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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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them and the question surrounding the shooter. maria: new video, a tourist over the em of rhode island's famous deliver walk. meteorologist: the cooldown has started. how chilly it will be by morning and the weekend, when it will warm up. >> these events never ever happen. ed: denying accusation of sexual assault. conald trump anticipate new threat. >> trapped in underground pipe. why it took all of this to get them out. >> tonight, a show of support fot >> there is no word. >> shot by a mysterious suspect. >> he is a troubled individual. >> a violent attack leaving the city shaken. not only the police traumatized by it, the community was. ed:: those officers are alive thanks to the heroic actions of
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i am ed harding. jc: and i'm jc monahan. we're also uncovering new details on the gunman's past. newscenter 5's john atwater begins our team coverage from mass general hospital. john? john: they have been able to talk to the officers here at the hospital. tonight, they are still in critical condition, and their neighborhood is rallying around them. >> yeah. there's not words for what these guys do every day, let alone what they did last night, just want to get it done and support them and get them back. john: captain kelley mccormick knows just >> we pray, oh god, for healing. john: tonight, he along with the mayor, police commissioner and neighbors prayed for richard cintolo and matthew morris, who were saved by their fellow officers after a dramatic shootout last night that left suspect kirk figueroa dead. >> everyone did everything within their capabilities to bring these guys home safe. >> he's a wonderful person, he's a sweetheart. john: people who live here know the officers well and joined
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supporting police and praying for a full recovery. john: officer morris lost massive amounts of blood when a bullet severed an artery in his leg. both he and officer cintolo needed blood transfusions because of their grave injuries. but doctors managed to save their lives, giving this neighborhood hope they will soon return home. >> when you're shooting at officers, you're shooting at our community. whether it's my officer or a person who lives here. it's the same thing. you're hurting us. john: u he is thankful the officers are expected to recover. live at mass general, tonight, john atwater, newscenter 5. ed: thank you for that. a pan calling 11 im claing his roommate threatened whim a knife over a fighting about the thermostat. sources say when officer arrived, he was shot as many as three or four times, but those
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police and doctors say the care the injured officers got immediately after the shooting made all the difference. sources say officer richard cintolo was shot as many as three or four times, but those bullets somehow missed his vital organs. officer matt morris wasn't as lucky. he was hit in one of the main arteries in his leg, but fellow officers rushed in to apply pressure and put on a tourniquet. doctors say that probably saved his life. morris is grateful. >> he clearly said to me, i want to thank this particular officer. he saved my life. so he knows how close he was to death. ed: the officer who applied the tourniquet had just been trained in how to use it days before. jc: there is mystery surrounding the gunman tonight geared up, ready for battle. may have been missed over the last few months. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga continues our team coverage from east boston. jorge? jorge: jc, as a sworn constable, he was known as kirk figueroa. on social media, he was calling himself, kocoa kenga, an alias he took after a trip to africa four years ago. sworn in three months ago, 33 year old kirk figueroa did not have a license to carry in
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night with an unlicensed tactical shotgun while protected by body armor. >> i don't want to second guess obviously this individual had more serious problems. >> he was ready for them, so he had prepared before they even arrived. >> a constable for 37 years and a licensed private i, kevin leary, says figueroa's self published biography could have raised red flags. >> where this gentleman seems to have had a lot of various jobs in a quasi law enforcement manner, that maybe deeper. >> obsessed with police and security his car labeled with one of his security companies looking much like an unmarked police cruiser. admitting boston's background check doesn't access the fbi database, police just now learning about his run-ins with the law in georgia and arizona. >> impersonating police officer and i think there was a charge for arson, but nothing here a record that kept figueroa from obtaining a private
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florida. five investigates also found multiple aliases, one as muhummed isa al-mahdi . another as kham mencaure hotep leads to this you tube video. that's apparently him in the video. figueroa also wrote about his rebirth into the nation of islam after visiting ethiopia and a mosque in south africa. police telling us tonight nothing different in the process have prevented what happened here last night. live from east boston, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the old hancock is showing steady blue. harvey is with us now. i can see, in new york, it is 38. it is it going to get that chilly? >> meterologist: well, it may be. a whole different feel tomorrow. anyway, let's show you what is taking place.
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and the front has moved through the region, so it does call to the west. it is down to 46 in the berkshires. that gives you an idea there is chillier air to the west. now the winds coming from the northwest behind the cold front. so we have a slow but steady fall. the winds started to pick up a little bit in spots as well. 23 in concord, new hampshire, it is chilly around the great lakes. look at ottawa now. that is where air is coming so it will be a lot chillier and we'll talk about how chilly here. boston will only drop to the 40's some spots in the upper 30's by morning. we talk about it, coming up. everything you need to know about the weekend, cobbling up. jc? j.c.: an he'll lir man on the rocks. new tonight, a rescue at a
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its he unclear. rescue crews had tough time getting to him they strapped hum on to a stretcher and showily hauled him off the cliff t. the man was talk during the rescue. >> learned over, we saw a body laying at the bottom of the cliff. i could see some bleeding coming from his head and kept trying to get up. i ended up calling 911. maria: zi man was airlifted to rhode island hospital with serious injuries. there are sipes warning people to stay on the cape's path. in the newsroom, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: right now, a wile crash in maine. a dumb truck flipped over and landed on a car. it was part afton-car pileup on route 1 in york. york police say nop of the
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jc: commitment 2016, donald trump fighting back and groped women. and they're not the only people trump is going after. donald trump on the defense against his accusers. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> the gop nominee is denying allegations he sll assaulted women amid mounting allegations. >> when he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it. that was it. i was out of there. >> "the new york times" reports jessica leeds claims that trump groped her three decades ago on a plane. and in 2005, he allegedly introduced himself to ex trump tower secretary rachel crooks by kissing her on the mouth. both women are hillary clinton supporters. they didn't report the alleged
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forward after the recent release of trump's vulgar 2005 comments bragging about grabbing women. >> trump is demanding the new york times retract the story >> they're outright lies. these events never, ever happened. >> democratic nominee hillary clinton is talking publicly about the new allegations for the first time tonight in san francisco. >> the best way to rebuke the kind of campaign that the other side has run is by defeating my opponent and what he stands for. >> trump claims to have proof the new allegations are false. but he says he won't release that evidence until the time is right. ed: hillary clinton has submitted written answers to questions about her private email server. clinton was ordered to answer questions from the conservative legal firm judicial watch, which filed a freedom of information request. but clinton responded 20 times
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information. she also claimed no one ever told her that keeping a private server was legally questionable. first lady michelle obama rallying for hillary clinton in new hampshire. without ever mentioning donald trump's name, she slammed the republican nominee's behavior toward women. >> i have to tell you. i cannot stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i could not have predicted. southern new hampshire university in manchester, the first lady had high praise for clinton, calling her the most qualified candidate ever. >> we have a candidate who has dedicated her life to public service. someone who has waited her turn and helped out while waiting. ben: the college setting of the event seen as an effort to energize young voters who once
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jc: former speaker sal dimasi could be released from prison early. federal prosecutors and the u.s. bureau of prisons have requested dimasi's sentence be reduced to time already served so he can be released immediately. dimasi was convicted in 2011 of corruption. he's served almost five years of his eight-year sentence. a judge still has to approve the request. j.c.: trapped in underground pipe. the tricky rescue. meteorologist: just starting to cooldown. how chilly will be by the morning. >> why the cost of heating your home is on the rise. how much more the experts say you ca >> friday morning on the eyeopener, big money wasted at the grocery store. >> tricks that have you spending more. >> and say goodbye to the mild temperatures. the changes and your weekend
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how they got there and the tricky rescue to get them out. ben: two dogs trapped. 60 feet underground. in a very tight spot. jc: new tonight, we're hearing from the people who pulled off the tricky rescue. newscenter 5's nichole berlie reports, it was a mission that took hours. >> an out-of-the-ordinary rescue today in boxford. it started around 10:00 a.m. with a call for a trapped dog.upon arrival, we realized it was actually two dogs stuck inside a 12-inch diameter pipe. this is aerial footage of jamie luce's backyard. luce's two dogs, rosie and winston, somehow got stuck in
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the back hoe in i knew it wasn't going to be a quick day. definitely not quick, nor easy. it took a backhoe, fire, police, two different public works and a special camera to see what was happening inside the pipe. >> that gave us the estimated length also which was about 67 feet how far the dog was actually in. it was my larger dog, got stuck got scared other obstructions in pipe stopped her from moving forward. the dogs were nearly 70 feet in. they had a 1,000-gallon propane tank the pipe. but finally, nearly six hours after it all started, rosie and winston came running out. there's some pics online of the two dogs playing, i'm sure they were a little thirsty as well >> dogs are fine, dogs are in good health. >> both dogs are fine tonight. just a little tired. their owner tells me the plan first thing tomorrow morning is to start cleanup in the backyard.
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zoo. a male silverback named kumbuka escaped his enclosure forcing a brief lockdown. it happened near closing time. visitors were kept in a cafeteria as zoo workers used a tranquilizer gun to sedate and recapture the big guy. nobody hurt, and kumbuka's handlers say he's doing just fine tonight. jc: get ready to dig a little deeper this winter to pay your home heating bill. energy analysts in washington are looking at the which calls for this winter to be col than last. that means more need for home heat, which means higher prices across the board for all heating sources, oil, gas, electricity and propane. natural gas goes up 22%. that is are 116. electric heat will see the smallest spike 5% are or $49. >> this is a magical picture. ed: a show of true sportsmanship on the
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third runner finish the race. this was a cross-country meet in monson. richard son of holyoke fell and sprained his ankle with a mile and a half to go. jimmy knapik of westfield and alex lima of monson saw what happened, picked up the injured runner and carried him the rest of the way to the finish line. >> we worked together. was not ease shift we had to mix it up like how we were carrying him. one you finish the race but how you finish the race. >> a mile and a half is a kindness was noticed. he he will be honored for the actions. good for them. i love the idea they have that is not their times. where they placed. is about how they handled it during the race. ed: i don't know who won. as far as aim concerned, they are the westerns. meteorologist: well said. i think all of us can learn something from that. even the presidential candidates. ok. let's stop with politics to get back to thwaite. listen.
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73 in beverly. 73 in providence. you know it was nice and mild. that is well above average by ten degrees here. i am bring that you. tomorrow will be a different feel. the feel of fall will certainly be back. he we're starting to bring it back now. it is 60 in boston. the wind mild are the southwest today is to the west-northwest. that im fors the chillier air. you can see the drop to the west. 50 at worcester airport. 44 in pits field and chilly air winds and everybody behind the cold front so the chilly air can come in. it is cool as well. that is where air is coming from. these will be temperatures tomorrow morning. buzz i don't ex ect it to be still and calm like every fall morning or many are. i think a breeze. certainly an hur or two after. 10-15 miles per hour breeze. maybe a few gust at the winds will slack during the day. it is cool canner than it was
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is, so highs tomorrow,per 50's ash boston. a few spots could touch 60 degrees degrees. then tomorrow night, it is going to be clear. the air will be dry. the winds will be light. temperatures will start to fall in the rural areas so in the 128-195 belt. there is a freeze watch in fek from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. saturday morning. so that is late tomorrow might and very early on saturday. so you still have plans for outside. yo inside. now if you are further to the west. the idea is the growing season has really ended because you have had freezes and frosts over there. not yet in the city of boston and normally it wouldn't have happened by yet, yet in the city. all right. we also get our drought monitor index updated every thursday. you may recall last sunday. a lot of rain in southeastern mass and the cape that did help out some so the red area has
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west. we have almost 10-inch deficit for boston and worcester suns the beginning of the year. in spite of what happened last sunday. the pattern still looksdry overall today. all right. then we had this storm that went right over bermuda. that was nicole. now since 1851, only seven major hurricanes have come within 50 miles of bermuda. only two in the 1920's went over be occurrence. at one point, there was 90% of the island did not have power. there was sustained wind of 100 miles per hour with a gust of 128 so a few pictures that are have come in showing the damage that ises only much more than what you are seeing here. i can till that things are built very well in bermuda. hope ny, the damage there is not out of control. all right. here you can see the storm. it is way beyond now.
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hurricane warnings have been takenp down. lack at. great for the game on sunday. it is going to be the wear of the two weekend days later on. 67 with the southwest wind and may touch 70 for high on sunday s. wilt start out chilly saturday and pretty cool early sunday as well. there you go. sunday around 70. next week's temperatures will be at or above average. a little bit more cloudiness. maybe a couple of rounds of showers. i don't see a big are in event j.c., ed? ed: gazes done the road. we'll gaze down to texas. a massive alligator is setting records in texas. >> this is the highlight of my career. this is a really big alligator. jc: he's the largest ever caught in the state. why this 900-pound gator had to be captured.
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everything is bigger? j.c.: all right. hires proof. apparently, that applies to alligators, too! check out this guy. it just set the record for largest alligator ever caught in the state. it weighs in at more than 900 pounds anme eight inches long. the gator was pulled from a lake about half an hour east of houston. wildlife experts say it had to happen because the reptile got too used to humans. that alligator is now living at a wildlife park. >> we had to move in. he is not a dead alligator. he is live here so we can show people who they are like. j.c.: ok. that record-breaking alligator living at wildlife park.
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that is a job you can have, mike. reporter: very happy. we'll tell you about the season. off to a booming start tonight. how is kelly ayotte: let's be honest - but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents, i'm standing up for new hampshire.
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bruins season opener but its how you finish that counts. down 2-0 the bruins scored six of the games next seven goals en route to a 6-3 win without patrice bergeron. in columbus, they fire a canon every time the bluejackets score.
11:30 pm
they were down 3-1, then newly-acquired david make it a 3-3 game. then in the third period, a little ball of hate took over for the bruins. >> bergeron scores! >> quickly. [cheering and applauding] scores! what an amazing effort tonight! the bruins lead by two. >> only game one fou. down a world cup of hockey. got a new contract before the season started. life is good for brad. they win the season opener 6-3 the final. the slam. jalen brown getting it. left hand, too. this is slick. that is not an easy thing to do. celtics win it 100-97.
11:31 pm
surgery on the left knee today. mass general. a torn my nin cuss. hill bit of cleanup work there. no problem with padre ya. he will be ready to go when the sox report to spring training in february. since ma ty pen gals have to deal with the home debut plus a couple of tight ends. they were a menace last week. he was there threelines week. the first time to get to the ebb gone. he tried to make it. line. he tries to strike the ball. oops. it comes flying out. who better to pass scrum on this failed attempt that the gronkness? >> well, it happened. pretty funny it did that. i got to give him credit to the windup. you. >> the wind up he had? >> great. it is great. >> the ball slip out knife hand.
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it is like a pumpkin. >> all right. you don't have to bring a pump do in the game to give you the opportunity to get tickets. the light foundation was helped with outdoor leadership opportunities for kids. four tickets to a suite. watch the game with form arer pat threeeas left tackle matt light. we're doing the brady nation raffle. we have done the ralphs in a past. this is the chance for the individual to wint. the best seat in the house, probably to ever play here estimate played you a loft games in the stadium. s the the most fevered pitch i have seen for regular season game. tommy am doing back. we wanted to sell flat. >> all right. we got braid where i, nation raffle. com. deadline is 5:00 tomorrow. it is only 10 for a raffle ticket. you got a chance to win four ticket as to sweet and dinner after the game as well. >> all right. >> i am in. >> all right. wouldn't that be sweet.
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>> i bet he can. >> very good. >> all right. take it down for few seconds? meteorologist: chilly tomorrow morning. a lot cooler than today. stay nice day. ed: on the eye opener tomorrow, new overnight developments seen thissing o ? dylan: anybody can do parkour.
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and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> dickey: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, colin farrell, from "the rocky horror picture show", lavern cox. this week in unnecessary censorship and hall of fame broadcaster vin scully. and now, here's jimmy kimmel. ? [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad we have this time


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