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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it is too dark out there to fight those flames. it does not appear in a holmes are threatened. you can really get a picture when sky 5 pulls back. again, hard to make out. i'm ben simmoneau. jc: i'm j.c. monahan. the wind is fitting those flames. let's get over to harv. ha: yes, the wind is gusting a train on a boston, but still over 30 miles per hour and those winds can remain quite gusty through the evening hours. we have a wind advisory in effect until 1 a.m. i think the trend will be for the winds to ease a little bit,
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it is in the 30's and the berkshires. we have wind chills that have dropped into the low 30's in terms of how it feels and worcester. we will bottom out around 32 degrees. you know what that means. most of the suburbs will be below freezing. we will let you know about the weekend and the wind as we move on. jc: more breaking news. president-elect donald trump has shaken up his transition team. ben: campaign promises he made to eliminate obamacare. he said day newscenter 5's one. nichole berlie joins us with the breaking details. what do we know? nichole: that is right, ben and jc -- in a major shakeup to his campaign promise to overturn obamacare, president-elect trump is now doing what many of his supporters would consider an about-face saying he would consider keeping parts of it, after previously saying it was unworkable and too expensive.
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reports after trump's white house meeting with president obama yesterday, he's now showing a willingness to preserve at least two provisions of the health law. the president-elect saying he favors keeping both the prohibition against insurers denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions and the provision allowing parents to provide additional coverage for adult children. and more shake-ups when it comes to the president-elect, this time to the trump transition team. vice president-elect mike pence is in, governor chris christie is out. christie will now serve as a effort, alongside five other high-profile republicans, including former new york mayor rudy giuliani. both men's names also circulating as possibly filling the role of attorney general. >> what's your role expected to be? rudy giuliani: i have no expectations. all i do is give my advice. nichole: when it comes to chief of staff, there's word the list of possibilities includes, trump's son-in-law jared
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and rnc chairman reince priebus live in the studio, nichole berlie, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: right now, a peaceful protest against the election of donald trump continues on the streets of boston. sky 5 over the rallies were time ago. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is there. he joins us live. todd? todd: the rally is still in 2:00 this afternoon, scheduled to go until 7:00. this is a march, not a rally. these protesters are not going anywhere. it is made up of people from all inks of life. many are holding signs that speak to specific issues. the common theme is a very strong objection to trump and their determination to continue peacefully protesting his election.
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from trump and his supporters, which permitted the campaign. >> i think the only way for folks to win back the country -- and we're not that far away -- the ones who do not hate have got to renounce the hate. todd: this is promoted on social media as a peace rally, and by all accounts, it has been peaceful. todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: the investigation continues unconscious at the home where that baby was discovered. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga spoke with first responders today, and he is live in marlborough. jorge? jorge: the ms. been little activity here at the home or that baby was found unconscious and later died. according to relatives, the newborn's mom and father continue being treated at the hospital tonight. a source tell 5 investigates the baby was just 5 weeks old, -- five weeks old.
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down. he went to high school with the baby from him, and he says her family originally from peru, is , very religious. >> a christian family, a really religious family. jorge: around noon thursday, firefighters responding to a 911 call found the baby's grandmother carrying the unconscious child outside. >> they were excited. first grandchild. jorge: a 19 year old woman and a 23-year-old man in bed unconscious. firefighters immediately grabbed a kit like this, and gave them narcan. >> i'm not sure what they might have found, that they thought there would be some opioid overdose, they would have administered it. jorge: they are looking into the possibility that one of the adults rolled over onto the infant killing the baby. , but the mom's cousin is not so
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accident, but, you know, i guess until we hear otherwise. jorge: at this point, however, there is no confirmation drugs were involved. the district attorney's office is waiting for information from the medical examiner to determine exactly how the baby died. live in marlborough, or naked yoga -- roy quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a two alarm fire in lowell, 18 people now have to find a new place to stay. it broke out on cross street just before noon. the flames tore through two homes and at least one car. firefighters rushed to the scene and were able to stop the flames from spreading any further. investigators are working to find the cause of the fire. ben: no issues tonight on cambridge street in boston where a water main broke this morning. this happened right in front of one center plaza. the city tells us repairs have been made and there are no lingering issues tonight. to danvers now where a car slammed into a roast -- roast beef place right during the
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live on the scene. david? david: not only were people inside the restaurant, there was a man seated at the table right next to what used to be a window here. surveillance video shows a sedan pulling into the parking lot, turning into a space right in front of the restaurant, then rolling through a window. the man at the table inside is pushed by the car, but he jumps up and manages to get out of the way. is in her 60's and that she told police she'd just had her car detailed and a floor mat got stuck under the brake pedal. >> i was in the back and we hear it. it was like an explosion. you know what i mean? and then we see the glass was buckled up. it was like you ever see a windshield, somebody goes through the windshield? it was exactly the same way. david: get this. the owner tells us he had a problem with people throwing
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glass installed. he says the old glass would likely have sent shards flying and severely injured people. instead, customers inside had just a couple scrapes. the driver is also find tonight. she talked to police, got her food order, then drove away. live in danvers, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: still got her order. amazing. at 5:00, rabies has the town of marshfield on alert. the first cases in 15 years have has the story. nicole: the run-in with the rabid skunk happened here, but it could have been much worse . take a look over here. children playing just feet away. drake and charlie enjoying a sunny friday in their marshfield backyard. a place these two pups are not allowed to leave for more than a month. >> they are only allowed around me and each other. nicole: the two coming across a
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confirmed case in this town in first over 15 years. >> there was a skunk right here and he as on his hind legs and he was hissing and my dogs. nicole: that's when laurie depina says she tried to intervene. >> i threw a towel over the skunk to get him to stop and all he did was shake it off and he squeezed under this way. nicole: this german shepard thinking the skunk was here to play. mom not so much. >> nicole: both dogs have received booster shots and 9 days after the run-in are showing no symptoms of a rabies infection. >> i'm definitely relieved. everyday i wake up and say, 36 here.days until we get to ave nicole: we reached out to the town to see if there have been any more cases. both these pups were up-to-date on their vaccinations. if not, the quarantine would have been up to six months.
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statehouse today held at the , memorial for the massachusetts 54th regiment, which fought in the civil war and was made up entirely of african american soldiers. governor charlie baker led a ceremony inside the state house to honor massachusetts veterans and service members. president obama delivering his final veterans day address of his presidency today at arlington national cemetery. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in honor of military veterans who have sacrificed for our country. during his speech the president urged americans to reconnect with one another and to forge unity from our great diversity. all right. it started as a normal day at school. jc: ok, but for one local fourth-grader yesterday, it ended in a reunion. take a look. [applause] jc: love that. i just love it. u.s. navy senior chief sean cox has been deployed in somalia since january. he came home for the weekend to surprise his daughter arianne at
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deployed again, but the family he'll be back for the holidays. is hoping ben: good for them. i have a four-year-old daughter. we thank him of course for his service. jc: and all veterans. ben: all right, millions of smoke detectors sold nationwide recalled. jc: what you need to know if you have kidde products in your home. plus, a new glimpse into the terror attack at the pulse nightclub. the video shot by a first responder's body cam. ben: one more thing local veterans hope he can achieve with the military. jc: we continue to follow breaking news and lynn. a brush fire at the lynnwood
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: chilling new images tonight of the horror unfolding after the pulse nightclub shooting. body cameras showing what orange county sheriff's deputies were dealing with as they entered the building, once the gunman was dead. omar mateen shot and killed 49, and wounded more than 50 oer this footage heavily edited to avoid showing bodies. the city of orlando is now set to buy the nightclub and turn it into a memorial. pope francis, asking homeless people to pardon catholics who turn away from the poor instead of helping them. the pope inviting 4,000 people form 22 countries to the vatican. touching hands and sharing stories in a moving ceremony today. pope francis praising the poor for their dignity in one of his final moves in the church's holy year of mercy.
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go back to sky 5. live over breaking news. we have a brush fire inland, the lynnwood's reservation. it's not clear how much of the park is on fire. it looked pretty substantial. firefighters tell us it is likely to get into those woods to fight those flames. it does not appear any homes are threatened at this point. we will keep track of this threat the evening. they will likely be found by what we're looking at behind us. harvey: the winds are quite strong, gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. ben: a lot of us think with brush fire, heat, but it does not have to be a hot day. just dry and windy. harvey: the problem is the spreading of it. that's the real concern. all right. let's show you the wind once again. notice it is still gusting at 35 miles per hour in albany, new
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colder air is rushing in and that is what happens when it rushes and like that. that is how we get the strongest wind. we have localized a little bit showing the wind may not be as strong at the moment where the fire is located. they continue to be quite gusty into the evening. we have storm reports. we have a few in our area as well. outages right after 2:00. continuing on north and west of boston, down on one else circle and then into southern new hampshire, hampstead, a large oak tree uprooted on appleton lane a little bit before 2:00. again showing those very strong wind gusts with us at this time. the wind advisory remains in
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. it were not go calm, but it will be increasing. the skies will be nice and clear. here we are after sunset. 55 almost. we can still see some brightness. northwesterly wind, steady at eight -- at 18. chilly down through the 40's, upper 30's in the berkshires. colder with elevation. . if you are hit -- tonight will be cold. if you're headed out this evening, bundle up. early games will be cold with temperatures are around freezing. generally in the 20's in most of the suburbs. 15 to 20 miles per hour, late morning and the afternoon, up to 25. a respectable recovery
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to 45 or 50 degrees and you can add about 10 degrees to that for sunday. that is the good news. the cold air does not really stay. it will be falling through the 40's for the game sunday night between the patriots and the seahawks. it will be nice, really nice. it's just the fact that clear skies, dry air, light winds allow the temperatures to fall back. there you go. a cold start, it does look like a storm is going to try to come up the coast. it will probably become wet during tuesday, perhaps early on wednesday. we have to watch that especially. for the winds to increase significantly, we do have very high astronomical tides and that could become a concern along the coast. we will be monitoring that very carefully. ben and jc?
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good to know. a life-saving product you may have in your home, but many smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may malfunction when they reach the end of their seven-year life, even if you replace the batteries. the recall is for the kidde nighthawk talking combo smoke-carbon monoxide alarm. you should contact kidde to find out how to get a new alarm. ben: next here in your health -- piles of pills to prevent severe stomach pain. how this young teenager battles against a disease with no cure. that you come home and struggle to find purpose -- i think that's a real thing. jc: on a mission to help veterans thrive when they return to civilian life. how some local vets are making a difference. ben: new at 6:00: a sweet surprise for this world war ii veteran who just happens to be
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jc: stomach pain that's severe and has no cure. for people diagnosed with crohn's or colitis, those challenges to a normal healthy life are real. ben: yeah tonight i introduce , you to a young teenager who's managing his disease day by day. two piles of prescriptions and vitamins. 15-year-old aaron takes them every day and every prevent the pain enough in his stomach. sometimes it's not enough and there is a flareup. >> it is usually a mix between a burning, stabbing, aching pain. ben: at age six,aaron was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. it causes open sores in his large intestine. they can cause severe pain. >> i feel weak and frail.
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missed half of first grade and has been hospitalized several times. >> the doctors say it's not cancer. he's not going to die from it. it but it is chronic. ben: a recent biopsy shows thataaron has developed crohn's disease as well. it is similar, but affects difference areas of his digestive tract. >> as a family we try to keep things calm and one data time. last week he missed his fuse soccer games at the middle school. aaron is just really resilient and a glass half full kind of person. ben: he is raising money for research and staying in touch with kids he met at camp oasis in new york. all battling the same diseases. >> they know what you have to go through and know exactly what you're talking about.
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that people do not like talking about. aaron's older brother was recently diagnosed with crohn's, and researchers believe, a variety of genetic and environmental factors could play a role in causing the disease. they are getting closer to a cure, and a lot of the work is funded by the crohn's and colitis foundation of america. the new england chapter does great work, to sign up for an event or donate, go to our website, jc: and you are active in that. ben: yes, i'm actually in seeing an event for them tonight in downtown boston. jc: i hope it money. keep pushing for a cure. ben: they have lots of event, a walk. check it out. jc: next -- a massive drug ring busted in new hampshire. ben: the latest found of arrests made in operation, granite
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>> this is an editorial b channel president and general manager bill fine. mr. fine: in the weeks and months ahead, everyone will try to gain the attention and support of a new administration. optimists hope we unite; pessimists expect eater gridlock. but e issue is a no brainer for bipartisan support -- increased assistance and immediate attention for our veterans. recently, 5 investigates' karen anderson reported on deplorable living conditions at the chelsea soldiers' home: rodent droppings, mold in showers, and signs everywhere of overdue maintenance. that's just one sign of veteran's services falling
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a more staggering indication: an average of 20 veterans per day commit suicide, according to the veteran's administration. one exceptional model for delivering improved services has its roots in boston. homebase, a partnership of mass general hospital and the red sox foundation, is working to heal the invisible wounds of war for post 9/11 service members, veterans, and their families through clinical care, fitness and wellness-based programs, community outreach, education, and research. accessible. appointments are quickly booked, in days if needed, providing free care for the uninsured, and time of service or discharge status doesn't matter. they truly help all, but they require increased financial assistance to meet the demand. full disclosure -- wcvb is a proud sponsor of home base. we are drawn to their mission. it is truly a program to be in related and expanded across america.
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training our service men and women to go to war. it is unconscionable if we don't spend just as much assisting and supporting a successful return-- to their personal home base. >>'. this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5 :30. ben: newscenter 5 at 5:30 begins with breaking news, president elect donald trump may be changing his mind about the affordable care act. jc: shakeup on his transition team. ed harding joins us now with two huge pieces of news out of trump tower. ed: ben and jc, trump ran on a promise to repeal obamacare immediately. but in an interview with the wall street journal, the president-elect now says he's open to keeping parts of the law intact. that includes a provision that prevents insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing health conditions. in that same interview, the president-elect did emphasize
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and i'm quoting here -- "is unacceptable, it's a workable." -- it's unworkable." meanwhile, mr. trump has removed new jersey governor chris christie as head of his transition team. vice president elect, and indiana governor, mike pence will now be in charge of assembling the trump administration. christie will stay on as a vice chair, joining former house speaker newt gingrich and former new york mayor rudy giuliani. the same names. the president-elect also announced other members of his executive transition team today -- including three of his children, ivanka, donald junior and eric. some questioning whether their involvement while they run trump's businesses creates a conflict of interest. ben and jc? jc: ed, thank you. and breaking right here in boston, a rally on the common continues to grow, as demonstrators call for peace in the wake of the election. the demonstrators say their message is unity, hoping to help heal the country after a bitter and divisive presidential


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