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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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ten country. >> kirk: you have to believe jim harbaugh may freeze him here with that last time-out. >> chris: keith duncan for a walkoff winner. from 33 yards. >> kirk: he's moving down. time-out. >> chris: and he will, as you suggested. give the young fella a little more time to think about it. >> kirk: don't forget what's at stake here. not only for iowa, trying to have a big moment, but michigan, penn state, ohio state. >> chris: happy in happy valley. >> kirk: if you are a penn state, you are cheering like crazy for this field goal to be good and for iowa to upset michigan. and if you're an ohio state fan, you're cheering like crazy for him to miss this field goal and for michigan to win the game. >> chris: michigan has been so good at getting their hands on kicks. ucf, a p.a.t., a field goal. we know what they've done against punts.
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harbaugh can't ice him again. keith duncan, true freshman from north carolina from 33 yards and a walkoff winner. right through! and the hawkeyes have stunned the wolverines! michigan, unbeaten no more!
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but the wolverines challenged on the road for the first time, don't pass the test. and the hawkeyes, who have been questioned and criticized, very few of these folks mobbing the team believed this would happen tonight, kirk. what a scene. >> kirk: not after last saturday. this is a heck of a moment for kirk ferentz and for this iowa football team. >> chris: he's in that mob somewhere with samantha ponder. sam? are you there? >> samantha: well, win the game of this magnitude. how would you describe your confidence in him? >> i'm really proud of him. just really proud of our whole team. you know, a week ago, we weren't feeling so good about this time of night, so, the guys really did a great job. just played hard tonight. >> samantha: coach, you've been doing this for a long time. and you described what it was like last week in wanting to see how your team would respond, so, what can you say about the way they responded out here?
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really, last week, we just kicked right in the teeth. and that's not much fun. been through it. done it, all that stuff, but you know, the guys got off the mat. they did a heck of a job all week. obviously competed tonight. >> samantha: coach what was the locker room like at halftime when obviously you guys had already proven you could hang with these guys? >> well, we knew we were in the game. i think they knew they were in the game. we knew there was a lot of football left to be played. a heck of a second half. >> samantha: coach, congratulations. >> chris: yeah, there was no real defiance. who knows what he said to his team, but after that embarrassment in happy valley, iowa comes home, regroups. the final drive was a short one. aided by a controversial face mask call. but then keith duncan, the true freshman, just drives it through and the wolverines beaten 14-13. in a game that is shades very much of that 1985 one versus two
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only 230 total yards by iowa. wadley accounted for 167 of them. and their defense played their tails off. it was a short-handed group. we talked about, you know, the freshman who made the interception in the second half. and they were not going to be able to pick on him tonight. >> kirk: this is why college football, for me, is the best. everything on paper, everything this game decisively. coming on the road, taking on a team they got embarrassed, one of their worst losses in 12 years. and they come back in front of these home fans in kinnick stadium, who are as loyal a fan base as anywhere in the country, and they did exactly what they needed to do. made it an ugly game. got it to 14-13 with the last second field goal and kirk ferentz, man, his emotion, so genuine after the game, he is so
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one extreme of emotions last week at state college, to the other extreme of emotions tonight, just -- this is why it's the best. this is why college football is the best. >> chris: sure is. amen. and speaking of state college, this scene beneath us right on this field reminiscent of what we saw when penn state blocked the field goal, beat ohio state. the folks there were all white. these folks are dressed in all black. but it's an upset they'll never forget, an iowa team kicked around just wasn't able to do it tonight on offense. wilton speight had a terrific season coming in here. did not have a very good night. they didn't really get the running game going until late. i don't think this loss, because of what happened at clemson, what happened in seattle, i don't think it knocks michigan out of playoff contention by any stretch, but it does raise some issues. >> kirk: it does. they've got the big game at the end of the year, still with ohio state. in columbus. still, there will be so much at stake for both teams.
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unique spot. but penn state now potentially gets into the driver's seat, if they were to win out, remember now, penn state would beat ohio state head to head. they would win the head to head tiebreaker, if ohio state beat michigan. penn state would then advance to indianapolis, so, that also could impact potentially the playoff at the end of the year. >> chris: we knew the big ten east was going to be a lot of fun. weren't sure it was going to be a three-team race. but penn state at rutgers, big and the lions, if they get those two wins and ohio state wins against michigan. you're right, they would go. and perhaps they would still be in playoff contention, even if they don't win the division. >> kirk: could be. a wild day. >> chris: it was a wild day, as three undefeated teams in the top four all go down. from death valley in clemson to out in seattle, here in the heartland at iowa, where a walkoff field goal by a true freshman, keith duncan, wins it
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an unusual 14 points they put together to knock off the wolverines by a point. the ford wrapup show is up right now. thanks, chris. captain obvious, but we should be seeing some changes to the top four in the college football playoff rankings after a wild day. welcome into the ford wrapup, i'm cassidy hubbarth. we all know crazy things happen in november, but clemson has been dealing with crazy all season. as they've had six games decid you could say they've been playing with fire all year. but today, they finally got burned. to death valley, with the tigers riding a 21-game home winning streak into their matchup with pitt. clemson up, deshaun watson. clemson turns it over on towns. just 32 yards of offense in the second half. chris blewitt hits the clutch 48-yard game winner.
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for an acc record 583 yards and three tds. is up supsets didn't stop t. usc and washington. 287 yards for the freshman qb. washington's 12-game winning streak snapped. 26-13, the final. number eight, texas a&m taking on ole miss. rebels down 28-26. 41 seconds left. gary on gary oner aggies, 3-8 in conference games. auburn and georgia. maurice smith picked off. georgia would add two field goals to win 13-7, and with the tigers loss, bama clinches the s.e.c. west. georgia tech and virginia tech. marcus marshall up the middle. breaks through. 56 yards for the score. the yellow jackets with their third straight 300-yard rushing
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30-20. of all the upsets this may be the biggest. in division three, mount union's 112-game regular season win streak coming to an end under john car rroll. too the ranked teams that actually won today. jalen hurts, 347 passing yards, four passing tds, a td on the ground. five total tds types a single game school number five ohio state taking on maryland. j.t. barrett to curtis samuel. ohio state rolls. number six, louisville, trailed 12-10 to wake forest heading into the fourth. but then exploded for 34 points. lamar jackson, 145 passing yards, fewest this season. just one td. yes, i said just, for the heisman candidate, 44-12, the final. now, with i wi, they found their offense, it's in its stride.
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in two years. penn state won a back and forth affair over indiana, moved to 8-2 on the year. their best start since 2011. oklahoma cruised by baylor for its 14th straight win in conference play. oklahoma state squeezed by texas tech. how about number 19, nebraska, taking on minnesota? game typed at 17 in the fourth quarter. tommy armstrong. would dive into the end zone. armstrong, two passing tds, as well, after zero in the last two games. some pac-12 after dark action. colorado right now leads arizona, 28-10 in the first half. and over on espn, right now, washington state is up 21-7 with nine to play in the second. that's the ford wrapup.
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(door slam) ooo! (laughter) ? oh my god get out! smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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>> wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. reid: breaking news. shots fired in a dorchester neighborhood.
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how the coast guard saved the crew. mike: as high pressure else, get ready for more sunshine in the forecast. reid: still on the march. protest over donald trump tosha victory continues. >> ? i hope that someone gets my message in a bottle ? nichole: music heels. sting headlines and emotional concert one year after the terror attack. news boston where we have learned that a victim in a double shooting in dorchester has died. police are calling this a murder investigation. nichole: diane cho is live with the latest. diane: investigators are trying to figure out how this all unfolded. neighbors in the area tell us they heard several gunshots
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call just before 5:00 for a person shot. they found two victims. officers were there for several hours. we are told both men who were shot are in their late 20's. one was taken to the hopsital with non-life-threatening injuries. the other man was also taken to the hospital but later died from his injuries. police have not released the victim's name at this time. if you have any information that can help police in this case yoe reid: that man who was found shot in the woods in easton this week has died. the bristol county district attorney's office says daniel smith died last night at brigham and women's hospital. smith was found by two teenagers on he is originally from easton, wednesday. but had been living in florida. investigators are asking anyone who has seen a red 2016 mazda 3 sedan florida license plates to
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country. trump is putting together his new white house team. chuck: as protesters strain at the barricades surrounding his trademark tower, his power may feel more like a cage. crowds prowl the streets, raising their signs and their voices against the president-elec appointing a supreme court justice. >> democracy is about making sure your voice is heard. chuck: from coast to coast, signs of resistance to the populist president. donald trump was out of the public eye for the second day in his manhattan penthouse that now resembles a guardhouse, patrolled by heavily armed
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put together their administration. >> the mood is excellent. chuck: newt gingrich and former new york mayor rudy giuliani. when will we hear from president-elect trump? >> in the next couple of days. he is enjoying time with his family. he is receiving many visitors. he has been going almost nonstop. that when he is president, he will be more careful about all those tweets. >> i will be very restrained if i use it at all. chuck: jeff stephenson, -- chuck sever stood. nichole: a babson college student is apologizing for taunting female students at nearby wellesley college. edward tomasso and another babson student drove around the all-women's campus the day after the election. wellesley happens to be hillary clinton's alma mater.
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actions showed extremely poor judgment and that he was deeply sorry for perpetuating fear. the other student involved has not commented. reid: head outside. taking a live look over the city. we have gained three degrees since 10:00. it is now 41. mike: the clouds are like a blanket. they come in and keep what heat we have. we are holding temperatures in the 30's, 40's right now. that is our blanket, keeping it warmer tonight. it will be slipping its way through. we will start the day with clouds. by afternoon we are back in sunshine. we had to the overnight hours and see all the clouds. watch what happens. after that, it moves away and we go back to sunshine. it will be warmer tomorrow. it is kind of chilly out there. check out the temperatures right
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where the skies cleared off. over the next 12 hours in boston, it will dip down about 40 degrees. by 11:00 we are up to 53 degrees. if you are away from the city, you'll be seeing temperatures in the 20's and 30's. i was show you when temperatures get into the 60's and when rain is in the forecast. nichole: four american kille airfield in afghanistan. the secretary of defense says two u.s. servicemen and two american contractors were killed. another 16 u.s. service members are hurt. the taliban is claiming responsibility, saying it was a suicide bomber inside the base. reid: the coast guard releasing footage of a rescue in boston harbor. a helicopter capturing the effort to save two men whose sailboat ran aground near lovells island yesterday. our nicole estaphan is in hull where she spoke with rescuers tonight.
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that sailboat around on the rocks. nicole: a rough water rescue caught on camera after a sailboat runs aground in boston harbor. >> a boat had lost power and washed up. nicole: the distress call coming in after 1:00 in the afternoon. rescuers there within five minutes. >> they got alongside the boat to try to get them off of the island but were unable to do so because of the waves. nicole: so they called the chopper. rescue two people from the water below. a congratulatory fist bump for saving the two sailors. >> hypothermia is a big one. nicole: before you head out into the unpredictable sea, some advice for those always on stand boy -- always on standby for those things ago wrong.
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capable of being in those conditions. nicole: both sailors are expected to be just fine. nichole: two u-mass dartmouth students rushed to the hospital after crashing into a utility pole. it happened early this morning on state road near arcadia avenue. police say based on the damage to the car both the driver and the passenger are lucky to be alive. they're both in stable condition. the cause of the crash is under investigation. reid: firefighters in lynn say a brushfire that broke out yesterday afternoon is now out. it flared up qui no one was hurt and no homes were threatened. firefighters will be monitoring the area for the next few days to make sure there are no more flames. a tribute to a fallen massachusetts soldier. nichole: brian arsenault was an army specialist and a dedicated hockey player. he was killed in afghanistan back in 2014. today family and friends gathered in westborough to dedicate a memorial to him at northstar ice sports. it's where he played and volunteered in the local hockey community.
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summer and skated men's league. it truly was a second home for brian when it was all said and done. we could not think of a better place to have this memorial. nichole: all the money to build that memorial, $35,000, was raised by arsenault's friends and family. reid: runners, walkers, and bikers on castle island today, for the disabled american veterans 5k in south boston. awareness for injured vets and their families who are still on the road to recovery. these events are held across the country. nearly $500,000 was raised this year. a super bowl rematch at gillette stadium tomorrow night. the patriots facing the seahawks for the first time since their last-minute super bowl victory. nichole: sportscenter 5's bob halloran is here with a preview
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seattle seahawks elicits a smile from patriots fans who remember how super bowl xlix ended. the bye week has had giving the patriots plenty of time to prepare for an opponent. the seahawks defense is a tough task as well. >> do it at extremely high levels. this is one of those teams. they led the league in scoring the last four years, doing it with the fewest amount of points. i would not say -- they're going to run every defense in the book. i think they are relatively aggressive. bob: we'll have more from the
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in paris, music returns to the bataclan. the emotional concert by staying at. reid: wildfires in the south. >> one amber from a fire could cause a lot of damage. reid: the race to put them out and keep people out of harm's way. mike: tracking a rainmaker
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ith equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> you're watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00. >> ? i sent an sos to the world i hope that someone gets my
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reid: hard to believe it has been a year since that deadly terror attack. music now returning to the bataclan in paris. music superstar sting headlining the emotional concert. security, as you can imagine, very heavy. barricades set up around the venue. 90 people were killed in last november's attack. proceeds from the concert will go to two survivors charities. sting telling concertgoers to honor those lost, then to celebrate life and mus. scorch parts of the southeast right now blanketing cities in , thick smoke. arson is suspected in several of them with a reward being offered to find those responsible. parts of the southeast on fire tonight. wildfires raging, several areas under a state of emergency. at last count, 37 large fires in seven different states. arsonists being blamed for some of these flames.
11:59 pm
offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. in some of the hardest hit areas more than 60,000 acres scorched. ,>> it's devastating and it's heartbreaking. nichole: already in a drought emergency, alabama officials urging residents to avoid building fires outside. >> one little amber from a fire, even though it could be innocent could cause a lot of damage. ,nichole: some people forced to leave their homes. >> this smoke stretches out for miles. nichole: others refusing to leave. >> i'm not going to leave it. nichole: it has been one of the driest years on record in much of the southeast. >> the smoke almost blocks out the sun, it's so bad. nichole: blanketing the cities like atlanta, where air quality concerns are high especially for people with asthma or other respiratory issues. reid: how about this? skiers will like this. the snowguns are back to work in new hampshire. and if you're itching to get back out on the slopes, tomorrow is your lucky day. bretton woods in new hampshire
12:00 am
as part of their say goodnight to hunger campaign. you can even get a free lift ticket if you donate a non-perishable food item. they will close after tomorrow and plan to re-open around thanksgiving. a little closer to home, snow making has officially begun at southern new england's largest ski resort. jiminy peak out in hancock, mass , working nonstop this weekend to lay down a nice base. they anticipate opening on november 19, but they say mother nature must cooperate in order to make that happe will mother nature cooperate? mike: you don't tell mother nature what you want. you go along with the floor. i don't know if we are ready for that season yet. the me show you what the high temperatures today were like across the country. notice how the northeast was a cold spot. the high temperature in boston was 48 degrees.
12:01 am
52. right now what is 41 degrees, a southwesterly wind. the wind chill index, a little bit of a bite. we have a lot of temperatures which are down below the freezing mark. as you look to the west and the north, that is why they will mix snow into the overnight hours. cloud cover will cap temperatures. if you have clear skies and light wind, the temperature should drop dramatical. we have a breeze a stirring up and cloud cover as well. a little on the chilly side. 28-30 inland. western wind at 5-10 miles per hour. we start with a few clouds early. they burn off early. by afternoon, we are talking about high temperatures between
12:02 am
sunrise. clouds break up by 10:00 a.m. that will allow temperatures to climb for the afternoon. it looks like a beautiful bay coming our direction. tomorrow night, clear skies and cold but as we head towards monday, it looks like things will be warming act up. we have some rain in the forecast as we start to talk about tuesday. 42 degrees tomorrow as the for november, that is a decent football forecast. a light westerly breeze. if this moves off it allows this to come up the coast. a storm system and with it comes the chance of rain. there are a couple of other things going on. not only do we have rain, we are dealing with high astronomical tides. you may have heard about the superman. it rises sunday afternoon at
12:03 am
moon been to us since 1948 which means we get high astronomical tide. we will keep a close eye on those tides. which ones in my most watching? monday and tuesday warnings and the one around lunchtime on wednesday. those seem to be the strongest ones. i am not looking for any major flooding. we have the ocean very full. a little bit of breeze with the storm coming with dry conditions out there. how does it look? tomorrow about 58 degrees. monday? look at that. mostly sunshine. tuesday is when the storm system starts to come in, giving a chance of rain, wind, rotation coming in. how much rain are we going to get out of this whole thing? it will rain tuesday into early
12:04 am
a half inch to an inch in spots. after that, temperatures are decent for this time of year. 62 degrees by saturday of next week plenty of sunshine going on. tuesday is going to be your wet day. the rest of the week is looking dry and much warmer than what we had going on today. reid: the big apple getting into the holiday spirit. nichole: the festivities getting [ roars ]
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