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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 4, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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august. they found the car on the property. brown says there could be multiple bodies there. >> we're trying to make sure that, you know, we don't have a serial killer on our hands. >> reporter: a realtor, and the victim's friend told a local paper brown helped cleaned houses before she rented or sold them. >> reporter: she was fed in captivity, there was a facebook post saying that they were okay, but family members hawa been hacked. abc news, new york. >> and linsey is in south carolina this morning on "gma" with more on that story. power is slowly being restored right now after a day long out amg at one of the biggest hotels in las vegas. the hotel evacuated thursday morning after the power line was cut. a contractor accidently cut the building's main power line and
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the 2900 room resort is set to reopen this morning. the department of education has hit penn state with a record $2.4 million fine. that is the largest fine ever for violating a law that requires colleges to report crimes on campus. it results from the way the school handled complaints about former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. he was convicted in 2012 of sexually abusing ten rooms. it's been warmer in the u.s. this week, and even alaska had record high temperatures this fall. the northern most community in the country had its warmest october on record because there's no ice covering the arctic sea allowing heat and water to rise into the as mos fear. fairbanks celebrated halloween without snow for the first time since 1940. none is expected for another week.
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temperatures are returning to normal, sadly. the drought is over for a fourth of california thanks to a rainy october in the northern part of the state. the best drought situation for the golden state in three and a half years. central and southern california still parched. what the drought monitors call severe drought. no time to spare, a 13 mile journey from germany in eight minutes. they launched wednesday. it's an eight minute flight, the world's shortest international flight. >> so no peanuts, no cocktails on that flight. so how far would you go to get in a game of golf? how about -- >> this story's great. >> how about sneaking into north korea? >> a pair of australians pulled off this prank. they pretended to be progolfers, took part in a tournament,
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morgan said it was then a matter of coming up with the right answers to a few questions. >> initially, we just said we were a couple of australian golfers. you're the team? we just didn't say no. so we just went along with it. >> what? >> it comthe act continues. because it had to. >> they went on official visits in pyongyang and didn't haveny that never happens. >> i mean, brave or incredibly stupid. >> stupid. >> they were a little nervous handing over the passports. >> you think? >> you know how many have been detaped or never come back for allegedly entering the country under false pretenses. >> if americans tried that, it's bill richardson flying over there to get them free. >> shot 120, 50 over par and
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>> i'd say. very, very lucky. >> coming up, kids >> and caught on camera, hard landing, a plane hitting the runway and crashing right through a tense. plus, finally revealed, oprah's latest list of her favorite things. is that on it? >> t >> first, a look at today's high temps. "world news now" weather
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(achoo!) you can pick up the flu fup to 48 hours.r it's like having a sick family member in your home. but lysol kills 99.9% of germs including 8 cold and flu viruses. to help protect your home lysol that. ? music ? a small plane crashed in florida is caught on camera. the single engine plane was circling above a police training course when the engine sputtered. the pilot of a helicopter warned people on the ground to take
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the pilot, we're told, was not injured. kids are piling on too much salt and 90% of children ate more salt than recommended under federal guideline and all that salt puts them at risk for heart disease and other problems later on in life. one in nine children already have problems like high blood pressure because of a salty diet. well, there's a consumer alert about a new phone scam involving gift cards. the fcc says scammers pretend to be with official agencies like the irs and fbi and threaten legal action and they demand payment with gift cards. itunes gift cards are mentioned. many of the scammers are targeting elderly. they note no legitimate agency demands payments in the form of a gift card. it's not rain drops on roses, but this morning, we're hearing about a few of oprah's
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year when she releases her annual list. >> reporter: it's that time of year again. >> so exciting. >> reporter: oprah's favorite things, a tradition for over a decade, even parodied on "snl." >> oprah's favorite things! >> reporter: for 2016 ranging in price from a free app television. a behind the scenes look, a pasta pot that drains itself. >> why hasn't someone thought of this before. >> reporter: a suitcase with a charging dock. >> smartest luggage ever! >> reporter: and, of course, the pajamas, available for $40, but what shements? >> words that comes from somebody's heart.
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that this year's is the longest, ever, most expensive. a few of the things on there, a $400 hair drier, $165 chocolate and vanilla flower cake. >> sounds amazing. >> a personalized dog blanket. >> those are all important things. >> kendis, i have to correct you more, especially on eating desserts. >> a hair drier. mi lifetime euphoria spreading in chicago. >> fans ready for a big old celebration today. you're watching "world news
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it's a victory for the windy city that's been more than a lifetime in the making. century has them promising the victory celebration will be one for the ages. >> reporter: children born during this magical season were brought here to document an occasion that took a century to happen. >> it's insane, and i just had to come down here so i could have them, you know, documentation we were here and we went through this, and they want them to be able to look back and say, you know, there we were, mommy. >> reporter: young to the old
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rans. living the post army life in california, but a cubs fan. >> oh, my god. never thought i'd see it happen. i mean, i'm 64 years old. never thought i'd see it. hoping and hoping. >> reporter: holly's father passed away three years ago and could feel his spirit here now. >> he would have been so, so happy about the events in the last couple weeks, and he would have been sovo couple of points through nerves, but he would have loved it. >> reporter: generations sharing this moment on the minds of many. >> it's a family affair for us. it's a lineage family affair for us. >> reporter: a final thought goes to a woman who helped build chicago for more than 50 years. the calderon family says this confirms the validity of coming to america.
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place to be at because we are the champions. >> we are the champions. >> yes, they are. tha the cubs manager got a high profile call last night from president obama from air force one. >> he's been busy. the president extended an inviation to the team to visit the white house before he leaves office expressing pride in the team and j cubs make history breaking that 108-year-old curse. >> although he's a sox fan, michelle is a cubs fan because her dad grew up watching the cubs. >> so they have their ties to chicago. very cool. >> excited about it. >> the big parade in chicago later on today starts in wrigleyville going downtown where there's a rally. no school for chicago kids. >> school's closed? >> schools are closed. >> that's awesome. >> it's been 108 years. they deserve it. >> very cool.
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it is insomniac theater time, checking out two new movies opening at the box office this weekend starting with an offering from our parent company, disney. >> dr. strange. it's a new entry into the university verse, a disgraced former surgeon who becomes a powerful sourcer. he's known as the ancient one. >> oh, you think you see through me, do you? well, you don't.
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what did you just do to me? >> pushed you out of your physical form. >> lsd? >> just tea with honey. >> i want to watch more. >> i can't get over how good she looks bald. >> looks good no matter what. >> you can tell if it's covering up the hair, though, right. i'm interested in this. dr. strange 90% certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes, but contribute igs are mixed. some say it makes no sense, but logic is the last thing any of the minds attracted to this kind of junk want or expect. i think he's talking about you. peter has just three words, a psychedelic stunner. >> looks so good. from that to a fantasy, trolls starring the voices of justin
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focuses on quest and imagine call creatures they meet along the way. >> i'm going to let you slide with a fist bump. shark attack. jelly fish. helicopt helicopter. monkey in a zoo. gear shift! ha-ha! okay, okay, okay. now i'm thinking we hug. rotten tomatoes, critics are not enchanted, josh bell for kids entertained by bright colors and catchy music, it will be great time-passer, although adults could end up with a slight headache. another calls it a sweet, humorous take on the pursuit of happiness. >> looks cute, doesn't it? >> it does. >> like those things on the end of our pencil.
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this morning on "world news now," the presidential election in the home stretch. >> four days until voters hit the polls, and candidates bringing out the big guns. mela melania trump speaking for the first time. election stress disorder? it's a real thing, especially this year. insomnia, loss of appetite, and what experts say we should do to calm nerves as candidates battle it out in the time days. then disturbing discovery, a woman missing for months found inside a padlocked metal container. how two observant deputies likely saved her life. get ready, chicago. it's happening today.
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than a century for. the world series celebration underway and the 32-year-old beer that one cubs fan finally got to open. it is friday, november 4th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i don't know about that. >> brave map. >> yeah. 32-year-old beer. i don't know. good morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm macedo. it's the last chance to win over the battleground states as we enter the final weekend. >> the latest tracking poll shows hillary clinton two points ahead of donald trump, and they are also neck and neck in several key swing states. now trump's wife made a rare appearance on the campaign trail vowing to advocate for women and fight cyber bullying, but made no mention of her husband's
3:02 am
republican team. >> reporter: donald trump sounding like victory within his grasp. >> i'll tell you, we are going to rule the day, this group, we're going to rule the day. >> reporter: trump in florida realizing he has company. we have our neighbor here, donald trump, following him, and over my shoulder, air force 1. trump noticed as well, jumping on the chance to take on the president. >> he's down her campaigning for crooked now, why isn't he back in the office? he's campaigning every day, and i actually think considering that she's under criminal invest gags, i think he's actually got a conflict. >> reporter: the republican nominee getting support from his wife, vouched for him after his own october surprise, that access hollywood tape. trump bragging about groping women. >> they were kind of boy talk. >> reporter: she's been a
3:03 am
>> i might join him, we'll see. >> she's actually going to make two or three speeches. >> oh? >> he certainly knows how to shake things up, doesn't he? >> reporter: there she was, her first speech since the convention address after discovery she used passes from michelle obama. she's reaching out to key suburban women >> we must come together as americans, treat each other with respect and kindness even when we disagree. >> reporter: the woman whose husband is nope for tweets will champion for kids who are bullied on social media. >> it's never okay when a child is mocked, bullied, or attacked. >> reporter: trump watching it from his plane, and now his own off the cuff instingts.
3:04 am
nice and cool. stay on point, donald, stay on point. no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. nice. >> reporter: trump's speech in the suburbs of philadelphia is no accident there to sway female voters. they believe philadelphia is a fire wall for the clinton campaign, but the trump campaign sees opportunity. abc news, concord, north carolina. and hillary clinton was also in north carolina holding scene as both arrived at the airport there in raleigh about the same time. trump's plane and clinton's plane nose to nose. >> clinton wrapped up on stage with williams and bernie sanders hoping to motivate young voters fighting for equal pay and a higher minimum wage, and trump's campaign was built around bigotry. after hearing sanders, clinton said she was all fired up.
3:05 am
fun now that we're on the same side, and i want to thank bernie for everything he's done. he's criss crossing our country, energizing people, getting votes off the sidelines and engaged in politics. >> pharrell made the case for clinton saying she wants her to shatter the glass ceiling and said thect important to sit out. president obama is headed back to north carolina this afternoon. this, by the way, his fourth consecutive day of campaigning for clinton. he reached out to college students in florida yesterday saying the race is too close to be taken for granted. anyone who is upset about a "saturday night live" skit shouldn't be in charge of nuclear weapons. >> he's temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. here's a guy who says he's a
3:06 am
don't boo. don't boo. don't boo. he can't hear you boo, but he can hear you vote. >> the president will make his time campaign appearance on the eve of the election. i think he's having a lot of fun doing this. he'll speak at a rally in philadelphia monday night joined by the first lady, michelle obama, hillary clinton, and her entire family, and then the next day, tuesday nights, count on abc for election night coverage starting at 7:00 our team will be here as the results roll in. a missing south carolina woman has been found alive, but chained inside a storage container. kala brown reported missing two months ago. deputies acting on a tip heard brown banging on the inside of the container. the owner of the property where brown was found was arrested, but no charges filed yet. police say there may be as many
3:07 am
since late august has not been found. testimony in the murder trial of a former south carolina police officer moves into the second day today. he's charged with killing an unarmed black man in a traffic stop last year. cell phone video captures him shooting walter scott in the back as scott ran away. he left his sense of authority get the best of him. new details about the bus crash in baltimore this week. state regulators say the driver of the school bus should not have been behind the wheel. this commercial driver's license sus pended two months earlier. glenn chapel convicted of a violent crime which would prohibit him from driving a school bus. six people died including chapel. harvard has cancelled its men's soccer season after discoverikocovery players made scouting reports about the
3:08 am
rating system in 2012. they thought it was isolated it that season. the president says the school is looking into whether the behavior is taking place for other teams as well. after more than a century, chicago celebrates a world series championship today. the parade honoring the chicago cubs kicks off at 10:00 a.m. in wrigley field and goes south downtown for a moon noon rally. >> the mayor promised a parade that will stand the test time. the parade and rally are expected to draw championship celebrations for the bulls in the 1990s, public schools, get this, closed for the day, and there will be extra service this morning to accommodate all the fans who are trying to get there on the blue line and all the other lines. >> and one long suffering fan celebrated in a very special way. this man took out a can of beer that he had been saving for 32 years promising he wouldn't open it until the cubs won the world series. >> so --
3:09 am
>> the beer has been waiting since, well, since the year cubs pitcher lester, was born. >> he has to drink it, right? >> i guess. >> i don't think he does. >> tuesday night, the cubs win and the 32-year-old beer is open. >> i think they call that skunk. >> did he drink it? he did not drink it. >> even being a cubs fans has its limits. he waited 32 years for this. >> they've waited 108 years. >> at least he could have done is taken a geez. >> why some call it the end for fitbit. >> plus, the tilting tower is worse, a legal battle over a luxury apartment building that's sinking. did the developers know about the problem before it started to lean? stressed about the election? you're not alone. this year's contentious rhetoric is causing one workplace to ban election talk. remember, you can find us on
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the must-have activity tracker, fitbit, out of step as shares are tanking. the most recent earnings points di
3:14 am
latest blow for a company operated in a crowded field of wearable technology. they forecast sluggish sales although the all-important holiday season is coming. >> one must-have gifts, but i guess not so much. growing worry this morning over the tallest residential building west of chicago. >> the city attorney in san francisco is taking legal action over the city's 58-story millennial r, is sinking into the ground and beginning to lean. abc saw the damage firsthand. >> reporter: the millennial tower soars over the skyline, but the problem is it's getting shorter, sinking 16 inches already, and now it's tilting two inches. the city is suing, claiming the problem was never disclosed to potential buyers, and now the cracks in the sidewalk rattling homeowners.
3:15 am
this building. >> reporter: frank says this marble rolling and changing direction across the floor of his high-rise apartment shows the tilt in the building. your life's hard work is leaning this way, and someone could have told you that. >> before we bought, absolutely. >> reporter: the building's developer said the city's lawsuit has no merit. >> the building is safe. it's sound, and it's structural integrity is to the compromised. >> reporter: not only is the it's in a major earthquake zone. when residents walk out the door and see cracks like this, they fear for more than just their investment, but their safety as well. abc news, san francisco. >> it's a big deal. many pept houses there in the building that sold for more than $10 million. regular apartments sold between $1-$3 million. >> regular apartments. >> regular apartments. >> and now they have zero value.
3:16 am
guess what it is at the top of the tower? a 15 inch tilt. >> ouch. more of a view. the next half hour, dramatic highway rescue caught on camera, an oklahoma plifr pulling over a speeding truck to find a life or death situation unfolding inside the truck. what he did next. first, just days away from election day, how many of us are handling the stress of one of the most bitterly devicive presidential cam memory? you're watching "world news now."
3:17 am
cc1 test message cc1 test message i'm feeling the pressure. we're all feeling the pressure of this hotly contested
3:18 am
come down to the wire ahead of election day. >> the stress has a real and damaging effect in many workplaces. one hospital in new york's long island banned heated political debate in the gym of its cardio rehab unit. the manager says it's raising blood pressure of recovering heart surgery patients. >> not just the workplace, but home too. can you message spouses with opposite opinions here? you don't have to be a heart patient in rehab to feel damaging effects of election it's called election stress disorder. >> friends, family and coworkers pitted against each other and pushing many over the edge. here's dan harris. >> reporter: this election leaving you with insomnia, heart palpitations, stomach problems? you might be suffering from election stress disorder. in fact, according to one study, half of americans are anxious or stressed over this election. >> they are looking at, you
3:19 am
possibilities if their candidate doesn't win. >> reporter: online, people are getting through the mean season using puppies and kittens, even presidential hopeful hillary clinton prescribes this method, but the experts recommend turning off your tv, not right now, however, unplugging from social media, exercising, and then there's another method that i personally swear by, meditation. >> we're going to make america calm again. >> exactly. >> reporter: bringing in a nonpartisan teacher, jeb warren, from canada. >> are people here feeling stressed about the election? >> yes. >> i had it. i'm tired of social media, tired of watching my friends, my family fight with each other. i don't think that trump is a decent human being, and i don't want him to represent our country. >> is it stressful at all to be in the same room with people who supporting the other candidate? >> oh, no. i believe we're all entitled to our opinions, just one of us is
3:20 am
kidding, kidding, trying to be funny. >> given the depths of the problem in terms of divisions here, do you think medication could scale to be a useful force? >> absolutely, i do. it allows people to make better decisions, and we need a world where people make better decisions. >> start by taking a few deep breaths. >> reporter: we'll come back to see if there's progress made on the path to election enlightment later. another piece of advice to do something proactive. we're on our way to meet a couple that has done just that. i think it's a great bit of counterprogramming against the venom we get from the media. any time you put an animal into play, you got my vote. >> i'm dave. >> dave? good to meet you, dave. how's the stress in your life? >> i feel like i got a dark cloud over my head, and i know
3:21 am
project to put 28 artists from all over the city holing happy signs to remind us this is not armageddon yet. >> we walk around, people stop by the door, they read the sign, and they step back, and they look at that, and they get this smile on their face. down in the studio, the producers and i picked the word vote and inspire to relieve our own election stress. >> meanwhile back at the studio. >> that was very relaxing. >> everyone, incoluding us, was surprised by what meditation can do. >> regardless of the outcome, we have to bring peace to ourselves every day. >> reporter: for "nightline" dan harris meditating in philadelphia. >> i'm kind of annoyed by this, i have to say. no, really. >> speak your piece. >> we're stressed, but maybe that's a good thing, you know, if the elections got people talking, and -- >> yeah. >> people with different
3:22 am
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it's going to be a cubs' themed mix right now because, of course, they broke that drought of 108 year old drought last night by winning the world series. >> such an awesome game. >> as soon as that happened, pigs were flying and other things toopl chicago noted there, temperature in wrigleyville, 100 degrees, and then hell you see it there, minus 54 degrees. >> it froze over. >> yes. it has. >> check this out, 108-year-old cub fan, her name is haze hazel milton, living in new hampshire now, grew up steps from wrigley field. after the cubs' dramatic win
3:26 am
championships. >> oh, my word. >> born in 1908, months before they won the title, and she said she would have liked to be in the locker room getting sprayed by champagne. i'm with her. >> i like that. >> party on. >> just imagine, there in wrig myville as a young child and now there watching the cubs win. >> why new hampshire, i wonder? from wrigleyville to new hampshire. i wonder these i don't know why. ? ? ? hey election got you down ? ? come on ? let's polka ? ? our presidential choices stipg ? ? he's a better one i think ? ? vote for this banana ? ? a canadate with true appeal and what's more its hair is real ? ? vote for this banana ? ? it stands out from the bunch and has no cholesterol ?
3:27 am
hasn't built a wall ? ? the ideal candidate, gender neutral ? ? it's great ? ? vote for the banana ? ? my fellow americans ? ? vote for this banana ? ? we need a president with moral fiber ? ? vote for this banana ? ? it's politics are sen tryst, dove neither hawk ? ? met with russia's putin ? ? and had ? it's worth the trip ? ? vote for this banana ? ? if the two front runners leave you glum ? ? here's the only candidate with true potassium ? ? ready to serve you and biepds you as a nation glue ? ? vote for the ba that a that ? ? vote for this banana ? ? what, you got a better idea ?
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this morning on "world news now," competing campaign events. hillary clinton and donald trump with duelling speeches, both in north carolina. their planes at the same airport. the candidates trading jabs in battleground states as the bitter fight comes down to the wire. and new this morning, lights out in sin ci casinos in las vegas. what caused the power outage? new to us this half hour, stop the music, the science behind ear worms. >> why we can't get the tunes out of our heads and what's number one when it comes to being catchy. what a supermodel reportedly did with her kids' halloween
3:31 am
not even think of doing. that full story on "the skinny" on this friday, november 4th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> she's a supermodel and superhuman. >> yes. wait until you hear what she did. >> i'm linzie janis in for diane. >> i'm ken kp. starting with the politics because of the end of the bruising campaign season, the presidential candidates and their surrogates are out in force. >> after joint last night, hillary clinton is headed to pennsylvania and michigan this afternoon, and she'll cap off the day at a get out the vote concert with jay z. >> and trump will be in three states today starting with the rally in new hampshire and chelsea clinton is holding two events there. the latest new hampshire poll, however, has trump and clinton locked in a tie at 44 a piece, and clinton losing the six point lead over there over the last few weeks. in our latest national poll,
3:32 am
election day, trump and clinton are making a mad dash for the votes they can get, end boiled in a fierce tug of war over battleground states like north carolina and abc is on the trail, marci with the clinton camp, but we start with karen and the trump campaign in concord. >> reporter: the race for north carolina could go down to the wire. donald trump making a strong push to keep the tar heel state read. >> we are just so hard change you've. waiting for your entire life. >> reporter: north carolina is a true toss up. the latest polls showing hillary clinton up just three points, but republicans say their sport supporters are more fired up pointing out that early african-american voting is down five points from the same time five years ago. how important is north carolina? president obama said the fate of
3:33 am
shoulders here. donald trump hopes those shoulders carry him to the white house. abc news with the trump campaign in north carolina. >> we're traveling with the clinton campaign in north carolina fighting to win this crucial battleground state's 15 electoral votes. clinton steering clear of any mention of her e-mails, focusing on attacking trump. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, and insults african-americans, and raleigh. >> well, i hope you're going to bring more people to vote as well. >> reporter: sharing the stage with her former rival turned surrogate, bernie sanders. >> this campaign is about you and millions of other americans. >> reporter: clinton campaign continues to push for early voting with stops in pittsburgh, detroit, and cleveland. winterville, north carolina.
3:34 am
states as they can to stir up enthusiasm. >> for more insight on the surrogates and where polls stand right now, we turn to our political director, rick, good morning. >> reporter: kendis and linzie, national polls showing hillary clinton with a slight, but significant edge over donald trump right now. the flip side of that is the battleground state. the map expands slightly in favor of donald trump. donald trump as he makes boosting state territory has a few moran ago. this is also a big period of time for the surrogates. people vouching for the campaign criss crossing the country and both obamas spending time on the trail, and, of course, the big event, melania trump. no one heard much from her throughout the campaign back to the convention, and she's now out there talking about her husband and about her vision for cyber bullying. the speech, though, that could
3:35 am
to the vice presidential nominee on the democratic side gave an address entirely in spanish, never before happened among the four major candidates as the president and vice presidential candidates, a moment to be remembered for a long time with big hopes of the democrats and latino turnout. >> thanks to rick there. on election night, our power house political team will be here every step of the way. count on us for all the results as they come in. a person of interest spoke arson destroyed hopewell missionary baptist church in greenville tuesday night and the words vote trump spray painted on the building. authorities say a man spoke with them on wednesday and thursday. detectives say he came in voluntarily. his name has not been released. to south carolina now where a real estate broker is under arrest after a missing woman was found imprisoned on his rural property. investigators say kala brown was
3:36 am
quote -- chained up like a dog. she and her boyfriend were reported missing more than two months ago. there's not yet any sign of him, but investigators say they've been told there may be other bodies that are buried on that property. the man charge with the ambush style murders of two iowa police officers is behind bars this morning. police say scott green was placed into the handcuffs that belonged to one of the murdered officers, sergeant anthony bememio, and justin martin shot within miles apart. bomb sniffing dogs found the gun used in the murders. an alabama inmate, decision happened down an hour before tommy arthur's death warrant expired. arthur scheduled to be executed by lethal injection thursday night. the court is reviewing the case, but the stay expires if the court declines to take up
3:37 am
down after a major power outage. thousands of people forced out of the paris las vegas casinoment investigators say a contractor accidently cut the hotel's main power line thursday morning and people were trapped in elevators, but no injuries reported so far. the fire department says the power is slowly being restored right now. the 3,000 room resort set to reopen this morning. >> the north dakota capital shut down during prot pipeline. more than a dozen protesters arrested after they refused to leave the building. they held a prayer rally on the laup of the capitol and demanded a meeting with the state's governor. they say it threatens drinking water and sacred sites they've been protesting there for months. the music gifts that just keep on giving and giving and it's more like taking your soul away from you. >> your mind, anyway.
3:38 am
a new study looks as why they stay in our leads. researchers in the u.k. said good ear worms can't be too simple or too complex. they have unusual intervals that make them stand out like lady gaga's bad romance. thank us later for this one. ? i want your loving ? ? i want your revenge ? ? you and me could write a bad romance ? ? i want your lovering all your lover's revenge ? ? you a romance ? ? oh oh oh ? >> so they found that was the number one ear worm, "bad romance." >> that's cool. >> yeah. >> two years ago it was definitely "call me maybe," remember that one? >> that's lasted. how do you get rid of it. listening to the song all the way through may actually help, and listening to or thinking about another song may do the trick. i tried doing that. >> like just call that exposure
3:39 am
>> then it leaves? >> this is my ear worm. it's ironic because the title of the "can't get you out of my head", and, oh, my god, just get out of my head, but that was no. 2 on the list. >> feels like i do right now. >> he's actually not listening to it. but it's stuck in his head. >> another one, "don't stop believing." >> yes. this is yours. how could you not want to lisn you'll thank us later. ? hey i just met you ? >> we can't do the tease because we have to sing. i'm occupied. >> is that what you're jamming to, jack? coming up "the skinny, a celebrity giving away her kids' halloween candy. a vehicle cart wheeling through traffic and the good samaritan races to the rescue. a traffic stop turning into something a police officer never
3:40 am
a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by life alert. "world news now" weather
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and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. that major that major pipeline if alabama shut down because the fire is still days from being reopened. officials are now expecting it to open sunday afternoon. the gasoline pipeline exploded and burned earlier this week killing one person and injuring five. a small fire is still burning. the pipeline carries gasoline from the gulf coast to new york city. some local stations report price
3:44 am
overall have not changed that much. this violent traffic accident in houston seen on surveillance video brought out the best in a woman working nearby. victoria heard the crash from our desk and did not hesitate running right to the wreck pulling out the suv's elderly driver and her boss said what she did was danger, but she said she'd do it again. the shop did not promise complete car care. another praised this >> a police officer in oklahoma pulled over a truck for speeding, but what he found inside the truck was the last thing he was expecting. >> reporter: this police traffic stop on a speeding truck suddenly turning into a race to save a live. >> what you got going on? >> reporter: oklahoma cop jordan jones. >> oh, oh.
3:45 am
her out of the truck. >> oh, she's gone. >> no, she's not. >> reporter: finding a weak pulse, jordan starts cpr. >> no. say something. please. >> reporter: keeping her alive as they wait for paramedics. >> they drove personal trucks to get there as fast as they could. >> reporter: minutes later, a sign of hope. >> come on, dana! wake up! >> reporter: the woman makes it to the hospital in stable condition. >> it was thyme t you don't have a lot of time. >> reporter: not a lot of time, but thanks to the officer and those paramedics, that woman has a gift of more time. abc news, denver. >> incredible story. this is something that terrifies me, though, because i've been trained in cpr a few times in my life, never used it, and i'm terrified that i would forget and just -- >> all of it? >> panic, freeze -- >> there's, like, apps actually that help you remember, hopefully during the process.
3:46 am
who you are because you never know if you'll be in that position. >> so brush up on it. not here, no, not now. all right, the grinch who stole halloween. she's a supermodel. >> and a big oop moment getting ryan reynolds in trouble with his wife. >> it's a good one.
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? time for the skinny. we're going to start with gizelle doing the up thinkle. she did the unthinkable to her kids on halloween. it's well-known that the supermodel and her husband, tom brady, follow a strict diet consisting of vemg vegetables and lean meats. >> halloween no exception. they are dressed up in their costumes, but revealed she is gave away all of her kids' halloween candy. >> the couple has their kids so well trained they don't even crave junk food or so she says telling "people" since they don't have that sugar in the house, the kids took only one bite of the candy and didn't want anymore. i don't believe it.
3:49 am
to film their kids, and i challenge her to take this next time they refuse candy. >> i completely believe it. i saw it pass on the wire that tom brady's house was egged by neighbor kids, so -- >> sorry. am i supposed to laugh -- i shouldn't laugh. >> back to the oops moment on national tv that got ryan reynolds in trouble with his wife. >> he revealed he's the father of two girls, joking that there's a lot of estrogen in the confirmed ryan got himself in huge trouble and tried to buy himself out with milk and cookies. he slipped. >> yes. he did. >> that's -- he told us the sex of the baby. >> the baby was born in september, and they still have not publicly reveal her name, but she joins big sister jameis who is two years old. >> not like the baby was in the womb. >> it's. since september. >> easy to slip.
3:50 am
strange. next, one of america's most prolific action movie stars has become a russian citizen. >> the kremlin announced it's awarding russian citizenship to steven seagall he's called for the impeachment for president obama and vocally praised vladimir putin as one of the greatest world leader ever. >> he's not alone expatriot status. a french actor went to be exiled there three years ago, and roy jones, jr., given duel citizenship due to frequent business trips there. >> no word on whether seagal accepts full citizenship or duel citizenship to pay taxes in both countries, but we say, thank you, russia. up next, pulling out all the
3:51 am
>> a very provocative side lip syncing to "what a man." ? what a man what a man ? ? a mighty good man ? ? what a mighty good man ? >> stole the show from her competitor who transformed hefrs into the weekend, but, yeah, she won. look at that. estate porn. >> fashion icon tommy and his wife slashed $21 million off the price of their sprawling penthouse apartment atop new york's plaza hotel. >> you can afford it. it's still 5600 square feet across two floors boasting four bedrooms and four bathrooms
3:52 am
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>> so the election heat was turned up full blast this week on the campaign trail, understandably, with anthony weiner making a surprise return to the headlines. >> who would have thought a pop diva would steal the show at the cma well here now is our weekly friday rewind. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about, and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrong doing with just days to go. >> i think this was a terrible error in undjudgment by the director to release this ambiguous letter. >> and i'd never thought we'd be
3:56 am
weiner. >> imagine having a presidents who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, p.o.w.s, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us together. >> the future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics, not the critics, certainly not the media. we're asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not moneynd >> i hate to put a little pressure on ya, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. >> i think it's the freaking gas line. look how black that smoke is. >> looked like there was, like, a plane crash. i've never seen anything like this. >> yes, he did. very much. >> my call vance was our worst case scenario, period. >> this was the night we were going to make sure that he didn't hurt anybody else.
3:57 am
what this team has battled through all year long and believing we're the best team, but the ups and the downs and having to fight through things, i mean, it's an unbelievable team to be a part of. every guy on this team roots for each other. >> cheering and yelling and celebrating through the world series, and i can't believe the cubs made it! yeah! >> i just want to thank all my fans, everybody, for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come ? ? >> beyonce doing the cmas. >> she rules. >> you know what else? somebody's doing the new york marathon on sunday. >> jack, jack back there. >> good luck, jack. >> go jack. >> thank you. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at wnn fans. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the candidates get set to enter the final weekend before election day. both hillary clinton and donald trump hitting three battleground states today alone. their surrogates trying to secure every last vote. we've got analysis and a live report straight ahead. also, darkness in vegas as one casinos suffer a complete power outage. elevators, rooms all dark. guest evacuated and the plans some made to wait it out. an suv rolling over on a busy street. one woman's natural reaction running to the rescue. and it's party time in the windy city. chicago today toasting the new world series champions. estimates for downtown rally in the millions.


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