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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> right now a rally on the streets of boston. breaking, trumpet in transition. honoring veterans >> two big shakeups. praised obama's kicks us off. >> in an interview, donald trump now saying he is open to keep
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he pledged throughout his entire campaign that repealing that law would be at the top of his agenda. this comes as he puts vice president elect in charge of his transition team and that replaces new jersey governor chris christie. they are going to be the members of the transition came vice donald trump looking for is loyalty. >> all my work on behalf of him has been out of brand loyalty to him. that includes three of his children. some are questioning whether it
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trust businesses create some kind of conflict of interest. >> as we take a look behind me there are several hundred people here from all walks of life. they are all protesting donald trump's election that say a variety of things. the common theme here is that they take issue with donald trump as president and with that a little college. they say their voices have not been heard. we will you posted throughout the afternoon.
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the area today, and now we're seeing reports of downed tree limbs? >> look at the temperatures, they have already dropped into the 40's and they are headed that way. 35 here but the actual overnight low is going to be 32 in boston.
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well. still enough wind in some areas now is that indicative, no. there are temperature changes that will be talking about. >> breaking news, a hostage situation in pennsylvania. a man allegedly armed with a knife is inside a facility in the city of homestead, outside pittsburgh. police are surrounding the area, it is a facility that offers mental health services. there is no word on how many people are being held hostage right now. we will st o story. ~ next story ~ -- right now, 18 people are without a home from a two-alarm fire in lowell. it broke out on cross street just before noon. the flames tore through two homes and at least one car. firefighters rushed to the scene and were able to stop the flames from spreading any further. investigators are working to find the cause of the fire. right now, as the investigation continues in marlborough over the death of an infant, fire officials are now speaking to newscenter 5 about this heartbreaking case.
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information. jorge? and we are learning today that firefighters responding to the 911 call thursday morning, administered the overdose -reversal drug, nelaxone also known as narcan to the 2 adults found unresponsive in this home where the baby died little activity today at the house on harrison place no investigators coming in and out. fire crews responding to a 911 call around noon thursday found the baby's grandmother carrying the unconscious child outside, inside they discovered two adults a 19-year-old woman, and 23-year-old man both unresponsive. a source tells 5 investigates, the baby was just 5 weeks old, and that investigators are now looking at the possibility one of the adults, in bed with the infant, rolled over killing the
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first responders confirming administering an overdose reversal shot. >> i don't know what they might have found. they would administer it. at this point however, there is no confirmation drugs were involved the man and woman found unconscious continue being treated at the hospital,reaction from neighbors and family coming up at 5:00, live in marlboro national cemetery. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, honoring military veterans past and present who have served and sacrificed for their country. this ceremony is a tradition on veterans day. after the wreath-laying, the president delivered his final veterans day address before the end of his term. >> god bless all who served. may god bless the united states of america.
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veterans. in new york city, thousands lined the streets for the annual veterans day parade. bag pipe bands, veterans and floats honored those, past and present, who served our country. the parade started around 11am and went up fifth avenue. veterans are being honored at events around the city today, including dine out for hero's with more than 50 restaurants participating. a veterans day mission in boston. volunteers going door-to-door to thank those who have served and help reach 22,000 veterans and make them aware of the services available to them. >> shown them that i am not a veteran and i do remember everything that they sacrificed
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have knocked on 2500 doors, and that's not including the veterans they reached today. wcvb is proud to partner with home base for tonight's veteran's day special. they're doing tremendous work shining a light on the invisible wounds of war. the coast guard has suspended a search for 3 missing boaters off cape cod. the men did not return from a boating trip tuesday. the coast guard says it covered has exhausted all search efforts. they say their thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families. a judge awards $4 million to the cambridge couple who sued this woman over the death of their baby. one-year-old rehma sabir died in 2013, under the care of aisling brady mccarthy. murder charges were dropped after the medical examiner changed the baby's cause of
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attorney general martha coakley, says mccarthy may not have $4 million but the award will stop her from profiting from a movie or book deal. nine people are facing charges this afternoon after a drug raid in manchester. new hampshire police and swat teams served a search warrant at the orange street home yesterday. they've been watching the house for weeks focused on the sale of drugs, including crack cocaine. an 18-month old child in the home at the time. police seized over 3$200 in cash and 4 different drugs. they say the group had an extensive network for distribution. and taking a look at first you're looking live at zakim bridge traffic is xxx. -- not do that for friday afternoon. let's grown inside the drive times.
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you can see that one is 12. that is 23 minutes. dubs vucevic looks like right now. a federal judge takes action over the water crisis that's still unfolding in flint, michigan. still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4, what officials there have now been ordered to do for the people who've gone two years without safe water. and, find out what happened on the tarmac at a major us airport, that forced flight cancellations. >> temperatures are falling but look at the wind gust. will a you know about it. and right now, a pro-peace rally grows on the streets of boston, in response to the presidential election.
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>> new at 4, a federal judge says michigan state officials must deliver bottled water to flint homes. residents there are still living without access to safe drinking water after more than 2 years. the water is tainted with lead. the bottled-water delivery is to begin immediately. the natural resources defense council and michigan's aclu called it a victory for flint residents. scary moments at lax, when a
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police say the accident happened overnight, forcing the airport to cancel flights. one employee was treated for minor injuries. 447 passengers and 28 crew members were on the china southern airlines plane at the time. they were not injured. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. just let the two of you debate. it's friday. let's check it out. mostly car skies and you dch shaken a little bit. we are just minute away an steady wins. they already dropped 10 degrees in boston.
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38 miles an hour and the strongest winds will be this evening. they won't die down completely t theyill weaken with time. many of the 20's will show up and so we have been saying. try to dress warm underneath so that they will not freeze because it is going to be pretty chilly. it is not going to last long. the mild air will be starting to
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for the patriots game on sunday, after temperatures get, they will start to coast back. just about as a deal weather conditions. we check out the next seven days and we have had in back -- impacting today. notice you have full it will be just enough to make it feel like 20 or 25 degrees outside. as far as sunday is concerned, we will start warming up. it is going to look a little bit larger.
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and we will talk about some wet weather. the timing is interesting but there will be storm . we will be talking about it we will do just for you as we go along. real good news is that you have a full and sunny weekend enjoy. we will start in a milder finish. >> we want to get out for that rally for peace. the rally has really been
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and you can also see boston police. you can see the aerial view there and the crowd has been growing. serious political causes in the think they all is they are protesting the election of donald trump and the victory. it is built as a peace rally and people here have been protesting very peacefully. this is just a rally.
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going anywhere. he posted. the ceo of a popular food delivery service under fire tonight. still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4, what the head of grubhub had to say to employees who support donald trump but first let's see what's new at 5:00 with ben. >> new tonight on newscenter 5 at 5: a south shore community on alert after the first rabies case is confirmed there in more than a decade. the warning to people living in marshfield tonight. in your health, >> i have been on and off. this young teenager explains and we will show you the heartwarming reunion that took place in front of the entire school.
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>> let's check the numbers on wall street. postelection rally does a bit of steam. the dow is up. the ceo of food delivery service grubhub under fire tonight, after saying supporters of the president-elect aren't welcome in his company.
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his thousand-plus employees after the election. he suggested workers who agreed with donald trump's quote hateful rhetoric should quit. maloney has since backed down. he's issued a statement that he doesn't want anyone to resign just because they voted for trump but that the company would not tolerate quote hateful commentary in the workplace. now to a serious warning for trump but that the company would holiday shoppers. as mobile shopping is on the rise, so are the number of fake apps posing as popular retailers. security researchers urge customers to be on alert as these counterfeit iphone and android ps information. the ceo of branding brand, a company that builds apps for retailers, warns shoppers of apps posing as dillards, dollar tree, zappos, and new balance. it's a craze that's sweeping the nation, the mannequin challenge. still ahead on newscenter 5, see the nba champion cleveland cavaliers having some fun with the first lady of the united
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...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> monday morning on the eyeopener, going beyond the bar code. >> finding out what's really in everything you buy, may just be an app away. >> i am tracking the chance for needed rain on the way, join >> a social media trend sweeping the nation has made its way to the white house. on thursday, first lady michelle obama joined lebron james and nba champions the cleveland cavaliers, to pose for the popular mannequin challenge. the cavs first tweeted the photo with the caption freezing our white house visit in time forever with the flotus cleveland cavaliers will be th last prossional sports team to visit obama as president in the
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we take a break but then we're
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a house divided. chaos on the streets. and fortress trump. >> the gigantic headache for the president-elect's
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new book. was her coffee spiked with poison the night she asked this question? >> you have called women you don't like fat pigs. and the story behind the first photo of hillary clinton after her historic defeat. >> the chance encounter happened in these woods, and bill clinton took the photo. then, no more trump for me? >> those crazy cuckoos. >> have we seen the last of alec shielding her little boy as he is attacked by two dogs. and lamb scam. >> you're not trying to pull a lamb scam? >> no, we're not. >> when you order lamb what are you really getting? >> we did some testing. >> what you found may shock you. plus -- little rudy from the cosby show. now she's having a baby of her own. now "inside edition" with


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