays that way after. temperatures going nowhere today. maybe even down as you go through the afternoon. shayna: breaking news out of
8:32 am
recovering after being shot overnight. doug: our nicole estaphan is live from boston police headquarters with the plea for help as police investigate this crime. nicole: a nine-year-old shot and recovering from surgery. boston police are asking for your help. here's what we know. police tell us the victim is a nine-year-old girl. she was in a part on -- park on annunciation road. morning. now they are asking people to step up with information. some good news, the child was alert. she was transferred to the hospital and we are looking for anyone with information to give a call. live in boston this morning. shayna: to commitment 2016 now. donald trump vowing to stay in the presidential race as calls grow for him to drop out.
8:33 am
lewd comments about women. many prominent republicans are now calling for trump to drop out of the race and are dropping their endorsements, but trump says there's no chance he'll quit. doug: new hampshire senator kelly ayotte doing her best to distance herself from donald trump. the republican incumbent is running for re-election. newscenter 5's david bienick reports on the potential impact to this closely-watched race. walked onto the stage with new energy. >> this is what she does. everything is a political calculation. david: moments earlier, kelly ayotte had her first reaction. she said, i am a mom and an
8:34 am
insulting women. >> she has failed a test of courage and character and judgment. david: four weeks she had declined to endorse trumpet said she would vote for him. now she said she will write in his running mate, mike pence. ayotte's spokesperson also wants him to exit the race. >> absolutely, i would do that. david: she said she would consider donald trump a role model for her children before the retracting the remark. she is with a six-point lead and the race could determine who controls the senate. >> pushing away from donald trump allows her to run as her self, someone who people genuinely like and trust in the
8:35 am
she declined our request for an interview and said she will answer questions on sunday. shayna: a new poll just released shows a majority of republican voters are standing with the gop nominee, even after the tape of his lewd comments about women was released. 74 percent say gop leaders should still back donald trump. only 12 percent said he should end his candidacy. compare that to 70% of democrats percent according to the politico-morning consult poll that came out this morning. in the meantime both donald , trump and hillary clinton are off the campaign trail ahead of tonight's presidential debate. this will be the second time the two go head-to-head with just over a month to go until the election. unlike the first face-off, this will be a town-hall format, where many questions will come from voters. tonight's debate will be in st. louis. you can watch the showdown live
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and our own emily riemer will be right there. you can watch her live report after the debate on newscenter 5 at 11:00. doug: five fires in 40 minutes, burning cars in tyngsborough. they broke out in the early morning hours. investigators now working to figure out how they started. our diane cho reports from tyngsborough. diane: take a look at the damaged cars from fire overnight. not much left inside. the owner tells us pieces from the cheap landed across the street. lisa said her husband -- >> we got up and the truck was already engulfed. diane: this is video she took from her cell phone. the fire also damaged a part of the home. >> it could have been a lot worse. diane: what will he say that is
8:37 am
investigating overnight. within 40 minutes they found a total of 10 vehicles damaged by vehicles in tyngsboro. >> i heard some crackling and thought it was gunfire. diane: lisa says she felt helpless as she waited for firefighters to arrive at her home. >> it had a full tank of gas in it. so that is why there was an explosion. diane: several agencies now investigating. can i get at high five? tom brady and the pats are in cleveland, ohio right now, prepping for the quarterback's long-awaited return to the football field. doug: all eyes on this game today. and our ed harding is right there at the stadium with what we might expect on that field today. ed: the sign says home of the cleveland browns, but this will
8:38 am
the greatest quarterback of all time has been out for three months. they have a one-game lead in the afc east. he will be back on the field. the focus of the game will be if the patriots can actually score points, which they did not do last week. we'll have some reaction for you after the game. doug: thank you very much. 8:38 a.m., and assessing the damage after hurricane matthew. shayna: the staggering number of lives lost in haiti and the devastation that storm left behind. the help from people in the cleanup in the u.s. the estimates on the damage from north carolina to florida that are just coming in. mike: and the storm is still causing trouble to the south, but helping our rain totals. the areas that are expected to see the most rain today. shayna: and we are following breaking news in roxbury. a child has been shot. she was in a play area with a large group of people early this morning. witnesses tell us she was conscious and alert when she was
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - e and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state. join them in voting no on question two. (coughs)
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doug: continuing to track matthew this morning, the storm no longer a hurricane, weakening and moving off into the atlantic. but it did leave behind a lot of va hundreds were killed in haiti. officials are still trying to gauge the full extent of the destruction, but aid convoys are finally arriving as some roads that were washed out have been cleared. shayna: heartbroken by disaster in haiti, a local family is giving back after hurricane matthew. belikebrit held a donation drive in worcester yesterdaty for the victims. they collected money, food, and bathroom supplies and loaded them into this truck, to be shipped to haiti. belikebrit was named for brittany gengel, a teen from rutland who was killed in the
8:43 am
it's not too late to help. they're holding another donation drive tomorrow morning. meantime another local group , volunteering with the matthew relief effort. a crew from the boston board up emergency services is heading down south right now. they loaded up supplies into trucks from g.j. towing in revere yesterday and began their drive, taking along plenty of tarp and generators with them. doug: and there is new data suggesting just how much damage matthew has left behind. property data firm corelogic and $6 billion in insured losses on residential and commercial properties. the firm's estimate covers storm surge and wind damage, which it anticipates will account for 90% of insurance claims related to the storm. i guess we are starting to build a little bit of that. mike: transitioning. from a hurricane to a post
8:44 am
northeastern, but not heading our way. a drippy day no matter where you are, especially the southeastern part of the state. 75 miles an hour, all of the coast of the carolinas, not really that close to us at all. looks like i'm working, but it is not. what you are seeing is a pool of moisture working its way up front. towards the northward. nice rain overnight, and it is working northward. it looked like it would stop at this point, but i don't think it will do that, i think it will go northward and plenty of reinforcement behind it. so boston, yes, some nice downpours right now. heaviest towards the canal.
8:45 am
we will see substantial rains everywhere except the western part of the state. i think that will stay relatively dry. here's the way it looks. see how the rain has pushed all the way back. downpours of the cape and islands. and late afternoon into the evening hours, even though it is not heavy rain here at like here, it still means persistence, we continue to see one to two inches of rain over the cape and islands. it is still raining down at the gate -- cape. tomorrow morning a few clouds early. and we clear way and the sunshine is back. temperatures rebounding nicely. again, toward the cape and islands, one or two inches. even marshfield, boston, probably less than an inch.
8:46 am
consider how dry we have been, this is the amount of moisture were talking about. temperatures actually going down. the you watched the eye-opener, this morning, 64. i don't think temperatures are going up. all the moisture reducing visibility. still be temple of your out driving today. rain out there, roadways are slippery. on the roads. reducing visibility in a few spots. today, scattered showers, heaviest rain to the southeast. tonight downpours toward the cape and islands. and that much cooler when the skies clear away. the breeze out of the north. this is the way will be at 2:00.
8:47 am
rubber some really pretty once the summer. so we are getting the rain here today. a cold front coming in, but not much moisture to work with. there could be a shower here or there. today is really the rough day on the forecast. a lot of you have the holiday off tomorr doug: sounds good. i am a nantucket boy. and with the summer visitors gone, fall is the time to savor nantucket's broad beaches and cobblestone streets. shayna: i paid a recent visit to the island and discovered the unspoiled beauty of a wildlife refuge. >> this is the back road part of
8:48 am
eastern part of the island and five half miles. shayna: walk, drive, sand vehicles, or go with a guide. >> we take roughly a thousand people out per season. very remote and unique part of nantucket. shayna: the nantucket conversation foundation and fish and wildlife. the best time is now. >> you can catch striped bass, al gore. -- albacore. shayna: the going is slow, but the views are endless. and you reach a lighthouse where the sound meets the ocean.
8:49 am
extreme elements. >> on atlantic side, some of that may come around to the side and entire peninsula gradually moving towards nantucket harbor. a nor'easter up the ghost, it could last a couple of days, and do damage that would shock you. shayna: tomorrow on chronicle, crisscrossing cranberry country. in wareham, berries, bogs and putting out the welcome mat at a b&b. plus, this country store goes way back, and theater kids get a stage. the main streets and back roads of cranberry country, tomorrow at 7:30 on chronicle. doug: i can look at that nantucket video all day. 8:49 a.m., and still breaking news.
8:50 am
boston. the new details in overnight
8:51 am
interviewer: what would you do with fand a smartphone?ll man: check the scores.
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interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. shayna: following breaking news on the eyeopener. a child shot overnight in roxbury. doug: our nicole estaphan is at boston police headquarters, and nicole, police say they need help with this investigation. nicole: that is right. a nine-year-old shot and boston
8:53 am
public to provide any information leading to to the person responsible. here is what we know. the victim is a nine-year-old girl. she was in a park on annunciation road. it was just after 1:00 this morning. one of the bullets struck her in the back. she was transported to the hospital, but good news. she was who managed seen anything, no matter how aches -- insignificant you think it may be, to give them a call. live in boston, nicole estaphan, newscenter 5. shayna: and we're continuing to track breaking news out of the -- out west. the man accused of killing two police officers and injuring another in palm springs, california is now in custody. police say they were responding to a family dispute when the man they had been negotiating with opened fire on them.
8:54 am
the mbta says a person struck by a train. several commuter rail trains have been canceled. this was near talbert avenue in dorchester. to another tragedy on the tracks. this one outside new york city. a long island rail road train slammed into a work train near new hyde park. at least 11 people hospitalized, but none of the injues said to be life-threatening. shayna: both donald trump and hillary clinton are off the campaign trial ahead of tonight's presidential debate. this will be the second time the two go head-to-head with just 30 days until election day. you can watch the showdown live right here starting at 9:00 p.m. and our emily riemer will be right there as well in st. louis. you can watch her live report after the debate on newscenter 5 at 11:00. doug: patriots fans rejoicing today as they gear up for the long-awaited return of tom brady. the quarterback will be on the field today against the browns in cleveland, after serving his deflategate suspension for the
8:55 am
we won't mention that ever again. the patriots activated brady from the nfl exempt list yesterday, bringing the 21-month deflategate saga to an end. i lied. the push for the pennant, back at fenway this weekend for a must-win game 3 of the alds. the red sox returning from cleveland down, but not out. we have seen it before. the sox will need to win the next three games to move on to the championship. clay buchholz will be on the mound this afternoon. first pitch is at 4:08. the mike: we have some showers and the threat of rain is increasing. rain today, it is gray and foggy and it will be heaviest over the southeastern part of the state. doug: a long weekend for some. shayna: you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the wcvb mobile app. now on news 5 [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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>> last week, 5 investigates shed light on the systemic inequality in public education of students with special needs across the commonwealth. at the core of their report significant and deep disparities , in the way school districts negotiate private settlement agreements to pay for the education of students with special needs. the vast majority of these settlements are found in the wealthier school districts. although the funds are provided by public tax dollars, the school keep the information private. leading the battle for sunlight, one parent spent three years and almost $100,000 in a legal battle with the town of weston, arguing financial details of their private agreements should be part of the public record. it was revealed every agreement was different and some parents negotiated a much better deal for their children than others. free public education is guaranteed by federal law and
8:57 am
while the plans may be personalized some parents have , 100% of the costs covered while others pay out of pocket. some have transportation covered. some do not. although individual needs explain disparities to some degree, public disclosure at least leads to some discussion. most importantly tax dollars are , legislated to educate all of our students. not just those whose families have more information an financial might to
8:58 am
exploring the rainforests of costa rica. but with the jetblue card, he got there faster than he could learn about the wildlife. big smiles. big smiles. fly faster than you think. get three times points on jetblue purchases, two times at restaurants and grocery stores, and one time on all other purchases.
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sglanchtsing right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. over the edge. >> anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. >> hours away from the block bugser debate rematch and donald trump not backing down after this explosive video. >> i she was married. when you're a star you can do anything. >> top republicans calling on trump to quit the race. will the gop abandon its own nominee? and has he finally gone too far? we talk to key trump adviser rudy giuliani and playing the blame game. >> bill clinton has abused women and hillary has bullied attacked


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