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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  October 10, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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before. reporter: clinton is trying to gain more supporters and trump is trying to keep them. trump's vulgar commence about women. >> you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] and you can do anything. reporter: trump fired back saying paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal time on fighting the republican nominee. political watchers say trump did enough with his performance to stop the gop exodus. that included inviting bill clinton's accusers to the debate . >> bill clinton was abusive to women and hillary clinton attacked those women. >> i am reminded of what my friend michelle obama advised us. when they go low, you go
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taxes and clinton's e-mail. >> if i win i will instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it is just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. reporter: as of right now speaker ryan's endorsement of donald trump still stands. a spokesperson says he is not conceding to hillary clinton. ryan is majority in the house and senate. heather: new details about these suspects arrested in virginia in connection to last week's murder and home invasion in orange, massachusetts. julie is live now. julie, we heard they have been in custody for another crime. reporter: this time line is stunning. one week ago these suspects
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his wife badly injured and this couple's car stolen as well. joshua hart and britney smith were arrested over the weekend in virginia. massachusetts state police detectives put out parts for the two -- warrants for the two and they were in a parking lot. the car was also found in virginia. the arrests are a relief but this tragedy is a nightmare for those who are prepared to bury thomas hardy. >> a generous man. it is a shame it went down like it did. reporter: they are scheduled for fugitive from justice arraignments tomorrow in virginia. and we are expecting it to
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heather and ed? ed: the driver suspected of causing the horrific car crash in vermont has moved in massachusetts. he was allegedly driving the wrong way on interstate 89. his car hit a second vehicle killing all five teens inside. he allegedly stole a police cruiser at the scene and caused a second crash. records show he lives in salisbury and he went to high school there. he is in critical condition tonight. ed: the 4-year-old flaw flaw girl at the center of an amber alert that is been found inen tennessee sheevment is safe and the man accused of taking her is in custody at this hour. the suspect, 31-year-old wes wild hogs, was recognized at a hospital. hogs who was an old family friend took rebecca on saturday. and since then they were seen together on surveillance video
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heather: turning our attention to the weather and 57 outside in needham. it is chilly. and it is getting colder overnight. harvey: this was that day. you are right about the chill tonight. that's something you have to take note of. it is going to be chilly. notice the one area that does president have this -- that doesn't have this is the immediate coastline. all of theer either frost advisories and freeze warnings and that means the temperatures are getting to the frosty levels. please keep that in mind. when the air is so clear and it is a little gusty out there , it is 26 in boston, but we'll see that abate hour by hour. the winds should become quite light late tonight. if you are going to the red sox game the playoff game is 55 for the start of the game and dropping down to around
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wind to start and then the wind will die down. these are some of the projected low temperatures. some of low-lying areas, norwood low to mid30s and it will be chilly and all of the normal suspect areas. we'll let you know how the rest of the week will play out. >> they are at fenway and a must win for the red sox. mike lynch is in the ballpark. a lot tonight -- you know of all things it means the end o reporter:-- the big papi era. reporter: a lot of people want to get a glimpse of big papi and if the red sox are eliminated that's the end of big papi, david ortiz's, career. every lens is waiting for big papi to emerge from the red sox dugout. papi came out in his red hood. papi went to the other side of
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his former teammate and he shared a world series championship with. nap -- napoli coming over to pay respects to david ortiz. after chatting big papi stepped into the batting cage and took his rips. tonight big papi needs to come up big like every other member of the red sox if they want to play tomorrow in game number four. >> you can look at it like a little there is no tomorrow. remember who we are as individual players and as a team and play with the freedom and the aggression. reporter: he also announced that rick will start tomorrow if there is a game number four in place of the original scheduled starter, edwardo rodriguez. back with more from a breezy, chilly fenway park. see you then. heather: it does look cold, thank you.
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devastating after effects. the storm is blamed for at least 20 deaths in this country. maria steph -- stefanos is tracking more. >> it dumped three months of rain in a party of hours. now the rivers are rising and several people are still missing . reporter: the post storm skies are clear, but hurricane matthew is dishing a devastating blow to north carolina. >> we have not hit the m serious point of the flood. reporter: a desperate effort under way. 1400 rescues so far. >> i am grateful. reporter: after the storm's falling rain left the rivers over flowing the banks it is adding to overwhelming damage. >> there is the worst we have seen. reporter: and more deaths in
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several people are missing. while in haiti the death toll estimates are topping 900. meanwhile, back in florida the mcmullen family is cleaning up the impact and bringing perspective. >> we feel lucky and blessed. reporter: and a lesson in loss. >> all of the stuff be k replaced, but we can't be replaced. >> president obama spoke to fema about the response federal officials add that the carolinas will face life-threatening conditions for days because of the flooding. ed: a large apartment fire is under investigation. look at the video. huge flames are coming from the canal view apartments. there were no reports of injuries. the cape cod times show that they will find temporary
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attack. >> and police arrested a syrian man in an uh -- alleged bomb plot. they tied him up and called police and they found extremely dangerous explosives. they were planning an extremist attack similar to that in paris and belgium. he was searching on-line for instructions on how to make explosives, but had yet to pick a target. ed: a man accused of killing two police wanted to shoot police. they were shot during a domestic disturbance call on saturday. he was heavily armed when they arrested him after a 12-hour standoff. felix's father said his son, an admitted gang member, was acting crazy before police arrived and intended to shoot responding officers. heather:train station resumes in hoe -- hoboken, new jersey. eight of the 10 tracks reopened this morning to commuters. last week they said the train
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hour speed limit when it crashed into the station in september on the 29th killing one person and injuring eight others. the train's engineers says he does not have a memory of what happened. ed: that story is lingering. hurricane matthew may be gone, but now there is a new threat. heather: the danger all of the water poses and it is beyond the risk of flooding. ed: and soda giants and triggering strong words from researchers. harvey: what a difference a day makes. cool, dry air has flown in and the storm has moved away. we will talk more about how this week will play out. heather: and follow the breaking news of a now-year-old girl taken from her florida home on saturday by this family friend on the right has now been found in tennessee. that man is in custody and there is no word what charges
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kelly ayotte: let's be honest - clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: look at that picture. you know what i see 1234 one big shadow. you are looking at the pike and it is moving in both directions. we will get the update. look at that.
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must be a holiday. oh, it is. see, heather is so smart. it is kind of slowish. it is not slow. the pike, you can see the pike going into boston is slow right there. that's where it is kind of backed up. 495 is not bad. why can't it be like this all the time? >> it is the holiday >> if every day was a holiday. >> we have pretty nice temperatures to look at. >> it is really beautiful out there. and after a chilly start it is breezy and what a day. i think everybody would take this over yesterday except the rainfall was what we needed. that's the one positive. look at that.
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rain and almost three inches in north weymouth. wakefield one and three-quarter inches of rain. as you head west the amounts tapered off. east of boston the amounts were even heavier. same thing with the wind. these are the overnight lows. but remember, although the skies have cleared there was wind around. it keeps the air mixed. to -- tonight very readings especially in the chillier spots. we are 58 in boston with the northwest wind still at 18 miles an hour. the dew poimt is low and the barometer is on the way up. it has touched 60 in norwood and taunton. with the clear skies and the dry air and light winds, taunton and norwood are places that get chilly. they will drop to frosty levels if not a freeze in
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nantucket. every single hour going forward it was a little more and a little more. dry air is building in. frost and freeze warnings. frost advisories are in effect. you can see what is going on. it has happened. we figure the growing season is everywhere else. if you want to protectou it. all right, these are projected low temperatures, but there will be pockets colder than that. that's why we say -- you don't have to be down to 32 to have a frost. the temperatures are five feet off the ground. the cold is at the ground. ground level could be 32 or lower. you still get the frost in a situation like that. tomorrow's temperatures are similar and up 5 degrees
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you won't have to deal with the wind. the high pressure will be right over us for tomorrow will let's check it out for you. over the next seven days it is quiet overall. there will be a front coming through. that could result in a shower around thursday afternoon. otherwise don't see problems president with the dry spell coming it is good we got some beneficial rains. that's the story for now.ed health now. and first, a new threat from hurricane matthew. >> there is so much standing water from florida to the carolinas that it could be a new breeding ground for the zika virus. most adult mosquito s who not have survived the wind gusts and the flooding washed away the young mosquitoes, but those that did survive will lay near standing water and they will hatch and grow over
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100 companies including the diabetes foundation and diabetes research foundation. the news is surprising given the well-known link between sugary drinks and dikes. they are calling on health organizations to refuse funding from the soda giants saying they are hampering effects for health and nutrition. heather:tonight, we have more signs yourhi feeling pressure and what you can do to help. >> stress can affect anyone feeling overwhelmed. look out for negative changes in behavior. for younger kids, withdrawal from their activities and becoming clingy to a parent or change in appetite is a red flag. becoming hostile toward family and abandoning friendships are common signs among teens. interaction with others, how
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stress is a factor. experts say a good way for parents to tap into their child's behaviors is communicating with each other. teachers and coaches, listen to your child. kids may express how overwhelmed they are with words like angry or annoyed or speak negatively about themselves. parents should keep an ear out for key word or phrases that may indicate a source of stress. finally. seek support. tackling this stress is not somethth there are licensed therapists that can provide the support and guidance your children need. ed: it is a real thing too. parents need to recognize these things. the famed taj mahal is closing. heather:what is causing it to shutdown a quarter century after bursting on to the scene. let's flash forward to 5:00. >> ben: leaking at what is new, the search for suspects in the shooting of a
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playground. police are asking for help. hundreds killed in haiti in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. the efforts in massachusetts to bring relief to the devastated nation. and the nobel prize for economics. the celebration on two cambridge campuses. that's all new on newscenter 5
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices
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please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. topping the economy news, mylan epipen. stock climbed 13% today after they agreed to pay $465 million to the government over how it charged medicaid for the allergy shot. mylan has been under fire and under scrutiny for boosting the cost of the epipen by 500% since 2007. heather: after years of
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closing its doors. trump himself has not been involved with that casino since 09. the 26-year-old taj mahal will shutdown after labor day and it will be the fifth atlantic, new jersey city to close over the last two years. heather:you may use facebook at work, but today they launched a facebook for businesses and nonprofits. it is called workplace and it is ad free. much like the regular version it offers group chats and video calls muse feed. employers have to pay to sign up, but facebook is offering it to schools and nonprofits for free. ed: the latest debate is over, but for some there is no debate on who is the real weaponner. real winner. heather:who they are crowning. first checking the numbers on
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heather:just about everyone it is fair to say is debating who won last night's debate. ed: drum roll. some say it wasn't hillary clinton or donald trump, but this man. he asked the next to last question of the debate and asked about energy policy, but it was his memorable name combined with his endearing instant celebrity. he says he is enjoying it, but doesn't understand how it all happened. >> i don't care what i say, but more they are engaged in the political process. >> he was supposed to wear an olive suit, but he split his pants yesterday and sweater is plan b. shows the power of television
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out. just like that. heather:everybody wants it as a christmas present. ed: newscenter 5 with ben and heather starts right now. >> ben: battle lines drawn. the new fight between hillary clinton, donald trump and the gop's top man in the house. heather: new revelation following murder arrests in a quiet massachusetts town. >> the family is happy about the arrest. >> they also want to know why their parents were viciously hometown team. >> the key to keeping the sox alive. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at knife:00 -- 5:00. >> ben: sky 5 over newton where drivers somehow drove the wrong way on the mass pike. you can see the car facing the wrong direction and not clear how it happened. heather:the car was found
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the driver was taken out of the car on a stretcher and the accident has been cleared. traffic is still backed up in that area. ed: dash. >> ben: two people have been taken into custody. heather: they were arrested in virginia and the pair will be brought back to massachusetts later this week. julie mcdonald is live in orange. julie, i understand they did not know the victim? they did not know them, but the suspects were arrested days before that crime in this same neighborhood. it was actually one week ago, monday evening, that they were arrested for auto -- auto theft. 234 the days after they released he was killed and his wife badly hut. the arrest of two suspects in connection with a vie -- violent and deadly home invasion is easing fears in the small community of orange.


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