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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the temperatures take a dip starting on sunday. we're breaking it down for you as the eyeopener continues. >> questions from a crime scene in boston. what police need to know about what they call a domestic attack. >> a string of crimes in quincy, some targeting a mosque. the security that couldn't stop the suspect. >> new names in the running for the president-elect's ca major post. it's on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. >> state's attorney general is reviewing a website that provides babysitters and adult caregivers. >> that's coming up in minutes. first we want to get to cindy. >> after a soaker yesterday,
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morning. 52 degrees with a light southerly wind. notice fog in worcester right now. visibility a quarter of a mile there. half a mile in lawrence. the fog is going to slow you down in spots this morning. only in the 40s towards worcester and orange. otherwise, low and mid 50s. also, a couple of patches of mist and drizzle. nothing heavy. but you may encounter that this morning. storm from yesterday out. with a westerly wind, it's going to help to dry us out. by lunchtime, we're cloudy in the mid 50s. by 3:00 this afternoon, a few breaks of sunshine just before it sets just after 4:00 this afternoon. so don't expect a lot of brightening today. but there will be some. mid 50s boston. certainly above average for this time of year. want to get you to the roads. we've got the fog, mist,
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a look at the expressway by the gas tank at the top of the screen. overnight construction, a couple more minutes it will be gone on 93 north by route 24. along 128 no problems. we're expecting trains and bus to start on schedule. >> questions right now after a large police scene in one boston neighborhood. >> one person is in the eyeopener's sera congi live in hyde park with what we are learning. sera? >> that crime scene is much smaller this morning, but there continues to be a police presence here on huntington avenue. at this point, police calling this a domestic disturbance. it happened around 8:30 last night on huntington avenue in hyde park. boston police telling us one person is in custody and a victim is in the hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries.
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into the overnight hours on huntington avenue, shutting it down. several officers investigating, collecting evidence. at this point, no names have been released about the victim or the suspect. we're waiting to learn exactly what led to this violence. again, one person in custody and one victim suffering from life-threatening injuries. live in hyde park this morning, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. right now police are searching for an armed robber in newton. they say he targeted this gulf station on bea 9:00 last night. the man showed a long gun, then took off with money. nobody was hurt. >> you see him at the top of the screen. that man on a scooter is the suspect in a crime spree in quincy. and police say he's a repeat offender. right now they need the public's help and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is in quincy where a mosque has been hit several times.
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been targeted at least three times. the mosque released surveillance surveillance video. you see the suspect on a scooter last month. he made off with a donation box and then two hours later he returned, taking an audio system worth about $4,000. the latest crime happened a couple of weeks later last friday. that suspect returning and breaking in. new deadbolt locks s down but not stopping him. >> it looks like he's a professional. he protected himself very well. the way i see it, he's stealing from god. >> police believe the man is the suspect in other break-ins at businesses in this area. police have stepped up patrols. if you recognize that suspect or perhaps that scooter he was riding, give police a call. we're live in quincy this morning. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5.
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we're learning new details about the shooting that left a man dying in the woods in easton. police are examining a red mazda found in a parking lot in north carolina. the victim's stepfather tells our partners at the enterprise that it belongs to daniel smith. smith was found shot in the woods two weeks ago. michael noguera of florida is charged as an accessory to the murder after the fact. the stepfather says the victim trip from florida. >> donald trump breaking with protocol, going to dinner with his family in manhattan without his press contingent. journalists were told he would be staying at trump tower last night, only to see the motorcade leave the building. he has refused to travel with the press corps. a former opponent in the primaries may now fill a seat in the cabinet.
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tracking the latest in the transition. >> right now there are reports former rival ted cruz might be tapped for a position. several outlets saying president-elect trump could nominate the texas senator to be attorney general. cruz was at trump tower yesterday for a private meeting. he was one of the republicans who ran against trump for the party's nomination. also there, vice president-elect mike pence, who's leading the trump transition. trump took to twitter last night to respond to criticism of his picks and process thus far. process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. we do know dr. ben carson is not in the running for a cabinet position. his business manager saying dr. carson opted out of consideration. >> erika, thank you. the committee in charge of the looming inauguration starting to take shape now. it includes billionaires of the casino industry. steve wynne is constructing the resort in everett.
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january 20 inauguration events, as well as the parties. >> the terror warning as it is holiday season is approaching. isis posted a picture of new york's thanksgiving day parade. there is of course concern that trump properties in manhattan could be targeted. trump international hotel is along the parade route. law enforcement warns that any building with a trump name on it could present a highly symbolic target for extremists. trump tower on fifth avenue, the secret service, andew negotiating over how much of the area around that building will be shut down to the public. new this morning, a push by some democrats in the state to convince secretary of state john kerry to run for governor of the commonwealth. the twitter handle was created by a democratic activist. charlie baker has yet to say whether or not he plans to run for reelection.
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attorney general's office is reviewing the website it provides babysitters and caretakers for the elderly. police say susan devereaux was drunk and high in the street while baby sitting a 3-year-old in arlington. the company said it learns of complaints, adding, quote, it is our complaints and respond as appropriate. we are learning more about that low-speed commuter train accident near south station that went unreported. the globe reporting the train returned to regular service despite the fact that it sustained damage to its front end. no passengers were on board when the train hit a barrier at six miles per hour earlier this month. earlier this week the control board compared it to this
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jersey. a train was going at a high rate of speed when it crashed into a terminal, killing one person and injures more than 100 others. >> police search for suspects wanted for robbery, robbing two university students. the students tell police they were on west and mason streets last night. they say they were accosted there. one of the robbers claimed to have a gun. the suspects got away. the university urging students to be aware of their surroundings in the city. some disturbing results after water around the commonwealth. more than half had at least one sample with lead levels that registered above regulatory limits. right now those schools are attempting to fix the issues by shutting off fountains, flushing the pipes, and making plumbing repairs. the massachusetts clean water trust has added $750,000 to the testing fund so that every school can test its water for the presence of lead. the testing began after the contaminated water crisis in
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an early test for alzheimer's, the idea that does not require needles or scans. marathon bombing survivors letting cameras into their lives. why they say a new hbo documentary was worth the intrusion. apps to keep you from overspending. three downloads that will save you money. >> we've got drizzle, mist, clouds. it's still mild. a much colder weather pattern moves in. first, take a look at the radar right now. not seeing too much out there. just a couple of spotty showers, mist, drizzle. temperatures on the mild side. a lot of fog, though. 47 degrees as you're heading out
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>> good morning, eyeopener. >> good mo marching band and everything on saturday in the parade. >> today is your last chance to join us as a v.i.p. at america's hometown thanksgiving celebration in plymouth. to go to our wcvb facebook page to enter for a chance to win. we hope to see you there. >> yeah. >> we've got hotel room and dinner for you and a guest. should be a great time. >> it should be. so very hopeful
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[multiple speakers] >> i think we're going to have mild weather, which is nice. it's all we need. >> absolutely. nothing like yesterday. >> so much rain. would you believe we're still behind for the month. we got an inch of rain in boston. should be close to two this time of the month. we were dry up until yesterday. look at our deficit for the year. still over 9 inches. we need more. we had just over 2 inches of rain in westwood close to that. shirley over an inch of rainfall. that rain right now up over the state of maine and lifting northward with our storm. on the backside, winds are shifting around to the west. you can see this morning they are not terribly strong, but they are mostly out of the west-southwest. that is good news because the tides are still running really high and we've got another high tide coming up around noontime. there is a coastal flood advisory up for that midday high
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here are the times. before noontime, revere and boston as well. we've got the tide around midday or so today. look at the visibility. in worcester, tough to see. quarter-mile visibility there. three miles in beverly. the fog may slow you down, but the temperatures are still near the 50s near the coastline. you can see orange is the temperatures are going to be slow to climb because the clouds stick around pretty much most of the morning. there will be a few patches of mist and drizzle this morning, but that's about it. toward late morning and lunch, still a lot of clouds. by mid amp, a few breaks of sunshine developing. i think that's the best we'll do today. i don't think we'll brighten up totally, but a little brighter. highs in the mid and upper 50s in most spots, lower 50s in the worcester hills. after lunchtime, a couple of
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as we do, the temperatures are going to drop. we'll be down mostly in the 40s tonight. tomorrow looks like a beautiful day with high pressure really settling in. it's bright sunshine, above average temperatures. you see there's a storm to our east and another storm to the west. this one has eyes on us for sunday. this one here off to the east may throw clouds back at us saturday. notice temperatures above sunday. jet stream will take a big dip to our south on sunday. as that happens, we'll see stormy weather with showers around on sunday. could even be snow in the higher elevations of new england and 40s the best we do on sunday, monday, tuesday, it looks like right through thanksgiving. >> thank you, cindy. the roads are a little bit damp. we've got moisture there along the expressway. there's a check by the gas tank northbound heading to the top of
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ride traveling into boston. construction picked up by 93 south by the lever connector. no issues along the expressway. route 3 is quiet. no issues on 95. if your commute takes you along the pike, 15 minutes 495 to 128. route three is quiet. issue-free ride on route 1 and >> marathon the patriots day bombing follows survivor patrick downes, sydney and celeste corcoran, j.p. norden and their families. >> we were hesitant to take part. it's very intrusive. we have to be honest. >> i think they did a good job
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it. it's really raw. i think it's very powerful that way. >> this documentary suspect the only film about to get a pre-holiday release. mark wahlberg's patriots day premieres next month. a new simple test is in the works that could predict the begin of alzheimer's test. a smell test could show science t researchers say early intervention can further delay the progression of that disease. a warning about weight fluctuation. doctors say it could increase a woman's risk of heart disease. research suggests that women who yo-yo diet, going back and forth between weight gain and weight loss, had a three and a halftimes risk of dying from a heart issue compared to people with a more stable weight. >> your economy headlines.
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european stocks slipping. u.s. stock futures are lower. investors are waiting for a key report on u.s. oil inventory, which could move the markets this morning. donald trump's election has brought some good news to wall street. mortgage rates are creeping up. experts are saying that it's time to lock in. rates are still historically low. in experts do not expect them to go up too much higher than they currently are. postal service needs 500 letter carriers and clerks in the bay state. postal managers say the increase in package deliveries is boosting the need along with a wave of retirements. salaries start at around $16 an hour. >> saving money is getting
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you set a savings goal with tips to cut spending that fit your lifestyle. financial experts say this will help develop better habits. level money links to your accounts and highlights where you're spending the most so you can make cuts on unnecessary overspending. and last, good budget uses the method of envelope budgeting. you set aside a certain amount for bills and savings each paycheck before anything. the experts say the apps help just putting away $5 a week. >> it can make a big difference because it can keep you out of dangerous areas. >> there are lots of apps to help you save. the key is finding one that suits your lifestyle. >> tomorrow morning, keeping your kids safe in a high-tech world. the critical checklist from
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patriots fans taking on the mannequin challenge. >> they are ahead in eyepoppers this morning. >> a 70-year-old woman survives for hours in a mangled car. the smart move that got her through a cold night. enough to make your heart stop. this baby about to tum changing table, but he's too
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and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients.
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>> we're the cast of "west side story" at north shore music theater. good morning, eyeopener! ? tonight, our show tonight ? . >> we will. good morning to the cast of "west side story." >> show running through the 20th at the north shore >> looks good. >> absolutely. all that heavy rain from yesterday, we got one, in some cases 2 inches. all lifting northward right now. we are drying out, but it's a slow process. take a closer look at the radar with me locally. you can see a couple of patches of mist and drizzle rotating
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in the 40s and low 50s. here's your 12-hour forecast for worcester. we climb to about 50 this amp. by 2:00, you see a few breaks of sunshine. lots of sunshine, though, tomorrow and friday and it stays mild, near 60 through the end of the week. randy? >> thank you. time for this morning's eyepoppers. olessa, what do you have for us? >> 93 in new hampshire, patches, bruiser, morebars and five other escapees from the white oaks dairy bar in canterbury decided to venture out. the farmer called the police when he saw his herd on the highway ramp. they are back home and safe. patriots nation. getting everyone in on their mannequin challenge. the video was posted to their facebook page.
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trend. mannequin challenge accepted. i'll take it from here. still ahead, a heads-up as you start your holiday shopping. this year's most dangerous toys. and gronk has a message for the seahawks player who delivered this big hit. their surprising exchange. take a look at the expressway. things moving along nicely. still wet on the roadways there, so be work. the eyeopener is coming right
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>> one person in custody, another fighting for their life after police swarm a boston neighborhood. >> what we are the ongoing investigation. >> caught on camera and on the run. the suspect wanted in a quincy crime spree. >> thousands of criminal drug cases in jeopardy. this former state chemist to blame. >> the argument the state's highest court will hear in just hours. >> a case of road rage in a busy parking lot. the moment witnesses say set the driver off. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb,
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>> just about 5:30 on this wednesday morning as we take a live look across the zakim bridge. things moving nicely point. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price with cindy and olessa. i guess the rain is tapering off. >> it is. you couldn't see that bridge a couple of hours ago. >> the fog. >> the situation is getting better in boston. not the case everywhere. worcester, visibility a quarter of a mile there, over a mile in lawrence. so py hey, it's a mild start. it is november, after all. average high for us this time of year is 52. that's the temperature this morning from hyannis, plymouth, into boston. 40s through worcester county right now. you can see there have been some patches of mist and drizzle. right now it looks like these are most focused, very light showers, spotty through worcester county around princeton, barry, so a couple of spits of mist and drizzle this
5:31 am
backside, winds are shifting to the west. so it's drying us out. you can see a lot of clouds until about lunchtime. a mid 50s by lunchtime. mid and upper 50s for most of us. get you to the roads. a lot of fog on the roads. >> a little bit moist out there. the zakim bridge, the lever connector, southbound side heading toward the bottom of the screen. you can see a little bit of vo let's check out the rest of your ride. traveling into downtown, no problems on south expressway, 15 minutes braintree to boston. looking good on 24, route 3, and 95. no problems on the pike. 15 minutes eastbound 495 toward 128. north, you're in good shape, no problems on 93 southbound out of methuen to the lever connector. trains and buses starting on schedule. >> olessa, thank you. now to the stories we are following right now on the
5:32 am
overnight developments. >> one person is in custody and one hurt after what police call a domestic disturbance last night on huntington avenue in hyde park. sera congi will have an update in "news to go." also this -- the suspect in a crime spree in quincy. a local mosque hit three times in the last month. the latest crime at the islamic center happening friday. ted cruz could be attorney general in the trump administration. cruz an opponent of trump, met with the president-elect yesterday at trump tower. >> right now the state's highest court is preparing to hear a request to dismiss thousands of criminal drug cases. >> these are linked to a former state chemist. the eyeopener's doug meehan is in boston to explain what's at stake here. >> good morning. this is another attempt to toss
5:33 am
by former state lab chemist annie dookhan. public defenders and the aclu want 24,000 cases dropped in which annie dookhan played a role in testing. the move comes after the fjc rejected the attempt to get the convictions thrown out. however, it agreed to hear arguments after learning that many of those cases have yet to be reprocessed. in 2013, annie dookhan pleaded guilty to faking test results and she was sentenced to three years in prison but served two and, and half. prosecutors say challenges should be heard by case-by-case basis. we'll provide updates on air, on our app and the new >> doug, thank you. this is a woman who was trapped in a mangled car for hours.
5:34 am
survival skills. janice carthcart's vw hitting several trees, rolling down this embankment. this is route 27 in epping, new hampshire. the battery fell out, no lights in the car. in the dark of night, she was unable to find her phone to call for help. carthcart, who is ex-military, went into survival mode. >> she was able to unstrap herself, she crawled into the back of the vehicle where she had clothes. she used those clothes to cover herself up, which k learned to be tough. so she was a fighter. she knew what to do. >> carthcart was in that car for eight hours. the wreckage was spotted when the sun came up. we're told she is in stable condition this morning. right now, two people are recovering after a car collided with an ambulance in boston's roxbury neighborhood yesterday afternoon at the intersection of hampden street and melnea cass
5:35 am
in the ambulance at the time of the crash were not hurt. >> an alarming trend in natick. another case of racism. this time at the high school. the principal sent a message to parents after graffiti was found in the the students' bathroom calling for deportation of teachers. threatening letters were september to a home on maple street telling the homeowner that natick is strictly white. right now, brown university is investigating the trashing of american flags meant for a veterans flags next to a tree. the student said he tried to put the flags back, online to see them trashed again. >> gifts to cross off your shopping list. this year's most dangerous toys. a baby falling off a changing table. it's not as bad as this seems. there's a lucky break that may have saved this boy's life.
5:36 am
pizza shop.
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>> good morning. welcome back to the eyeopener. live look outside at the zakim bridge, the lever connector southbound toward the bottom of the screen. you can see volume starting to build. the roads still damp. not the most pleasant ride. no major issues right now. cindy, is the rain moving out? >> it's like it's stuck in a
5:39 am
drizzle, fog. so a dreary start. we'll get breaks of sun this afternoon. temperatures mid 50s today, 60 on friday. a cooldown coming as we head towards the second half of the weekend with showers and a colder pattern next week. >> this is a holiday tradition. a boston-based group released the list of the most dangerous toys. 10 toys have been list. according to the group watch, those include this life-like doll, peppy pup, even superman. experts say they present choking and suffocation hazards. the toy industry association calls the findings inaccurate. but every year toys are recalled. you'll find the list on the wcvb
5:40 am
>> a close call for a florida family. a 9-year-old boy's brother is falling off a changing table. their mother was home alone with five kids. she turned her back for a moment and the baby rolled off. the woman's other son catches the boy inches from the floor. the 9-year-old believe he had some help. >> i would have never caught so i felt like something came and just pushed me forward. when that happened, i ran and caught him. >> the mother says the video serves as a reminder to always pay attention to young children. >> ivanka trump's company is apologizing for a promotion after a major interview. the move has her accused of mixing business with politics. and gronk has a message for the seahawks who delivered a hard
5:41 am
sides will appreciate. tinder making a change. the option to users of the
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>> it is 5:43. the eyeopener team is ready with your "news to go" in hyde park, in quincy. erika is tracking the one-time
5:44 am
president-elect's administration. >> cindy is talking about improving weather >> yes. >> slowly but surely. >> don't get too excited. we're talking about a few breaks of sun this afternoon. >> all right, well. >> yesterday the downpours -- >> you told us it was coming. >> it sure did. for the month of november we're over an inch of rain in boston but we should be closer to two. we're way behind by more than nine and a half inches for the year. we h belmont had about an inch and a half. shirley had just over an inch of rain. the heavier rain is over the state of maine. we're left with clouds, mist, and drizzle. the winds are shifting to the west. that's going to pull in slightly drier air. that's why the slow improvement is coming today. we have rain and visibility down to half a mile in worcester. over a mile in lawrence. that fog may linger through about mid morning.
5:45 am
midday. temperatures mid-to-upper 50s. high today 52 in worcester. mid 60s in the cape. that's above average for this time of year. if we're able to get more sunshine this afternoon, the temperatures could sneak closer to 60. notice by 4:00, sun goes down at 4:20. lots of sunshine tomorrow, upper 50s, big changes ahead. right now, we'll get you to the roads. >> we're watching one issue south of town. first a look at the pike by allston/brighton. that's eastbound toward the bottom of the screen. if you're heading south, we're watching one crash on the shoulder on route 3 northbound by union street. expect a little bit of volume. once past the expressway, almost 20 braintree to boston. 15 minutes eastbound 495 out to
5:46 am
to build out of methuen into andover. trains and buses doing ok. >> case of domestic violence is under investigation in boston. >> sera congi is live in hyde park with what we know right now. sera? there is still a police presence here on huntington avenue after an incident september a victim to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. this happened last night around 8:30 on huntington avenue. there was a large for much of the night as investigators gathered evidence. boston police tell us one person is in custody. at this point, no details about what happened or what led to the violence. police only describing the incident as a domestic disturbance. again, the victim taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and one person is in custody. live in hyde park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> right now police are trying to solve an armed robbery in newton. the suspect showed a gun before
5:47 am
just before 9:00 last night. nobody was hurt. >> a crime spree in quincy targeting this mosque and other businesses in the area. look at this surveillance video. you can see the suspect on the scooter outside the islamic center last month. the thieve made off with an then he comes back two weeks later, deadbolts slowing him down, but not stopping him as he breaks in once again. if you recognize the suspect, give quincy police a call. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> the latest word is a former trump rival is eyed for attorney general. the president-elect is countering reports his selection process is in disarray, taking to twitter writing, very
5:48 am
cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. there are reports ted cruz is a finalist for attorney general. he was at trump tower yesterday. dr. ben carson opted out of consideration for a post, according to his business manager. >> erika, the trump transition team appears to be making the opioid crisis a priority. vice president-elect mike pence met with new hampshire's rn meeting this week in florida. he says that pence pledged to help by delivering block grants without federal mandates. the trump administration has not laid out a specific plan. >> ivanka trump's company is apologizing for promoting an accessory she wore during an interview with her father. ivanka trump fine jewelry sent an alarm to reports after the 60 minutes interview, saying she
5:49 am
the bracelet cost $10,800. the company later apologized, saying it's working on postelection protocol. >> later this morning, the state's highest court will consider arguments in tossing out mishandled drug cases. the aclu wants cases dismissed in which role in testing. they have agreed to listen oral arguments for and against. in 2013 annie dookhan pleaded guilty to tampering with test results. she served two and a half years in prison. >> eight people are recovering after an s.u.v. collides with a silver line bus in boston yesterday afternoon. police say the driver of the
5:50 am
that driver was cited for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. nobody was seriously hurt. >> today's students will be able to pick up items left at this lawrence elementary school after a fire on monday. the bruce school will be closed at least through the rest of this week. no one was hurt but the fire did damage to parts of the building. >> the board of public health gauge the impact of the new law. denver public health officials will participate in that remotely. they will share their experience and lessons learn in their city where marijuana was legalized for recreational use. >> voters approved the first in the nation law. they can't smoke marijuana in the businesses and they need approval from neighbors.
5:51 am
immediately. >> a rescue in san bernardino, california. the highway patrol released video of a man trapped in a car engulfed in flames. that car which had been involved in a deadly crash exploded. witnesses say the man was waving for help through the flames. the highway patrol officer used his cruiser to unlock the door. firefighters saved the survivor. two people from the other car involved in the crash died at the scene. >> wild scene in sou down the driver who attacked his girlfriend. shoppers pounded on the car window, tried to kick in the door. the driver backs up, appearing to mow down a woman on the ground. police did manage to stop the driver and he was taken into custody. >> a major fail for a man who tried to burglarize a maryland pizza shop. he got in through a roof vent
5:52 am
he tried to use his shirt to cover human. he left a few thousand dollars in damages. the owners say they got a pretty good laugh from the video. >> we did too. >> a cheese recall under way. the fda saying several varieties of grated cheese are recalled because of possible contamination with with with best buy dates between november 12 and november 18. no illnesses have been reported. >> a popular online dating app is expanding it's gender options. tinder is giving users the option to select a gender other than man or woman. people can type in a word that describes their gender identity. tinder has it has better tools
5:53 am
>> gronk is suffering from something like a bruised sternum. he exchanged some pretty cordial tweets with the player who delivered that punishing blow. earl thomas posted this -- nothing but respect for gronk. one of the best i have lined up against. hoping to see him back on the field sooner than later. gronk responded saying, the respect is mutual. you got the best of me on that one. the grind is real. you showed the fans a real football hit. today is your last chance to join the plymouth this weekend. we are excited to take part in america's hometown thanksgiving parade in plymouth. you can be our special guest. head to our wcvb facebook page to enter to win tickets to the weekend events and spend time with us. >> we look forward to that. another major powerball jackpot up for grabs. $293 million.
5:54 am
you can catch the numbers at 11:00 right here. >> dare to dream. dare to dream. >> you can't win if you play. >> exactly. >> there's a chance if you play. look at the temperatures. we've been running mostly above average in november. but there are changes coming. average high this time of year is in the low 50s. we'll be close to 60 on friday. through tu but look what happens starting on sunday. big dip in the jet stream is going to allow cold air from canada to come on down. you're going to see a cool pattern settling in here starting on sunday right through thanksgiving, it appears. right now 47 out the door in worcester. we're already 52 degrees in boston. lower 50s down on the cape. the next 12 hours in worcester we'll get to around 50 degrees. but it's going to take until
5:55 am
we've got a lot of fog, visibility half a mile there. couple of miles in the lawrence area. radar is fairly quiet. there have been patches of mist and drizzle. the steady rain is to our north. as the storm pulls away, we'll have a westerly wind developing. next high tide is around 11:00, 11:30. we may see pockets of minor coastal flooding. look at these mid and upper 50s, so mild this afternoon. overnight is when the skies clear out. as we do so, the temperatures drop. lots of 40s overnight. a few pockets in the upper 30s. quiet weather through the end of the week. through friday we have sunshine, mild temperatures. on sunday we talked about the temperature change coming. looks like some showers around as well. there could be some snow across northern new england and the mountains as well. but around here it looks like
5:56 am
colder pattern settling in next week. let's get you to the roads right now. fog out there, olessa. >> damp on the roads as well. there's the pike by allston/brighton eastbound to the bottom of the screen. so far the speed is pretty good. we're getting by the speed limit. let's check the rest of your ride. delays now in place on 95. northbound from sharon and route 3 a little bit of volume braintree into boston on the expressway, so far no issues along the pike. 15 minutes eastbound 495 to 128. 93 southbound, volume building out of methuen into andover. more delays down to lever connector. >> we're getting new information on a murder victim and his accused killer.
5:57 am
in easton. new this morning, be smarter with your money. apps that can ease your spending habits. we will share those with you. and a live look here across the city. a little bit foggy still in that shot. it is an issue for some areas. so keep that in mind this morning. another hour of the eye still ahead.
5:58 am
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emily: right now questions coming from a crime scene in boston, what police still need to know what they are calling a domestic attack. randy: this video could solve a string of crimes, the security that could not stop this suspect. >> new names in running for the es former foe of a major post, it's on the eye for this wednesday morning >> the state's attorney general is reviewing a website that provides baby-sitters as well as adult caregivers. >> concerns that could affect your family, that's coming up first to cindy in the forecast. >> getting off of a foggy start, in place, out in worcester,


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