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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, matthew perry and music from nas and erykah badu. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. you know, there's so much going on in the world right now.
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so much to decide on, our future as a nation is at stake. every once in a while i think it's important to stop and appreciate the little things. the good things. for instance, this was an uplifting story. paris hilton just bought an $8,000 chihuahua. isn't that nice? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's right, she paid $8,000 for a teacup chihuahua. how does paris hilton still have $8,000? [ laughter ] and in case you're wondering, this is what $8,000 worth of chihuahua looks like. >> jimmy: that's a weird sex tape, you know? [ laughter ] the dog weighs 12 ounces. i've eaten hot dogs that weigh more than 12 ounces. [ laughter ] 12 ounces. that's not even officially a dog, that's a hamster, she spent eight grand on a hamster. she posted this photo of her new bff to instagram. this is the fourth tiny dog
11:37 pm
and everything. [ laughter ] she asked her followers to come up with a name for it and there were a lot of good suggestions. you might find this hard to believe. some people even suggested dirty things. [ laughter ] ultimately paris decided to name the dog diamond baby. diamond baby. now what name is she going to use when she has a kid if diamond baby is off the table? anyway, congratulations to paris. guillermo, you have a chihuahua, how much did that cost you? >> guillermo: $40. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's reasonable. here's an accessory paris should look into buying for diamond baby. this is called the shed defender. this is a unitard for dogs to keep them from shedding and to humiliate them. it's basically yoga pants for a dog. lulu labradors is what they are. here's another one. that dog looks happy. it's like they found a way to remove his testicles two times.
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$44.99 and goes up from there. i don't know, if you're this concerned about getting dog fur on your couch, maybe don't own a dog. i think what you really want is a baby that poops outside, right? [ laughter ] president obama is winding down his time in office. he's got less than 100 days left. but he's keeping busy, still pushing his agenda, he's working to fight climate change, he's shortening sentences for drug offenders, every night he goes down to the basement to visit merrick garland, his nominee for the supreme court. the reason prent working so hard up to the end is to avoid helping his wife pack the house, it's a pain in the ass, he wants no part of it. i can't wait. i look forward. i hope obama grows a huge retirement beard like david letterman, wouldn't that be great? as the president finishes out his last 100 days i am now at long last prepared to lay out my plan for my first 100 days in office as vice president of the united states. please bring the vice presidential podium.
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[ cheers and applause ] as you know, as you my know, i will take office on january 20th, 2017. and for my first 30 days, i'll take some time to settle in. you know, meet everyone. go through my hr paperwork. find out where the coffee is, that kind of stuff. those things take time. and honestly what's the rush? i got the job for four years almost guaranteed. then comes february. now february 20th is presidents' day. on presidents' day, i'll probably be very upset that there's no vice presidents' day, which is very likely to bum me out for the rest of february so i will be unable to work for the rest of february. march i will declare the month of march will be vice presidents' month. all month long. a celebration. of all the vice presidents.
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important holiday in our newest and most important state, hawaii. that's right. i will ring march in and out with a month full of mai tais, hula dancing, pigs with apples in their mouths, fun in the sun. and then we are back to work in april. on april 1st, when i wake up at 10:00 a.m., i will find that maybe i had too much fun in the sun in hawaii and i'll have a sunburn that will put me out of commission for at least two april 29th which will be my 100th day of vice presidency. [ cheers and applause ] and on that day, i will meet with the president of the united states to encourage him or her to fix everything that needs to be fixed. thank you, america. and you're welcome. [ cheers and applause ]
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yourself. i work smarter, not harder, that's my thing. donald trump had another great day. he had a rally in lakeland, florida, today where his african-american supporters were out in full force. look at this. now watch. there's signs, "blacks for trump." okay. so we got that guy right there. we got that guy right there. and that lady right there. even some of the blacks for trump are white. [ laughter ] the trump campaign is having a difficult week. donors are reported to be asking for their money back. because if there's one thing donald trump is known for, it's giving money back. [ laughter ] he hasn't paid taxes in 20 years, good luck to you. but asking donald trump for your money back is like asking chris christie for a bite of his cheeseburger, it isn't going to happen. you'll have to pry it out of his cold, tiny hands. and then last night in panama city, trump urged his supporters to vote on the wrong date.
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make sure you get out and vote november 28th. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, wait. oh, you know what? actually, not for president. he means vote for him on "dancing with the stars." he will be on "dancing with the stars" november 28th. if you try to vote on november 28th you're a weirdo hanging out at an elementary school so don't. [ laughter ] as you know trump is trailing among female voters and he's been working so hard to prove he women. and you'll see it right here in this female-friendly edition of "drunk donald trump." [ tape playing slowly ] >> and then the women called and said, i didn't say that! i like him a lot, he's a great guy. you know, from 30 years ago. 30 years ago, 15 years ago.
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>> jimmy: now we slowed donald trump down, sometimes we speed him up and here now with his thoughts on hillary's thoughts about his actions at the last debate is coked-up trump. [ tape playing very fast ] >> you see wait wait wait did you see what she said so here i am i'm standing there right you saw that. so i'm standing at my podium. i got my chair. and ke right, right? trump said, if you walk across the stage, standing in front of me. i didn't care. i didn't care. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he didn't care, he didn't care. coked-up trump versus drunk trump. that will be something. we have to take a break. when we come back we have a matchup for the ages. years from now people will be talking about this. matthew perry versus nas in "name that famous celebrity" so
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>> monday morning on the eyeopener, college shopping season is well underway. >> three mistakes some students make that can cost the family. >> and we are really going to cool thing down, the big changes 4:30. spent 21 years in the navy, defending america. if i only showed up half of the time, i'd have been court-martialed. but that's what senator kelly ayotte did. she missed nearly half of her homeland security hearings.
11:48 pm
even missing a hearing the same day she went to a washington fundraiser. for ayotte collecting campaign cash comes first. bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, fifty percent doesn't cut it. afscme is responsible for the content of this advertising. cc1 test message cc1 test message >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. america has demanded it and so it is once again time to play "name that famous celebrity." ladies and gentlemen, let's meet our contestants. one is a beloved actor from television. the other hips and hops. please welcome matthew perry and nas! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: gentlemen, take your places. it's exciting to have you here.
11:49 pm
with you, we're even more excited about our main player on this show. the star of the game. i met him outside a movie theater many years ago. he's a handyman by day. by night he takes photos with famous people, whether he knows who they are or not. please say hello to yehya! [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, my friend, how are you? matthew. how are you? nice to see you. >> jimmy: i think you just won a gold medal for egypt in the 40-yarsh >> that's okay, i'm fat now. >> jimmy: very, very fast. >> problem with my knees. >> jimmy: what happened? >> it is work. >> jimmy: you want me to look at them? >> no, you're not doctor. >> jimmy: actually, i am a doctor, but -- >> are you a doctor for the show? >> jimmy: i am a doctor, yehya. please, get down on your knees and i'll show you. >> no, no, no. your zipper's open. >> jimmy: my zipper's open? you wish, don't you. >> god bless you. >> jimmy: god bless you. for real. >> hi, audience! [ cheers and applause ]
11:50 pm
>> jimmy: what did you say? >> how are you? >> jimmy: i heard how are you. >> matthew -- matthew mcconaughey -- >> jimmy: no, no. [ laughter ] >> nasa -- >> jimmy: he's not the space program. nas. >> the moon? >> jimmy: not the moon. nas. not nasa. >> nas, sorry, i'm bad with the name, sorry. >> jimmy: that is the essence of this game. how long have you been standing outside restaurants and in parking lots waiting for >> jimmy: how long have you been doing this? >> 35 year. >> jimmy: 35 years? >> i got picture of them, it's very nice, he watch the movie, with dwight glasses, right? >> i have no idea what you said. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> he stopped for me, picture, he nice guy, yeah. >> jimmy: he stopped, all right. contestants, please put your blindfolds on. viewers at home, put your blindfolds on as well.
11:51 pm
photograph of a famous person, a person with whom he's been photographed. he will then describe that celebrity to the best of his ability without using the person's name. remember that. >> okay. >> jimmy: you had trouble with this in the past. >> i drink coffee a lot, i work out. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. matthew, nas, listen to the clues. when you think you know which famous celebrity yehya is describing, buzz in and guess. for each correct answer you get 100 points. are you ready? let's begin. yehya, who is this famous br >> oh, the guy he do the war movie. the bad, the good, the ugly -- >> jimmy: nas? >> clint eastwood. >> jimmy: correct. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what year was that, yehya? >> that like almost 12 year. you know i got picture with the director. making famous from italy, you know? >> jimmy: no. >> i forget his name. he sign the picture. >> jimmy: sergio leone?
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: yeah. great story. >> you don't believe. i got picture. >> jimmy: let's go to the next name, yehya. name this famous celebrity. >> oh, the black guy in make the movie president. like the president. >> jimmy: nas? >> comedian. >> morgan freeman. >> jimmy: no, a very good guess. >> he make like a president, his committee -- >> jimmy: nas again. chris rock. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that'sig there he is. there you are. where were you there, yehya? >> that one i'm in the fighting place, you see i got tickets for $8,000, somebody want to buy $2,000, i said no, i want to take picture with celebrity. >> jimmy: another great story. all right. >> matthew says something -- >> may i buzz in for an announcement? >> buzz in. >> i always wear these while having sex.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: something you learned about matthew. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yehya. who is our next celebrity? >> oh, the guy on donald trump. >> jimmy: what? >> the guy with donald trump. he's in the show "extra." >> jimmy: almost. >> he's like in "extra." celebrity, talk with celebrity. he's friend to joshua bolsh. seven men. >> jimmy: you're not supposed to -- >> bolsh -- >> jimmy: you said his name. >> no, i said the show. like the celebrity. you talk about celebrity. >> jimmy: so does mario lopez, yeah, yeah. >> no mario lopez -- >> jimmy: go back to the original clue. >> like a -- i don't know. >> jimmy: donald trump. >> he with donald trump. and they had big hug like two day ago, tv, the news. >> jimmy: yes. >> give him hug, and trump go you know this guy, you should give him hug, you walk with
11:54 pm
i don't know his name. i forget. bolsh -- >> jimmy: this was just in the news. matthew? >> i wear them because i like to -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. nas, do you have a guess? >> no idea. >> jimmy: oh, the answer is billy bush. >> billy bush. >> jimmy: very topical. >> bolsh. >> jimmy: there you are giving him a lug, that's what got him intoro all right. our next celebrity. nas is in the lead. who is this woman? >> she's the movie with the -- avatar. >> jimmy: yes. >> she's in the movie "avatar, the black woman. >> jimmy: nas? >> zoe somebody. >> i got it. >> jimmy: matthew? >> zoe saldana. >> jimmy: that is absolutely correct, matthew is on the [ cheers and applause ] 200 points, 100 points. zoe saldana.
11:55 pm
>> outside, she tell me don't touch me, because she have very expensive dress. >> jimmy: right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm sure that was why. matthew, you could tie it here if you get the next answer right. >> okay. >> jimmy: our next celebrity is -- this gentleman. >> oh, the guy make the movie like -- star war. >> jimmy: matthew? >> george lucas. >> jimmy: no. >> the new one, the young kids, with hair up like this -- >> j.j. abrams. >> jimmy: that's right. there he is. j.j. abrams. wearing a tuxedo. where did that happen? >> i got them in -- i say restaurant no problem? >> jimmy: go ahead. >> madeo. >> jimmy: madeo. >> very nice guy. >> jimmy: so i've heard. all right. finally. our last celebrity. the tiebreaker. whoever gets this one wins it all. who is our next celebrity?
11:56 pm
hi make his hair -- he's black guy make his hair blond. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: nas? >> pharell williams. >> jimmy: that's right! [ cheers and applause ] you're both going home with a prize. dicky, tell them what they've won. >> dicky: matthew and nas, you each get a sculpture of your head and a cardboard cutout of yehya to take photos with at home. >> jimmy: wo thank you for playing. thank you, matthew. thank you, nas. thank you, yehya. god bless you, god bless you. tonight on the show, music from nas. be right back with matthew perry! [ cheers and applause ] ? woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me.
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she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire.
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tonight, their song is called "this bitter land." it is on the soundtrack for the movie "the land." nas and erykah badu from the crown royal stage. nas is going to chat with us, too. tomorrow night, colin farrell will be here. laverne cox will join us. and the legendary voice of the los angeles dodgers, vin scully will be here on the show. please join us for that. for ten years our first guest played 17% of the most popular six-person cast in television history. himself alongside thomas lennon on "the odd couple." season three starts monday night on cbs. please welcome matthew perry. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks for playing the game. >> that was fun. >> jimmy: was that your first time meeting nas or are you old pals? >> that was the first time.
12:03 am
>> jimmy: well, yeah. i thought he was going to run away with it. did you get nervous? at any point? >> i'm always nervous if i'm blindfolded. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that makes sense. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: definitely makes sense. >> makes you nervous somebody's going to shoot you. >> jimmy: are you a fan of his music? >> i have an odd taste in music that my friends have made fun of for years. ever since i was a kid -- >> jimmy: what is it, your taste in music? >> my taste in music is basically if you're a 14-year-old girl and you have your period -- [ laughter ] whatever music you would listen to. yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so you're talking like taylor swift and that kind thing? >> yeah, tori amos, barry manilow -- >> jimmy: wait a minute. there are no 14-year-old girls listening to barry manilow. >> i know a few. [ laughter ] but i hang out at very strange places. >> jimmy: do you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so you really listen -- if you're did your
12:04 am
>> i hide it. as a kid i liked barry manilow and barbra streisand. >> jimmy: you did? >> i would wear t-shirts that said the who and the kinks. >> jimmy: i see. >> and so one day i was wearing a kinks t-shirt. i can't name a kinks song. >> jimmy: you can't? >> no. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. but -- well, you can all scream them. but no, i can't. so the bus stop for school was across the street from our house. >> jimmy: okay. the night before i had borrowed to listen to. >> jimmy: great. >> and she came out while i was with my friends at the bus stop, "matthew, where's my barbra streisand tape?" "what? no, i have no idea!" "no, you borrowed it, you've been listening to it all night." no, no, no! i got beaten up. >> jimmy: well, sure. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you might have been mad at mom. >> a little mad at mom.
12:05 am
>> that was like ten years of therapy. >> jimmy: mine sent me to school with a briefcase my first day of junior high school. >> wow. >> jimmy: and of course i was beaten as well. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: speaking of odd tastes. this is something that i feel like maybe i shouldn't show this yet. but you have a -- is it proper to call it a man cave? >> well, sure. you can call it a -- i don't call it that. but you can call it that. >> jimmy: the reason i know about this is there was like a gossip item in one of these tabloid magazines saying youad in your house. >> that's true. >> jimmy: and that's true. >> that's true. >> jimmy: how long have you had the batman room? >> i've had the batman room, sir, for about three, four years. >> jimmy: so this is a recent decision that you made, to have a batman room. >> yes. >> jimmy: is it like when you heard about the batman v. superman movie coming out you thought i've got to get on that? >> no, i like the christian bale version. haven't really gotten into that. i'm an insomniac so the middle
12:06 am
>> but i want to point out, it's not dorky. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not? >> no. it's actually a cool batman room. >> jimmy: it's a cool batman -- >> sexy. check this out. >> jimmy: this is a picture of the room at your house. is it known as the batman room? >> that's the batman room. see what i mean? that's pretty cool. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you've got a lot of batman items. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is how you're spending that "friends" money, on batman. [ laughter ] >> no, they just call me bored and spoiled. >> jimmy: i see. so this is like -- do you have anything that's valuable? like the first batman comic book or anything like that? >> no, no. it's really the christian bale series of batman. >> jimmy: really? >> batman pens and like batman -- the other side of the room there's tons of batman stuff. not the other side of the card. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so somebody were to give you like a batman action figure from 1975 -- >> i'd put it in there. >> jimmy: you wouldn't say, it's
12:07 am
things. >> jimmy: batman crayons? what do you do with those? >> maybe it's time for me to tell you. and don't tell anybody else. >> jimmy: okay. >> i'm batman. >> jimmy: you're batman! [ cheers and applause ] >> i know. thank you. >> jimmy: what's going on over there? what are you doing over there? >> guillermo: nothing. >> jimmy: all right, sorry, distracting, he's giving himself a freaking manicure over there. >> well, as long as you're into the interview. >> jimmy: i know. [ laughter ] you being batman is the only potential reason to have a batman room. >> yeah, and don't tell anybody that you know. >> jimmy: i won't tell anybody. it's going to be -- >> that would make you in turn a target. if i have to dash off instantly
12:08 am
>> jimmy: it will be because of that, commissioner gordon has phoned? have you met christian bale? >> no. >> jimmy: if you did would you tell him about this? >> no, i'd just go, whoa, you're a scary guy. how do you get so thin and then so fat? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it is miraculous. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you have a bat suit? >> i -- i -- i do have a bat suit but i only wear when it i'm actually fighting. >> when you're fighting crime? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i don't wear it to sleep. >> yeah, yeah. it is. and i want to point out at this juncture that i am 47 years old. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: you've got to stay young. you really do. we're going to take a break. we'll talk about "the odd couple." matthew perry is here! he's not batman. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ? you loved brad.
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cc1 test message >> jimmy: we are back. music from nas and erykah badu still to come. we've learned a lot of things about you. let's talk about your professional life. >> all right. >> jimmy: "the odd couple" in its third season. >> third season, yes. >> jimmy: i feel like it was a minute ago it just went on the air. >> yeah, but it's been three years. >> jimmy: it has been three years. >> yeah. and our shows are getting much
12:15 am
>> jimmy: you have terri hatcher on your show. >> she plays my girlfriend on the show. she's very nice. >> jimmy: she was lois lane. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i wonder if that will be a problem with superman and batman and the feud. [ laughter ] >> we've talked a lot about that. >> jimmy: does she know about the bat cave? >> no. >> jimmy: she does not? >> no, if she did i wouldn't tell you. >> jimmy: i'd love to see a video of you telling people casually in your life, especially without them knowing they were on video, that you have a bat -- >> i'd say, go in there. then they'd come out a g >> jimmy: because they want to get in their car and get home alive. >> yeah, that's true. i mean, we've talked about this but if i ever lived with a woman that room would be gone. >> jimmy: no, yeah. >> she'd just say, no batman room, this is my office. >> jimmy: to me the best part is that you've only had it three years. it would make more sense, yeah, i was 11, i started collecting this stuff. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you know, one thing led to another. >> yeah. no, i found it late in life. [ laughter ]
12:16 am
>> i think it's easy to bring a clip. >> jimmy: yeah? >> these people are good people. [ cheers and applause ] >> mostly in the middle, not so much over there. [ laughter ] but -- so i thought i'd bring you a live clip. >> jimmy: a live clip? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's great. >> we'll just act it out. >> jimmy: you want me to play tom lennon's part? >> i do not. because i think you're wonderful, and it's taken everything ian >> jimmy: oh, really, thank you. >> thomas lennon is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, he is, so we're going to do -- >> live clip. >> jimmy: where is he? >> you'll see. >> jimmy: here it is, a live clip from "the odd couple." [ cheers and applause ] [ "odd couple" theme music playing ] ? >> oscar, your room is a mess.
12:17 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think you really captured the essence of the show right there. >> that's the show in a nutshell. and this is me in a nutshell. >> jimmy: matthew perry, everybody. season three of "the odd couple" october 17th, 9:30 on cbs. be right back with nas [ cheers and applause ]
12:18 am
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12:23 am
>> jimmy: how are you? >> good, good, good. >> jimmy: do you know any grown men with a batman room? [ laughter ] >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: you were very good at the game. you were real -- you really came up with those celebrities very quickly. i was surprised by this. >> there's a lot of black ones. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there's some black ones. >> i did get the cowboy movie. >> jimmy: you got clint eastwood. >> yeah. >> jimmy: cowboys and the black ones are your specialty areas. [ laughter ] who's the first celebrity you ever saw in person? >> first celebrity i ever saw in person was probably -- you remember the movie "revenge of the nerds"? >> jimmy: of course. >> remember the black guy? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes. >> i think his name was lamar. for some reason he was in my neighborhood which is strange in itself. he was hanging out. in queens bridge. i had a friend, a friend of mine with me. we saw him. my friend threw his hot dog at
12:24 am
>> it hit him on his chest. with ketchup. it just ruined the whole "revenge of the nerds" thing for me. >> jimmy: for you and for him too. >> yeah, for him. he didn't like that. >> jimmy: wow. even in real life he was getting bullied, that's very sad. >> were, were. >> jimmy: have you ever written a song about that? that's a telling tale to tell. >> no, this is the first time i've ever talked about it. >> jimmy: i'm glad you could get that off your chest. what was the first rap song you ever wrote? how old were you and what was do you remember? >> probably 8 years old. >> jimmy: 8 years old. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and it was about what? >> what do 8-year-olds dream about? >> jimmy: sports? i don't know. >> i'll say it. >> jimmy: boobs? [ laughter ] >> definitely. so i just talked about the summertime, me and my friends, hanging out, doing a show and everybody going wow. that was it. >> jimmy: that was the song. did you get a big thrill after you wrote that and then
12:25 am
>> jimmy: you knew you were going places. this is pretty exciting. you are from queens bridge in new york. and there's a mural that just popped up. i'm guessing you didn't know anything about this. put this on the screen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did you notice this happening? >> no, no. >> jimmy: who did this? >> he's an artist from france. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. his name is agnost, something like that. too? [ laughter ] >> well, now i am. i just heard of him. you know, i got the call, people are texting me pictures about it. it scared me. because usually when they put a mural up, someone up in the neighborhood, he's dead. >> jimmy: it's because they died, right. >> so i mean, it's a huge honor. and i hope that the kids out there see it as me as an example.
12:26 am
something. if you have a dream, go after it. >> jimmy: absolutely, for sure. i mean, yeah, that's -- i would imagine that would mean a lot to you. >> where you from? >> jimmy: brooklyn originally. i grew up in las vegas mostly. >> imagine your face on a las vegas wall. >> jimmy: right up there with siegfried and roy. [ laughter ] >> that's better. it's like hometown love. >> jimmy: right, sure. >> i mean, i'm still shocked by it. >> jimmy: i would think so. when is your next album coming out? it's been how many years since the last one? [ cheers and applause ] >> about almost five years. >> jimmy: almost five years. that's too long, isn't it? >> it's kind of long. >> jimmy: what's taking so long? [ laughter ] >> i don't know, i got to live life. i got to live. i got to experience things. you know, so it's like -- sometimes music can shift society, man. like not even talking about me.
12:27 am
out there that the world can hear now. so it's like, wow. when i first started out, i didn't know this thing would be so global. so now like, you know, things are changing. music is changing. >> so you write a song, then you feel like music has moved on past this point. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and then so you scratch that song and go on to the next thing? >> i got to feel it. this is all about the feeling. >> jimmy: you realize this will continually happen. it's not like -- it's not tivo where you put the world on pause. you're going to have to release an album at some point. or they're going to take the mural down. [ laughter ] they're going to put up a billboard there. >> oh, man. it just got up there. >> jimmy: i know you're involved in a lot of technology, right? people ask you to invest money, you do or you don't invest money. are you in these meetings or you have somebody that handles that for you? >> we have a firm, queens bridge
12:28 am
we take meetings. we take pitch meetings. >> jimmy: are most of the ideas pretty good? or are there terrible idea that you get? >> they're mostly good. they're smart people. >> jimmy: what about relatives? do you have your family pitching you ideas? old friends? that kind of thing? >> my brother. >> jimmy: your brother, okay, good. >> shout-out to jungle out there. he pitches me a meeting. i mean, he pitches me an idea every time we get on the phone. >> jimmy: jungle dust. >> in the middle -- we talk for like an hour. somewhere in there he pitches things. >> what's the craziest thing he's pitched you? >> he's going to kill me, man. [ laughter ] there's a hip-hop theme park. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: a hip-hop theme park? is that okay? >> jimmy: i don't think that's a terrible idea. >> would you go? >> jimmy: nas berry farm you could call it. [ laughter ]
12:29 am
>> you might be on to something. >> jimmy: yeah, jungle. the jungle cruise. it could be everything. it's all there. all right, when we come back you are going to do a song with erykah badu. >> yes, shout-out to steven capo junior, "the land," he's from cleveland. erykah badu, amazing artist, she's in the movie, she's on the song, my label, the "land" sound track. >> jimmy: beautiful. nas with erykah badu, we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is brought to you by new crown royal
12:31 am
>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel concert series is brought to you by crown royal vanilla whiskey. vanilla so good. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank matthew perry and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. but first, here with the song "this bitter land," nas and erykah badu.
12:32 am
? ? this bitter land watered with my soul the fruit it bears leaves me so cold ? ? mmm this bitter land does
12:33 am
land brings pain from above oh ? ? yeah running on the concrete cross the train tracks the devil is behind me ? ? in the ghetto where's you'll find me it's where i stays at ? ? cop shot us up he get a medal then retire but it never will define me ? president whoever in control of the society ? ? tell 'em stop riding me stop ? tryna feed my seeds getting high on weed study my degrees ? ? stay fly getting paper with some dead white people faces ? ? in the circle of spaces around the green i'ma lean ? ? taking percs as a bit of earth is a -- cursed am i blessed ?
12:34 am
life is a test life is like a hood ? ? hard trying not to fall between the cracks ? ? in the cracks it's so dark and the dark ? ? seems more appealing than the light in the land where you gotta fight ? ? catch a body in the night we need a plan ? ? ooh ? ? this bitter land is far too real this bitter land it does
12:35 am
? 'cause in the land skies are grey but we fight the storms that come our way ? ? the boy who strives to be a man must push to lead and fight all he can ? ? oh this bitter land oh bitter land oh, oh, oh ?
12:36 am
fight ? ? oh this bitter land ? yeah bitter land ? ? can't hide look what it's come
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, an almost-perfect murder. a teenage girl gone missing, her suspected killer covering his tracks. >> he bleached his knife. >> until the victim's brother sets a secret trap. >> where is she? you know what happened. >> the shocking twist. if you talk like this- >> fired up, son. >> but think like this -- >> they're a bunch of ignorant bigots. you might an liberal redneck. this left-leaning southerner is rabbling up youtube views and enjoying a view of the other side of the south. ? it was the perfect illusion ? going gaga, it's not a perfect illusion. we spoke to lady gaga about her new album and mother monster


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