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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 10, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> it was an honor being with you. >> they put aside their differences for the good of the country. anchor: suspects in two carjackings and a stabbing in connecticut caught after a police chase here in mass. the takedown in a quiet neighborhood. anchor: and, a man accused of posing as an fbi agent, and trying to talkis arlington home. >> a historic meeting at the white house president-elect trump and president obama together after a bitter and personal campaign season, in which the two lobbed insults at each other for months. anchor: but as the pair discussed unifying the country, more protests from americans angry over trump's win. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with more now, ben?
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trump into the white house, and said he's committed to a successful transition to trump's new administration. >> donald trump left new york with the water cannon salute marking his first trip to washington as president-elect. at the white house, for a meeting with president obama, both saying they want a peaceful transition obama, we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds trump, i very with the president in the future, including counsel. reporter: this after a bitter election campaign. >> he's been perhaps the worst president of the united states. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. reporter: trump takes over the white house in january with solid republican control of capitol hill, and at the center of trump's agenda, undoing much of the obama legacy, beginning with repealing and replacing obamacare. then there's his big promise on
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reporter: today on cnn rudy giuliani says, trump will deliver, even if it means going around congress. >> he can do it by executive order by just reprogramming money within the, within the immigration service. reporter: trump also eager to fill that seat on the supreme court? replacing obama's long-stalled nominee, merrick garland, with a conservative justice. >> there are 4,000 political appointees that have to be named. po fill. president obama welcoming him to the white house. then sitting down, he met with paul ryan on capitol hill. trump was also joined by wife melania, and vice-president elect mike pence .
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>> we had a fantastic productive meeting about getting to work, rolling up our sleeves, and going to work for the american people. donald trump had one of the most impressive victories we've ever seen, and we're now going to turn that victory into progress for the american people. reporter: trump and ryan have had a rocky relationship. last month, the speaker stopped campaigning for trump, after the access hollywood video leaked of trump making lewd comments about women. the president-elect is now assembling his cabinet. there's speculation that it attorney general and newt gingrich for secretary of state. anchor: anti-trump protests continue today. these are high school students in san francisco who walked out today to protest. more than 1,000 students left several bay area schools, gathering outside city hall before making their way toward the golden state bridge. similar protests took places in several other cities nationwide last night including here in boston.
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discussed the need to work with president-elect trump today. in a speech to the afl-cio, warren said she would be open to hearing trump's ideas on the economy. >> count me in. i will push aside our differences and i will work with him to achieve that goal. jc: warren continued that she wo anything that she felt did not reflect that best interests of the american people. trump may be backing away from his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s.. if you go to his campaign website, this statement that was issued months ago has disappeared. that ban called for a complete shutdown of muslims from entering the u.s. until lawmakers quote figure out what is going on. trump recently altered his words, saying the ban should be on immigration from countries tied to terrorism, not muslims specifically.
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website asking for your ideas. great again dot gov was launched by trump's transition team and it's now up and running. you'll also find trump's ideas for national security and the economy. there's a link right now on the wcvb mobile app. ed: right now, a man and woman from connecticut are in state custody after a stabbing, two carjackings and a chase. it all started in putnam, connecticut and eventually ended in worcester. police say the pair carjacked a vehicle in connecticut crashed that car people in a second car before driving off. they continued to worcester where police say the tried to ram two state police cruisers. the pair was eventually arrested after trying to turn around in a driveway. new at 4, a new hampshire man is accused of dressing up as an fbi agent, and trying to talk his way into an arlington home. newscenter 5's david bienick is live at the scene with what investigators think the man
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about what they know about this case so far. it started on a small side street. he was arraigned in court today. prosecutors say he showed up at the arlington house last night dressed all in black wearing an fbi cap, and asking about a fugitive. when he asked to come inside to use the bathroom, the couple got suspicious and called police. officers say they later found leblanc at a bus stop with a backpack full of items including a loaded handgun, a military style knife, rope and duct tape. >> that's what they said they alerted them to the fact that it was strange. like, why would an fbi person show up and ask to use the bathroom? maybe you want to use the bathroom down at the station or whatever. reporter: instead of working for the fbi, leblanc is a mortgage officer at the mit federal credit union. in court today, he pled not
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investigators say they're still trying to figure out a motive. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about something else they found in his backpack that might be an important clue. live in arlington, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. >> right now police in bourne are searching for a man who they say attacked a 14-year-old girl on her way to school. we get the latest from newscenter 5's rhondella richardson, live in bourne. rhondella? 14-year-old walking to her bus stop, grabbed from behind by a man she didn't know, she was thrown to the ground and being strangled right here on puritan rd near cranberry rd. bourne police are patroling the area and ask residents to be on alert for anything suspcious along puritan rd especially during the time of the school bus. the 14-year-old girl was attacked just before 7 am. another person witnessing the assault intervened and that's when the attacker ran off hopping into a blue or grey
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windows and dark rims. >> he did grab her neck. that is when the witness interrupted the incident. >> the victim was not injured. have very few leads. >> students on increase in police presence after a stabbing inside of the cafeteria. a fight broke out between two freshmen. one of the teens involved was stabbed in the leg. that student is expected to recover after being rushed to the hospital. the stabbing suspect was arrested but it's not clear where the knife came from. ed: police in reading are investigating a series of
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the most recent one happened on election day at a house on prospect street. the suspect is a white or tan-skinned man in his 30's or 40's. police say he was carrying a clip board and a satchel. this is reading's third break-in, in just the last 12 days. four activists arrested today after blocking the entrance to this td bank in boston. we're told they were protesting the bank's funding of the dakota access pipeline. police say the two men and two women used bike chains to lock themselves together before locking themselves to the main entryway of the bank. >> a quincy man convicted of killing his estranged wife nearly two decades ago goes before the state's highest court. he's appealing a judge's refusal to grant him a new trial. daniel holland says his lawyers failed to present evidence of his mental health issues. holland was convicted of shooting his wife 7 times in 1998 before bludgeoning her with a rifle. the couple's 8-year-old son, patrick, found his mother the next day and later won a groundbreaking legal battle to
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a blow for the legal team representing a plainville woman prosecutors say is responsible for her boyfriend's suicide. a judge ruled evidence on michelle carter's cell phone and laptop can be used in the case against her. the judge also says statements she made to police can be used in her upcoming trial. 18-year-old conrad roy killed himself by filling his truck with carbon monoxide in 2014. 5 on the opioid crisis now. new figures released by the state of new hampshire show more than 300 people died from drug overdoses in that state so far this year. and that number could jump to nearly 500 by the first of the year. more than two-thirds of the deaths are linked to fentanyl, this week, massachusetts revealed more than 1,000 opioid overdose deaths in the first nine months of the year. most of those deaths were also linked to fentanyl. ed: on beacon hill lawmakers are going to be playing beat the clock to get the new marijuana
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>> we need to know how much is it going to cost to implement the law? then we have to think about public safety and public health. addiction and treatment. some states have gone beyond and said let's use it as a revenue source. we should be open to that conversation. our first obligation, meet all the costs associated with regulating the substance. anchor: on wcvb on the record senate president stanley about special numbers on a higher pot tax. as for marijuana edibles, rosenberg says he has serious concerns. watch on the record sunday at 11 am. the senate president also talks about the impact of a trump presidency on massachusetts' revenues. putting an end to bullying. jc: some of the local efforts being undertaken to help parents
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for parents. not just that your child could be the target but also the source. anchor: newscenter 5's erika tarantal shows us some local efforts to help parents raise kinder kids. reporter: >> it is about showing and teaching these kids that what they say matters, the choices they make matters. reporter: dina creiger created a curriculum of caring. she's the needham mom behind chose to be nice, a program spreading in local elementary schools. >> so we have kira the kindness mouse, this is pria the patient mouse, already in 30 schools it's only really been going for about a year and a half. >> i worry a lot about the lack of civility in our country. reporter: a real problem say researchers. >> we seem to be elevating achievement as the primary goal of child raising. reporter: richard weissbourd is the co-director of the making caring common project at harvard which has surveyed thousands of kids, parents and teachers across the country. >> we say alot, all i want is for you to be happy what about
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to be kind. reporter: he says parents should talk about kindness and empathy. then help kids practice. >> it's almost like learning an instrument or learning a sport, it's doing chores which are very important to do, it's helping our neighbors. reporter: don't over-praise for doing the right thing. make it an expectation. >> it's not giving your kid a trophy if they clear the table. reporter: and get kids involved in meaningful service experiences. >> you want to expand their circle of concern. reporter: he a explain how specific people may be helping them in their day-to-day lives. jc: time to turn to our birthday boy. ed: that is right. anchor: golly gee. 25. in the days of social media, you can't keep anything a secret.
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hopefully something good happens. >> you can see behind as temperatures are a little milder . boston was 39. we have a patchwork sky, it will not be as chilly as last night. it is 52 in boston. now it is going around to the west, southwest. our readings are in the 40's and 50's.
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will be as cold as it was late last night. when you look at the temperatures to the west, it is going to be a pretty mild day tomorrow. 63 in detroit. just off of our map there is a chunk of cold air. temperatures will reach 55 that will happen midmorning, late morning, lunch time. when the wind shifts, and it gets gusty that is when the cool air will start to move in. by sunset tomorrow we will notice the difference. here is the cold front. we will have some clouds
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then the front comes through and the wind picks up. temperature start to fall. as far as the weekend is concerned friday night and early saturday will be the coldest part of the weekend. sunday will be significantly milder. here you are. it is clear very early on. the front will be coming through. to better start to drop. most areas should be below freezing. check it out. we are including veterans day. when gusts could be in excess of 30 miles per hour. after that, you have a lot of sunshine. saturday morning will be the
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the mild weather will continue early next week. somewhere we will have to work on the timing. there is a chance of rain. ed: still ahead, what you need to know about a new recall impacting tens of thousands of cars in the united states. jc: but first let's see what's new at 5:00 with ben. face disciplinary action. their behavior some are calling offensive tonight. and in your health, vitamin d and breast cancer. the new research that suggests d could be the key in a patient's fight against the disease. >> this is an example of a waste of taxpayer money. >> bridge workers on a publicly funded job getting paid a higher rate than the governor. 5 investigates digging into a massive pay hike courtesy of the
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friday morning on the eyeopener, things that could sabotage your sleep. >> a big temperature drop and ed: up 218 points. the dow has surged since donald trump won the election. 500 points up. the s&p up slightly. but a down day for the nasdaq. new data shows the presidential election may hurt holiday shopping. anchor: a national retail federation survey taken three
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said the contest would impact their holiday spending plans. nearly half said they were being cautious with their money because of questions looming
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>> mr. trump goes to washington. the handshake seen around the world. but what did they really think about each other? neither one of them makes icon tact.
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>> the secret service wants the president-elect and his family to move out of trump tower. >> is this where they will stay? and chaos on the streets. rubber bullets. and how these guys tried to keep trump from getting a good night's sleep. >> that is just sick. >> and late night comics. what happened to the jokes? >> it is easy to say throw in the towel and we're going to leave. >> then, actor brad pitt's first re since angelina filed for divorce. >> that is sweet. everybody has been kind out here. it is nice to have the support. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. call it mr. trump goes to washington. president-elect donald trump traveled to washington, d.c. less than 48 hours after his victory in the presidential election. president obama who campaigned hard against mr. trump invited him to what will be his new


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