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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 15, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, inside the final 30. >> i've been a very successful guy, very successful businessman. >> is donald trump a brilliant businessman? his taj mahal casino was billed as the ate wonder of the now contractors are up in arms. >> the man didn't pay us because he didn't have the money, bottom line. >> we're at the taj on its last night of existence. michael strahan is rocking out with bon jovi. the man opening up about the loss the their original guitarist, ritchie sambora. >> ritchie didn't show up at the show and we haven't seep him since. >> and the inspiration for the new album "this house is not for
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thank you for joining us. as two new women come forward with disturbing new accusations about donald trump's alleged inappropriate behavior, we're looking at another side of the republican nominee for president. trump prides himself as a businessman. what does a billion-dollar gamble in atlantic city resort casino say about him? the taj mahal closed this week leaving behind several people who tell us they are still reeling from the trump effect. here's abc's sunny hostin in our election un "inside the final 30." >> it's hard because i'm rich. i'm rich. i've been a very successful guy. very successful businessman. >> reporter: donald trump has built a brand and a political campaign based on his business success. >> i made my money as a successful private businessperson. >> reporter: but one of his businesses didn't turn out the way he may have hoped. when i tried to order room service at the trump taj mahal last saturday --
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time. >> there will be no room service for me tonight. >> reporter: that's because i was here on the last night of its existence. the hotel was advertised as the eighth wonder of the world when it opened in 1990. >> one step beyond your wildest imagination -- >> reporter: a symbol of donald trump's meteoric rise as a real estate tycoon. filled with trump's signature glitz and gold, it cost nearly $1 billion to build. >> is it necessary to build on >> the scale, charlie, is what brings the people. the opulence. the size. the everything is what really is going to make the taj mahal i think the most successful hotel anywhere in the world. >> reporter: monday at 5:59 a.m., the doors were locked at the taj after 26 years, leaving thousands of middle-classworkers without jobs. how did trump's crown jewel go from this -- >> i'm really happy with what i'm seeing. >> reporter: to this? >> i got to show you a picture
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take a look at this. >> wow. it's eerie. >> what do you think is the significance of the fact that the taj mahal ended in bankruptcy and was just deserted? >> it was a signature development for him. a signature moment for him. and a signature disaster for him. >> reporter: the story of the taj start in the late 1980s. donald trump had successfully completed trump tower in city. gobbling up three casinos and stamping his name on every one. the trump plaza, trump castle, and the grandest of them all, the trump taj mahal which he got for a song after the original owner couldn't complete construction. he threw a grand opening as lavish as the hotel itself. the spectacle captured for robin leach, journalist to the stars. special guest michael jackson.
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mcpherson but the casino topped $2 million for the day -- >> reporter: that might sound impressive but one man said he knew it wasn't sustainable, robin rothman, a gaming industry financial analyst. >> and i said, well, why would you want to have three casinos? one is going to cannibalize the other. >> reporter: weeks before the casino opened, he told "the wall street journal" -- >> when this property opens, he will have had so much free publicity, he will break june and july. once the cold winds blow from october to february, it won't make it. the market just isn't there. >> these are the quotes that made donald trump angry? >> livid. >> reporter: what came next made headlines. "nightline" covered the story. >> you apparently saw things with some clarity, at least as far as the taj mahal was concerned. and yet when you spoke out on that, you got canned. >> reporter: donald trump was so
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prediction that he is said to have called up his boss and said, either make rothman apologize publicly or fire him. >> he fired me on the spot. >> reporter: rothman says what really worried him about the taj mahal was how he says donald trump had financed it, with an extremely high-interest loan. >> the taj would have to make close to $1.3 million a day to break even. no casino in the world ever had that kind of number. >> reporter: but rothman turned out to be exactly the taj. it could not bring in enough money and a little over a year after it opened the taj mahal filed for bankruptcy and trump's other two atlantic city casinos followed suit the next year. >> was he a good businessman when it came to casinos and gaming? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: rothman sued his employer for wrongful termination and a judge found in rothman's favor, awarding him $750,000. he also sued donald trump for defamation of character.
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wrongdoing. but trump had other problems with the taj mahal. >> it was the toughest construction job i've ever had. toughest construction job most people have ever seen. >> reporter: one of those involved in the taj's construction was martin rosenberg. >> had i known trump was going to take over the job, i would have never done the job. >> reporter: he says the taj job nearly cost him his company, which was contracted to provide glass mirrors and doors. >> he promised if we did a good job, we would get him over $1 million and he wasn't alone. rosenberg says trump didn't honor the contracts of over 100 krar contractors who helped complete the taj mahal. >> the man didn't pay it because he didn't have the money, bottom line. >> i wondered if you might consider doing an interview with me? >> reporter: getting other people like rosenberg to talk to my producer for this story was extraordinarily difficult. >> i sent an e-mail to confirm,
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weekend. and he just literally vanished. >> reporter: rosenberg would speak because he's already gone head to head with donald trump. >> you took on donald trump. >> somebody had to do it. >> reporter: rosenberg and six other of the contractors banded together on behalf of the entire group and forced a meeting with trump. >> i had a telephone call from mr. trump's personal attorney. i said, we want to get paid. he says, how can i stop this meeting? i said, it's relatively simple, give me >> reporter: after several rounds of negotiations rosenberg says he and the other contractors settled with trump for less tan what they were owed, with devastating results. >> some went bankrupt. some lost their businesses. we survived because we were very busy in atlantic city. >> reporter: this summer, rosenberg shared his experiences of working for trump at a hillary clinton campaign event. >> i am here today to help
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will not continue on a national stage. >> so people may say that hillary clinton paid you to tell this story. >> inaccurate. i was never offered anything. nor i would have taken anything. >> reporter: trump solved his interest in the taj mahal in 2009 and his friend and supporter carl icahn eventually took it on in 2016. in an e-mail statement about the spokesperson said, mr. trump has not been involved for many years and has been given great credit for his timing. he told "bloomberg news" getting out of atlantic city was just good business. >> atlantic city, it's a very sad situation, just too much competition. >> reporter: what he left behind when he left were loyal employees, many of whom started at the taj 26 years ago. day one-ers like charles baker.
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casino workers clashed with carl icahn over things like health benefits and paid lunch breaks. >> can't give back, i have nothing else to give. they've taken everything from me that i've ever worked for. >> reporter: negotiations between the union and icahn failed so these tauj employees went on strike, prompting icahn to close the taj for good. on his website carl icahn posted this statement about the closure the taj mahal i wish things had turned out differently. for charles baker there's no question how he will vote in november. >> not donald trump. >> why not? >> i don't believe in anything he says. he took his money and he left. so i don't see him doing anything great for america. >> they say in the casino business that the house always wins? well, look around. the house lost this time.
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hostin in atlantic city. >> you can watch the final presidential debate wednesday, october 19th, right here on abc at 9:00 p.m. eastern. next, michael strahan lives every music fan's dream, rocking out with jon bon jovi. ?
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after 33 years, bon jovi is still rocking hard, the band releasing its first album since
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sambo sambora. follow now not much was known about the split. michael strahan got some answers. ? hometown boy ? >> reporter: this is a pitch me moment. onstage with the one and only bon jovi. ? it's all right it's all right it's all right it's all right ? >> when i was in germany, sitting in the living room, in front of the tv, the government station, and you guys were on. and no way in the world did i think i ever would meet you. >> i >> reporter: the band bon jovi going strong for more than 30 years. ? living on a prayer ? >> reporter: thanks to classics like "living on a prayer," they sold more than 130 million albums and still sell out arenas. they hit a rough patch during their last tour when ricky sambora, guitarist and cowriter, suddenly quit.
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show. and we haven't seen him in person since. there was no fooilight, there w nothing, i swear on my career, he'll tell you the same thing. >> reporter: sambora told the "today" show in australia he needed to go home. >> i needed time to be with my daughter. she needed me. and i needed her, actually. >> you haven't seen him since? >> no, no one in the band has. he had some things he's got to deal with. so he just didn't show up anymore. so we went and myself, we had to take up that extra space. >> reporter: tico and david bryan are founding members of bon jovi. >> has it made you closer? >> yes, it definitely did. it hurt when he just decided to quit. we looked at each other and said, we want to keep going. >> we've experienced more together as boys and then as men than we did with our own siblings because we spent our
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>> sexless marriage. >> yeah, it's a sexless marriage. >> reporter: 30 years later the band with beloved anthems yike "you give love a bad name" is gearing up to release their 14th album. "this house is not for sale." ? this house is not for sale ? >> this house is not for sale, bold statement. what does that mean? >> integrity. this is not for sale. >> did you know it was a hit when you write it? >> absolutely not. i've missed more than i've hit >> really? >> i've walked out of the room going, yeah. >> "living on a prayer" almost never made it. >> ritchie had to tell me, you're out of your mind. >> reporter: his wife of 27 years, dorothy yeah, has kept jon bon jovi grounded. >> i found the right girl when i was in high school. she makes me better every day. she makes me smile inside and out. i'm blessed. >> it must be nice to have somebody who supports you no matter what, who always has your
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>> okay, rock icon, the garbage needs to go out. >> reporter: together the couple has two grown children and two teenagers. >> i'm curious how they view you. >> jake, my 14-year-old, it's all coming into focus for him. he's like, really? i'm like, yeah. he goes, i just thought you sat on the couch. i said, yeah, i sit on the couch waiting for you to come home because the rest of the time i'd been out there doing music. >> reporter: he'd politically active for years. he and his wife started the soul foundation. >> three cinderblock walls in a three-bay body shop and it was not pretty. >> reporter: it addresses issues of hunger and housing in new jersey and philadelphia and includes two soul kitchen community restaurants. >> this little 33-seat restaurant has now served 59,000 meals. to both a paying and a volunteer crowd. our motto what is we call pay it forward. if you were to come in, you
12:58 am
meal and covers a meal for somebody who can't put down the same money. then somebody who is in need of a meal volunteers. come work in our gardens, bus a table, wash a dish. you come and you participate. we empower people. >> you treat people with dignity, which is big. >> oh, yeah, very important. it's all anybody asks in this world, right? not to be judged. >> when you're here, what do you do? >> i used to wash dishers. i no longer am allowed. >> you're a bad >> how can you not be allowed to wash dishes? >> there's the point, i'm taking a volunteer opportunity away from somebody coming to earn their meal and wanted that empowerment. >> reporter: he's moving on to broader recognition. last month jon bon jovi received the clinton foundation global citizen award for his philanthropic work. >> i have as much pride in what we do in the soul foundation and the soul kitchens as i do any
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because i know the lives that we touch. ? hometown boy ? >> reporter: he's been there, done that, and he ain't looking back. for "nightline," i'm michael strahan in no one. when we come back, a woman in new york city giving relationship tips to couples who jump into a mobile bed with her. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ? on the roin ? just can't wait to get on the road again ? [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ? on the road again ? ? like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ? [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month.
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finally tonight, need sex advice? also a ride to here's my "nightline" coanchor juju chang. >> reporter: author and sex-spert jenny block taking a ride around the want. >> want to get in bed and talk about sex? >> reporter: spicing things up not just with salt-n-pepa. ? let's talk about sex ? >> reporter: but with a mobile four-poster bed. sex sells. especially with free advice. >> we've been trying to communicate a bit more often in
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get him to read erotica, it opens things up. >> reporter: sex and the city. in a city of 8.4 million people, could this sex-spert get busy new yorkers to talk about getting busy? >> i think people in the u.s. tend to be more closed-off to talking about sex until you open the door. >> reporter: the lifestyle guru teaming up with british sex toy company hot octopus t you can ask me anything. >> reporter: meeting people from all walks of life to figure out why we're so uncomfortable talking dirty. >> why do we have such a problem with that? >> because we have a problem with intimacy. >> i'm out here to teach and to educate and share. but i'm also here to learn. >> reporter: maybe even learning a secret to a harmonious marriage. >> i can already tell you're not from the u.s. >> no, no, no.
1:06 am
>> people above 50 have two different beds. >> that might be the secret to a happy marriage. >> reporter: could the mobile bed be a secret to more open conversation? perhaps. >> perhaps. our thanks to juju for that report. we sought another woman's opinion about relationships. it was mother teresa who said, intense love does not measure, it just gives. thank you for watching abc news. as always, we're online at and our "nightline" facebook page. thanks for theom now on "celebrity page" tv. one night, two premiers. we're taking you inside kevin hart's busy day. kim kardashian strikes back. >> this is just unnecessary. >> takes on a website claiming she lied about her terrifying robbery. then these hollywood hunks
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reason some of your favorite stars are getting their nails painted. plus demi lovato fighter? could be stepping in the octagon. big stars, big hollywood, "celebrity page" tv, "celebrity page" tv starts now. welcome to "celebrity page," i'm sonia isabelle and we've got a great show for you today. the new series. >> and bruno mars, tell you what they've got going on. >> kick off with the hollywood wrap. kevin hart in two places at once. not exactly but comedian proving he really is the hardest working man in show business. first up attending premier of


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