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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> here is the rain that caused it. the chilly winds that follow. maria: also breaking. a second body found in a flooded trench in boston's south end. >> a massive fire burning right now coming dangerously close to home. >> we have breaking news. breaking news on a powerful line of october thunderstorms bringing severe street flooding to parts of our area, cars left stranded in fitchburg. more than four inches of rain in some spots. maria: i'm maria stephanos. let's get right to mike wankum in the weather center. what is going on, mike. mike. let me focus what is going on with fit. we have flash flood watches. south of that line, we have flood advices are out until 12:15. what is going on now? well, this is what we estimate? how much rain fall. two to three.
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in a moment. here you can see. >> sliver of rain. what happened earlier tonight. was sitting in the area. now finally starting to move the way eastward. this is where we are seeing the heavier downpours. south shore in the city ofs aboutton. we lifted it north and down to lighter showers. the north shore heavy downpours and this extends all the way to southern new hampshire now but starting to push its way offshore and continuing to did that. you can seat is letting up in area stuff today. just gray skies? another batch of showers tomorrow. much more on the timeline of that coming up in a few moments. all right. as mike said central mass. really go soaked by this storm. our nichole berlie is live in worcester with more breaking news coverage. nichole. reporter: just coming out of this water. let me step out of the way. take a look at this water.
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lots of stranded cars out there. we have seen emergency crewses, closed roads, lots and lots of stranded cars. >> you may jor are flooding on the streets of worcester. our camera pound this man. take a look. standing on top of the car. this is south bridge near south gate place. you can see him waiting to be rescued. this was one of dozens of rescues by emergency crews out here tonight. now take look at cambridge money lake. you can see there. the hood of a car sticking out of the water and a nearby street sign says it is 12 feet and six inches. that meaps the water that you are lacking at. eight feet deep. at least ten cars in water. there were 13 rescues were this spot alone. >> we have never seen anything like this at all ever. >> roads blocked everywhere. people getting pulled out all
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>> let's take look at the manhole cover ripped off. stranded cars as you said. a very long night for crews out here in worcester. so again, as you can see, lots of flooding on the roads out here. definitely a long night for crews hopefully people are staying indoors and staying safe. live in-wise, nichole burleigh, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: thank you. here is video. a narrow line of very heavy rain. you can see the cars getting stranded there. the streets were just overwhelmed. several inches of rain falling. we saw people pushing cars that got stuck and gets in a dry spot. several roads still closed tonight. maria: let's go back to worcester. look at that. under water these cars. when they try drive through it. they end up pushing a big wave down the street.
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water when you cont know how deep it is. >> reports of flooding in the merrimack valley,. this is harv ril. you can see a car stranded in water. there under ear railroad bridge am we continue to keep an eye on the flooding tonight spanning several states. maria: in the other breaking story tonight. the construction site tragedy. the bodies of two men recovered from a flooded trench tonight. emergency crews still working the scene at this hour. with newscenter five's mary saladna. mary. mary: dartmouth street is a major artery in the south end, so closing it off creates numerous problems. >> by late evening, crews had recovered the second body. killed when a water main broke
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>> trying to get the bodies out. reporter: witnesses say it was chaos as water quickly filled the trench on dartmouth street. >> one guy went down. they had a ladder down there. they were hurrying. reporter: at least four men were working underground friday afternoon when the water main gave way. only two managed to jump to safety. >> water skirting out of the ground. people running and panic. reporter: witnesses say there the trench and nearby streets flooded. the water was gushing, gushing, gushing. they were screaming that somebody was down there. >> workers who clung to hope visibly shaken. >> i saw the look on their faces. they were just, they were devastated. >> by late evening, flowers and sympathy notes adorned the front door.
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victims were family men. one of them started a few weeks ago. the other had worked there for years and was universally liked. there was not a dry eye in the place. really heart wrenching. you couldn't meet a better guy. i will miss him. reporter: it is still not clear what caused the water pain to break. osha is now investigating. live in the south end, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. so until that stretch is opened back up, expect major tie-ups in that neighborhood. our diane cho got a first-hand look at the issues as a very busy weekend in boston gets underway. diane. diane: this area has been shut down for hours now impacting those who live and work nearby. emergency vehicles lined the streets near the scene as crews worked for hours to recover the bodies of two construction
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>> i give so much credit to blue collar workers. i feel terrible about what happened. they are asking people to stay away from the area. i would say the street is going to be shut down for quite some time. hours. this will be shutdown for days. >> he is dog setting for someone who leaves nearby. >> it is crazy. i wouldn't be let on the street at first, then i got in. i had to go all the way around, though. it is hectic trying to get places. >> one of them at the restaurant tells us they had to stop the
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company has been created for eight different violations earlier this year. paying $20,000 in finds to the occupational safety and health administration, osha. this is not the first time the service has been in the news. a worker hurt back in march when one of the company's 80,000 cleaning tracks fell on top of him while changing a fire. >> more breaking news tonight. apane, amtrak train stuck fo passengers onboard say they stopped north of the station and not moved since 5:30 and here we are at eight minutes after 11:00 so well over five hours. we're told the problem is a freight train that disabled in this on the track preventing other trains from moving on and amtrak says service will resume when the freight train has moved. >> also breaking. huge fire at a cardboard recycling plant in california
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right now, nobody has been hurt. at one point, the flames coming dangerous close to a nearby home. firefighters were able to stop that fire from spreading, so windy throughout tonight. they are worried that sparks could get carried away and start hurting other buildings. >> the search for answers now after three cyber attacks targeted hundreds of websites today. you may have noticed you could not get on the favorite sites. they are to blame. they targeted. somebody based here in including twitter and netflix. they unleashed what is called designated service that basically overwhelmed the websites. more than half. they were fallly, they were pounded. >> readily available for hackers who want to you view it. >> the fb in a the department of homeland security now post
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maria: commitment 2016, donald trump doubling down on his plans to fight illegal immigration on a swing through key battleground states. in pennsylvania tonight, trump laid out his plan to jail repeat offenders. >> if i am elected, we'll impose tough new mandatory prison sentences for anyone who ieg reenters the country after previously being deported. they won't come back. maria: with the election less than three weeks away, the republican nominee seems less confidence in his chance to win. in north carolina this afternoon, trump said he'll be proud of his campaign, win, lose or draw. meanwhile, hillary clinton campaigned in ohio another swing state where polls show the two candidates. essentially tied. the democrat attacked donald trump again for his suggestion that he might not accept the election results:
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power is one of the things that sets us apart. whether or not you support me or you support my opponent, together, we must support american democracy. maria:clinton also blasted trump for the use of chinese steel in some of his buildings saying he needs to answer to ohio steel workers filing for unemployment. ben: curt schilling will be focused on politics during a rally in boston tomorrow. he's speaking in support of donald trump and against hillary clinton at the event called "her lies matter." schilling has also been talking a lot lately about his own political future. curt schilling says he would like to run for senatin mind. >> i don't understand how people of jewish faith can ac the democratic party which has been cla arely anti-israel, the democratic party is a live with israel only because we have agreement to make them have to be. >> now tomorrow, schilling will rally in boston in support of donald trump in concord, mu sham
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21-year old angel mateo faces charges that he kidnapped and raped a 13-year-old girl while she was walking home from school. police say mateo initially denied having sex with anyone. then said it was consensual and that he thought the girl was 18. >> i want to say the victim was crucial in detail and location of the incident. >> the victim helped police identify mateo by a gps ankle to wear after trying to blackmail an ex-girlfriend into sex earlier this year. he is now facing charges in three cases. another woman came forward accusing mateo of trying to rape her in may. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5. maria: hit by a stray bullet. >> pop, pop, pop. maria: a teenager's close call in his own bedroom. ed: the strange development tonight on the surface of the
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meteorologist: after the rain comes a chilly wind. i will tell you how cold it gets and who could see the snowflake. maria: severe street flooding all over this area. this is worcester. four inches of rain in some spots. wanting those low-lying areas.
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the region. this is fitchburg. the rain overwhelms streets from and a line of heavy rain from worcester then across the border to mu hampshire. reports of flooding in mash be shoe with a, up to manchester tonight. forecast. several inches of rain falling in places this evening. >> also, ins abouton, the bodies of two construction workers recovered were the south end. that section of the city still cutoff by emergency crews still out there working as we speak. dartmouth street could be closed for a day, too. tonight, we're hearing the 13-year-old boy who was hit by a bullet in the own bedroom. the chelsea teen will be okay and tells newscenter five's
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year juan lopez delgado appreciates how close he came to tragedy. >> it was like pop, pop, pop and then right there it was like a two-second thing and then it came like pow, and that's when it hit me. >> just watching tv in his third floor bedroom, you can see the bullet hole next to his window where it went through the wall. >> it had so much power with the bullet that i fell to the floor and then i got up and ran into mom's room and i fainted right in front of her room. police say a group of gang juan's house when this man pulled up and started firing. christian garcia hid his in court today. prosecutors say the 19-year-old goes by the name of pumba, a known member of a rival gang. the bullet is still lodged in juans' left shoulder. the eight grader , is point guard for his basketball team he say he will have to sit out
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>> it could have hit the hood. it could have hit my spinal cord. it doo have hit me in aloft places. >> juan's parents say they moved here from nyc looking for a safer place to live after this scare, they are looking to move again, the suspect tonight is being held on $100,000. in chelsea, jorge quiroga, newscenter 5. >> al way maria on the surface of mars. photo may help reveal what we wrong with the european mar's lander. it shows where it crashed earlier this week after arriving. it was attached for more am berb cious mars landing for 2020. >> now we know.
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>> our phone aret going these numbers sma. yeah. >> then when we see this video. it really is unbelievable. how quickly that rain calm down. >> kind of blew up. remember how mud it did was today. >> the air had so much moisture to work with. it is in one spot. we saw heavy totals. look at this. in the area of worcester. five and quarter inches of rain. think of that in a short period of time. all of that water came count the streets and went for any low-ly even auburn, all catching in there with close to low inches or even more. boston we pecked up over an inch of rain. still raining but not going to get anticipate where out of the west. this is sitting out through here earlier today and then eventually now starring to move the way eastward. we are seeing a lane now. this is a thin sliver of it along the coast tat point t. we have a flash flood warning until midnight in are areas
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ponding up and creating slippery conditions and be cautious driving around tonight. there is the line we are talking about. you can see it is at. just getting rain. we cut in see much of that today. even the south shore getting good downpours out of this to plim muth and stretching to the city. then again, most of the evening willing was nothing going on here. it ises with out here to the west. in boston now. >> few scattered showers they you look up to cape ann now. starting to work the way out of the out are best. then you head out toward lowell. a few sprinkles the areas that picked up the heavy ran is lettingp now. still a lot of lightning going on. that was the other thing. people were calling up saying lightning in oc. unusual. not unheard of but up usual. 141 lightning strikes within the last half-hour as you throbbing the mort. here is good news. scattered showers winding down as we speak. but still, a lot water out there that is going to filter into the
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driving in tonight. well, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. well, a lot of gray skies. temperatures are relatively nice. look hat. another batch of rain to the west. we have showers tomorrow. then, nothing lake what we saw tonight. this is going to be hit or miss scattered showers throughout that will be with us during the afternoon. once this batch of showers go through. i will be warm eer to tomorrow morning. speaking of not very warm. this is the map late tomorrow night and early sunday morning. a few wet snowflak out. old enough for that to happen. don't worry. eeventually sunday, though. by afternoon, we're clearing things way. it looks nice. it is going to be windy throughout. yun pours will be ending and patchy fog tonight. then, temperature about with where its now. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. some showers and windy. temperatures from the mid 60's to the mid 50's during the afternoon. that southwesterly wind 15 to 30 miles per hour.
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therefore. the winds pick up during the afternoon. the morning will be decent. the winds will pick up and really get strong as we talk about saturday night into sunday. we can easily see gusts up 20 to 40 miles per hour. there is a way it looks then. we got tomorrow. kind of day from skies. a few scattered showers and breezy. 62 another highs in the morning. then sunday, sunshine by afternoon. speaking of sunshine. monday, tuesday, wednesday. looking season my now. on the call side. during the offing the and warm things up a little bit. then add a chance of scattered showers buy next fry kay. the heaviest rans are over with. be careful. a lot of water. >> ben, maria. still ahead mr. mr ry. >> all geared up. there he is. bill murray spending a little time in the white house. >> monday morning on the eye, college shopping season is underway. >> three mistakes students can make that can cost the family.
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uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. independence usa pac is responsible
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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white house. yes. lifelong. >> oh, come on. >> he met privately with president obama. he surprised the white house press corp there. >> yeah. >> never. >> what do you need now? >> shackers? you need a big shaker. he is in washington and accept the prize for american humor this weekend. you ac look he is wearing yankees. no, i am not. no, i am not. no. >> yes. >> you make me laugh just seeing him. >> way.
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maybes. nine patriots questionable to play sunday including bennett and blunt. a few key steelers are out. meanly big man in the middle and ageless running back. tom brady is a go against the
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chase him. gronk has been outstanding against pittsburgh in the career. 26 catches. seven touchdownsp four days. well, jamie was out were the bengals' game last week and questionable to ply. no ben roethlisberger sunday means landry jones in the two kay rear starts. he will have the best weapons to throw two. maybe the best receiver in the entire league in ground and not just a concern of the d back who
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, matthew perry and music from nas and erykah badu. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. you know, there's so much going on in the world right now.


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