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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and in a little while you're messin' with my mind ? ? and fillin' up my senses oh here you come again and lookin' better than a body has a right to ? ? and shakin' me up so that all i really know is here you come again ? ? and here i go [ cheers and applause ] ? if i should stay i would only be in your way ? ? so i'll go but i know
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each step of the way ? ? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? bittersweet that's all i am taking with me ? ? so good-bye please don't cry we both know that i'm not what you need ? ? and i
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love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? >> dolly, we love you to pieces.
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>> dolly, we will always love you. and i am so happy to present this willie nelson lifetime achievement award to the one and only dolly parton. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much, thank you lily, thank you all these beautiful girlfriends of mine. pentatonix, and congratulations to all the winners. what a tribute. i would have cried, but i didn't
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i was doing my best. this is such a great compliment, a wonderful night for me. thank you for all of that. and now, for me to be receiving the willie nelson award, this is an absolute high for me. [ laughter ] having -- high achievement award, he's had some highs that border on historic. but enough of that. i'm very proud to receive this, and they asked me to hurry it up. they're saying they're behind. but you're talking about a lifetime, right? anyway -- i know how this goes. and i'll make it as fast as i can. how about jennifer nettles as an actress?
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colors"? we're doing it again on november 30th. i'm so proud of you. i want to thank all of my fans and everybody for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come true. i have a few people i must thank. my uncle bill, and tess walker, and betty, and fred, and all the many people that have helped me in my life. i had a big speech, but they won't let me give it. thank you so much for this wonderful award. have a wonderful evening. please welcome sharon stone. [ cheers and applause ] ?
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>> consider the mt. rushmore male vocalist of the year awards that were awarded in just the first ten years. this year, the category puts the artists. these are impressive nominees. >> dierks bentley. >> eric church. >> tim mcgraw. >> chris stapleton. >> and keith urban. [ cheers and applause ] >> and this country girl is
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vocalist of the year. and it goes to the cma award goes to chris stapleton. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> this is chris stapleton's second win for male vocalist of the year. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> well, if dolly was still back there, i'd give her my time. but tonight has been, i've gotten to be a fan so much tonight. what a wonderful night, what a wonderful show they've put together.
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up on. and i want to thank everybody -- i love you too, sir. [ cheers and applause ] and it means so much to get to be a part of country music and country music, they're the best people in the world. country music people, all the fans. and all the people that make it, too. they're wonderful people, and i want everybody at home to know that. the guys in the band and crew, i can't do it without them. they bring it every night. i want to thank my wife. i want to thank my mom, who's in the audience, and my little sister, my in-laws. everybody, i'm telling you, it takes a village. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> congratulations, chris stapleton. coming up, ? ? ? blame it all on my roots ? ? i showed up in boots ? ? and ruined your black tie affair ? ? the last one to know ? ? the last one to show ? ? i was the last one you thought you'd see there ? ? and i saw the surprise ?
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> look at this. we're one big crazy family. and here's the thing. we aren't promised tomorrow. but we are so blessed to be here right now. don't let this moment pass without realizing what we got to be a part of today. ? when i'm sitting in traffic some afternoon or bored to death
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? i'm gonna close my eyes and picture you ? ? today ? ? you keep brushing that hair back out of your eyes ? ? it just keeps falling and so do i i'm feeling like the luckiest man alive ? ? today ? ? and i don't know about tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? and the memory of a day like today can get you through the
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? i know it won't always be like this life can change as quick as a kiss ? ? it's not over yet and i already miss today ? ? i don't know about tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? and the memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life ? ? and as the seasons change and time goes by ?
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and so is mine ? ? i know for sure that you're gonna be just as beautiful as you are to me ? ? today ? ? bring on tomorrow i've got today bring on tomorrow bring on tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? bring on tomorrow
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? can get you through the rest of your life ? [ cheers and applause ] ? >> not onlyas the record for the most awarded record in history fo for "fearless." please welcome back, taylor
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>> hey, nashville. [ cheers and applause ] it's been almost 13 years since i came to nashville with a dream of being a songwriter and recording artist. i learned so much about what it means to be an entertainer from the remarkable artists in this arena tonight. that's just one of the feel so honored to present this award and be a part of this historic night we'll all remember. these are the nominees. garth brooks. [ cheers and applause ] luke bryan. [ cheers and applause ] chris stapleton. [ cheers and applause ]
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and keith urban. [ cheers and applause ] and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to garth brooks. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. very sweet.
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i got to start by thanking bob doyle, randy bernard, nancy, christy, rob, all those guys at william morris. laurie in the west coast, the road family, band, crew, i love you guys. you know i love you. the coolest touring mate you could ask for, the love of my life, i love you much. i want to thank god, the cmas, very, very sweet. thank you for a wonderful, wonderful run. can't do without the way they treat the people. if you had to wrap this up in one word or one name, ben farrell. sweet guy, people, tonight, this is what it's all about. it couldn't have ended better for me.
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but we are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music! [ cheers and applause ] >> here's to the next 50. good night! [ cheers and applause ] ?
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maria: hate crime targeting child. >> 5 investigates local schools accused of cheating on high-stakes testing. meteorologist: a couple of chances of rain during the next 24 hours. then the temperature changes that will follow. wry one-on-one with tom brady. >> did you ever i age gin yourself in another uniform other than the patriots? maria: what he is saying about the future. ed: a little boy and his family targeted by racially-fueled vandalism. it's happened several times in
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good evening. i am ed harding. maria: and i'm maria stephanos. that family is on edge wondering what could be coming next. they're talking to newscenter 5's jorge quiroga who's live in derry, new hampshire. jorge? jorge: ed, maria, without a doubt the racist vandalism is targeting a seven-year-old boy, his mother is white, his dad is african-american. police here investigating three disturbing incidents in less than two weeks. >> i was going to work, so i had my computer and my laptop passenger side. jorge: parked in her driveway , jaquelyn stimpson's car had been vandalized. the racial slur etched into paint. >> it was carved in, it was keyed in. someone took a little time and did it. jorge: the message clear. >> i was hurt, and i certainly didn't realize that people in derry thought that way. strongly enough to act on it. jorge: stimpson is a single mother, her seven-year-old son is mixed race.
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left this sign on her lawn, again another racial slur. >> what can you make of it? it's ignorance. it's cowardly. it's something that, it's unexplainable. jorge: explaining it to her affable and bright second grader was the hard part. >> so that was hard he asked me why, did i do something ? jorge: so stimpson installed a security camera and it happened again overnight you can see a car slow down in front of her house in the morning she found her car had been smeared with eggs, watermelon and fried chicken. this mom's message to whoever wants to hurt her son >> there is nothing to be ashamed of. we are not sorry. we are not moving and we are not scared. jorge: neighbors say they are horrified and this in no way reflects the community they live in. ed: right now, this suspect behind bars accused
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showing the confrontation with police weeks ago that may have sparked the attack. newscenter 5's mary saladna is here with the new details. mary: ed, investigators now say the gunman fired 15-30 shots into the driver's side of those patrol cars. the officers never had a chance. tonight, this man is in custody after two iowa police officers were killed in cold blood. these officers we a 24-year-old justin martin was shot and killed sitting in his patrol car. >> officer down. reporter: 2 minutes later, more shots just block quaid. another officer hit over there. >> reporter: des moines police officer also shot in his car. ambulances rushed the husband and fath or the hospital but he did not survive.
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identified the suspect as 46-year-old scott michael green. the suspect turned himself in. flagging dawn passing motorists on a rural road. is not the first run-in the law. he was in court just hours before for abusing his mother. you a hor interests now investigating video of this incident two weeks ago. he was kicked out of a high school foo football game. got it wrong that day, that people in the crowd tried to steal his confederate flag during the national anthem. he described it as a "mugging". he was in court hours before the rampage for abusing his mother. authorities, tonight, investigating a video of this incident two weeks ago. green was kicked out of a high school football game after complaints he was flying a confederate flag in the stands. >> when you fly a confederate flag, standing in front of several african-american people, that is going to cause disturbance. >> i never stated that was not right. >> that is my right. reporter: police got it wrong that day. he described it as a mugging. in the newsroom, mary saladna,
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maria: really warm night over the city of boston. that warm weather making way for showers. meteorologist: this is it. by the way, already have some moving into new york state. other showers moving to indiana. yeah. all right. let's show more. look at that warmth today. 70 for boston. wow. 70 for springfield and hartford. 71 in providence. low 60's. look at worcester airport. still 61. 1,000 feet up. a little cooler to the north. still quite mild to the south. we're running 8 to 16 warmer than 24 hours ago at this time. the first round of showers should get the northern most areas tomorrow. this; however, should get many of us before tomorrow afternoon. a little look at how this plays
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ed: one-on-one with number 12. maria: tom brady talking to our mike lynch for the first time since returning his suss pension. lynchie is talking about this beyond. >> absolutely. tom brady at the grand opening of the new under armor store tonight. he feels better than he did when he was 25 years ol. he is ball lapsing a growing family with the responsings of life as a quarterback in the national football league. as for planner future. >> david ortiz get out. the top of the you are inner contract for 2019 which is 42. would you get out before that if you thought it was time? do you plan on playing through there? >> i will go as long as i can until i, don't feel leak i can help to win games any more. i love playing. >> seeing some guys strayeded and some guys leib. can you imagine yourself in another uniform other than the patriots? >> i hope not. you know, main, it has been my home for 17 years. so i never want to go anywhere
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anywhere else either. you know, that is the business. you know, i got to keep playing well and doing my job and, you know, if i do that, then, then, hopefully, our kk and they will find a place for me. reporter: this v thought about life after football? given any thought at all? >> mo, i have not. i have not. reporter: final question, who remains a patriot longer? tom brady or bill belichick? >> i don't see him retiering any time soon either. any time soon either. we'll see. reporter: thanks for your time. >> good luck. ed: who goes first? brady or belichick? i heard that question asked a lot of times but i never asked to tom brady? have you thought about life after football? maria: that doesn't sur praise me? does that surprise you? ed: no, not at all. he feels peat. he feels better when he was 25.
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pains. he is going to keep playing as listening's is effective. why we got to eat that avocado ice cream. that was ex len. lynchie, thanks. ed: commitment 20 6 tonight. here we're six days until the election. commitment 2016 tonight, six days until the election, and there is a shift in the battleground map abc is moving utah and ohio back into donald trump's column. the states in yellow arizona, north carolina, and florida are too close to call. but in that scenario, clinton still has 279 electoral votes more than the 270 needed to win. tonight, campaigning in las vegas, clinton is calling trump's character into question.
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>> what would your life be like to have a president who doesn't pull america together? ed: is a live picture. she was in nevada at this time. she's moving quickly because after this. clinton will head back east tomorrow and campaigning in north carolina. maria: now donald trump, where tonight, he completed a three-city swing in the slightal swing state of florida. his target is a familiar one. double down on obama care and make it much more expensive than it already is. i am asking for your vote so we can save health care for other are every family in florida and the united states. [cheering and applauding] maria: he will start tomorrow in florida. both he and clinton will headed to north carolina in the afternoon. both campaigns will make a big push in new hampshire. trump will be at the country club on friday. then he will go visit the
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clinton not planning any trips herself, so far, but president obama will campaign for her on monday and we don't have any specifics on where he will be. ed: an awful lot going on. john atwater is live in manchester with tonight's final debate. john: ed, both of these candidates are vying for a seat that could well change the balance of power in the senate. > >if she can't call her out on this private email server, when is she going to call her out? john: the renewed fbi investigation of hillary clinton's emails became the focus early on as republican kelly ayotte hammered democrat maggie hassan for not directly answering whether clinton should be trusted. >> clinton said she made a mistake in way she has used emails, and she has appropriately apologized for that. john: as they debated the state's opioid crisis, gun control, military strategy in iraq, the candidates for this
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their party's presidential nominee. >> she called him a role model when winds changed she changed position. >> she has not stepped away from hillary clinton on one thing. >> polls show the race in a dead heat that could telephone the balance of the senate ensuring the bickering will continue up until all votes are casts. her support for supreme court blockade. what she and her party decided to do is bring gridlock to the third branch of government. >> you want to talk gridlock? vetoing a bipartisan budget because of reduction in business taxes. that's bringing washington style to what happened with the budget here in new hampshire.
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with the governor who is waiting for more information from the fbi on this e-mail investigation. she does trust clinton. live in manchester tonight. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: john, thank you. maria: somehow they got separated. his wife made it back safely and alerted police. he was never found. the fbi is offering $10,000 to anyone who knows what happened. tomorrow. that man in the mild of the screen there. gary is back in federal court years after the initial death penalty sentence sentence was thrown out. the prosecution painting samson as merciless man. the defense says he has been struggling with a lifetime of are a mattic brain injury. bill cosby back in court today in pennsylvania for a pre-trial hearing as his lawyers try to get the sexual assault case
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has deteriorated to the point where he cannot identify his accusers in photographs or otherwise help with his defense. cosby's legal team is also trying to get a felony charge dismissed before his trial next june. next on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: 5 investigates local schools accused of cheating on high-stakes testing. >> first the threat of showers then saying good b boobie though warm tonight a while. maria: hit by truck. the wild driver of the city bus and the drive ear marrow escape. >> thursday on the eye, retiring in your 30s. >> one local couple made it happen, and they have some advice for everyone.


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