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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  October 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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big way, from his suspension. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. nichole: i'm nichole berlie. the patriots cruised to a win over the cleveland browns. mike lynch is in the newsroom mike, brady didn't look rusty at all. mike l: just a ho-hum afternoon for tom brady. over 400 yards in the air and 3 touchdown passes as the revenge tour kicks off in cleveland with a 33-13 win and now its on to -- it is onto cincinnati. summary five yard drive, five-yard touchdown pass patriots are on their way. up 23-seven. that was the score at the half. early third quarter. brady, good way action pass. he goes for bennett who does the extra work. right across the pylon. brady, 25 out of 40, three touchdowns. ed harding had a front row seat for the return of brady and he joins us now live from cleveland . ed?
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field, but in the postgame press conference, brady said he was rusty. the patriots could take rusty like that the entire year. this is the area i want to focus on. they were able to stretch the field. they had a number of ways that were 30 yards are better and the couple spectacular catches by chris hogan. the first time in his career he has gone over 100 yards as a receiver. he did it on his first game with brady. throw for the three touchdowns, when he walked away he was grateful for the opportunity to be back to work. here is what he said. tom brady: it was awesome. i have got amazing fans and so much support. for a long time, you know, we have been at rallies where there are millions of people and training camp -- 27,000 people at practice, and i feel like we have the best fans in the world.
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there to see this -- brady rolling out to get the first down. sometimes you have to time this guy with a sunday auto -- sundial or an hourglass. he got the first down. he was not trying to show anyone up, but everybody started to laugh because it was a funny moment for a guy who had a great day. this is a view that tat it was a good view today with a 33-13 win. life is back to normal. onto cincinnati. back to you. nichole: from football to baseball. no double-header for austin fans. all of the rain or thing the red sox came to be rescheduled. you can see just how wet it was at fenway. look at that. the tarp still covering the field. game 3 of the alds will now be
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:08 exactly. it's a must-win game for the sox. the rain is still coming down right now as we take a live look out at the city of boston. the neurologist mike wankum joins us. this is part of hurricane matthew, right? mike w: it has transitioned to a post tropical storm. that means it has taken on the characteristics of an early easter. it provided a plume of moisture and interacted with the cold front. the yellow areas -- that is where you were seeing the heaviest downpours and it's really concentrated in this area. notice the back edge. this is just gray skies out here and this will continue to march closer and closer to the ocean. the timeline on it -- by 9:00, we have showers of the cape and
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temperatures will be dropping off tonight. the cold air is moving in. we will talk about that, the wind, and the sunshine in a few moments. maria: all right, like the sunshine part. commitment 2016, in just hours from now hillary clinton and donald trump will face off in debate number 2. nichole: overshadowing it is the video released friday, where trump is heard bragging about making unwanted sexual advances. newscenter 5's emily riemer is debate site. emily: guys, this could be one of the most important parts of the campaign. how will donald trump kerry himself and how will he explain those comments on the tape? he left new york with his wife melania earlier. this format is different then the fat he is used to.
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christy rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani davis insight -- gave us insight. >> he will apologize for what he did and he is going to count on the fact that the american people are fair, decent people, and when someone asks for forgiveness, they usually give it. emily: but himself sounding defiant, calling the dozens of republicans now hypocrites." hillary clinton has spent several days off of the trail. she has her own controversy to deal with, leaked excerpts of paid speeches calling for much more open economic system and that is really at odds with position she took during her primary battle with bernie sanders. they both have a lot to think about tonight.
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the town hall and 9:00 p.m. and a coin toss will determine if hillary clinton gets the first question, the first set of questions will deal with the trump take. emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: we will see you after the debate right here on channel 5. new hampshire republican kelly ayotte is another high profile republican who is pulling her support of donald trump. she is explaining to rhondella richardson why she changed her mind. of the latest republicans to jump off of the donald trump republican bandwagon is new hampshire senator kelly ayotte. in a grueling reelection campaign of her own. >> i cannot vote for donald trump based on what he said in those tapes and the actions he talked about in those tapes that talk about assault against
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onwards, has had republicans abandoning his support since friday. he said things about minorities, people with disabilities, gold star family spirit you were backing him then. >> those times i denounced him. rhondella: but you're going to vote for him. >> the tape i heard that was released on friday was fundamentally different in that it talks about assault crime. i'm a former prosecutor. rhondella: them rival, governor maggie hassan, says that ayotte 's flip-flop on trump is political self-preservation. >> nothing about donald trump is changed in the last six days. what changed is governor ayotte realized that she could not stand with him politically anymore.
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presidential debate live tonight right here on wcvb. coverage starts at 9:00. we'll have live analysis right after the debate, and for real-time fact checking follow , our live wire on and our app. nichole: right now police in roxbury are looking for whoever shot a nine-year-old on a playground. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in roxbury with the latest. diane? diane: police say the little girl was shot on the behind me after someone opened fire into the crowd. >> so sad. diane: this woman who did not want to provide her name says she was in bed when she heard gunshots outside of her home early sunday morning. >> the only thing i see out there was when the paramedics came and i knew there was something. diane: police say the little girl was playing on the playground just after 1:00 this morning when she was shot here on annunciation road. authorities say there was some sort of party taking place in a nearby parking lot when someone started shooting indiscriminately into a crowd. police say the little girl was
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now they're pleading for the public's help. >> we need your help on this one because there are too many guns on the street time for everyone -- too many guns on the street. this is horrible. it is time for everyone to pull together and help us solve this one. rhondella: the police commissioner went to visit a little girl and her family and nichole: there was another shooting in roxbury over night, this one deadly. they found a man who had been shot, alone at the scene on columbus avenue. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. maria: attribute to a beloved community member murdered in his home last week. nichole: matthew leaves behind
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wind advisories have been posted here. i will tell you when the wind the militias and the sunshine warms as backup. maria: and that rainy weather got in the way of red sox game three against the indians at home. what you need to know if you have tickets to game three or potential game for. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston with maria stephanos ben simmoneau on comcast 942,
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>> monday morning on the eye, cutting your breast cancer risk in the kitchen. >> three foods you should have on the list. >> matthew moves out, a chilly >> matthew moves out, a chilly st in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, >> matthew moves out, a chilly st protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. [ roars ]
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dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. nichole: a man struck and killed by a commuter rail train in dorchester. the mbta police say it happened near talbot avenue this morning. police say foul play is not suspected. a show of support for the family of an elderly man stabbed to death in orange. maria: the chief of police leading an annual parade to scene this afternoon. the celebrate the harvest parade stopping at the house where 95-year-old thomas hardy was
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the police chief, placing flowers in front of the east river street home. >> this is just a tragedy. i mean, this community and this area, we always show support. like i said, we persevere. maria: hardy's wife was also stabbed in the attack wednesday and is still in critical condition. so far, police have not announced any arrests. nichole: wankum is tracking matthew. maria: he will be back with the latest on the storm and the rain it is bringing us. plus, rescues in the in new hampshire,
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created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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maria: tonight the storm known as hurricane matthew has been downgraded below tropical storm status. nichole: but leaders in the south are warning that the danger isn't over yet. north carolina. the coast guard has been rescuing people from the flooded homes by helicopter. eight people were pulled from the roof of a home in the city of pinetops. the governor is warning residents that just because the storm has been downgraded doesn't mean it's not still dangerous. governor mccrory: what we have learned is the power of water and what we warned is the power of water could kill people. nichole: flooding from matthew is expected to last into next week. haiti has been the hardest-hit
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of course, mike, some of the rain we are seeing is related to matthew -- i should not say directly related, right? mike w: the storm is spinning offshore. there is a poll of moisture. parts of the carolina picked up between 15 and 18 inches of rain. you'll hear about flooding for the next several days as that water works its way back toward the ocean. we picked up really welcome rain. i know it we got some rain. we are so dry. notice the trend over the last three hours, it's pushing its way in. eventually this walk it squeezed over the cape and kicked on out of here after midnight. it may make its way toward boston before the this is over with. that is the cut out these two
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the rain will be working with us until shortly after midnight. then it will wane. the western part of the state, you did not get much rain at all today, just gray skies. in boston we picked up 1.4 inches of rain. that means today was the wettest day of the entire year. that shows up as the wettest day we have had. you seen we are still not done with this yet. an inch and a half in this area. down through the cape, an inch and a half. this will be keeping with us through 9:00 tonight. once we get past midnight, really winding down and squeezing toward the cape.
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when the skies clear away, the temperature drops off. it will be a chilly start, some temperatures dropping into the 30's. all of that sunshine will offset the cool air over top of us and allow us to warm up nicely. there is that northerly wind. we have the strong wind, the rain going on. we just got a little piece of matthew comingou wind gusts at 45 miles per hour. there is a wind advisory until noon tomorrow. there will perhaps be gusts up around 15 miles per hour. temperatures from 40 to 50 of the coast. it will be breezy -- breezy tomorrow morning as well.
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as far as the game was concerned and tomorrow -- you know, it happens just as the sun set tomorrow. clear, cool. better than the weather we got -- the last several days. wall-to-wall, thursday the may be showers. showers are on the cool side. so colder may be patchy fog. we will rebound with sunshine. keep in mind if you have tender wring it inside. thursday, showers in the forecast. this does not have a tropical system throwing moisture at it. in terms of rainfall, white stuff. after that, more sunshine. it's looking like a lot of sunshine. it feels even better after refreshing rainsford today.
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meteorologist mike wankum. >> now mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike l: hi, folks. 28 for 40, 406 yards, three touchdowns. plenty of wd-40, no rust at all for tom brady who picked apart , the browns in cleveland en route to a 33-13 win in his return. martellus bennett. the first play of to julian edelman. pass complete. second play, he goes to gronk for completion. watch gronk do what he does best -- catch and run. martellus bennett. cleveland tie the game up at 7-7. all right, brady with the long bombs today, this one to chris hogan, 43 yard completion.
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up at the break. it's an acrobatic move to get just inside the pylon. one piece of video i want to show you right here -- tom brady scrambles for a first down. very characteristic. he he is running in front cleveland. all i can say is this is 19 months of frustration, the first and down -- the first down signal. the patriots win 33-13. tom brady: i tried to go out there and do the best i could do, you know? that is what i have said every week. i know my teammates expect that. i expect that out of them. i expect them focused and able to do their job and focused on
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that is what they expect out of me. >> he is our leader. he is our guy. we did what we had to do the whole week as an offense. we started on wednesday of practice, and we came out and we executed as an offense and we got a win. it was awesome. maria: -- mike l: all right, red sox fans, pay attention. if you had to get foda tomorrow night fell to get. if you have tickets for tomorrow night they are not good for tomorrow night they will be good -- go by what is is on the ticket. if you up tickets for grain three, they will be for game free. if you have tickets for game four, they will be good for game for its or is one.
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off to the side and execute pitches. that is what it boils down to, regardless of the setting, the stage, the consequence. >> we mean on those guys a lot. -- we mean on those guys a lot. they said what they needed to say and i think everybody knows. mike l: coming up in sportscenter 5 harding is in cleveland. he will join us. chris gasper will join us as well. and maria stefanos has a very moving story. a lot of people up and asking about bob halloran, how he is doing. do not miss this. can't wait to see it. and bob is doing great, by the way. great, great, great. maria: yes, he is. and i love the pink -- all
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coverage of the second
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maria: the canceled the red sox game -- not canceled them. postponed it. i thought, what was the last time we had a ray not and then i realized we have not really had any rain. mike w: today will be the rain yesterday of the entire you're
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got it. it's all going right into the ground. the next chance for rain is not until thursday. we won the temperature up slowly , of near 70 degrees. we get several days to dry out. it's a good thing we got the ring today. maria: nichole this was sunshine.
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tonight, breaking news on a sunday night. the debate showdown, a short time from now. donald trump in the fight of his life. the video that has him in a bale growing calls from his own party to drop out. asked will he stay in the race, trump now says 100%. now targeting bill clinton's scandals in the hours before this debate. and what we've uncovered tonight. what he actually said about bill clinton years ago. >> he's really a victim himself. also tonight, the death toll climbing from hurricane matthew. fire on the water. the house in flames. the system moving further north than expected.


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