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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> a call for help in the wake of hurricane matthew. >> their areas we have not heard from. >> the disaster unfolding and how you can help. >> to suspects in the murder of a man from orange. and freeze warnings. >> the big change that this company is about to make. >> from boston's news leader. this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7 p.m. ed: they are charged with killing his wife and stabbing the couple. >> the couple in virginia right now where they were arrested this weekend for the debts of
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joining us live in orange with our top story. >> these suspects were found six dates away from -- by police. they are facing charges including murder, attempted murder, home invasion, and armed robbery. the arrest and connection with a violent and deadly home invasion put fears in the small communi lessen the pain of a family as they plan a funeral. >> it is a shame. he would have given them the car or any money if they just asked. it was not like that. >> police found joshua hart and britney smith parked at a walmart in virginia. the warrant stemming from state police in massachusetts. detectives believe they killed 95-year-old thomas harty, and
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fisher then took off in the wednesday. couple's toyota corolla. that station wagon has also since been found in virginia. >> the family is happy to see the arrests made. we knew it was forthcoming. >> investigators haven't released any motive for what may have led hart and smith to the elderly couple's home. but as the family waits for answers to those heartbreaking questions, they're saying thank you. >> the district attorney's office and state police and the orange police department and also the virginia police down there did a great job throughout the whole thing. they are scheduled to have >> fugitive from j if they waive rendition they could be back in massachusetts as early as thursday. ed right now a crash involving a : wrong-way driver is under investigation in newton. police say the the driver traveled for 3 miles on the mass pike, starting at the allston brighton tolls. it happened on the eastbound side of the highway, it ended when the driver hit the median. the driver has been identified as an 80-year-old man from westwood, he was taken to the hospital after the crash.
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crash because of drivers trying to avoid the car going the wrong way. no injuries in that one. maria: it's a chilly columbus day and harvey, a lot of us will be under frost and freeze advisories tonight? harvey: i want to show you what is going on here. it is only 7 p.m. and already we have spots in the 40's. worcester at 47. orange 48. jeffrey down to 45. dropping quickly down to 48 and falmouth, 49 on the vineyard. the winds have been gusty but the only gusts left, 20 miles an hour or greater are nantucket and hyannis. as the skies clear and the area is dry, it allows the temperatures to fall. away from the shoreline and away from boston, it looks like widespread freezer frost during
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many places will be down in the 30's, some down to the freezing mark. we will let you know how quickly we recover in a few minutes. ed: breaking news in the ongoing problems for samsung over one of its phones. the company is stopping sales of its galaxy note 7 phone after fires involving replacement phones. last month, samsung recalled the note 7 after people reported their phones started smoking and exploding. these new problems involve replacement phones which samsung said were safe. maria: commitment 2016, the heat is on, after house speaker paul ryan said he will not defend donald trump leading up to election day. and now donald trump is fighting back with an attack. ed both trump and hillary : clinton are back on the campaign trail today after last night's contentious debate. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is here with more. today clinton rolled out a new >> ad. and trump spent the day fighting
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leaders. hillary linton to paraphrase my : friend michelle obama, one of us went high, one went low. >> hours after the most viscous debate in history hillary clinton riding momentum, in a new ad. donald trump apologizing all weekend for crass comments about women caught on tape. now trying to turn the focus on his opponent. mr. trump bill clinton was the : worst abuser of women in the oval office, victims of bill clinton's sexual harrassment and assault. trump in pennsylvania calling >> again, to prosecute hillary clinton over her deleted emails. ms. clinton: donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. republicans pulling support for >> their nominee. house speaker paul ryan saying he will no longer defend trump planning instead to focus now on his party's hold on congress. trump shot back. tweeting ryan should spend more time balancing the budgets, jobs
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g. ms. clinton: what is exciting to me is that we're getting more and more support, not just from democrats but from independents and republicans. >> ryan all but conceding the election to clinton. a spokesperson said he will work to make sure clinton does not get a blank check. with a democratic-led congress. ed the danger isn't over in the te in the southeastern u.s. floodwaters are still rising and some rivers may not crest until friday. in georgia, hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. crews were out trying to make repairs today, but officials say in some areas it could take days or weeks to get electricity back to everyone. in south carolina, the governor is asking evacuees and residents to be patient and to not take out their frustrations on first
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>> when you see them, do not take your frustration out on them, think them because they have families at home. they have damages in their own homes and they are doing as much as they can to help you get back into yours. ed: the storm killed at least 23 people in the u.s. haiti was much harder-hit by hurricane matthew, with hundreds killed and communities destroyed. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson shows us the local effort to send help. ron della >> in haiti the death toll from hurricane matthew surpassed 900 and with 1700 children and 100 haitians on staff, the founder of a hubbardston missionary sent his 26 yr old son taran with thousands of dollars in aide money to help. thru facetime and facebook his son is positng photos and giving wellness checks at their
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>> what should people do? >> donate money. it sounds crass but the best response is look for organizations that have a long-term presence on the ground. >> the yarn has launched a $120 million emergency aid campaign. mission e4 and many believ cash is the quickest diaster relief.? better than donated goods bec -- because money enables did workers to buy local as they rebuild. >> we have our truck loaded and it is loaded with wood. here. >> if we are buying for product and construction products, we are going to buy that in haiti with patient busy -- business people. when shiploads of donated items going to the country, it undermines the economy. >> there is no government response right now. they hired 40 haitians, heart -- heading them shovels and axing the bridges.
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children are being fed, medical care, all those normal things, making sure they're back up and running. maria: flags ordered to half-staff in vermont to honor five high-schoolers killed in a wrong-way crash. tonight there was a vigil to honor the teens. they were all riding in the same car on i-89 when police say they were hit by a pickup truck driven by steven burgoin. police say he then stole a police cruiser and crashed into 7 more cars. those who knew the teens say this is a big loss. >> it is tragic for the community, for the family, mostly tragic for them. let's hope we can honor her memory going forward. maria: we have learned burgoin went to high school in salisbury and lived there for several years. he is in critical condition in the hospital, he will face 5 counts of murder. two local economists sharing the nobel prize. and: how there were can be used
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harvey: temperatures cooling down quickly. frost or freeze to pending on where you live. we will let you know the bounceback in temperatures. maria: tonight's made in mass they've been churning out award-winning cheese for decades. see the process from start to finish. most banks are all the same... capital one isn't most banks. ? it's a relaxed place with helpful people focused on you, not trying to sell you things you don't want. and free checking accounts that are actually free. no minimums. no fees. no nonsense. capital one even has a top-rated app
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are nobel prize winners. professors bengt holmstrom of mit and oliver hart of harvard are sharing the 2016 nobel prize in economics. they won for their contribution to contract theory which helps to shape executive pay. hart is the 48th harvard faculty member awarded the nobel prize. holmstrom is the 5th person from mit's economics department to win.
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because people talks a much about them. one does not really expect it in some ways. maria: both men have taught at their respective schools since the early 1990's. ed: let's take you to made in massachusetts. some of the best gouda you can buy, is made right here in mass. tonight, doug meehan takes us to the company churning out that cheese for decades. doug: when it comes to good gouda at smith's country cheese in winchendon they believe and it all starts with the ladies out back. >> we get the milk at from the 4 a.m. cows that day, it pops right up to this room, vat, and it's fresh. allie catlin hasn't always been doug up to her elbows in curds : and whey. just year ago she was working in
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first thought. doug: but 11 months ago she and her husband decided to get into the dairy game when the self proclaimed big cheese of smith's was looking to sell his life's long work. for more than half a century dave smith has been the name and , the face of this award winning local cheese company. >> it's subtle smoke because we don't use any liquid smoke in it. when he was only 22, smith doug started with just 20 : way of making money. 20 years later he realized the more profitable future could be found creating a premium award winning farmsted cheese. >> when we started, per capita consumption in the united states was at nine to 10 pounds and last year we broke 34 pounds, so it's been a growth industry. doug but it was also an industry : that was changing and dave was ready for a change. in stepped allie with passion and a commitment. >> my daughter, my baby eats the
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any change in the quality in the cheese. we want it to always remain the same. doug: do you feel like these are your babies back here? >> i totally do. yeah i am totally in love with , them because you realize how much goes into making them. doug now after almost a year of : working for dave, allie will be the new owner of smith's. the way he see's it everything from the cows to the name are in good hands. >> i think we're going to have a dynamite combination and they'll be able to take the business to more good gouda. done: a sure sign of the growth is happening this thursday, starting the 13th you will be able to find smith's country cheese in 78 market basket grocery stores throughout new england. maria: do you like cheese? ed: did you bring any? i don't find anything here.
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you go ahead and do the weather. we are looking for the cheese. harvey: you notice how yesterday's weather in cleveland became our weather today. ed: even the delay at laguardia, that did not run it. harvey: i will you know that while you were in cleveland yesterday, we got a lot of rain. we had over three inches in sandwich, two inches inches, worcester almost one-inch. that rainfall is the most we have had in wednesday's rainfall in over a year. september 30. the winds were gusty but powerful. hyannis and 52. rockport and 52. rockport at 50. plymouth at 49. there was at -- there was wind damage were the winds were strong. early this morning it was cool
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because of the wind. we do not have the wind, we are losing it and that will allow the cold pockets to get chilly . boston at 53 and urban areas will not get anywhere near as cool as the outlying areas. the skies are clear and the winds will become light. we have frosted riser he's, freeze watches in effect. the only place that does not have that is along the including boston and the cape. we have had a freeze and frost out there. this will go into effect from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow and that means that if you have some plants to protect, please do so. these are the 30's everywhere. some of the low-lying areas will be at freezing or below early tomorrow. we will have a nice jump up tomorrow, the winds will be light and we will see breezes in the afternoon.
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from the coast. south and west of boston, a beautiful day on the cape with highs around 60. a nice clear sky and the next batch of clouds and if you shower still to the west by a good distance. we will have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. even wednesday will have a reasonable amount. high-pressure cresting over us tonight and tomorrow. that is why those skies are clear. patchy clouds but i do not expect too much. thursday different, a little more moisture ahead of a friend, that could produce a spot showers thursday or thursday night. not much moisture. rescue is out of the picture. you: is not. it is a tropical storm yet become a hurricane again and it looks like we will start a northward drift and began to move more quickly in a few days and may pass somewhere near
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the 70's, beautiful tomorrow. still nice and wednesday. thursday is your day as a friend comes through. we will have more clouds and maybe just a spot showers. it looks like we will clear -- be clear on friday. i am bullish and prospects for nice and sunny weekend. chilly early on sunday. temperature moderate -- moderates. maria: it was no runaway bride but a missing member of a wedding party did put a ceremony on hold. ed coming up at 7:00, the happy : ending for this local couple,
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ed: your eyes do not deceive you. snowmaking now uer the mountain is getting ready to host the ski world cup in november. it's the first mountain in the eastern u.s. to host an alpine world cup event in 25 years. is that going to hold on or what will happen, is it going to stay cold? harvey: it is a challenge but they can make a lot now. it should go pretty quickly. ed: the snow making should go pretty quickly as long as it stays cold.
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snow in just a few hours. couples always worry about things that could go wrong on their wedding day. maria but a local pair probably : didn't see this problem coming. the ceremony in landaff, new hampshire had to be delayed after the mom of the groom got lost in the woods. when she couldn't be found before the nuptials, state troopers were called and everyone went out to look for the missing woman. four hours later she was found and the wedding party, pictured here with the police search team, resumed the day. the bride and groom tied the knot and now have quite a story to tell. at: every time they look at that picture. five for good takes us to brockton, the city of champions. they're finally ready to begin construction on champion's park. maria: this convicted child
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maria: a generous gift is making
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construction on champion's park. the park will be built around the statue of the brockton blockbuster, rocky marciano which was unveiled 4 years ago. plans for the park languished because there wasn't enough money. but now, local businessman roy andrade will donate $25,000 of his own money and raise the other 25,000. the park should finished by next spring. maria: love that. and the weather. pretty beautiful out there. harvey: pretty chilly tonigh ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. so call now to learn more about our plans that offer everything from annual wellness visits to routine hearing and vision exams, and prescription drugs.
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with no medical deductible and no referrals. plus, all our plans come with the peace of mind that you get when you have a health plan with over 50 years of medicare experience. the next chapter of your life should be all about you. that's why we're here. to learn more, contact us for our free medicare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at
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>> this is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. fueling a big business. >> one of the oldest continuing industries in massachusetts. >> we want to treat people like family. family we like. the channel 5 connection. and the country store -- >> we have worked with a lot of local farms. we have a produce of fan. it started in 1828. >> and a computer geeks labeler -- labor of love. and tools from a forgotten past. >> we have -- we are thrilled we have an exhibit that is 12,000 years old.


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