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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> police are searching for a man accused of breaking into his girlfriend's house stabbing her and her mother. >> the latest from court. >> caught on camera. a young boy little baby brother. there is the catch, as he falls off a changing table. breaking news, a water search in westborough. dive teams are looking for a body. >> police are searching for the man that they say forced his way into his ex-girlfriend's home in
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mother. thanks for joining us. also get live to the scene at hyde park. >> the victims are the residents on the first floor, a 43-year-old mother and her 23 year old daughter, both suffered multiple stab wounds to the face, neck and chest. police are looking for the daughter's ex-boyfriend. court documents document jeffrey as the attacker, accused of home invasion and assault to murder. mopping up the trail of blood. the ex-boyfriend broke in and tried to kill them. victims telling police he wanted his laptop, and as the ex-girlfriend started deleting numbers jeffrey, a regular visitor, allegedly attacked with a knife.
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fights before? >> yeah. >> this was around 8:30 and list did recover a silver knife and a hammer from a bedroom on the first floor and took it as evidence. the mother an daughter had lived here together for the last 10 years. at this point we do not have an update on their condition. >> a polite gas station robbery in newton and it was all caught on camera. take a look. o hurry up. >> did you hear him very early, please. >> but the robber still committed a crime. stealing some cash. this happened last night at the gulf station on beacon street. the suspect used either a shotgun or a rifle to threaten the clerk who was not hurt. >> right now massachusetts's highest court is weighing a request to dismiss 24,000 drug cases because of fake lab
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judicial court downtown where the hearing was held today. >> state prosecutors are proposing resolving each of those 24,000 cases on a case-by-case basis. but the aclu argues too much time has already passed. the supreme judicial court hearing both sides as it prepares to make its decision. this, of course, tide disgraced former man who admitted in 2013 who admitting to falsifying evidence affecting 34,000 of drug convictions. hundreds have been overturned. considering that case-by-case approach offered by prosecutors, whether or not that's feasible, or whether all of the convictions should universally be dismissed. >> time for the commonwealth to actually restore integrity to the justice system and that means allowing these folks to
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slates clean. >> we're prepared to do the work you do daily, addressing each case. >> keep in mind all of these defendants whose -- have already severed their time. they would have a chance to retry their case but according to the aclu there is no proper way to reach out to each and every defendant and not enough attorneys in the state to retry those cases. j.c. and ed against a lawrence woman, 41-year-old grace is accused of setting a fire that left more than 50 people homeless. three firefighters were injured battling the fire on summer street in lawrence last august. investigators say that that fire began in a damaged building that was used by homeless people a total of seven buildings were damaged when that fire spread and spread quickly. he remains in custody tonight and is due back in court next month. >> a minnesota police officer now charged with second-degree
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st. paul minnesota suburb. the gruesome aftermath of the shooting was streamlined live on facebook by the girlfriend. it happened july 6 during a traffic stop. you may remember this video. the attorney for the officer says his client was reacting to seeing a gun. but the girlfriend said he was shot while reaching for his i.d. after telling the officer he had a gun permit and was armed. >> now, over the city of boston. hopefully clouds moving out bodes well for tomorrow. >> i think that's how it will work out. >> the beneficial rains have pushed forth. a few showers around pennsylvania but that's staying south. if you look closely you can see dull gray. that's low clouds that have been over the region but they should be moving out during the next 12 to 24 hours. notice this. that's a blizzard watch for parts of the dakotas and parts
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be affecting us and i'll let you know how it does affect part of the upcoming weekend. >> look at this video and see who is going into trump tower. that's robert kraft. as donald trump's white house transition continues all sorts of people have been going in and out of trump tower. video of robert kraft spotted walking in. the patriots haven't said why kraft was at trump tower although he does have a long standing relatio president-elect. members of trump's team are now responding to reports that the transition isn't going smoothly. the latest on that. >> here's the thing. donald trump's team denying those reports of turbulence with his transition. the president-elect remains mostly hidden from the public eye, as you just saw. interviewing potential cabinet nominees and others. trump tweeting out today that the process for picking key
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campaign manager kelly ann conway is telling reporters that trump is not going to rush. newt gingrich reminded reporters that their transition timeline matches that of other administrations. >> at the beginning of any transition like this, it has turmoil. it's just the nature of the process. i think that trump is very decisive. he's a very good c.e.o., and i think what you're seeing will become clearer over the next two the cabinet. >> newt gingrich along with v.p. elect and tran since team leader mike pence dropping by transition headquarters today and pence met privately with that man, joe biden, at the presidential residence and their wives as well. trump spokesperson telling reporters that pence is make going on president-elect trump's promise to avoid having any lobbyists involved with the transition efforts, so at this
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no announcements as of yet. we'll let you know. >> thank you. governor charlie baker says he's watching the trump transition very closely and he cautions not to jump to conclusions. republican governor's ned frome association meeting in orlando, florida. you can see him right there sitting next to vice-president elect mike pence. baker says pence promised a close working relationship with states. the governor urges everyone to give the trump transition time. >> there is way too much here. and i think it's important for all of us to take a page from what the president had to say the other day, see what here. and i happens he. let's judge people on the totality of their work and how >> he and the mass congressional delegaon are determined to advocate for massachusetts with
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residents in manhattan - trum were removed from the front of their building. residents went to court and won the right to remove the branding from trump's place. residents demanded a neutral identity for their home. the president elect did you not own any of the buildings on the upperest side. >> more changes coming to capitol hill. democrats have electedhuck schumer of new york as their new minority leader. starting in january the most powerful democrat in washington as the party confronts an all republican government lead by donald trump. senate republicans in the as senate majority leader.onnell he took over the post when the g.o.p. took control last year and they say warren and s will both be part of the senate democratic leadership team. warren will be the vice chair while the democratic candidate will serve as chairman of
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a look at traffic. that camera, that's the pike, in both directions it's moving nicely. it's 4:10 right now moving ni down to the split, you're looking at 29 nutes mass ab to route three. 93 to out inn to corner. the first exit out of the pike. 15-minute ride. 495 is pretty quick as well that will only take you 20 minutes. 495 in both directiones is pretty good. the pike to ride. the traffic is not too bad but it's only 4:10 in the afternoon. heartbreaking images out of syria as air strikes resume in aleppo. at 4:00, who is being blamed for dropping the bombs that reduced this neighborhood here to rubble? and for children to flea for their lives. >> a lawyer accused of putting female clients under his control and sexually abusing them without their knowledge. how he did it and the punishment he now faces.
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most of what i have to say. get a little beyond that to the medium term and beyond. there are bigger changes coming. we'll talk about that as well. >> queer following breaking news. dive teams now searching for a body in a westborough pond.
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decimated the series of aleppo, latest bombardment left eight people dead. you see chirp walking through the rubble of what was once a city block. >> >> out of ohio, a lawyer admitted to preying on his own clients. >> he hypnotized them without their consent or knowledge and >> michael fine pled guilty in the case that started in 2013, when according to legal documents one of his clients noticed after their appointment her bra was des shoveled and she couldn't recall the entire duration of the meeting. suspicious she began tape recording her conversations learning disturbing details about their meetings she says she didn't remember. >> explaining that fine began to
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translike state and then engaged in a sexually charged discussion, saying things like, at the count of three you won't be able to control yourself. >> would you sayta he had some relaxation techniques, the best thing they can do is try to relax. >> they sent her into her next meeting with fine wearing a wire and video recorder, leading to his arrest. >> the fact that they were able to have e this to police, nut undercover video on her and they have the evidence. >> he pled guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping all with sexual motivation specifications. >> fine was sentenced to 12 years behind bars and has been permanently disbarred. meanwhile he faces civil lawsuits from his victims. >> wildfires are blazing across
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image of several fires in north carolina, south carolina, georgia, and tennessee, one of them, which is known as the rough ridge fire, has burned close to 24,000 acres in the state of georgia. investigators say several of the fires were caused by humans and some of them intentionally. harvey joins us right now. >> it's not good. in south carolina, probably in other areas, air quality alerts are in effect. >> the whole state of south carolina. >> absolutely. depending on the atmospheric conditions, you know, it can hang in the atmosphere. and that's when you have problems like that as well. >> multiple problems down there. le talk about our weather. yes. meaningful rainfall. boston came in just about an inch. now, look for boston. that still keeps it pretty far below for the month of november. the first real significant shot of rain. at least october was above
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below average for the year. rainfall 1-2 inches along the i-95 corridor. it is a sign of things to come the even without much sun it's in the 50's. the wind is out of the west. a little bit gusty in some of our elevated areas. worcester gusting, generally, 5-15 mile per hour winds. notice the clouds, if you look at the aerial coverage it's good sign. there is another band of cloudiness with a few showers around pennsylvania but that looks like it will stay well to the south. back here over the west. this will be an organizing the storm that will bring snow to parts of the area and that storm will affect us as we get deeper into the upcoming weekend. more about that in a moment. look at the clouds to thin overnight and tomorrow we'll have more sunshine than today.
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morning but overall a brighter day than today. there will be an ocean storm developing over the next 48 hours. basically will stay pretty far out but the clouds will flirt with the cape and the islands around friday. the rest of us should have sunshine and also it will get a bit windy on the cape but the winds will be almost negligible once you get away from the shoreline. it gets a little more interesting as we get to saturday. you'll be able to see both an ocean storm and the system to the west. saturday both from the east and eventually from the west. see how the clear area will get smaller and smaller but we should still have decent weather in most of the area for saturday. now it gets interesting on sunday as we'll have a storm development down here. initially it won't be cold here so whatever precipitation we get would be liquid but it will turn colder later sunday and sunday night and if there is any precipitation left, western new england, especially the berkshires and the mountains of vermont could pick up some snow
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accumulating snow. we'll see how that plays out. for us it will single a change to windy and colder weather. you'll feel that difference. here are the low temperatures tonight. tomorrow is reasonable, in the 50's, could approach 60 and also may hit 60 in some spots on friday. even into saturday, although the clouds eventually will increase, it's pretty pleasant but the change will occur on sunday. it looks like we could have some rain showers locally, as it gets windy, and temperatures don't rise much, and then windy and cold weather tuesday of next week. wednesday looks dry, some precipitation may be approaching and moving in around thanksgiving. we'll talk more about that as we go along. >> it's black friday. still more than a week away but it's coming around the corner and one major retailer is already rolling out the deal. >> if you can imagine. still ahead, where you can get your hands on some deep
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>> tonight on newscenter 5 at 5:00, we continue to follow the breaking that was out of westborough. sky 5, divers are searching for a missing person. we'll have live report from the scene at 5:00. >> in your health, diet soda and diabetes. new research. up in flames, a fiery car crash, dramatic rescue caught on camera. it's all new at 5:00.
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>> open enrollment for the affordable care act has only been going on for about two weeks but more than a million americans have signed up. >> they released those numbers today. the pace picked up after donald trump was elected last week. more than 300,000 people selected plans in three days after the election. >> amazon is rolling out black friday starting ri the e-commerce giant is offering huge discounts on toys, electronics, and video games but it's saving its biggest deals for what they call the turkey five. the five biggest shopping days that kick off thanksgiving day and run through cybermonday which is next week. >> if you haven't seen this video, it's a young boy who leaps into action. a little guy. he saves his baby brother. it's all caught on camera. >> heart stopping. still ahead at 4:00, where this
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>> a 9-year-old boy saves his brother after he fell off the changing team the mom was home with the five kids when she placed the infant on the table, turned her back for just a moment and you can see what happened. the baby rolled off the table and his brother runs in to catch him just inches from the floor. so the boy's mom is saving it's
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all young kids.
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trump's $36 burger? >> this is the same burger that donald trump ate. here we go, folks. this is the best burger. then, super boy to the rescue, swooping in to save
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the changing table. and the drone husband who says he caught his wife cheating. >> there he goes! boom, 18 years, gone! >> his shocking admission. >> i was 100% sure that i was going to kill that man. >> how is it possible she didn't hear the drone? then, accused monster mom, charged with strangling her baby and blaming it on her own two-year-old son. >> oh my god! i love my baby! provocative new photo shoot. plus, the victoria's secret fashion show. >> this year it's taking place right here in paris. i'm living large in a tiny home. >> why so many americans are dumping their big homes and going super tiny. can you really live in a house this small? >> you have to take turns getting dressed. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody, and thanks for joining us.


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