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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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randy: five people killed in a wrongway crash in middleborough, the information just coming in. >> a boston university on alert, the troubling report from inside a dorm room. >> a new wave of voting in the baystaters are getting for the first time on the eye for this monday morning. >> 6:00 a.m. high schoolers, starting to take college now, how to make the best choice, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price, cindy fitzgibbon on this monday. we begin a new week. >> monday, monday.
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but not all areas. i think that you have to be in southeastern massachusetts to really see any rain so boston, dry, worcester, points northward, dry, and you can see that rain is consolidated now, for you on the south shore, the south coast, and heavier downpours on the cape the northern extent, you can see, brockton, you are in it, this extends south side of mansfield and over to weymouth, and you can see south of there, that's where we have the rain right now, so rain gear required at massachusetts early this morning, but getting off the bus, it is bright and breezy for all of us. temperatures coming up into the 50s, so here's the timeline on the rain, as we go into the next hour, notice it is focused from plymouth down to the south coast and the cape, and by 8:30, 9:00, it's going to be exiting and the skies are going to brighten up quickly behind this rain. 45 out the door right now in worcester. lower 40s in keen, and lawrence in the upper 40s, otherwise, lower 50s from the north shore and boston and all
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we'll hang onto the cloud cover, even around the boston area, from mid to late morning and the skies do brighten up. temperature in the mid 50s but the winds are kicking up. even though we'll have the merging sunshine, mid to upper 50s, the best we do, 58 in boston, and just barely in the lower 50s out through worcester, and south of town once we get rid of the rain, getting close to 60 in the taunton area with mid to upper 50s for you on the cape. again the rain should be exiting are out to the roads, a tough situation south of the city. >> in middleborough, yes, the lanes have reopened since the crash happened at 12:15 with a wrongway driver and five people killed. this all happened right near route 28, and all lanes at this point are getting by but there are some delays back to route 58, so keep that in mind, the rest of your ride building delays on 24, from brockton, route 3 from way mouth. braintree into boston, and along the pike, it's still 15 minutes
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some more delays on 495 south with a crash blocking a lane by 93. we're watching this break. we have red line delays so you -- southbound, and everything else is running on schedule. emily: we have breaking news overnight, five people are dead after a wrongway crash in middleborough. >> it happened just after midnight on interstate 495 and exit 3. police say a driver was traveling southbound on the northbound side of that highway. there were four people in the car struck. the northbound side of the highway was shut down for hours, but has since been reopened. our sera congi is heading to that scene and will be bringing us more information as we get it this morning. emily: police are investigating a reported sexual assault inside of a 2k0r78. it happened at 700 commonwealth
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the students received text messages alerting them. no description of a possible suspect has been released. anyone with information should contact b.u. police. randy: a homicide investigation is underway after a body was found in a car in hyde park at 11:30 yesterday morning in the area of 36 williams avenue. the man believed to be in his early 20s was found dead with a gunshot wound. his name has not been released emily: commitment 2016, a new era of elections starts today. for the first time massachusetts will allow early voting now through november 4. the friday before election day. and you can vote early in person or you can get an early ballot to cast by mail. donald trump and hillary clinton taking their vision says for america to the battleground states. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking where the candidates are today. erika. >> well, emily, hillary clinton will be in new hampshire today, she will be joined in nashua by
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warren, as well as new hampshire candidate maggie hassan. donald trump is spending another day in florida. he will hold rallies in st. augustine and tampa. yesterday he was in names, denying the latest poll giving clinton a double digit lead with two weeks until election day. >> numbers are looking phenomenal in florida. don't believe the media. >> some are sore losers and we just got to keep going. >> clinton stumping yesterday in north the new poll shows both trump and clinton have ongoing issues plaguing them with voters. 69% of likely voters disapprove of trump's response to questions about his treatment of women. and for clinton 59% say they disapprove of how she handled questions about her email questions while secretary of state. emily: donald trump picking up the new newspaper endorsement. the editorial board of the las vegas review giving the candidate its backing over the
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represents neither the danger his critics claim nor the magic elixir many of his supporters crave." randy: two men who died in boston will be honored at the state house next spring. kelvin chuck mattocks and robert higin were killed when the trench they were working in flooded on friday. state a caused the water main to representure flooding that trench on dartmouth street. and family members are continuing to where the victims. mattock's sister choald chuck has always been like a father to us. he kept us all together. the brockton man leaves behind a large family, including six children of his own and three grandchildren who he recently adopted. the massachusetts state police
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annual fall state house award ceremony. among those to be honored, three state police special ops members involved in this gun fight with the suspect in the murder of auburn officer ron tarantino jr. they will receive the medal of honor, the highest award bestowed by the state police. emily: more trouble for boston latin school involving dress code enforcement. students are protesting a push to enforce herald a newly issued notice seems to be addressed to girls and people of color. it bars spaghetti straps, leggings worn without shorts or skirts and any gang related clothing. 500 students have signed the petition asking administrators to reconsider the dress code. and school committee members opposing question 2 will rally today. if passed the referendum would allow for up to 12 additional
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more than 190 resolutions from school committees opposing question 2. dozens of, no on 2, supporters rallied near governor baker's house on sunday. baker does support that referendum. amesbury police are asking for help in finding this bank robbery suspect. this is surveillance video from the citizens bank inside a stop and shop supermarket around noon yesterday. police say the man handed the teller a note claiming to have a gun. he got away with cash. anyone with time to get the easy pass transponder if you have not already. the turnpike is switching to all electronic tolling this week. the change begins on friday. drivers will not have to slow down to pay the tolls. the state says that this will increase the safety and reduce the congestion. if you don't have a transponder cameras will pick up your license plate and take a picture and you will be getting a bill in the mail.
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buffalo in an on the road victory. tom brady continuing his deflate gate revenge leading the pack to a win over the steelers. the patriots got on the board first with the touchdown pass to james white, blunt, and gronkowski. they follow up with touchdowns of their own. the steelers never had the lead. 27-16 is the final. >> a woman gets the full crime-fighting experience on a police ride along. >> a twist stop into a brush with death. and a tragic crash in california. the question about the breaks that could explain how this disaster started. >> a massive business deal bringing the candidates together on this one. the concern that they have in common this morning. olessa. olessa: five people have died after a wrongway crash in middleborough. it happened on 495 north at exit 3. the road was closed for several hours but has been reopened.
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focused in southeastern massachusetts right now, the time line on how long this lasts and much colder temperatures on the way. that's ahead. first, take a look at these temperatures as you are heading out the door. 40s and 50s, although you need the rain gear. raining right now from hyannis to plymouth as you are headi interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting. interviewer: so what do you think? woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote.
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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>> good morning eyeopener. >> we are going to kick off early voting for registered voters in the city of boston. you can vote early from october 24 to november 4. get the schedule at randy: very good. of course aimed at city residents but applies to people across the commonwealth. good morning to our friends, and vote early boston. emily: massachusetts allowing early voting for the first time.
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we would love to see your wakeup call so get everybody together and record it, and upload it to ulocal using our wcvb app. cindy: november right around the corner. how does that happen? we were just in summertime and all of a sudden, what? halloween is like in a week. and christmas displays are up. cindy: too soon. >> i can't go there yet look at that, five days at least some rain in boston over the past week or so. it is a quick chance to get.or .3 inches of rain. the with the rain that we had on friday, look where we are for the month, four inches in boston. that's above average but it will take more of these rain events to really eat away at the drought. still, our departure from
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behind where we should be so we need more. rain right now is focused in southeastern massachusetts, raining pretty good from marshfield down to plymouth, and over towards middleborough. the northern extent of the rain is at bridgewater and we have hyannis look at good rain, and raining good on the vineyard, as well. this is moving through, as well, you can see the clouds are beginning to break. it's a fast-moving area of low pressure b afternoon so notice that rain here focused along the south coast and the cape through 7:30, and by 8:00, 9:00, it is exiting and the skies will brighten up quickly behind it, so most of the day we'll feature a good amount of sunshine around here. the temperatures are 45 in worcester, and upper 40s in lawrence, and up into southern new hampshire, and lower 50s from wouldn't -- boston. this afternoon your highs are going to run in the 50s, that's about it with the gusty breeze and tonight we're falling back into the 30s.
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the next couple of days reinforcing shot of cooler air tomorrow, so upper 40s the best that we do, same on wednesday with sunshine, and out the door on wednesday morning, and wind chills are going to be running only in the 20s so be sure you are dressed for the chilly mornings. could see some frost on wednesday morning and thursday morning and the next system coming in later on thursday and friday with another shot of rain. back out to the roads. the situation is south of the city this morning. >> thank you, middleborough is what we'real crash on 495 northbound, and at this point they have all lanes opened and the crash happened at route 3. the delays have eased out and we'll have more information on that accident coming up in just a bit. traveling on 24, we have got volume out of brockton and also heavy on route 3 from weymouth and from sharon, and the expressway, almost 20 from braintree into boston. and pike eastbound, your trip, 20 minutes, 495 to 128, and still watching a crash on 495 southbound by 93, where one lane
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delays down to the spot pond, and the gas main break has the break to route 1 closed. also some red line delays southbound, all of the trains are running on schedule. >> thank you. tracking breaking news on the eye. five people are dead after this wrongway crash in middleborough. it happened near exit 3. police say a driver was traveling southbound on the northbound side when that driver collided withno the northbound side of the highway was shut down for hours but has since reopened. randy: 13 are dead and dozens injured after a crash between a tour bus and a truck in california. it was turning to los angeles and plowed into the back of a truck in a work zone. traffic was slowed down there because of that incident. over 30 people were injured. some of them critically, and this morning investigates are
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brakes were deployed. and a civilian ride, ride along turns into a nightmare in california. the officer tries to pull over the suv driver. the driver veers away and keeps going, the high-speed chase follows, and that's when shots were fired, the gunfire forced the police officer to come to a stop. the officer was not injured. the woman riding with him did suffer minor cuts from the broken glass, and police are still looking for the suspects. emily: your economy proposed purchase of time warner facing scrutiny from washington. the company wants to buy them for 85.4 billion. a senate anti-trust subcommittee says it will hold a hearing on the proposed merger next month. the clinton and trump campaigns have expressed concerns about the potential deal. there is word of a possible settlement between two major fantasy sports companies and new york's attorney general. the "new york times" reporting
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12 million in this settlement. they were accused of false advertising last year. both companies acknowledge they are running low on cash and insiders to the negotiations say that they have requested to pay the final settlement in installments. a check of the markets, asian shares were mostly higher overnight thanks to strong economic data out of japan. and this week the attention will likely turn to newly released u.s. growth data and right now u.s. stock futures higher. >> college shopping season is well underway now. >> but some mistakes students make when applying to college, they could cost them. like delaying a campus visit until spring. 25% of perspective students make their trips in april. some for the first time and that can lead to bad or uninformed decisions. also not considering life after college. you may love the school but job placement is really important. so get the numbers. know what kind of plans that they have in place.
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schools at every price point so they like their options even after the financial aid package comes through. >> jimmy kimmel looking a little different than he usually does. >> yes, the dude that got a big laugh from bill murray in eyepoppers. >> and yoga pants as a form of protest. the comments that had dozens of people dressing the same way, and new fears about the fate of a missing teenager in new hampshire, i after a body was found in the merrimack river, and we're on top of breaking news this monday morning. five people killed in this wrongway crash in middleborough. it happened on 495 near exit 3. police say the driver was traveling southbound on the northbound side, and that driver collided with another car carrying four people.
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imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope.
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>> we're from marian heart association. we have a fashion show with amazing models. we are so good morning eyeopener. emily: good morning to our nicole buehrle and all those gorgeous ladies. that event, one of many, we are proud to be a part of as boston's community leader. >> the one lady was so well behaved. >> so cute, right. >> start them early. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> you can see the rain behind
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south coast and the cape and the islands getting a quick shot of rain. but it's going to be in and out really quickly. you can see by 7:30 this morning, so an hour from now, it is mostly just along the south coast, the cape, the islands, and exiting by 9:00 this morning, so we are going to see the skies brighten up behind this, so any cloud cover this morning giving way to brightening skies, and lunchtime temperatures, mid 50s, but the breeze picks up, so mid and upper 50s today but that breeze makes it feel cooler and look at those temperatures tomorrow and wednesday, and it does not look like we're getting out of the 40s, so chilly for this time of year. emily. >> thank you. 6:25 and time for your monday morning eyepoppers. so this one definitely has some heads turning. >> jimmy kimmel taking on a new look. he's wearing a wig while presenting bill murray with an award. kimmel walked out, which got a hearty reaction from murray, and more coming up.
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>> there you go. [speaking in different languages] >> i can do that. a four-year-old russian girl with a big talent, speaks seven languages. seven, including russian, english, chinese, french, german, spanish, and arabic. she became an instant sensation after her performance on a russian talent show. >> that's incredible. >> can you believe it? >> some days i can barely speak one. >> i know. >> can you imagine her with a cup of coffee? >> just trying to get english, most of us. >> many secret service recruits, rejected for the same reason, the trend snagging plans to boost ranks, and this boy's best friend is his service dog. the heartwarming moment. and following breaking news in middleborough. five people died in a wrongway
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and will bring you updates ahead
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system... so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. ? together. ? ever new england. eversource. >> breaking overnight, a driver going the wrong aware on 495. the new information just coming in. randy: unanswered questions as a teenager is feared dead.
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friends. emily: a yoga pants rally in one town, the message from hundreds of protesters to one man on the eye. 6:30, and we have breaking news overnight. five people are dead in a wrong aware crash on 495 north in middleborough. sera congi is near that scene, and she will have a live report for you in just a few minutes. randy: 6:30 on this monday morning. city cam looking out across t skyline. calm out there for the most part, good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa so depending on where you are, dictates the gear that you need this morning. >> yes, some of us need some rain gear this morning but only for the next hour or two, and that's it. we're going to need the sunglasses eventually but you can see southeastern massachusetts right now getting a quick shot of some rain, the northern extent of that now, racing eastward towards the
6:31 am
duxbury, you are in the rain, so right around 44, you can see this rain here, and heavier down towards the mid and outer cape from hyannis out to chatham, and you can see the rain on the vineyard, as well. so in southeastern massachusetts rain gear a good idea at the bus stop this morning. and it's bright and breezy and off the bus. we're coming up into the 50s, so here you go, by 8:00, the last of the rain is confined to the cape, and by 9:00, it's gone, the clouds will be breaking for sunshine. and 45 out the door right n worcester. in the upper 40s up in lawrence, and low 50s from boston down to plymouth in the rain, and you can see the lower 50s with the rain coming down. temperatures holding in the 50s, and should be in the mid 50s at lunchtime with sunshine but that breeze is picking up. westerly winds 15 to 20 miles per hour, gusting higher so the readings will feel cooler. 57 in framingham, only in the low 50s here through worcester county and upper 50s to near 60, bridgewater down to taunton.
6:32 am
cape cod. back out to the roads, update that tough situation down in middleborough. olessa. >> five people killed in a crash in middleborough with a wrongway driver involved. we'll have more details coming up. and you should know the northbound side has all lanes open. exit 3, rather, route 28. the rest of the ride is normal. we have the delays on 24 in brockton, also the expressway, a half-hour trip from braintree into boston, and along the pike, your ride there, 25. 495 and 93 southbound, slow out of methuen, all the way down to the spot pond, accident just cleared on 495 by 93, and we're still watching the gas main break to route 1. the ramp is closed. we're still watching delays on the red line. those are southbound and there are also delays for the worcester line. >> thank you. the breaking news overnight, deadly wrongway crash under investigation this morning in middleborough.
6:33 am
let's go right out to the eyeopener, sera congi, with the breaking details. sera. >> emily and randy, a terrible crash here in middleborough. five people are dead, including the wrongway driver. take a look at video from the scene. state police say this happened around midnight, a driver headed southbound on the northbound side of 495. the vehicle slammed into another going in the right direction and people. and those four, as well as the wrongway driver, were all killed. no information yet on the identities of those killed. investigates are trying to determine why the driver went the wrong way. the northbound lanes of 495 were shut down for some time, about five hours, but they were cleared a short time ago. again investigates still trying to piece together exactly what happened here, and as soon as we get an update we will bring it to you.
6:34 am
wcvb newscenter 5. >> now to the other stories that we are following right now on the eyeopener. randy: and erika is tracking the overnight developments. erika: police are investigating a sexual assault inside a dorm. it happened inside warren towers at 700 commonwealth avenue yesterday morning. students did receive text messages alerting them about the investigation. no description of a possible suspect has been released. hillary clinton and donald trump focusing on key battleground hampshire today joined by elizabeth warren and maggie hassan. donald trump has two rallies in florida. he starts the afternoon in st. augustine before heading to tampa. and a new era in elections starts today for the first time massachusetts will allow early voting now through november 4, that's the friday before election day, and you can vote early in person, or you can get an early ballot to cast by now. randy: 6:34 on this monday. right now loved ones are fearing
6:35 am
the disappearance of a nashua teenager. it's believed that jacob goulet fell into an open storm drain, a body discovered in the merrimack river could be that of the 16-year-old. >> the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in nashua where there are still many questions. doug: good morning, the memorial continues to grow here. grief counselors will be at nashua north high school where the teenager was a student. that body discovere more than 24 hours after jacob was last seen. investigates are still working to positively identify that young man. meanwhile, family and friends and strangers grieving the loss at this spot where it is believed that jacob fell into that drain during friday's storm. >> i can't even imagine, like it does not seem real to me that something like this could happen. he was a really funny guy and one of my best friends. >> now the area where the body
6:36 am
nine miles from main street in nashua. it is still being investigated why the drain was a jar but you can see the orange cones are up as this memorial continues to grow. we're live in nashua, new hampshire, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> thank you, and police are asking for the public's help locating a missing woman. 75-year-old kathryn lucier was scene yesterday she suffers from alzheimer's disease and parkinson's. the woman was last seen wearing a light colored pink or orange shirt and gray sweat pants. anyone with information should call police. >> a young football player dealing with a serious injury makes his return to the field. how marathon bombing survivors helped to make that moment happen. and yoga pants leading people to exercise their rights. the free speech sparking a demonstration in rhode island, and breaking news in
6:37 am
crash is under investigation on 495, all five people involved were killed. two vehicles involved here, we'll keep you i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools
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i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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>> following breaking news out of middleborough, 495 northbound back open near exit 3 by route 28 after an overnight crash involving a wrongway driver. five people killed. crews continuing to investigate, but again all lanes at this point are getting by. we have a crew on the scene with more details coming up. >> and out in the middleborough area a lot of southeastern massachusetts, the cape, the islands with a s of rain but this is going to be exiting between 8:00 and 9:00. the sun will come out behind it, so brightening skies and breezy, mid to upper 50s today, and cooler than average, but that's next few days, and bright but not out of the upper 40s here through thursday, and later thursday and into friday, it looks like the next chance of rain. emily. emily: hundreds marched through barrington, rhode island dressed in yoga pants. all to teach one man a lesson. men and women of all ages and sizes wearing yoga pans to protest the controversial letter sent to the editor. allen sorrentino wrote to the barrington times thinks he thinks women over 20 shouldn't
6:41 am
sorrentino says it was a joke but protesters are not buying it. >> we're sick and tired of our clothing and our bodies being policed by men. he's saying it was a joke, and it was funny, and if it was, i wish he would join us. >> sorrentino asked the organizers to move the protest because he was concerned for his safety. the group passed by anyway ending their parade with a yoga session. rand people killed in a wrongway crash on interstate 495. we have new information just coming in on that story and an olympic swimmer thanking a fan for taking a close look at him, the observation that could be a life saver, and bill murray getting a big award, they are
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randy: news to go, five people have been killed in a wrongway crash on interstate 495 and middleborough. this crash happened just after midnight. this morning the northbound lane near exit 3, sera congi is with state police, and she will have an update for us just ahead. cindy: a quick check of the weather, rain. a lot of southeastern massachusetts, but it's moving through very quickly.
6:45 am
racing. we have had several doses of rain lately, we have had the flooding on friday night with the downpours but for the month we're above the average for the rainfall. this batch of rain missing the city of boston going by to the south, so you can see it here, the northern extent of it is located right around the plymouth area, stretching back towards middleborough with a couple of sprinkles winding down, and heavier rain closer to the canal and here on the outer cape and back to the and notice by 8:30 this morning, the last of the rain is exiting the outer cape, and that's going to be about it, the skies will brighten up quickly behind this, so a lot of the day it will feature bright sunshine for you. behind it, the winds are going to pick up, so not as windy as yesterday when we had the damaging wind gusts, so sustained winds here, lunchtime through the afternoon, and 15, 20, and some higher gusts but a good amount of sunshine, 45 out the door, we are 51 in boston,
6:46 am
the winds kick up, it will stay cooler and with winds tonight temperatures fall back into the 30s, and tomorrow is chillier, both tomorrow and wednesday, high temperatures stuck in the 40s, but dry weather expected here through midweek. back out to the roads, update you on the tough situation down in middleborough. olessa: we are talking about a crash that happened last night with a wrongway driver, had five people that were killed, so if you are heading in that direction at this point all lanes are open northbound on 495, and right nr police continuing to investigate and we have a crew on the scene. the rest of the ride, slow, 24 heavy out of avon, the expressway 30 to 35 braintree to boston and along the pike a half-hour ride 495 to 128. more delays on 93 south. stays heavy as you travel towards the lever connector, we're also watching a crash on route 3, south by 128 and also a gas main break, copeland circle to route 1, closed this morning. that ramp is shut down. we have delays on the red line,
6:47 am
line, and the commuter rail seeing delays. >> thank you. breaking news, five people killed in a wrongway crash on 495 in middleborough. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is with the latest information from state police. sera: a terrible crash and tragedy on 495 in middleborough. five people killed including the wrongway driver. take a look at the video. this happened according to state police right after driver headed southbound on the northbound side of 495 right near exit 3. the vehicle slammed into another, that was going the right way. that vehicle carried four people. and those four including the wrongway driver were all killed. no information yet on the identities of those killed, and investigates are trying to determine exactly why the driver was going the wrong way, and the northbound lanes of 495 had been
6:48 am
the scene to try to figure out what happened. but those, that scene has been cleared, and those lanes are now opened, and if we get any more updates from the state police, we will bring them to you. live at the state police barracks, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> and b.u. police are investigating a reported sexual assault inside of a dorm. police say it happened inside of warren towers at 700 commonwealth avenue on sunday morning. the students have received text messages alerting them to the suspect has been released. anyone with information should contact boston university police >> questions mixed with grief here in nashua, as the memorial for the teenager that died continues to grow. we're talking about 16-year-old jacob goulet, he went missing on friday night after he was last seen in downtown nashua, after an extensive search a body was discovered nine miles down the river in kingsboro, it's
6:49 am
an open storm drain during the torrential downpours. the body has yet to be positively identified, grief counselors will be available at nashua north high school where he was a student. the storm drain has since been sealed. it is still unclear how it became a jar in the first place. we're live in nashua, new hampshire, doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> a new era in election starts today for the first time massachusetts will allow early voting now through november 4. the friday before election day. or you can get an early ballot, then cast by mail. >> the candidates now, as donald trump's team announces he's trailing in national polls, the candidate campaigns hard in florida. denying numbers showing he's aligned with women voters as hillary clinton heads to new hampshire today. >> i think the polls are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we're doing better with with him than with men.
6:50 am
right. >> clinton will be in nashua with elizabeth warren today and senate candidate maggie hassan. trump is staying in florida, a competitive swing state, and will be in st. augustine and tampa. >> breaking news in europe, a small plane has crashed on the island of malta killing all five people onboard. malta's government says the victims were french officials heading to libya to monitor migrant trafficking routes. and a homicid underway in boston after a body was found in a car in hyde park, that body was found at 11:30 yesterday morning in the area of 36 williams avenue. police say the man believed to be in his early 20s has been shot. his name has not been released. and famed 1960's anti-war activist tom hayden has died at the age of 76. his wife says he died following an illness after suffering a stroke. hayden, who was once married to
6:51 am
his notoriety as a defendant to become a california legislator. he spent his later years as a writer and lecturer advocating for reform of america's political institutions. >> 9 u.s. secret service is attempting to increase its ranks amid a period of unprecedented demands. the taxing demand include security operations including the pope's visit last year and political events throughout the country. the agency is hoping to add 1,000 agents and uniformed office year. but they have had to dismiss a number of otherwise promising candidates who have abused description drugs. >> bill murray received a lifetime achievement ward in comedy. he accepted the mark twain award at the kennedy center. he thanked his brother for helping to get him started in improv. performances last night included roasts of murray about his well-known tendency to turn down roles and not return phone calls
6:52 am
randy: an olympic swimmer is thanking a man for pointing out a concerning mole on his chest. mack horton posted this photo on instagram. a patch over what was a mole. the 20-year-old gold medalist thanked the fan who e-mailed the swim team doctor about the mole saying that it was, "a very good call." he did not say if it was cancerous. >> tom brady continues his deflate gate revenge leading the packs to a win. the patr g james white. lagarette blount and rob gronkowski follow with touchdowns of their own. the steelers never had the lead. 21-16. the pats go to buffalo next sunday to take on the bills. >> a north andover teenager is back on the field now. 13-year-old tommy cox lost his leg in a bad boating accident in 2013. after the accident donations poured in to help him buy a new
6:53 am
survivors pitched in with 5,000, and now tommy is back in the game and celebrating with his team plates. yesterday he played in the last game of the season. >> this is the moment that kai met tornado, the dog. this five-year-old boy with autism struggles to connect with people, so enter tornado, his new service dog trained to help kai feel safe when agitated. the boy could not contain his companion in ohio, and now his mother says he seems more content than he ever has before. especially. >> tornado, calming down a tornado or whatever. >> absolutely, i love it. lifelong friends, right? >> and tornado is just as excited to see him. >> this morning we've been watching a problem on 495, northbound a crash involving five people, they were killed in that accident. this is a wrong aware driver
6:54 am
exit 3, and all lanes are now open and they are continuing to investigate that crash. 24 north slow, delays on the expressway, and half-hour, braintree into boston and also a crash on the southbound side of the expressway, by saaben hill where one lane is closed. 495 to 128, a half-hour, and more delays on 93 southbound, and we're still watching a crash on route 3, this accident southbound, by route 128, also this ramp closure, copeland circumstantial, for a gas main break, and there are some southbound delays, worcester line and fairmount line also seeing delays for the commuter rail. >> all right, we have got a decent sunrise that we can see, finally here on the horizon in boston. the sun not up officially until 7:08 but you can see the clouds trying to break apart already. the rain races south and eastward here. the northern extent of it now, dropping closer to the canal so from new bedford over to where
6:55 am
rain. this cluster should be exiting the cape between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, and that's t the clouds break apart and we're in store for a lot of sunshine today, and the breeze picks up and is tapping into this chilly air mass to the north and west so the temperatures are going to struggle to climb. we're in the 50s along the coast, and worcester 45, and notice in boston, we go from 51 now to only 56 degrees at lunchtime. mid and upper 50s is the tonight we'll drop back down into the 30s, the wind stays active so i am not concerned with the frost but a reinforcing shot of chillier air works in, and we're going to keep this cool pattern going. it looks like the coldest morning will be thursday when there could be a freeze but look at these wind chill values out the door on wednesday morning. it's going to feel like it's in the 20s with wind, so colder than average temperatures, typical high, close to 60, and we're going to be running in the
6:56 am
and that's into early on friday, so reality check after 80 last week. >> right. >> we're trying to remember when we get more daylight. >> november 6. >> go to the expert and you get the answer. >> ok. >> thanks for joining us and
6:57 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. hillary clinton opens up a double-digit lead in our new poll. her biggest yet. >> i think we're doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> attacks the sexual assault accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is around? ride-along gone wrong. a citizen unvited to join the police on patrol gets caught in a dangerous high-speed chase. suspects firing more than a dozen shots at the police cruiser. the civilian in the passenger seat. shattering the windows. injuring the woman as she desperately fwoegs stop the chase.


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