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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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nine-point overall lead with 46%. trump behind with 37%, followed by gary johnson with 8%, and -- he is increasing his attacks on his own party -- what do mary saladna. their ecmar mary: trump's twitter tira, folks. mary donald trump set his sights : on the most powerful republican in washington, house speaker paul ryan, who said he wouldn't campaign for the gop nominee after his 2005 lewd comments about women came to light. trump tweeted, "our very weak and ineffective leader, paul ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty." trump went on to tweet "the shackles have been taken off me." >> we are going to smash the
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co. they also released this new video releasing this new , video using clinton's health scare at the 9/11 memorial. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength, or stamina to lead in our world. mary clinton, who is leading : trump nationally by nine points in the latest poll, took him on in battleground florida >> despite all of the terrible things he has said and done, he is still trying to win this election, and we cannot be complacent, we cannot rest. mary clinton campaigned with : former vp and 2000 democratic nominee al gore in miami while presidential pinch hitter -- house speaker paul ryan responded to trump's tweetstorm, saying ryan is focusing the next month on defeating democrats, and all republicans running for office should probably do the same. jc: right now, several communities are on alert after a sex offender is released from prison. richard gardner is a level three sex offender he is suppose to be living with his parents in -- newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is live in weymouth tonight.
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gardner at his parent's house. the provision tells us he is compliant with the conditions of his release but that is little consolation for people in this neighborhood. today, outrage is building in this weymouth neighborhood which, according to the sex offender registry board is where level 3 sex offender richard gardner is living, following his release from prison. >> i pick my neighbors kids todd: gardner was released from prison last week, after serving 30 years for kidnapping and raping several young boys in the late 1980's, driving them around in this car. now, we're learning he's already had a few scrapes with the law in the days since his release from the massachusetts treatment center. quincy police responded to this library on saturday where gardner was using a computer. police escorted him out and issued him a summons for violating a city ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from entering libraries, schools, and day care centers, without prior
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later that same day he showed up at a homeless shelter where he was told he was not wanted and issued a trespass warning. this home here is his official residence according to the sex offender registry board. todd kazakeiwich, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: new at 5:00, the stoughton man accused in a shooting inside a cvs last month was combative during his arraignment today. marcus pierre-louis screamed out at one point, officers restrained him. pierre was ordered held on $250,000 cash bail for the shooting case. he also faces child rape charges in an unrelated case. ed: the wrong way driver on the mass pike will be cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, wrong way operation, and marked lanes violation. the 80-year-old from westwood was taken to st. elizabeth's hospital for possible minor injuries after the cadillac he was driving struck a median
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jc: 5 on the opioid crisis. new numbers showing nearly 300 people have died from drug overdoses in new hampshire so far this year. of the 280 overdose deaths, 191 are blamed on fentanyl or other drugs mixed with fentanyl. 89 cases are pending toxicology results. ed: an emotional night at fenway park as the season ends for the red sox, big papi taking the field one final time. today we have learned that the manager will stay on, finding out just moments before all the fans. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live at the ballpark tonight. reid? reid: it was the first thing out of date gronkowski's mouth that his future is secure for at least one more season and that was the big news today after a game that is typically quite somber. there was a lot of love inside the red sox locker room despite
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still loomed following an embarrassing three-game playoff sweep by the cleveland indians. >> we obviously expected to win that series but they just kind of did everything right. >> i think motivation will be one of the keys. a lot of young guys on the team that didn't never experience the playoffs, it's good for them to experience it now. reid: moving day for the team as lockers were emptied and boxes were filled, and questions about next season's roster will soon be answered, no doubt who the skipper will be. >> so i just spoke to john when farrell will be our manager for 2017. reid: red sox president of baseball operations dave dombroski quickly putting to rest any rumors that john farrell would be gone as manager, dombrowski also noting the entire coaching staff will remain. for his part, farrell will have to fill gaps, especially the void at dh and david ortiz. >> i don't know that that hitter exists right now to be honest with you. reid: but that pitcher does. dave price, the highest paid
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>> i want to make these fans love me. i've got six more years to do it and i'm excited for it. reid: there is one year left on his contract and dombrowski did not address whether the red sox will pick up another option. read about jc: a live look at the city skyline tonight the sun warming things up a bit for us today after a very chilly start. stormteam 5's a.j. burnett joins us many saw their first frost? my kids went outside like it was february. aj: you and me and a lot of other parents do this every morning -- you need the jacket outside this morning and "no i don't." 29 in orange, 66 in norwood.
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october,. but that is what you get sometimes. and we have generally clear skies overhead right now. we will back out to the west, extra cloud cover moving through the great lakes, southern ontario as well. it's making a beeline toward us, so we will see some of the clouds later on tonight. but the biggest picture shows us clouds in showers back through the upper midwest. that is the next system we have to worry about raindrops from. it is not the first not as cold tonight, and milder temperatures during the daytime. i will have the complete forecast including the latest on hurricane nicole, coming up. ed: recovery efforts continue in haiti following the devastation left behind by hurricane matthew. the death toll tonight stands at more than 900. a local family lost several relatives. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson spoke with them
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of the world. finally, contact with one cousin in haiti. >> we said just walk go to the house and see how they're doing so when he got there, everyone was dead. >> two were not close to the others, the water took them the others were in the house. rhondella: i showed jacintha rebecca this picture to learn her uncle, aunt, and their four children lived and died in one of these. >> for me, i call it a cage. a version of what we have in the usa for pets. rhondella: this is also heartbreaking. the category 4 hurricane hit a week ago. her family's bodies are still on the ground in that house a facebook gofundme page won't dull the pain, but it's her only means to pay for a proper burial and help survivors. >> i'm not only doing gofundme, i'm collecting clothing.
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working for two families, the one there and here, to buy just one plane ticket to attend the burial, which costs more than $800. >> it's hard for me and everyone one there and here, to buy just -- it's horrible, it's just bad. it's like there's no hope. rhondella: rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: rising floodwaters in the wake of hurricane matthew still a major concern tonight down south. jc: thousands in north carolina evacuated to higher ground. the rescue efforts underway right now. ed: president obama' his mission to get you to the red planet. heather: caught on camera, a pick-up truck hits protesters in nevada. the demonstration that ended with the violent confrontation. ed: let's check traffic. this is boston and you can, you can see the shadows of the arena. let's go around the region --
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normal. 31 minutes to rauch 3, first leg of the pike -- that's about 20 minutes.
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the next chapter of your life should be all about you. that's why we're here. to learn more, contact us for our free medicare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at ? at ed: caught on camera, a massive power outage sets off flaring at a california oil refinery. a flare-off is a safety procedure that refineries use to relieve pressure and ensure gases are safely combusted to minimize releases to the atmosphere. a shelter-in-place order was
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one worker was taken to the hospital for evaluation. jc: the floodwaters are still rising in north carolina. this is all in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. water are inundating homes. several dams have broken in the state. there's concern about another dam giving way. rescue left a rescue in north carolina. more than 2000 people so far. lumberton, and already damaging flood turning so much worse, with dams and levees breaking, spilling over the banks. >> it terrified me to death. i have never in my life seen so much water so quick. jc: from the carolinas to virginia, water destroying homes, washing away roads. >> this is the worst we've ever had. jc: and claiming more lives. more than 30 people killed in
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and we don't want anymore to die. jc: but with some rivers expected to stay at flood stage through the weekend, the governors of north and south carolina warn that dangers are not over. >> like what's happening in marion county, where we are seeing them for feet underwater. expect those things to continue over the next few weeks. jc: when it comes to the interi days for them to rise. you can just shut it off with the rain. ed: right, it will go into small streams and creeks, then to rivers. this takes time. by the way, i was just looking at some numbers to put some perspective on this. i know we have been in a drought, with the amount of rainfall over parts of north carolina is about as much as boston has seen since the middle
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boston in a matter of 36 hours time. crazy amounts of rain. let's see what we have going on outside -- we want to check the tropics, hurricane nicole -- this is just the storm that does not want to go away. it has done the loop and is now coming back and will hook off toward theth worst-case scenario. this is where we expect it to be thursday at 2:00 in the morning. and this takes it right up over or just to the west of bermuda, kind of the worst-case scenario. if this gets closer to bermuda we could be talking about the
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the westward track is not what we are looking for. and this is forecast to become a category two hurricane or intensify before it has the chance to move up. storm surge, rainfall, and the wind is the trifecta. the worst of it will be wednesday night and through a good chunk of thursday before it ts shipping lane issue. hurricane warnings have been issued for the island of bermuda . mostly clear skies, beautiful weather, easterly wind at gentle speeds. very dry air, 58 in boston, 62 in orange. concord is at 65 degrees, 58 in
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and find some clouds working through western new york and pennsylvania -- most of the energy will pass north of us but we will get into some cloud cover overnight tonight. temperatures will not be as chilly tonight as they were. we back out further and that has the chance for some light rain. cloud cover is thickening, acting as a blanket for us. high-pressure losing the grip on the area for tonight and tomorrow a and the next cold front arrives by thursday, so you don't have to worry about rain until then and worry is a relative term. the rain we had on sunday
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sunshine and clouds but i don't expect much shower activity. if we do get showers it probably won't be until thursday, a mixed bag of clouds and sunshine with a couple isolated showers on thursday, especially later in the day, but will yard talking about a whole lot. and try day for tomorrow with a mixed bag of clouds and pockets but later in the day we will go back to some sunshine and the weekend is looking awesome with tons of sunshine, hanging onto the dry weather with the chance for more rain on tuesday. ed: the patriots working to stop domestic violence by reaching out to local high school students. patriots owner robert kraft was at revere high today along with several players and attorney general maura healey for a special assembly today. game change the patriots
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and bystander intervention. president obama says confirming his plans to send people to the red planet by the 2030's. the president initially set the -- he says they are partnering with commercial companies to build new habitats to try to send humans safely to mars within the next two decades. in an op-ed published today for cnn, he says his ultimate ambion remain there for an extended time." a surprise in the checkout aisle in walmart. jc: a woman going into labor and delivering her baby right there at register 11. it happened in utah sunday morning, the woman and her husband were trying to check out when the pain started. the walmart manager is the one who called 911. the baby was actually born before the emt's could get
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>> she was very calm, she did very well. this was her third child so she had experienced or. -- experienced it before. >> hoping to get diapers and formula. jc: she was fine other than it was at walmart. mom and her baby boy are doing great and are planning to come back and visit soon. ed: the kardashian family breaking their silence on armed robbery involving kim. jc: up next, her sister khloe opens up to ellen. how she says kim more than a week after the armed attack. ed: in your health, supplement -- the research showing americans may be ditching daily multi-vitamin. jc: goose poop piling up on boston parks and playgrounds. new at 6:00, the push to find a
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you can now refer to him as sir rod. rocker rod stewart officially knighted today. prince william presided over the ceremony at buckingham palace. the 71-year-old was honored for services to music and charity. after the ceremony stewart told the media, prince william congratulated him on his long career and said it's great you're still going. stewart told the prince he has no choice he has 8 children. jc: khloe kardashian, the first member of that family to talk targeted her sister kim in paris. she opened up on "ellen" today. >> she's not doing that well. it was incredibly dramatic, what happened, but our family is super close and we will get through it together. we appreciate all your love and support but it will take time, you know? jc: khloe also said the family is pulling back from their
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at 3:00, right here on channel 5. ed: as we continue, a new hampshire man behind bars as police investigate his young stepson's death. the role a drug may have played. jc: a truck plows into a crowd of protesters in nevada.
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>> leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: breaking news at 5:30, a small plane crashes and bursts into flames in east hartford, connecticut. investigators say to people were on board. the passenger has not been located. the faa says it was a twin engine on approach to a nearby airport. no one on the ground was hurt. jc: right now, the whereabouts
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will be summoned to court after failing to notify a quincy librarian of his sex offender status when he used a computer at the library last weekend. he has not been seen today at his parent's home in weymouth where he has been staying. ed: the red sox are done after being swept by the cleveland indians in the playoffs, but manager john farrell will return to the dugout in 2017. sox president of baseball operation dave dumbrowski making that announcement today. this was just moments after a nice recovery after a chilly start. aj: we managed to get up in the 60's with that sunshine and the sun angle makes every bit of difference this time of year as a gets lower and lower in the skies. right now the clouds are not far off to the west and some of them are heading in our direction. later on we will have a blanket effect with clouds preventing
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closer to town it is 60 and worcester, plymouth that 58 and hyannis, nantucket i-57. temperatures will slowly have down into the 40's in boston, and skies will start to cloud over a little bit. the sunset just after 6:00 this evening. we will talk about the threat for rain and the latest on hurricane nicole, which is still a category b hampshire working to figure out if a toddler who died last week came in contact with fentanyl. the boy's stepfather faced a judge for the first time today on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and drug possession. police say leo witham found the 19-month-old unconscious last week in a hampton motel. he rushed the little boy right across the street to the fire department. police say they later found an open package of fentanyl and a bottle of prescription lorazapam in that room.


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