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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good wednesday morning. thanks for being up early with us. i'm erika tarantal. >> i'm doug meehan. emily is in vegas preparing for the debate. randy is off. the emotional reunion after a swimmer was standed for hours. >> breaking overnight. a cra cruiser. the punishment one driver is facing. >> the final showdown before the election. what to watch for at tonight's last presidential debate. >> we want to check in with cindy. it's already starting warm. >> yes, it is. we're going to try to get near 80 degrees. yesterday didn't work out so well. we're starting in the mid 60s with clear skies. look at the wind out of the southwest, 15 miles per hour
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mid 60s in worcester, the cape. one of the cooler spots is orange, 59 degrees. not as much wind there. definitely a breezy, balmy start this morning. skies are clear for now. but to the north and west, there are clouds and there have been some showers. but notice the trend. it is dissipating a little bit. it is a weak cold front that will press in. as it shifts through, the winds are going to switch to the west this afternoon. ash couple of clouds, maybe a sprinkle. by 8:00 a.m., clouds overhead. they are dropping southward by noon toward the cape with emerging sunshine everywhere through the afternoon. so it's a much brighter day overall, despite some cloud cover this morning. by lunch, we're in the mid 70s. yes, we're going to make that run close to 80 degrees today, way above average for this time of year. we'll talk about a cooldown coming up.
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>> thank you very much. a tough start. not too bad downtown on the bridge. both directions, overnight crews have picked up. let's go to the maps. heading in from east boston, we've got that headway and tunnel shut down until about 5:00 a.m. this morning. expected to reopen by 5:00 a.m. 10 westbound leaving the airport, you'll have to use 1a and the sumner tunnel to get in through the city. work cre early on. overnight crews had all lanes shut diane at andrews square. you're forced to frontage road. they are in the process of picking up. >> a massachusetts state trooper is recovering after a driver crashes right into his cruiser. it happened near the wellington t stop in medford before mid night. the driver was arrested at the scene. the charges still being determined. no one was seriously hurt.
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swimmer missing at sea embrace bid loved ones after an hourslong rescue. we're learning more about this incredible rescue. >> sera congi live in ipswich with a mission to find that man alive. sera? >> good morning, erika tarantal and doug. this man was in the waters off of crane beach here for four hours all alone. he and his son-in-law were swimming and they got separated by pretty strong rip currents. take a look at this incredible video. you can see the ipswich man helicopter that had just rescued him. 58-year-old randall hackett falling into the arms of relieved loved ones for a long embrace. video of the rescue showing how challenging it was for coast guard crews. dense fog, visibility near zero. >> everybody did a great job. these things, it turned out good tonight. we're happy about the outcome. >> we are told by friends that
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were in wet suits. auerbach was able to make it to shore himself, but they got separated by pretty strong rip currents. these two apparently go out swimming a couple of times a week. they are expected to be ok. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> commitment 2016 now. hillary clinton and donald trump prepare to come face to face for the final presidential debate. both and a lot is at stake. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio here with what we can expect. >> each debate is different and format plays a big role in what to watch for tonight. first, there are six topics, immigration, entitlement and debt, supreme court, the economy, foreign policy, and fitness to serve as president. then there's the format. it's the same as the first debate, no town hall, just 15-minute periods on each topic.
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wallace, of fox news has control over how much to push back on the candidates and how to use any leftover time. our political analyst weighing on what to expect tonight. >> he said in the primary he looked forward to saying things to her face after this never been said before a worldwide audience. i believe him. >> donald trump doesn't like her, doesn't he's mad at pretty much everybody in this thing. he could say or do anything. >> trump held a rally in colorado yesterday. clinton has been off the campaign trail all week to prepare. however, after this debate she's ramping up her schedule. she has an event scheduled a battleground state every day for the next week. >> catch that debate live tonight at 9:00 right here on wcvb channel 5. emily riemer is in las vegas and will have live postdebate
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tomorrow's eyeopener. and today is your last opportunity to register to vote if you plan on costing your ballot in massachusetts. in addition to the race for the white house, the election includes several congressional and legislative races. voters will decide on those four statewide ballot questions. >> other stories we're following. a 41-year-old man is suffering life-threatening injuries after being shot in boston while cleaning his minivan. this happened in dorchester right before 6:00 last night. police say as many as 15 shots were fi victim was shot in the arm and the bullet traveled into his neck. so far, no arrests. >> this teenager now on the state's most wanted list. 16-year-old jayden smith is wanted for the murder of 29-year-old jerrod cohen in fall river this summer. the victim was found in an apartment complex on plain street. police say smith and another 16-year-old, joel lopez, shot cohen. >> this morning police are investigating a deadly crash in
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and killed by an s.u.v. investigators on the scene late into the night. the eyeopener's juli mcdonald is live in brockton with what we know right now. >> doug, investigators are not releasing the identity of the young boy who was killed here. police are saying he could be as young as 13 years old. this happened just before 7:00 last night on south main street. police were on the scene for hours. witnesses say the boy rode his bike right in f >> a child on a bicycle struck and killed, it doesn't get much tougher than this. >> horrible to see a young life taken like that. my prayers go to his family. >> the 18-year-old driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. the driver has not yet been charged. we're live in brockton morning. juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter
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neglect in new hampshire. the shock from neighbors who thoughts the owner was up to something else. what drivers need to know before next week. changes to tollbooths. >> i'm watching cloud cover moving in from the north and west. those move through and give way to sunshine this afternoon as we make our last run up toward 80 degrees. when it turns cooler again. >> looking dapper. the obamas hosting their final state the president's remarks last
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you know me. th kelly ayotte.hire this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> welcome back. it's 4:40. these dogs saved inside a new
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right now, the owner could be facing charges. police say it's one of the worst cases of animal neglect they have ever seen. 18 hungry dog found in locked cages in a basement and in a bathroom. some neighbors believed the owner was saving the animals by taking in rescues. >> to the best of my knowledge, he's been fostering dogs and helping with dogs that were going to be euthanized. i never knew the >> the homeowner told neighbors one of the puppies had parvo, a contagious condition. so he had to quarantine all of the dogs. >> the founder of wikileaks temporarily cut off. why ecuador's government is limiting his internet access. also, a historic donation to boston's museum of science. the former mayor of new york
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>> welcome back. hard to believe with the temperatures we have had this week, but this is what it looked like outside on this day in 2009. yeah, that's snow. certainly not going to be the case today.
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>> it can snow in october. it does every now and then. so that storm, one to 4 inches. the patriots played that day. they won the game 59-0. you didn't even look that did you? [laughter] >> i had to look up the score. i didn't have to look up how the snow fell. sharp contrast today because we're talking about one more time we're going to try to make the run toward the 80-degree mark today. that is it. we are trending average here to end the week. typical high this time of year is 61. and by the weekend, we are not getting there. so i think today -- we're above our average high right now. 64 in worcester. we're in the mid 60s on the north shore. boston, south shore, cape, upper 60s. it is a mild start out the door. the breeze is kicking up out of the southwest.
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the southwesterly wind established and bring in the warm temperatures. we fell a little short yesterday. i think we're in better shape today. we're starting out clear, but things are going to change a little bit this morning. there's a band of clouds approaching from the north and west. the showers are drying up. other than a sprinkle, i think all this front is going to do is bring in passing cloud cover this morning and there might be an isolated sprinkle north of the pike. that's about it. behind the front, it is a little bit we're going to watch that cooler air come in in stages. we're really not going to feel it until the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. it's mild today. southwesterly winds this morning, brightening skies this afternoon. the temperatures will respond. upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. i think our warmest spot may be around the taunton area, 80 degrees. boston about 79 this afternoon. you can see the clouds this morning. by lunchtime, notice where they
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northward. they linger on the cape through early afternoon. it's going to be clear overnight and a much colder night. you're stepping outside tomorrow morning into 40s and 50s. much cooler than the past couple of mornings for sure. tomorrow, stuck around 60 degrees. we're going to have a easterly wind. the front stalls out to our south. we watch the front lift back on friday. that's going to bring in milder but notice we've got clouds, showers, tropical moisture to our south that may work into the system. this may get organized and the next name on the list is otto. 80% chance of getting that in the next several days. tomorrow starts with sunshine really early. then the clouds come in. i think it will take all day to get showers. friday morning is dry. as we go through the day on
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big impacts for the evening commute friday. rain out of here for the weekend. gusty winds, dry weather, feeling like fall in full force this weekend. let's get you to the roads. >> i've got good news and bad news. the good news is that on the expressway northbound they have reopened the roadway after overnight crews had it shut down at andrews square. looking good o'neill tunnel. we've northbound on the expressway, sounds like they are in the process of picking up, but you're seeing delays from getting into that before grant avenue. the tunnel expected to reopen before 5:00 a.m. you'll have to use 1a and the sumner tunnel to get into the city. the ramp from route 3 south to 128 north in burlington, that's
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as well. >> it's important for your commute. these tollbooths will be a thing of the past. the state wants to make sure your prepared for the changes. you should make sure you get an ez-pass transponder. they are free. we have information on hour-by-hour get one at next friday, october 28, at 10:00 p.m., all electronic tolling systems switch sunday, the 30th, demolition of the toll plazas begin. real traffic test will come monday morning, halloween. >> the new configuration, you'll be channeled into your lanes into the connecting road that you are going to. >> toll plazas will close the center lanes for demolition,
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plazas demolished before thanksgiving. >> the european union blocking sweden's attempt to ban lobsters from north america. sweden has been trying to stop lobster imports after the north american were found off its coast. scientists expressed concern the n >> asian markets wrapping up with a mixed finish. this hour. analysts expected the fed will boost interest rates before the year is over but will slow the rate of further increases. >> a major announcement for the museum of science in boston. a donation by michael bloomberg. he is donating $50 million, the largest in the museum's history.
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back. >> i've always been not comfortable because i never paid back the museum. it was one of those things. i have given a lot of money to different things. finally, we finally found the right thing to do. >> the museum president tells us the money will support their education division, which he calls the heart of the museum. >> trending stories right now. president obama hosting his 13th and final state dinner at the white house. he was able to crack a few jokes about it. >> in the great italian-american, yogi berra, it ain't over until it's over. >> mr. obama and michelle will welcoming the italian prime minister -- >> looking good too. getting into the halloween spirit. peanuts has developed custom charlie brown corn mazes across the country. this is in california. it's to promote the great pumpkin charlie brown special.
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>> i think it's years. >> wow. >> check out the size of this deadly snake that slithered through a restaurant in sydney, australia. the snake was hurt. somebody tried to hit wit a shovel. the snake was treated and released into the wild. >> hopefully far from people. >> to boston. >> his health initiative in the city is ahead on "news to go." also, a stranger tries to take a baby right out of a shopping
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i just want what's best for my kids. arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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>> it's 4:55. time for early "news to go." >> an emotional reunion after a water rescue in ipswich. it's video you'll only see on 5 as loved ones reunite with randall hackett. he was stranded for four hours off of crane beach last night. his soldier, alexander, made it to shore alone and called for help. randall hackett was rescued by the coast guard. both men are expected to be ok.
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crosswalk on wyman street yesterday morning. one was killed. the driver did stay at the scene. police don't believe the driver was impaired. they are looking for a cause. >> four people recovering after this crash in avon. sky 5 over the scene yesterday where a car crashed into the front of a bus. firefighters needed the jaws of life to get the driver out. three people on the bus suffered minor injuries. >> the first class action exploding galaxy note 7 smartphones making its way through the court system. the lawsuit filed last week accuses the electronics giant of fraud and breach of warranty and good faith. the suit seeks unspecified damages for forcing customers to keep paying their contract during the time between the recall and when the replacement phones were made available. ecuador's government acknowledging that it temporarily restricted internet access to this man, wikileaks founder julian assange, at its
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clinton's presidential campaign. the foreign ministry says it stands by its decision to grant assange asylum, but does not want to interfere with foreign elections. ecuador says it was acting on its own judgment, not foreign pressure. >> today vice president joe biden will be in boston to discuss his plan to fight cancer. he'll visit the edward m. kennedy institute in dorchester to talk about the administration's so-called "cancer moonshot" initiative. biden has teamed up with federal cancer. new concern in miami this morning after the discovery of zika-infected mosquitos. a large portion of miami beach remains an active zika infection zone. last week people were infected with zika in a one-square mile of miami. >> a surprise for families
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with patients and families. who's better than a neighborhood spiderman? >> not too man. >> it was tough to see him through the fog yesterday. >> yesterday we saw those clouds kind of slowly from south to north. in the city it started to brighten at 4:00 in the afternoon. then we had fog back in in the lowest layers of the atmospheres. you were kind of looking down on the fog. this is an undercast. we had the fog holding at building level and then it cleared out and we pushed the temperatures up. we actually hit 69 degrees yesterday, but it was close to midnight before that happened. warm front. there's a cool front to the west. this is coming through this morning with passing clouds and maybe a sprinkle.
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it's going to turn less humid. we're going to cool down tonight. but during the day today, it's going to be quite warm. so one more time we're going to make that run up close to 80 degrees today and then that is it. look at the temperature trend as we head toward the end of the week and the weekend. temperatures running a little bit closer to average, which is only 61 this time of year. there you see the upper 70s in boston. new york city, d.c. in the low-to-mid 80s today. to the north and west, things are pretty quiet. you can see it that works in our direction on friday. we have a dry start tomorrow. the clouds fill back in, showers by evening. heavier rain to the west and tropical moisture to the south may kind of link up, interact and bring what appears to be a fairly wet day on friday. so showery tomorrow, but with an easterly wind it is cooler, only in the lower 60s. mid 60s on friday. periods of rain. but we should clear things for the weekend. a windy and cooler weekend.
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eyeopener continues. >> only on 5, a family reunited after a swimmer's night at sea. the weekly routine leading to trouble in ipswich. >> the final showdown before election day. three things to watch as hillary clinton and donald trump square off in one last debate. >> a teenager killed in brockton. what witnesses saw before a tragic crash. it's on the eyeopener. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> a stranger picks up a baby in front of her mother. one thing stopping a potential kidnapping, according to mom. that's ahead in this half-hour. >> things make you wonder, what? kind of like yesterday. [laughter] >> i'm with you, doug.


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