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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> >> commitment 2016 special coverage begins at four, with a swing state blitz by hillary clinton and donald trump the candidates are neck&neck, national polls show little separation, vo angle of this election, from the white house, to the senate, to massachusetts' critical ballot questions. we begin in the crucial swing state of new hampshire donald trump holding a rally there tonight but first president obama is set to rally for hillary clinton at unh. this is a look at air force one, on the tarmac at manchester-watson, the president hoping to inspire some last-minute turnout at the polls. our david bienick is live on the
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nearly every one of them is filled right now. they have already heard from filmmaker ken burns and staff his first today, it tells this is president obama. president obama about the state of manufacturing and said the picture is not as bad as donald trump says it is. >> manufacturing jobs have grown since the 90's. so i tell you that donald trump is not the guy who is going to look out for you.
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here there is no early voting. democrats are hoping just to the effort will make a difference. the granite state is a dead heat. trump and clinton separated by just six-tenths of a point that's according to the real-clear-politics average. clinton leads, 43.3 to 42.7. trump is back in new hampshire today, trying to lock up the state's 4 electoral votes. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat continues our team coverage now, from manchester. trump, and pence will make their final push thru new hampshire tonight. hoping to pick up its 4 electoral votes. but trump lost one of his
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before the election. the fbi deciding not to charge clinton over her emails. trump again calling the system rigged clearly frustrated. despite that news supporters still today, chanting lock her up. trump making an urgent plea to voters today. >> hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. and now its up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that's what's gonna happen 47 trump racing across 4 states today. he kicked off the day in florida. then to north carolina pennsylvania new hampshire then ending the night in michigan. the rally here, starts at 8:00. in manchester, nh shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. meanwhile the trump campaign is denying they've taken the candidate's twitter privileges away. sunday, the new york times reported aides had taken control
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on message. but today, campaign manager kelly-anne conway said that never happened. trump's account has been tweeting over the past few days, but it's mostly been about various campaign events around the country. clinton is criss-crossing swing states today, trying to hold on to her slim lead over trump. our team coverage continues now with john atwater for a look at clinton's last-minute moves. john? polls show her with a slight lead nationally right now, so she is trying to shore up support in some key battleground states. here she is outside pittsburgh earlier this afternoon. and she's going back to the other side of that state tonight. bruce springsteen and bon jovi will perform at a rally in philadelphia. she's also making stops in michigan and north carolina. >> i'm here to ask you to vote for yourselves and your family and vote on the issues that
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clinton is not talking about the fbi's announcement yesterday that her emails will not prompt criminal charges. she wraps up her day with a midnight rally in north carolina, which analysts say is a tossup right now. newsroom trump's running mate mike pence will join the republican nominee at a rally in manchester later this evening. earlier today, pence met with voters in minnesota. he held a rally in duluth urging republican voters to come home saying if clinton were elected, she would bring outright corruption to the oval office. he dismissed the fbi's laterst found no new evidence of criminal wrongdoing in her handling of national security information, and promised a victory. i joined this campaign in a heartbeat because you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down. he is a fighter. he is a winner.
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final rally in michigan tonight. we've been talking about battleground states this afternoon, so let's take a look at the latest abc news battleground map. it's newest model has new hampshire leaning towards clinton and georgia leaning toward trump. arizona, north carolina, and florida still up for grabs but if this map holds, a trump sweep would not give him the electoral votes to win. on however if several states currently leaning towards clinton break the other way, nevada, colorado, pennsy among them, trump could make his way to the 270 electoral votes needed to win. one of the battlegrounds you saw on that map, nevada, may already be out of reach for trump. democrats have built a huge lead in the state already, thanks to early voting. they're up by 6 points statewide, and almost 14-points in the clark county, where most of its voters live. this is similar to the pace that
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massachusetts residents cast their ballots during early voting. today, secretary of the state william galvin said a total of one million, thirty thousand people voted early in the bay state. that's on top of 140,000 absentee ballots. galvin also estimates total voting numbers will exceed three million. this is the first year of early voting in massachusetts. the justice department is sending federal election monitors to 28 states, including right here to massachusetts to enforce voting rights laws. the justice department says more than 500 monitors will be on the ground in nearly 70 jurisdictions across the country, among them quincy. however, there is no longer any federal power to mandate observers inside polling stations. local officials have the primary responsibility to respond to any issues of violence or intimidation at polling places. our special election coverage is far from over after world news tonight stay tuned for newscenter 5 at 7:00, followed by a live otr election special, right here on channel 5.
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we have a special hour of coverage at 7:00. abc has the latest results starting at 8:00. and we'll be here for newscenter 5 at 11:00. police make an arrest in a deadly shooting in everett and right now, the suspect is behind bars. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon, following reports of a carjacking in the area of ferry street. newscenter 5's diane cho is in everett now with the latest, diane? prosecutors say the victim agreed to meet with the suspect on ferry street to sell him marijuana on sunday when they say he shot and killed the victim. 27-year-old keith herring was in court today for his arriagnment on several charges including murder and carjacking. police identified the victim as 21-year-old gary duff-turcotte of stoneham. prosecutors say the suspect was in the backseat of the victim's car and told him to get out of the car bc he wanted to talk to the victim's girlfriend but the victim refused. that's when prosecutors say the suspect pointed a gun at the victim and shot him.
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out of the car, that's when prosecutors say the suspect climbed into the driver's seat and drove off. prosecutors say the suspect was currently out on bail on a different case where he's facing a number of charges for that one including attempted murder. at the time he was on a gps monitoring device for those charges officers from everett pd contacted monitoring and they were able to verify herring was on ferry street at the time of shooting >> the suspect's attorney declined to comment after the hearing. the judge revoked the suspect's prior bail status and ordered him to be held without bail on the current charges. >> let's take a live look.
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it really looks kind of nice for us. they are now shifting off to the south. that is where it has been a break -- bit breezy. the winds are light now. we're going to have a various still nice your starting out chilly. it will fall into the 30's in boston. there will be some of it late tonight. come back tomorrow. we'll be talking about election day whether and what with father coming up in a little while. and it is moving nicely in both directions. we're going to begin down at the split and.
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are at 128 south and it looks like it is low but if you about 22 minutes. it is a seven minute ride right now. we just getting started at 4:00. and still ahead today on newscenter 5 at 4, we're remembering the life and legacy of janet reno. and, another powerful earthquake rattles oklahoma. see the extent of the damage there, and find out what is being blamed for this latest quake.
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massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker
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>> the nation's first female attorney general, janet reno, has died. she was a key figure during the clinton administration facing criticism for her handling of the deadly raid on the compound in waco, texas and the seizure of elian gonzalez. newscenter 5's erika tarantal looks back at reno's life, and legacy. >> janeto general. a former miami prosecutor reno famously told reporters i don't do spin appointed by president bill clinton, she served as attorney general for nearly eight years. she was one of the administrations most recognizable and polarizing figures. >> i've always told people if they don't like what's going on in their government they shouldn't stand on the sidelines and complain, they should be involved and i think it's important in a democracy that
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the branch davidian compound in waco, texas where sect leader david koresh and 80 followers died. following waco, reno figured into several controversies and scandals that marked the clinton adminstration, in the spring of 2000, reno angered her hometown's cuban-american community when she authorized the armed seizure of elian gonzalez. the boy was taken from the home of his miami relatives so he could be returned to his father in cuba, reno sot, disagrees agree with elian's father's political beliefs, but that's not reason to keep child from his father after leaving washington janet reno returned to florida, where she ran for governor in 2002, losing in a democratic primary. the campaign brought her public career to an end. >> i prefer not to think of what i have accomplished which is most satisfying to me. she died from complications of
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miami surrounded by family and friends. janet reno was 78. >> folks in oklahoma are cleaning up after this strong earthquake rattled the central part of the state. the magnitude 5.0 quake was recorded near the city of cushing about 50 miles southwest of tulsa. the trembler damaged buildings and prompted evacuations.,knocked out power for a few hours. cushing public schools canceled classes today, so crews can check the buildings for damage. so far, only a few minor injuries reported. hundreds of earthquakes have rattled the state over the last few months. >> the ground started shaking very hard. i looked down and there is a big
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they've been linked to oil and gas waste wells from oil production in the area. that is a byproduct of that. >> he did the research on that. here the weather is pretty nice. i am sure you will agree with that. see the edge of those clouds. it is going to become clear everywhere tonight. here is a look at boston and the winds are much lighter. very gentle here. the temperatures are in the 40's
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now the skies will be clear and the winds will be light. they will stay a little bit above that many of them get to freezing or below. that is not indicative of a cold day tomorrow. once it is up it is going to feel great. it will be around 60 degrees and some spots will easily get there. like a windy day either. those who haven't already done so. here is a little look at election day. and as it starts in the morning. temperatures responds nicely moving up. even as you get into the early
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a little bit of rain across the gulf coast. really not a whole lot of storing units to talk about and no real cold air. now high-pressure in firm control. it is a west-north westerly winds. as the front will approach. it looks like the core of the rain will affect that. that will be mid day. it will turn chilly again. that should be a nice and sunny day. there you have it. beautiful weather for election
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and thursday looks like a nice day. temperatures on friday should make it there. looks like it's colder. milder for the second half. >> hero police officers honored today in new hampshire. still ahead on newscenter 5, see how manchester recognized two of
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>> let's take a live look at the university of new hampshire right now. he will be indoor durham to rally support. much more of our campaign coverage still ahead. >> a major gasoline pipeline that exploded in alabama last week is now back in service. one person was killed, four others hurt, when the pipeline exploded monday while crews were making repairs to a september spill. a piece of excavn blast. the 4 people injured remain in the hospital. the manchester, new hampshire police department is paying tribute to heroic and courageous officers. two of them in particular, awarded the department's medal of valor today. officers ryan hardy and matt o'connor were both shot in the line of duty in may while pursuing a robbery suspect. the chief also taking a moment -- >> the officers responded professionally and reacted to
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with dignity and respect. the chief also took a moment to recognize the family technology that they make it possible to share their burden. we're about to get our best look at the moon in the past 70 years. still ahead on newscenter 5, which night you should look up, to see it bigger and brighter
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>> the moon is about to look bigger and brighter than it has in nearly 70 years. scientists say a supermoon is expected next monday. and because of the timing, it will be especially big and bright. the best viewing wilbe sunday night. there will be another supermoon next month but it won't be as bright because of a meteor shower. we will be there and will be big. our special coverage of commitment 2016 continues at just ahead, we're looking at a pair of tight races in new hampshire, for governor and in the senate. the latest numbers from the grite state. and, massachusetts voters could be legalizing marijuana tomorrow. see the final push from both sides of the question four debate. that and much more ahead, on
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massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky.
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ave no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. please join me and but you know what - like i've learned a lotfew thifrom her. e - ness... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayot, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved
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wcvb newscenter 5 at 4:30 starts right now. the university of new hampshire campus in durham where the president is getting ready to rally hillary clinton supporters. president obama is not there, but the presidential seal is there. he should be there soon will -- clinton is locked in a close rate with trump. trump is holding a rally in manchester later on. anchor: it is one of the most hotly contested issues.


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