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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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night here on wcvb because the presidential race is so tight. it's 11:00 p.m. in the east. election night 2016, and it's in keeping with that this year has trump in the lead. those are the two campaign headquarters in new york. let's put up the board, see where things stand. 190 electoral votes for clinton, 172 for trump. polls have closed in five more states. 82 electoral votes. california is the big one. 55 going to hillary clinton. that was expected.
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hawaii, 24 electoral votes, going for hillary clinton as well. the state of idaho, four electoral votes, solid republican state, going for donald trump. not enough data for washington, expected to go to clinton. also, oregon, we'll wait for these. but we're paying so much attention to the battleground state. we're down to nine fro what we've seen, many many electoral paths opening up for donald trump to get to the 270 he needs. jon, let's start with the state of florida. >> looks like he running the table on the remaining states. florida, donald trump has a lead of well over 100,000 votes. just not enough votes out there, i believe, for hillary clinton
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trending solidly for donald trump. north carolina, another state that was a toss-up, a five-point lead with 92% of the vote in. trailing in the state of pennsylvania, with about 70% in. but look how close pennsylvania is. this is a state that hasn't gone republican since 1988. keep going up north. new hampshire, 59%. a state where trump has been the underdog for months, george. and he's 49% to clinton. and the real story here may be in the industrial midwest. the states of michigan, where he still has a lead with about half the vote in. and the state of wisconsin, where he's the ultimate underdog, up three points with 57% in. >> receicecilia vega? >> well, the shift in the last five to seven days, you don't vote against something, you vote
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perhaps that message came too late for hillary clinton. when we look back at the message she cast over the last few days of this race, she said, don't vote against something, vote for something. and i think it came a little late. >> and so much of her message was drowned out in the final days by the message from james comey, the >> yes, they were virtually gloating about the powerful ground game, built up all around the country. and the news broke, this roller coaster of emotions and projections, but it's e-mails and trust and likability. >> cokie?
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about 40% of voters said change was the most important thing. more important than temperament, judgment, or any of that. and those voters went for trump in each of those states by about 85%. >> and charlie gibson, you go back to 1980, there has been a bush or clinton in the white house except for the last eight years with hillary clinton as secretary of state. and maybe there's some reaction to people who have been in far too long. >> you know, i think that was one of the things that despite the donald trump characterization of jeb bush, he was a formidable candidate going in. indeed had an incredible fund-raising operation at the beginning. but people didn't want a third
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north carolina, big battleground state, it's going to donald trump. 15 electoral votes right there, one of his core four states. matthew dowd, he's filling in the map the way he needs to. >> she had all the paths in the world when the night began. now, he has multiple paths for the electoral college to get to 270. she at this point has to come close to running the table to win ale >> has to win nevada, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania and new hampshire. >> she's got to now run the table. we've been talking for weeks, republican privately have been saying, this is a very narrow path for donald trump. now, suddenly here tonight, we see a narrow path for hillary clinton. >> can i just point out one key number emerging as the storyline
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trump's margin among noncollege voters is the highest, going back 30 years. look at this. 39-point gap between donald trump and hillary clinton between when it comes to noncollege whites. better than reagan did in 1984. >> and amy robach? >> so much screaming and excitement in the room. and right after the celebrating, they started chanting florida, florida, florida, call it. everyone is anxiously awaiting for that state to be called. but they're certainly celebrating tonight. you can see the sea of red hats tonight, make america great again. everyone is proudly wearing them right now, and very excited to be here, and waiting for trump
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>> robin roberts at the javits center? >> we're at the big screen. and it is -- they're intently watching the coverage, they keep switching from network to network, doing their best to stay upbeat, and the mood has changed off and on, as you would imagine. but they, as you hear them right now, they are not and they know it's a very small margin, but they still feel that victory is within the grasp of hillary clinton. >> thank you. jon, let's pull up the battleground possibilities, and show donald trump's various paths now. >> so, solidly already called, ohio, north carolina, the solid lead still in the state of florida.
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254. so how does he get the remaining 16? multiple paths, the first thing he could do is win michigan, gets him to exactly 15. and when iowa and wisconsin, where he's leading now, that gets him to 270. and he could also win the state of pennsylvania. if he gets pennsylvania, even though he doesn't get wisconsin, george, include the congressional district in maine. if he didn't take that, all of the 270s would be 269, 269. >> and let's look at what hillary clinton's possible paths are. put pennsylvania, leave florida with trump. north carolina, certainly. leave florida, and let's see what her paths are. >> well, the most likely would
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and win michigan. and then, keep wisconsin. 268. she's got -- >> still would need new hampshire. >> would need nevada or new hampshire. >> george, whoever wins, the closer this is, the greater the divide in the country. and this is such a dramatic evening. things a lot of people didn't close. if she wins the popular vote, if he wins the electoral college, everybody will be doubting everything. >> based on everything we're seeing and likely unfolding, whoever wins is going to be very upset. hillary clinton will be, she's going to sit there and think, i came very close but for wikileaks, the supposed russian
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the and trump will blame the republican establishment, the media. no matter who wins, i totally agree, it's an untenable situation in the aftermath. >> a majority nationwide say they're not at all confident that votes will be counted accurately. meanwhile, among those voters who clinton, 72% say they're scared of a donald trump presidency. there are a lot of folks at home watching the numbers come in who are feeling an emotion they might not normally feel on election night. terror. >> if donald trump wins this, i can imagine a lot of committed democrats blaming james comey and the media. >> james comey, absolutely. maybe media for the attention
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of factors here. i think there's a wave in rural areas that nobody had in their models. maybe not the clinton campaign. i think comey situation had more of an impact than anybody predicted. drowning out any potential closing message she had. >> you hear the chime, another state to project. oregon, seven has not voted for a republican since 1984. will go to hillary clinton. the blue west filling in for hillary clinton. 197 for electoral votes, 187 for donald trump. and bill kristol, i want
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to have a republican house, almost certainly going to have a republican senate as well. >> or a 50/50 senate. where the vice president would make a tie. >> if you said a week ago, an undivided republican government, that's pretty amazing. trump surprised a lot of us in the primaries time and again, we thought, that was the primaries, nate silver was very cautious, predicting a hillary clinton victory. he said it was 2-1, hillary clinton victory. looks like it may not happen. trump will have surprised. when was the last time there was an upset of this kind, people went in on election day --
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they didn't even poll in the final three weeks. alex? >> the big story here, win or lose, whichever candidate is the size of the repudiation of business as usual, what cokie was talking about, is stunning tonight. in that, there's an opportunity to bring the country together. trump did it march 15th in florida, after he won the florida lots of flags. whichever candidate wins tonight will have to do that. >> what's amazing, president obama's approvial rating in som of these states is above 50%. so, in some of these states, there are some who approve of president obama that voted for
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to the rallies, there was a lot of hate in those rallies. a lot of racism, absolutely it was. and -- >> i think we should think a little bit more of about half of the american people who might be voting for donald trump, to say that about them. >> they wore it on their t-shirts. all i'm saying, a ott lot of pe, you can say what you want about donald trump and what he wants to do, there about the people who showed up in those rallies. >> i think there's a big question about what type of change these voters want. >> they're trying to figure out when this magical year, when america was great. do you know the year we're trying to get back to? >> nobody is trying to get back to anything. talking about making america great, opening up opportunities for everybody. he went to the inner city, and
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trapped on an island of urban despair? let's do something about that. >> i want to come back to the states we're seeing close races. florida? >> 96% reporting, if you look at the counties i've been talking about, down by miami, democrats waiting for the vote to come in. miami-dade is 100% in. broward county, 100% in >> she won each of those first two by 30% of the vote? >> she won miami-dade by almost 30% of the vote. in ord in other words, a margin bigger than barack obama. >> and that means the clinton people hit their targets. they said if they won by about 25%, they would win. but they didn't account for the surge in trump territory.
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head-scratching going on, trying to figure out how this could have happened in the state that both sides said this was a must-win. >> david? >> when you look at noncollege whites how they voted, it's 39-point gap. 28%, hillary clinton, 67%, donald trump. how many times did kellyanne conway tell us, there's going to be a and i remember being out on the trail on labor day with him, and he kept saying to me, look at the size of the crowds, lined up down the street. he said the same thing to tom llamas over and over again. donald trump was confident that what he was sensing and feeling in the crowds was something that is not registering in the polls. >> and one more thing we should
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sentiment about not having a woman president. we've never had a woman president, and we've talked about excitement among women to have a woman president. but there's always in these situations at least equal amounts of hostility to that kind of change. and the fact that we're seeing this, particularly among noncollege educated white men is not surprising. and i think some of it has to be attributed woman. >> what are we seeing in michigan? >> michigan, donald trump, 49%, 46% for hillary clinton. more than half the vote counted. michigan, we're still looking for wayne county, detroit. but 60% of wayne county is in. only 40% outstanding in wayne county.
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two-thirds yet to be counted. that's republican territory. we could see trump's lead build. >> and wayne county is much bigger. so, 40% is a much bigger pool of votes. mccomb may come down to -- donald trump is carrying, but not as big as earlier. but michigan is going >> we should explain a little bit about mccomb county in the state of michigan. that's state where reagan brought a lot of democrats up to the republican party. bill clinton won them back in 1992, they've been fought over since then. >> it's always, winning michigan
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as best as you can in oakland, mccomb, survive the rest of the state. that was always the winning strategy for democrats. now it looks like he's doing better than normal in mccomb, and the rest of the mitten, he's running up huge numbers. >> bill? >> i'm just looking at my own little math here. trump is running stronger in wisconsin than michigan, and is there's more vote there, and he has a bigger margin. >> what are we seeing in wisconsin? >> 63% of the vote is in, and he has a commanding lead. so -- >> wisconsin is a smaller state than michigan. >> trump needs to hang on to iowa, win wisconsin, he's there. >> where are we in iowa? >> iowa is close. let's take a look.
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>> tom llamas? >> one of trump's top aides on twitter, it's happening. >> what's happening? >> i don't know. but apparently it's happening, and they're very excited about it. the conventional wisdom throughout the campaign, bill was talking about this, was always wrong. so many of us shouldn't be vi surprised, he called this plus plus plus this week. he may be 100% right. and i was looking at amy's live shot from his watch party, he motivated white voters, and gave them a uniform. they're all wearing the make america great again hat. and to me, the big story, he motivated the white vote so much, he gave them a shot of espresso and a red bull chaser,
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r each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? cc1 test message cc1 test message back live in times square, after this. >> we're back now in times square. coming up on 11:30 now. the trump campaign saying it's happening. they believe they're on the way to victory. jon, if you look at the battleground states right now, donald trump isn't ahead in the states he needs to get 270 electoral votes.
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the south. he is, i think, has a very commanding lead, with 96% of the vote in, and all the democratic vote in, in southeast florida. so, move up to the state of north carolina. he's already won. pennsylvania is one state, look at this, george. 48%, 48%, trump with a slight lead. this is a state again that has not gone republican since 1988. thought trump had any chance of being close in. he has a tie. new hampshire, another state he had trailed, trump continues to have a lead, 64% of the vote in. go to michigan, it's tightened a bit. but donald trump still has a lead in michigan, almost half the vote is still out. wisconsin, maybe the shocker of them all. 65%, two-thirds of the vote is in, and donald trump has a
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clinton in wisconsin. >> getting back to what cokie brought up earlier, whether we're witnessing pushback to the idea of the first woman president. 41% of the men who went to the polls today, voted for hillary clinton, 53% for donald trump. and women, it's the reverse. hillary clinton 54%, donald trump, 42%. we hav gender gap since 1966. >> and i want to go to rebecca jarvis. markets around the world are watching the results. >> and they're selling off. dow futures are down more than 700 points. if that were to stick in tomorrow's trading session, it would be the single largest drop since the great recession.
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votes, looked like it had been in play for a while, donald trump not popular, but donald trump will win the state of utah. stays solid red right there. he's continuing to fill in that map. right now, 197 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 193 for donald trump. but as jon was showing you, he has many, many more paths to the 270 right now. >> i so here it is. hillary clinton, she's got colorado, virginia. he already has north carolina, ohio. if you give him florida, where he has a commanding lead, if you give him new hampshire, where he's leading. if you look at, now he's at 247. multiple ways for him to get to
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michigan, takes arizona. take michigan back out, he can win the state of wisconsin, and iowa, where he's leading and has led for some time in the polls. take wisconsin back out. he can win the state of pennsylvania. that puts him over the top. take pennsylvania back out. win the state of nevada, he's at 270. he has multiple plausible paths to 270 >> so many paths for donald trump. coming up on 11:30 p.m. in the east. we'll be here right until the end. so much drama here tonight. could the biggest upset in presidential history be in the
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test text1 underline test text1 underline it's now 11:30 p.m. in the east. we have a projection. it's the state of florida. 29 electoral votes, they go to donald trump. donald trump has won the state states, one of his keys to victory. he said all along, he was going to win that state. he has a home there, worked hard in this state. he pulled out a victory there, pulling ahead of hillary clinton. 222 electoral votes to 197 for hillary clinton. matthew, this is a big one. >> it's huge. this is the one, for the last month, the clinton folks said,
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has many different ways to get to the 270 votes he needs to be the next president of the united states. >> cecilia, counting on a surge of latino votes, they got one, but it wasn't enough. >> it wasn't. and radio silence from brooklyn right now. we know that hillary clinton is in a hotel there with bill clinton and chelsea. were getting details down to what their granddaughter was wearing, and what the catering was. i think the fact that how silent they are, speaks volumes to how nervous they must be. >> amy robach, exuberance in the trump camp. >> no one is silent here. i said people were smiling and laughing, now they're jumping up and down, screaming,
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were once florida, florida, florida, now they're saying president trump, president trump. shouting, smiling, people taking pictures. i think there's even a group singing right now. this is a very unexpected turn. and now this crowd won't stop cheering for the man they came to support. anything but that. >> and washington, coming in, 11 electoral votes, it's going to hillary clinton. now, she has 209 electoral votes to his 222. donald trump doing very well across the middle, hillary clinton on the east coast. jon? >> hillary clinton has to win all these states in the industrial midwest, and hang on to nevada.
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hillary clinton has to run the table to become president. donald trump in the lead.
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those pictures tell the story. that's the hillary clinton campaign, you see tears at the clinton campaign. now, at the trump headquarters, you hear the cheers, you see the votes to 209 for hillary clinton. it's getting close. >> and in the war room in trump tower, they're getting very excited. we said conventional wisdom was wrong, and so is political science. everyone said they weren't ready for prime time, but they made


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