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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. field with the patriots. good evening. i'm nichole berlie. maria: and i'm maria stephanos. the quarterback leading the team to victory in cleveland. tom brady, awesome. let's begin with lynchie who has the highlights. mike l: just a ho-hum afternoon for tom brady. over 400 yards in the air and 3 touchdown passes as the revenge tour kicks off in cleveland with a 33-13 win and now its on to -- it is onto cincinnati. metellus bennett, the new tight end.
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that put the pats on top 23-7. brady and bennett, not done. third quarter, then it out -- bennett out, gone from 37 yards out, just gets it over the pylon to read brady finishes 25 over 40, three touchdown passes. ed harding had a front row seat for the return of brady and he joins us nowiv . ed? ed: it was natural, it was normal, it was very much tom brady. they looks like the new england patriots we have seen for the last 15, 16 years. brady commonly, efficiently carved up the cleveland browns. let's show you the highlights. lynchie, you mentioned the
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runs after the catch. and then the execution and on top of it, they had the points and quite honestly, they probably left 10 or 14 points out there. they could not convert. but it must've been rough. right, tom brady? >> i could do better in a lot of areas. i think it was a good win today. but it was one game andt' have a long road ahead, so we will keep building. ed: it is one game. the team was shut out a week ago against the buffalo bill's. they had not scored in five of the last seven quarters, but they were very point lies here in cleveland. and now it is on to cincinnati. i'm ed harding. back to you. nichole: all right, thank you,
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indians will now be played tomorrow. it is a must win for the red sox after losing the first two games in cleveland. game 3 is now tomorrow night at 6:08. stormteam 5's mike wankum is here with his forecast, how is -- all the rain we are getting is related to matthew, but not directly? mike w: that's right. a batch of moisture broke off and that is where we are getting the rain. of an inch, inch and a half across the area. this is a welcome. i know, it's a sunday. the red sox got rained out, but, boy, we need every job we can get. it is collapsing toward 495. as you look down here, those are heavy downpours. you get another half inch of rain out of those. it looks like it will be winding
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tonight by 10:00, see how it is just about in the city of boston? it will be winding down of the cape about 3:00 the morning. look at this. it will get cold tonight in those areas where the skies have cleared away. we will talk more about when it will warm up and our next chance for rain coming up in a few moments. ma you. commitment 2016 now. the second presidential debate help tonight. unlike the first face-off, this will be a townhall style format. some of the questions will come from voters. some well come from social media. expect donald trump's comments
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center stage. that tape as republicans pulling support for trump, including new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, who is locked in a tight, tough battle with governor maggie hassan. rhondella richardson has reaction from both tonight. rhondella: one of the latest republicans to jump off the donald trump bandwagon is kelly ayotte, in a grueling reelection campaign of trump based on what he said in those tapes and the actions he talks about in those tapes that talk about assault against women. rhondella: the crude disrespect for women has republicans announcing trump since friday. people are outraged. tampa said things about minorities, people with
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called him out. rhondella: but you are going to vote for him. >> the tape i heard that was released on friday was fundamentally different in that it talks about assault and crimes. i'm a former prosecutor. rhondella: democratic rival maggie hassan calls this political self-preservation. >> nothing has changed about donald trump in the last ayotte realized politically she could not stay with him anymore. rhondella: in manchester, rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: newscenter 5's emily riemer is in st. louis. she'll join us live at 6:00, with what trump is saying about those republicans abandoning him. see the debate right here on wcvb channel 5 live at 9pm. nichole: first lady michelle obama will be campaigning for
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she will have a public event on thursday, the time and place have not been announced. maria: right now boston police need your help to track down the person who shot a child. a nine-year-old girl was shot on a playground and roxbury early this morning and that is where we find newscenter 5's diane cho. diane? diane: police say the little girl was shot on this playground behind me en number to provide her name said she was in bed when she heard gunshots early sunday morning. >> [indiscernible] dianne: the little grow was playing on the playground when she was shot here on annunciation road. there was some sort of party taking place in a nearby parking
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indiscriminately into a crowd. the little girl was alert and talking when emergency crews arrived on the same. now they need the public's help. >> it is time for everyone to pull together and help us solve this one. diane: we are told that the police commissioner went to the hospital to visit the little girl and her family and make sure they had all of the support they needed. diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: shooting is under investigation tonight. this one deadly. boston police say a man was shot on columbus avenue and found alone at the scene. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. , right now, a show of support for the family of an elderly man stabbed to death in orange. the chief of police leading the annual celebrate the harvest parade past the house where 95-year-old thomas hardy was killed. placing flowers in front of the east river street home this afternoon. hardy's wife was also stabbed in the attack wednesday and is still in critical condition.
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an arrest in the killing of two police officers in palm springs. maria: what we're learning about the suspect now behind bars, and how police made the arrest. nichole: plus two crashes killing five people in vermont. it started with a truck going the wrong way, and ended with a
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30.
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accused of fatally shooting two officers in california is behind bars. police say john felix was arrested this morning after a 12-hour standoff with police in palm springs. they say felix shot at officers during a domestic disturbance call last night. officers jose vega and lesley zerenby were killed. a third officer was hurt, but is expected to recover. five i schoolers all dead after a horrific crash in vermont. police say a driver was going the wrong way down an interstate. police steven burgoin first hit one car on i-89 just before killing all 5 teenagers inside, four of those teens were all juniors at the same high school. police say the burgoin then stole a police cruiser at the scene and caused a second crash. >> in the second crash, there were a total of eight cars that were hit. the original pickup truck that was left and seven additional vehicles were struck. nichole: burgoin is in police
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a rainy day today, but it will be clearing out for the work week. mike wankum has his forecast next. maria: plus, tracking matthew. still because this storm is just
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maria: tracking matthew now, the storm not a hurricane any more as it moves out into the atlantic. at least 16 people have been killed, as those left behind are
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in north carolina, it has been the worst flooding they have seen their -- seen threre since 1999. nichole: in myrtle beach, south carolina, this massive fire burned through five buildings, the flames spread by the high winds of matthew. it broke out in an area that was already evacuated, so no one was inside. maria: today florida governor rick scott was out to tour damage. the winds and flooding hitting that state hard, many people now getting their first look at what's left of their homes. you can see the damage from the wind in neighborhoods near the coast. stormteam 5's mike wankum is here. we saw some of the effects of matthew today. mike w: absolutely. this is one of the benefits from these storms, the plumes of moisture. it is a poster tropical cyclone. the winds are still 75 miles for
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75 miles out. all of the -- 95 miles out. all of the hurricane watches have been canceled. it skirted the coast of florida. if it said tract to the west, we will be talking about a whole lot more damage. we picked up some nice rain out of this. the national hurricane center, that is where the leftover pieces of matthew will go over the next 24 hours or so. the national hurricane center about it because it no longer technically is a hurricane. we have moisture that is not directly related, but sort of related to matthew and you see the plumes of moisture. look at the yellow bands here. that is where the heavy stuff is coming down. be careful if you are driving. we are seeing a pretty good band of rain right now. if you are traveling down to the south, moisture still trying to lift northward. we are not done with the ring
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additional three quarters to an inch of rain. that's a lot of water we picked up today, almost more than we picked up the entire summer. the edge of it is moving into worcester. it's collapsing through the overnight hours. how about a rainfall total? so far in boston, one .3 inches of rain. a little bit less in natick and willis. there were some really substantial rain out there. when does it winwn the western part of the state is starting to clear out. as far as midnight tonight, we will have a few sprinkles around boston, and see how that clearing is kicking in? the temperatures dropping? then the only thing that is left is a few scattered showers around the cape.
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hint there is cool air in this forecast. the winds out there -- right now : mayors still out out -- right now they are still out of the north. you would think matthew was coming over top of us, but, no, it's just cold air streaming over the area. there is a wind advisorti cape and the islands of 25 to 35 and perhaps gusts around 50 miles per hour. another breezy day tomorrow. 40 to 50 depending on where you are at four overnight lows. but it all comes out of here with sunshine tomorrow. sunny skies, a breezy morning. we will warm things up nicely over the next several days with plenty of sunshine to talk about. tomorrow, sunny and 60.
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that morning low, there could be patchy frost out there. our next chance for rain shows up on thursday -- not very impressive actually. it's a cold front, but it has a tropical system. all we will get out of that would probably scattered showers tuesday night. may linger into friday with a few clouds. after that, the temperatures will cool down, upper 50's to 60 degrees. we've got our rain. then that is it. nichole? nichole: pope francis breaking tradition today as he announces 17 new cardinals choosing more moderate leaders from outside of the larger catholic districts. the church officials being promoted include three americans. archbishops blase cupich of chicago and joseph william tobin of indianapolis and bishop kevin joseph farrell from dallas. they officially become cardinals at a ceremony on november 19.
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and school committees all across the state. join them in voting no on question two. maria: there they are. new champions crowned in the north american wife carrying competition at sunday river in maine. elliot and giana storey from westbrook, maine completed the obstacle course in 59 seconds. for the win they took home
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now they will go to finland for the world championships. nichole: yes. in tonight's cutting edge, redesigning dna. a south boston start-up customizes cells to create natural flavors and fragrances. maria: very cool. newscenter 5's mike wankum explains how they do it. >> this one is peach. mike w: jason kelly is the master of this universe. >> you're mostly learning from nature and then figuring out how mike w: that process happens here, at a brewery of sorts in south boston where biologists use fermentation to grow lots of cells with customized dna. >> we're able to again take the genes from the peach or other plants, move it into brewer's yeast, and then in a process that looks like beer brewing out comes peach flavor. mike w: or anything else that a scientist at gingko bioworks might imagine. >> we really see biology fundamentally as an extremely powerful technology if we could only design it to do the things humans want.
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new lab -- this is a liquid-handling robot. mike w: these machines, basically dna robots, are moving cells and enzymes. >> actually i've heard people describe this as an 8-armed grad student. mike w: allowing scientists to test their different dna recipes faster and more precisely than ever before. >> and then we put them into the mass spectrometer, which is basically like a very, mike w: one atom can make a totally different molecule. but those tiny differences can mean everything to a manufacturer. we actually work directly with that >> we actually work directly with the perfumers at a place like robertet which is one of the world's great perfume houses to invent new rose varieties. mike w: and that means, the scent of this custom rose oil doesn't even exist in nature, until a perfumer wished it could. designing new microbes using food and flowers is just the beginning. gingko bioworks sees pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, even more animal products in its future.
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that came from whales that we stopped using a hundred years ago. those can now be available in a way that doesn't impact animal welfare. it's kind of magical. mike w: jason kelly says he supports efforts to label these ingredients as genetically modified. he says the ingredients are safe, and hiding that information from consumers only adds to the fear that they're not. but these are perfectly safe. maria: perfectly safe and smelled it. mike w: and smelled good. if you wanted to create good fragrance -- maria: make a phone call. i will call after you tell what the week will be like. mike w: i love the smell of the rain today. if you like sunshine, you get that all week. the only times we'll see rain will be maybe thursday evening. temperatures slowly warm up and then they cool down, but these
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nothing out of the ordinary. maria: lovely. still more to come -- the second presidential debate.
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>> now on newscenter 5 -- maria: brady's back. we're live in cleveland, with new reaction from the patriots his message to pats fans. emily: hence about donald trump's strategy tonight. mike w: heavy rain is still falling. the timeline on when it moves out and what you can expect for the morning commute. nichole: a nine-year-old girl, shot on a boston playground. the search for a gunman happening right now. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00.
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big way, from his suspension. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. nichole: i'm nichole berlie. the patriots cruised to a win over the cleveland browns. mike lynch is in the newsroom mike, brady didn't look rusty at all. mike l: just a ho-hum afternoon for tom brady. over 400 yards in the air and 3 touchdown passes as the revenge tour kicks off in cleveland with a 33-13 win and now its on to -- it is onto cincinnati. summary five yard drive, five-yard touchdown pass patriots are on their way. up 23-seven. that was the score at the half. early third quarter. brady, good way action pass. he goes for bennett who does the extra work. right across the pylon. brady, 25 out of 40, three touchdowns. ed harding had a front row seat for the return of brady and he joins us now live from cleveland . ed?


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