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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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police need your help finding. maria: armed, dangerous, polite. ed: hear from the clerk robbed bay thief with manners. a truck torn apart buy a speeding train. the split-second decision sabbing lives. meteorologist: mild temperatures to look for word to for awhile. when the big change to much colder weather will settle in. ji a red sox size young win becomes a family affair and parks r-rated storm from the supeod right now at 11:00, new clues in a haunting mystery in princeton. we're learning about the vehicle that may be at the center of the murder of this jogger. good evening, i'm maria stephanos. ed: i am ed harding. that suv may have been parked right where the vanessa marcotte vanished. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in princeton with the details. john? john: this is significant
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neighbors also tell us that police went door-to-door last night looking for clues. >> they asked if we had seen anything that day. >> strange. john: more than three months killer, police returned to proc police returned to the station road last night with more they are looking for a dark suv that witnesses saw parked along the road right around the time vanessa marcotte disappeared august 7th. >> that is the part that is unnerving. no one has an answer. john: it has been a long wait
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some here were hoping for more clues to calm their fears. >> i don't feel like we had much information to make decisions about what risk we want to take or not. john: police received more than 1,000 tips and neighbors say detectives have gone door-to-door doing dna testing as they try to narrow the focus. >> trying to rule out as much as they could, i guess. john: the fy outside their home tonight, lingering hope that someone will come forward and bring their family justice. >> absolutely hopeful, and i think i am relieved once they are out to the public. john: at this point, the best description police having now is a dark suv. they have no other details about that car. live in princeton tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: new tonight, we're hearing from the man, who stared down the barrel of that gun during a frightening robbery in newton. the armed robber is still on the
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shaun chaiyabhat live in newton tonight. shaun? shaun: that clerk is back to work tonight putting on a brave face after a terrifying night. does it make you scared to come back to work? >> yeah, this happened last night and never before this happen to me, that is why i'm scared, but can't do nothing. work to be done. shaun: back at work, trying to stay calm after coming face to face with a gunman just one night before. >> can you open the register, please? >> that polite "please" missed by the man at the other end of the muzzle. >> he came and told me to open the register. >> did he seem angry or scared? >> yeah. the robber face-covered carrying a long gun barged into the gulf gas station just before 9:00. 17 years behind this counter. he's never been robbed before. his sense of peace in newton center. gone in just 18 seconds. >> were you scared? what was going through your mind? >> in the moment, i was not too scared because he just took the money and run away. he no stayed with me this much
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>> meantime, police hope someone recognizes this voice. police are still searching for that suspect. described as 5'8", wearing green jacket, green pants. police hope someone recognizes this voice. >> open the register, please. open it. open the register now. come on. hurry up. all of it. shaun: miss are still searching for that suspect. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a postseason win for the red sox. rick porcello gets the al cy young award. and the reaction from his family is something you have to see. lynchie is in the newsroom with the details. >> rick porcello only received 8 first place votes, but he had enough points to squeeze past justin verlander and win his first cy young award. he was home in new jersey when he received the news.
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award joining jim lonborg, roger clemens and pedro martinez. porcello was 22-4 this season far better than his 9-15 mark with the sox last season. >> it was something that, i almost couldn't get out of my own way. >> i think pressure i was putting on myself, and, obviously, there is pressure playing in ap city like that, it was someth more in sports, see you then. maria: thank you. so a nice night out there now. harvey. meteorologist: a little bit on the chilly side. overall, really, we have mild weather to enjoy.
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anyway, these are travel delays. i want to let you know. let's show you numbers and clouds. you know, looks like we were getting clearing toward evening. clouds are lifting north. now they come back in at times. there are going to be some clouds overnight as well as into the day tomorrow. especially in eastern massachusetts. won't be 100% sunny, but overall a brighter day than what we had this half day. that is encouraging. all right. temperatures are not that cold because of the cloud cover. if the skies do clear, temperatures can drop to the 30's. if the clouds hold, then it won't be quite as cold. boston drops to the 40's. there is a tennessee to see some partial clearing and a nice day coming up for tomorrow. these new temperatures should start the day tomorrow. now we will let you know how
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of course, the timeline, ben? a man is on the run after passing fake cash at two local stores. three other suspects are up in the scheme tonight. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in burlington with the new details tonight. mary: ben, the three suspects police did catch are each being held on $50,000 cash bail tonight here at police hq. sources tell us these are no small fish. sky5 over middlesex common shopping plaza in burlington late afternoon, where police cornered three of four men wanted for passing counterfeit cash. look closely, there's one of the men handcuffed, sitting on the hood of that black car. the men are accused of trying to pay with a phony $100 bill at the bed, bath & beyond on the middlesex turnpike. when confronted by the store 30 minutes later, around 3:00 p.m., they tried to pass more fake bills at the paper store just down the road. this time, police moved in quickly, arresting three of the suspects on the spot and confiscating their car. the fourth man fled on foot and police could be seen canvassing nearby neighborhood with cruisers and canine units. police are not releasing names yet, but tell us that all three suspects are from new york. they list addresses in brooklyn
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it's believed they could be "serious" counterfeiters, not just some friends who passed a few bad bills. the search for that fourth man continues at this hour. the three in custody will be arraigned in woburn district court in the morning. live tonight, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: boston police are looking for a suspect in connection with a stabbing in hyde park. this is jeffrey labathe. police say he attacked his ex-girlfriend and her mother inside their huntington avenue home tuesday night. the landlord says violence there was not uncommon. >> had there been fights before? >> yes. ed: labathe also allegedly broke windows and smashed the womens' suv. maria: now to the trump transition. we're still waiting for announcements on key cabinet positions, but despite reports it's in disarray.
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process is organized. and a familiar face at trump tower today. patriots owner robert kraft was spotted going in this afternoon. he was with a banking official. we don't know any specifics and he had no comment on the visit. maria: also tonight, a new request for security clearance for a member of donald trump's family is raising some eyebrows. jared kushner is the president-elect's son in law. he's married to ivanka trump. abc news has confirmed that the trump transition team has requested national security clearance for kushner. the 35-year-old real estate developer has no government experience, but is considered one of trump's top advisers. tonight, hillary clinton made her first public appearance since her concession speech a week ago. she was honored by the children's defense fund in washington. >> i know over the past week, a lot of people have asked themselves, whether america is
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the division by the selection run deep, but please listen to me when i say this, america is worth it. maria: as a young lawyer clinton worked for the children's defense fund. she urged americans to never give up. a call for peace in natick after a racially-charged few days. they're fighting back against home and racial graffiti inside a school. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in natick. reporter: for a couple of hours this evening, the center of town was filled with the sound of chanting and cow horns. a loud response to the recent hate mail citing trump's victory. >> they came for love. several parents and children. >> i want them to live in a town
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>> the heart of natick center echoing with one voice. >> we are a country of immigrants, and i cant tolerate nasty messages to neighbors of mine. a loud response to the hate-filled letters sent to andy provo, speaking on camera for the first time. >> it's been a scary week really, a hard week to kind of endure. >> the letters left at his doorstep. referencing donald trumps election, with racist slurs, about clearing the whitan warning that natick is strictly white. >> just a shame my girlfriend and her daughter were really hurt by this, my housemate left in tears. >> just happened to stumble upon the rally tonight. the sight moving him to tears. >> my family is made up of immigrants. >> racist gra get ty found at the high school yesterday.
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another. this is really, is a heartwarming emessingollal response. pit is. >> he tells me that fearing for her safety and the ugandan housemate a nurse has moved to framingham. police continue to investigate the letters as a possible hate crime. inned thattic, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: truck torn apart bay speeding train. the split-second decision. maria: a police officer's close call. why that car came right after him. meteorologist: enjoy the mild times while they will be here coming. i have got the timeline.
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>> thursday morning on the eye, protecting your kids. >> expert advice from police including one thing your child should always have.
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maria: watch the video. a moving truck. a moving truck gets caught at a railroad crossing. the driver barely makes it out before the train's impact. ed: tonight, a family is facing the fact that nearly all of what they owned is destroyed. watch as a freight train tears through a moving truck like it's a piece of paper. the crash scattering a family's the truck got stuck on the tracks yesterday in georgia. >> i'm a little shaken up. i'm blessed that i'm here. >> truck driver eli mercado was in the cab with his wife. he says he followed gps to this crossing and did not see the no truck signs until it was too late. his truck got stuck with low ground clearance and before long, a train horn. >> so my wife jumps out of the truck. she's screaming at me, get out of the truck, get out of the truck, and i'm just trying to
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desperately screamed at mercado to get out of the cab too. he did just in time. >> soon as i jumped out of the truck, maybe four seconds later, the impact of the train with the trailer. for mercado and his wife and the family whose whole life is scattered along these tracks. it'll be a long time until this mess is cleaned up. but at least no one was hurt. >> only thing i could do was just ball up and cry like a take care of my kids, my family. accidents at railroad crossings are still all too common in this country on average, there are five every day. >> i am ok. i am ok. i am ok. ed: thank heaven he is ok. a very close call for this
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corporal seth mullis had pulled a car over for a routine stop, and was walking back to his cruiser. just then, an accident on the highway sent a car screeching toward mullis. he was able to jump out of the way as the out-of-control vehicle careened toward him. mullis wasn't hurt; neither was anyone else involved in the accident. he goes to the car to help the people who are inside of the car. maria: he did. are you ok? ed: he is a hero. maria: wow. unbelievable. that is for sure. warm if you will. ed: i am looking at nice blanket of snow. so pretty. maria: 38 days. meteorologist: there are subtle signs. winter could get off to early
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still way below average for the year. you know, inch or two of rain certainly is helpful. look at the days that have been above normal so far. so the month, a couple of degrees above the average. that is going to continue for a few more days. probably kind of through saturday. then, change is coming. 51 now. westerly breeze in boston. in the 40's low 50's around the region. we still have some pesky cloudiness around. we have some at times tomorrow in the morning.
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easier temperatures tomorrow. look it is mild. these are highs today. midwest really mild. 71 today. st. louis, 80 in memphis. even minneapolis, 61. chicago with 60. detroit, 59. so that is why i say the next couple of days will be pretty mild around here. enjoy being outdoors considering it is already the second half of november. back down again, so they are going to be pesky overnight into tomorrow morning. especially here in eastern mass. i think as we get deeper into the day, we will have more in the way of sunshine particularly over location. friday looks like a nice day. there will be clouds near the
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and clear and going to be a pleasant air mass and a great day to be outside. that is friday. and we may squeeze in saturday kind of because then we will see moisture back to the east and approach from the west. but really, it doesn't look like it is a factor until we get to saturday night or sunday. so that is where we got three decent days. now by sunday morning, a storm trying to develop and not going to get the act together until it is beyond us. the main purpose is that it will draw colder air in beginning sunday and especially sunday night, monday, monday night. now in northern new england,
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showers, squalls and some accumulation. i am not expecting that here in boston. look at these temperatures. now, how warm it is in the middle of the country. but now you got some subzero air when you go far enough north. a piece of that comes down obviously not that cold. then, that is what we'll feel. as i mentioned for sunday, sunday night, early monday. it is the area. the elevated areas that could get some snowfall and that is good news. bill fine, president and general manager here at wcvb, has been named 2016 broadcaster of the year by the massachusetts broadcasters association. maria: it's the highest honor the association gives. bill has led our newsroom as president and gm since 2005, but he's called wcvb home since 1982. wcvb was also recognized with other awards, including station of the year. ed: he worked at the same stags i worked 25 years ago. maria: oh. a little trouble there. congratulations. ed: we toll you earlier.
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award. verlander's supermodel girlfriend is not happy! kate upton's r-rated tweets about it, and porcello's
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rick porcello of the red sox is your american league cy young winner. maria: but there's a certain supermodel who is letting everyone know she's not happy about it. kate upton is engaged to detriot tigers pitcher justin verlander. who narrowly lost to porcello. right after the announcement, she unleashed a tweet storm. one tweet we can't even show on tv. here's one we can:
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you didn't win, @mlb keep up with the times and fire those writers." that's a reference to the baseball writers who pick the winner. >> i can't see it. he had a bottle of wine. good wine and drinks. for get about it. maria: some really good bolts of wine.
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mike: the ladies of woburn high school who ran the race of their lives last weekend for a very special person, their story tomorrow night at 6:00 on high 5. rick porcello of the red sox is your american league cy young winner. the announcement was made less just before 7:00 this evening. porcello was in his new jersey home surrounded by family and friends when it became official. >> it is unbelievable. i got my family standing here. i don't think they know yet. [laughter] >> what a moment! >> i don't think i like to admit how difficult it was playing in boston the first year. you know? i take a lot of pride in what i do. i think, the pressure i was putting on myself, and, obviously, you know, pressure playing in a city like that, with something, you know, i almost couldn't get out of my
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>> he had a great year. he finished with 22 wins. second place, two for ver learn, 18 for porcello. 137 points to 132 for verlander. pat treys back on the field today. injury report and listed as one word, first time brady will play in the hom ahead the catch back in 1982. >> i was, i think, four years old and my parents brought me and i cried. i cried the in tire time. finally my dad bought me one to shut me up for the second half. i think i have picture of it. i started crying when everyone jumped up and screamed at the end.
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we go to the garden tonight. celtics and the dallas mavs. isiah thomas in the fourth quarter i loan, at one point, thomas scored 13 unanswered points to put the celtics up. 9-76 and tossed in sk assists. 90-83 and go in state warriors on friday. all right a. week from tomorrow night. thanksgiving. tell me why i should wear your school's sweatshirt or the polls are still open. of course, our show is thursday night. 7:30. we do it again at 11:30 on thanksgiving night. we have a great set here. well he see you then. a lot to talk about before then. >> what was he like? >> four years old. i loved it. >> yeah. all right. my friend, what do you got snoot well, enjoy it right through saturday. a nice mild stretch. then the feel of winter will be there by later sunday. how long will that hold on to?
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>> tomorrow morning on the eyeopener. protecting on the eye, your kids in a high-tech world. expert advice from police including one thing your child should always have.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- garth brooks, tom hiddleston, and from "manchester by the sea" lucas hedges. and now, moving forward -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice. we have so much. we have a jam-packed show tonight. but i want to start with


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