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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> now's aunt -- now on newscenter 5. maria: the search for answers in the burning wreckage and the close call for people feet away. new controversy for this child rapist released from prison. >> his new trouble for showing up where he should not. harvey: showers hold off it this week. i will time them out for you. maria: a patriot star showing off his skills off the field. the good cause he wants you to know about. >> from boston's news later, this is wcvb newscenter five at 7 p.m. ed: illegal trouble for sex offender living in weymouth days after he was released from prison. maria: richard gardner was convicted of kidnapping and
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is live in weymouth with the new trouble. todd: no sign of richard gardner at his parents house in weymouth on gardner street. probation department said he is compliant with the conditions of his probation. that seems to be little consolation to people in this neighborhood. >> nobody wants him here. todd: outreach is building in this neighborhood which is where level three >> i am picking up my neighbor's kids at bus stops because no one wants to let their kids walk home. todd: gardner was released from prison last week, after serving 30 years for kidnapping and raping several young boys in the late driving them around in this 1980's, car. he was originally sentenced to 190 years in prison, but that was reduced on appeal. now, we're learning he's already had a few scrapes with the law in the days since his release from the massachusetts treatment center. quincy police responded to this library on saturday where
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police escorted him out and issued him a summons for violating a city ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from entering libraries, schools, and day care centers, without prior permission. later that same day he showed up at a homeless center where he was told he was not welcome and issued a trespass warning. ed one person is confirmed dead : another rushed to the hospital after this small plane crash in east hartford, connecticut. it happened ai twin-engine piper bursting into flames. a flight instructor and a student pilot were on board but police have not specified who the victim is. no one on the ground was hurt. right now police are looking for this car, in connection with a deadly hit and run in medford. the car hit a 41-year-old man near wellington circle on september 25. there are several distinctive marks on the car, including a black scuff mark on the rear
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civic, between the model years 2011 and 2015. there's a neon light around the back license plate. anyone with information should call state police. maria an accused bank robber, : caught red handed. wareham police say they knew it was about to happen and were ready to get him. police say they had a tip that a bank robbery would be taking place today. they patrolled outside the rockland trust bank when police say they spotted robert murphy walk in and hand the teller a note demanding cash. murphy was quickly arrested, without a fight. a police detective in new hampshire is charged with dwi after a crash on i-95. state police arrested christopher gilroy last night. troopers say the crash happened as gilroy was trying to get off exit 2 in hampton. no other vehicles were involved. gilroy is a member of the hampton police department. ed commitment 2016 :tonight and a new poll is giving hillary clinton a lead in
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was conducted between saturday and monday after the release of the tape where donald trump can be heard making crude sexual comments. newscenter 5's mary saladna is here with trump's new fighting words. mary hillary clinton is warning : supporters not to trust the polls, to get out and vote. donald trump taking to twitter again today, this time attacking his own party leadership. another trump twitter tirade this time targeting the most powerful record and in washington. house speaker paul ryan he said he would gop nominee after the trumps live comments came to life. mr. trump: we are going to smash the washington establishment. mary: trump tweeted -- he went on to tweet, it is so nice the shackles have been taken off me and i can fight for america the me i -- the way i want to. clinton was in florida with al gore talking climate change.
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science, and i've line change -- climate change, said it is a hoax greeted by the chinese. mr. gore: if you are on the fence about whether to vote, remember what is at stake in this election. and if you think your vote does not matter, and take it from me, your vote can make all the difference in this election. tonight saying he will now focus on defeating democrats in congress, he advised other republicans to do the same. maria: there are urgent warnings in north carolina tonight in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. the flooding is now moving down-river while communities up river are waiting for the water to recede, so they can evaluated the damage. the tar river in greenville is
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get to higher ground now. the river is expected to overwhelm every bridge in pitt county by sunset. 30 deaths in the u.s. are now blamed on the storm. people in haiti are still evaluating the losses after hurricane matthew but with the death toll into the hundreds there are devastated families around the world. our rhondella richardson reports, one of those families is right here in massachusetts. rhondella: in mourning so many memo. family members in haiti including the worcester womans 45 yr old uncle. >> it was my grandma's favorite. although she is here, she is 96 years old and we cannot tell her your son passed away. rhondella: until reaching a cousin she grieved without any information. >> we finally reached someone and we said just walk go to the house and see how they're doing when he got there, everyone was dead. two were not close to the
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others were in the house -- the other three were in the house. rhondella: this is also heartbreaking. her family's bodies are still on ground in that house. a facebook gofundme page is the only means to pay for a proper burial and help survivors. >> i doing gofundme, i collecting close. they need close. rhondella: she's working for two families, the one there and here to buy just one plane ticket to attend the burial. it costs more than $800. >> it is hard for me. ed: a potential repeal of the
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the secretary of state's office says opponents of the law submitted enough signatures. the law recently took effect and allows transgender people to use the bathroom, or locker room, that corresponds to their gender identity. maria local fowl leaving a foul : problem and now getting attention from boston city leaders. city leaders are weighing options to reduce geese and their droppings. some options are trying to slow reproduction special tape around lakes and ponds or adding border collies to chase them away. be more signs telling people to stop feeding them. >> first and foremost we need educate the public that feeding waterfowl and canada geese is not something that is good for the city and the parks, and its -- it is not good for the birds, either. maria: so now, the city may look at adding fines to the anti-feeding ordinances, something other local cities already have. ed: donald trump pushing back against republican leadership.
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we will be joined by our political analysts to talk about the fight underway in the republican party with just 4 weeks to go until election day. harvey: many of you working -- we can't to near 20 degree temperatures. quotes coming in overnight will keep things from getting his cold as they were last night. i am tracking some showers ahead as well. of you working -- we can't toin: there is red soxr john farrell is coming back for another season. farrell learned his fate. coming up. ? why do banks treat you and your money like this?
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and blue cross blue shield has me. maria: let's talk a little politics again. we are four weeks from election day. ed there's still one more debate : to go, but this year more than ever it seems anything could happen. to talk about it all we're joined by our political analysts pat griffin for the republicans, mary anne marsh for the
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donald trump vs paul ryan first, and the twitter storm. trump said the shackles have come off me and time to fight for america the way want to. ryan won't campaign for him. your thoughts on that. >> donald trump unplugged, think of that for a second. if you struggle offense it never ends well and that is where the republicans are. they support don't trust -- donald trump. they are going to get punished either way. it looks like they will lose seats no matter how the top of the ticket does when it comes to the election. >> how does paul ryan play this? >> paul ryan has one job more than anything else. he has two got rid into elected and keeps the speakership and
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agenda. he is doing what the speaker should do which is to make sure he preserves membership and letting people wrote their conscience. trump is a challenger, no question about it. it is a very big but, hillary clinton is a hard place to go for a lot of voters. this is still closer than we thought. not as close as it was before friday but it could be closer than we think. maria: who knows what will happen and we have one more debate. let's talk about kelly ayotte. distancing herself this tape is released and now she said i will not even vote for him. she's going to write intense. hurt her or help her question mark pat: -- heard her or help her? pat: she walked that back before she got off the platform. she corrected that quickly and misspoke and said that happens is sometimes in politics. let's not conflate these races.
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ayotte and the governor are very well-known. where they'll be some drag from the top, will trump the a problem for some republicans, of course but not in a race where -- she is a fine senator and people will reelect her. maria: with that had not to the side, you disagree. mary anne: she had two chances to walk that her after getting off the stage. they had put out a devastating video. she said i support him but do not endorse them. kelly ayotte is in a world of hurt because it backs up what everyone thinks of her. she said one thing in washington and did another thing in new hampshire. it is hurting her badly and it will cost her the senate. ed: clinton and gore
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the same al gore. mary anne: we are reliving the 90's. there recount happened in florida, the scene of the crime and how different our country is. those four electoral votes, al gore would have been president and we know that. he is appealing to the millennials is a care about the environment. that is hampshire -- michelle obama is out there campaigning. pat: most of those people do not know who al gore is. nothing more comfortable than watching hillary clinton and al gore in the same stage today. they could not keep them for enough apart. we will see of it works. i not sure if the millennial those who al gore is.
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you have the weather toss. mary anne: sunny and blue skies if you are a democrat or republican. what does the weather look like? harvey: i try to make politics -- keep all takes out of the weather. out the door for tomorrow if you're heading out early, 42 degrees and not as cold as it was this morning. we will find a mix of clouds and sunshine. tomorrow. well we hang in the lower 60's and the coastline when you're heading home we will climb into the mid-60's inland. not as bright as it was today. that is why -- because we have some clouds that are moving in from the great lakes and new york and pennsylvania and heading this way. these clouds will do two things area they move in overnight and that is a blanket for us and that is keeping some of the heat in although temperatures are
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obscure sunshine especially first thing tomorrow morning. i think with time skies will brighten a little bit. eyeballing this next batch of rainfall, scattered showers moving through the northern plains towards lake superior, that is our next weather maker. the lows this morning, 26 in norwood, 29 in orange, 30 in bedford. it was cold out there. we will not be this cold heading through tonight. 55 and falling. with low humidity and the pressure is also starting to fall as well. temperatures 52 fitchburg, 53 bedford, 58 in norwood. we do have those cool pockets. temperatures fall back to the lower 40's and level off in some of those protected valley locations. shooting for 40's and a couple of isolated 30's out there for nighttime lows.
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60's especially inland but inside of 128, a sea breeze will hold things back into the lower 60's. high-pressure losing the fight, hitting on out to sea. shifting the wins out to the south and west brings in milder air over the next seven days. you may wake up to a touch of patchy fog first thing on thursday. some of that moisture moves in over the cooler ground. do expect some morning fog first thing on thursday. he good day. showers possible late in the day on thursday. we are back to sunshine on friday and the weekend, well, it is looking great. temperatures in the 60's. good for the red sox when they play -- ed: the season is over. one more run with the team.
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>> now, sportscenter 5. one minute drill. john farrell had no idea when he had his exit press conference,
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to the door which leads downstairs. and dobrowski was on the way up for his press conference and gave him the word. >> surprisingly, i thought you might ask that question. so i just spoke to john when he walked out here and john farrell will be our manager for 2017. he is all set and is all staff will be inviting him back and we anticipate that they will be back , short of something else happening. everyone is welcome back. they did a very fine job for us. i just talked to him when he walked out the store. maria: just like that. ed: he should be back. a year ago he was battling for his life. mike: they had a great regular season.
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is not as important as we think it is, it is keeping the chemistry together. to win and it is a tough division. did he get the maximum out of those 25 players? those two wild-card teams came out of the al he. when they have to put the pedal to the floor they want -- they won 11 straight. they swept the yankees and the orioles are knocking on the door and they swept them and put distance between them. it was not his fault porcello and david price did not win games. maria: that was the rest front row seat. five for good is next. the patriots are visiting boston children's hospital.
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maria: five for good tonight, patriots player devin mccourty making the day a little brighter at boston children's hospital. ed he showed off his musical : side. look at this area do -- look at
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you did not know he had that kind of a voice, did you? obviously he is lip-synching. he was there to support the program treating kids with sickle cell anemia. his tackle sickle cell effort will also be a fundraiser for the program coming up on the
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>> this is "chronicle" on debussy be channel 5. the streets are hollywood made but a real mini-city is rising on this old naval station. >> the project is so large, we stand three exits off of route three. anthony: also, shane is dinner duet. what's got new kid jordan knight singing for his severed? and a spectacular park with a very past. an old dairy barn gets a rebirth. >> this is an amazing building. anthony: recycled boston next on "chronicle of


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