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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. a train crashes into a car on the tracks. the incredible video in overnight. and the people inside that car who took off. >> new clues in the murder investigation of a princeton jogger. the vehicle police are looking report on addiction and the opioid crisis. the latest numbers and the new push for change. >> we want to get to cindy. >> skies for the moment are actually clear in boston. we've got a temperature of 47 degrees. but there are patches of clouds out there. mid 40s on the north shore down
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parts of new england where the skies were mainly clear overnight. you can see patches of clouds hugging the coast right now. we've got a disturbance rotating through. that moved out quickly. high pressure noses in, so we'll see more sunshine. clouds will be in and out through lunch and then brighter skies as we get into the afternoon hours today. so not a bad day. we're starting in the 30s and 40s. notice by 10:00 a.m. we're in the lower 50s. nc topping out in the upper 50s in a few spots today. this is above average for this time of year. the temperatures, though, take a tumble this weekend. we'll go through the timeline just ahead. let's get you to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> good morning. a live look at the pike, a check by allston/brighton eastbound heading to the top of the screen. we're watching road work eastbound on the pike near coply square there's construction. expressway is quiet.
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your ride along the pike allowing good. there's road work clearing southbound 128 route 9. north of town a little bit of road work south of route 3 on 128. we're expecting trains and buses on schedule. >> a commuter rail train smashing into a car. the impact destroyed that vehicle. and this morning we know that police are searching for at least two people who took off after that wild crash. >> take another look at that tracks near oak island. just before that, the driver had gone across the crossing gates. you can see two people scrambling to get out of the car and take off. take a look at the aftermath. this car in pieces. police brought in the k-9s to search for the driver and the passenger, but so far no luck. there were people on that train and buses were brought in for them. at this point, there are no reports of any injuries.
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boston police are searching for this man. someone who looks like this in connection with a stabbing in hyde park. police say that jeffrey labathe attacked his ex-girlfriend and her mother inside their huntington avenue home. this happened tuesday night. both women survived. police say that labathe also broke windows and smashed the women's s.u.v. >> the attorney for the man accused of assaulting his girlfriend's 5-year-old son will be in court today. they are asking for statements made by alberto sierra days before jeremiah oliver's body was discovered to be suppressed. jeremiah oliver's body was found on interstate 190 in sterling in 2013. no one has been charged in his death. it is being investigated as a murder. the boy's mother also faces assault charges. >> it's been more than three months since vanessa marcotte's body was discovered. her killer has not been found. erika tarantal is here with what
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morning. >> the worcester county d.a.'s office says investigators are looking for a dark-colored s.u.v. near the area where vanessa marcotte's body was discovered. police returned to the area of brooks station road to interview people. witnesses say that s.u.v. was parked along the road the same time the 27-year-old disappeared. marcotte who lived in new york was visiting family when she was killed august 7. since then the neighborhood has o i think that's the part of it that's unnerving. no one has an answer yet. i don't really feel like we've had much information on which to make clear decisions. >> investigators say they received more than 1,000 tips. they are still asking one who may have information to call
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dna testing has been conducted as part of the investigation. >> open the register now. hurry up. all of it. >> right now, a search for this armed robber in newton. police someone recognizes his voice. this happened tuesday night in newton centre. this morning we're hearing from the clerk threatened with that long gun. fazal azim was back on the job a day after the robbery. he has worked at the gulf stn this is the first time he has come face to face with a gunman. >> were you scared? >> in the moment >> afterwards -- >> the suspect was wearing a green jacket and green pants. if you recognize him or his voice, call newton police. >> we're getting new clues about what the donald trump white
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administration may be heading. today the president-elect will be hosting the prime minister of japan at trump tower in new york as the united states-japan security alliance will likely top the agenda. trump says the transition is putting together a team now going smoothly, he says. there are reports that south carolina governor nikki haley is going to be meeting with mr. trump in new york today and that she may be in the running for secretary of state. and this morning we're hearing from trump's former rival for the first time conceded the election. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> hillary clinton spoke emotionally about making sure
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>> a groundbreaking report released by the u.s. surgeon general is shedding new light on the toll drugs and alcohol are taking. the first-of-its-kind report finds an estimated 21 million people in the u.s. have a substance abuse disorder. that is one and a halftimes the number of all cancer cases combined. every year 88,000 deaths are attributed to alcohol misuse and 47,000 due to drug overdoses. substance abuse and related rd more than $442 billion every year in healthcare, criminal justice, and lost productivity. the goal is to encourage better diagnosis and treatment. the surgeon general will talk more about that in california today. >> 4:37. after a string of racist incidents in the town of natick, rally for peace bringing the community together. congratulations to red sox pitcher rick porcello.
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celebrity is trashing the decision. >> there are clouds, but those will break up. more sunshine expected the next couple of days. but much colder temperatures and rain and snow this weekend. >> polices are searching for at least two people after the car was struck by a commuter rail train last night near oak island. no one on the train was seriously hurt. our antoinette antonio is at the scene gathering information.
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>> a call for peace in natick after a string of racially-charged incidents. the community coming together to fight back against racial graffiti found in a school and
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only on 5 we're hearing from the man who received those letters. >> been a scary week. really hard week to kind of endure. >> andy provost found the hate-filled letters on his doorstep referencing donald trump's election and saying natick is strictly white. provost's girl is latina. his roommate from uganda. last night people filled newton centre to spread love and peace. >> this is fantastic reaction. people in support of one another. this is really -- it's a heartwarming, emotional response. it's good. >> provost says his roommate has moved to framingham because of safety concerns. police continue to investigate those letters as a possible hate crime. >> it's 4:41. back to twitter accounts suspended. the group targeted by the social media site and their response this morning. a train slamming into a truck in
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>> all right, here we go. >> yes. >> nice start to the day, huh? >> t to be lovely. >> great. >> and then change. >> ok. >> i think saturday is the pick day of the >> great. >> exactly. the parade. that's right. exactly. you can see the jet stream on saturday has this big ridge of high pressure over the eastern seaboard. so the mild temperatures are with us through the first half of the weekend and then on sunday big changes come on in and the jet stream is going to be dropping southward, kind of opening the door for much cooler
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sunday, but really carrying us through the entire week of thanksgiving week. there will be a storm associated with this change too on sunday. that storm right now is trying to produce snow in the rockies, but you can see the temperatures here are in the 30s. look at minneapolis this morning close to 50 degrees. there are blizzard watches and warnings out that way. we've got a storm that's in the rockies that's really going to bring a strip of heavy snow just north and west of the city of minneapolis here. then the system will make a run toward us. but all is quiet through saturday evening. as we get into the sunday, we'll deal with what's left of the storm around here. patches of clouds are hugging the coastline this morning. a big area of high pressure building from the west will dominate our weather through saturday. 40 degrees right now in worcester. mid 40s on the north shore, lawrence as well. on the cape, you're cooler with temperatures in the mid 30s.
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spots, just cooler through the worcester hills. and we will have some patches of cloud cover here through at least lunchtime mixed with sunshine. overall, skies clear out. i think it's brighter than yesterday and we'll clear things out overnight. tomorrow closer to 60 degrees, may touch 60 in a few spots. it is a this will hold into saturday as well, but the system to the west is going to bring in some rain on sunday. that rain is going to end as snow through parts of northern and western new england. all is quiet through saturday. sunday, we'll start out with a system with rain showers saturday night, so by sunday morning, some rain around shore. on the backside that changeover to snow is going to bring in much colder air.
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north and spins through monday out through western parts of new england, even western massachusetts where -- there will be snow. we're staying in the mid 40s through wednesday, which is the day before thanksgiving. so much colder weather is ahead. >> starting to feel like the holidays. the ride is quiet. the pike -- that would be the expressway by the gas tank. so far let's go to the maps. so far so good. we've got overnight construction left over along the pike. that project wrapping up in a few minutes by coply square. as you head south, road work clearing on 93 north by route 24. 128, construction picking up route 9 to kendrick street and once again south of route 3 to 225. we're expecting trains and buses on schedule.
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plowed right into a truck stuck on the track. this happened last week. this video just now being released. that driver and his wife are thankful that they were able to walk away. eli mercado blaming his g.p.s. for leading him to this spot where trucks are prohibited. he and his wife able to get out just in time. >> i jumped out of the truck. maybe four seconds later, the trailer. only thing i could do was ball up and cry like a baby. that's the way i take care of my kids. >> the crash scattered the family's things all over the place. accidents at railroad crossings still too common in the u.s. on average, there are five every day. >> there's going to be a change for boston drivers. you'll have to slow down. city council voted to lower the city's speed limit to 25 miles
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back bay. a person walking down the street was hit in march when one car involved in a race between two drivers jumped the curb. that driver jumped into the other vehicle and they took off. they have not been found. the new limit applies to areas where there is no speed limit sign. it could go into effect as early as january. >> today boston mayor marty walsh is unveiling the working plan for the city's future. the city releasing a promotional video about imagin input of more than 12,000 people. it addresses the challenges where the city needs to focus, like climate change and opportunities to grow the economy. >> your economy now. a snapshot of the massachusetts economy is set for release today. plans to put out the unemployment numbers for october and revision for september. unemployment is at its lowest level in 15 years.
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september, down from 3.9% in august. check of the markets now. asian shares mixed overnight following a seven-day rally on wall street. u.s. stock futures are higher. investors are watching for industrial production and petroleum status reports. both are due out today. >> your trending stories this morning. twitter has suspended the account of several high-profile members of the so-called alt-right. the social media site has not said why they did it, speech and harassment. the alt-right is a group that advocates white nationalism. some users whose accounts were suspended said they have no warning and they haven't tweeted anything recently that provoked action. >> a win for the red sox. this is pitcher rick porcello congratulated by family after
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this. justin ver lander, engaged to kate upton. kate upton tweeted, sorry, rick, but you didn't get any first place votes, you didn't win. mlb, keep up with the times and fire those writers. to the contrary, rick porcello did get votes. >> for 45 years the canadian in thank boston for the city's massive response to the 1917 halifax explosion. that large tree traveled 700 miles on a flat-bed truck over the course of the next several days and should arrive tomorrow. you can watch as the tree is lit on december 1. wcvb will host the holiday lights festival on channel 5. school buss in massachusetts are getting an upgrade. >> communities are going green.
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we have expert advice from police, including one thing your child should always have. >> and we invite you to check out the new the upgrade is designed to deliver breaking news and weather not only faster, but using new technology to give you a better experience every time. the latest weather conditions, alerts would be front and center on every page. our app and website now have the same streamlined look. if you're using our
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>> 4:54. we're following breaking news in your early "news to go." >> police are searching for two people accused of taking off
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night in revere near oak island. the car was left in pieces. you can see this through the surveillance here. the moment of impact, before that, the driver went around the crossing gates. there were people on the train, but no reports of any injuries. >> police in burlington are searching for a fourth suspect accused of passing fake cash at two stores in that community. three other suspects are behind bars and they will face a judge sky 5 over the shopping plaza yesterday where police arrested three suspects after they passed counterfeit bills at two different stores. that fourth person took off. a lawrence woman is charged with arson after a fire on summer street last august. investigators say grace ordonez started the fire in a damaged building used by homeless people, including herself. it spread to other buildings, leaving more than 50 people without a home.
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ordonez is due back in court next month. >> an accused terrorist is charged with setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. ahmad rahimi was formally charged with crimes yesterday via live stream from his hospital bed. he is accused of trying to kill police officers who arrested him after the september attacks, which injured 31 people. a minnesota police officer is charged with second-degree manslaughter now in the shooting death of fi his family says they are pleased with the charges against the officer. the officer's attorney says his client was reacting to seeing a gun. >> i'm ok, i'm ok. >> a very close call for this police officer in kansas. he had just pulled over a car
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control. as you can see, he jumps out of the way. amazing he wasn't hurt. >> and the first electric school bus in massachusetts will be showcased in concord today. several towns are working on plans to convert their school bus fleet to more environmentally friendly options and test out the benefits of electric bus technology. governor baker's administration gave out four grants for the purchase of buses. they will be in use in concord, >> isaiah thomas scored 22 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter alone last night. at one point he scored 13 unanswered points, putting the celtics up for good in the final quarter. he added six assist. 90-83 is the final. >> a major honor for our boss here at channel 5. the president and general
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broadcaster of the year by the massachusetts broadcaster's association, the highest honor this association giving out. bill has been leading our station as the president and g.m. since 2005. he actually started at wcvb in 1982. wcvb also recognized for awards, including station of the year. >> that's fantastic. >> kind of a nice day on th way? >> the next couple of days will be nice. for november so far, we're more than a couple of degrees above average. only five days this entire month have had below average temperatures. we're going to keep the mild times going through the end of the week and the start of the weekend on saturday. average high this time of year is just 51. look where we are by sunday. we're trending below average. that will continue into all of next week. what's going to bring about the
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rockies. that storm is working in our direction on sunday. high pressure going to give us a nice day, cloudy -- >> mid 50s today. 60s from new york to d. c. chicago today, 71 degrees. that's ahead of our storm that will come out of the rockies and produce parts of minnesota. through saturday we're dry. you can see a sliver of sunshine here. saturday the pick day of the weekend with temperatures still running in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. then saturday night we're going to watch that storm approach with a few showers breaking out. so some rain around during the day on sunday and as the colder air wraps in behind this storm, there will be a changeover to a few snow showers through western
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there could be snow. looks like a chilly one for next week. much more on the forecast as the eyeopener continues. >> breaking overnight, you see a commuter rail train smashing into a car. police say the people inside made odd moves before and after this happened. >> a new clue in the unsolved case of a murder of a woman in princeton. >> this isn't just about what there's a big break for newton police, on the eye for this thursday morning. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> on the eye this morning, a new name on the list for u.s. secretary of state. >> the woman stealing speculation about rudy giuliani. that's coming up in minutes. first, we want to get to cindy's forecast. >> mainly clear skies in boston. a few patchy clouds. 47 degrees right now with a


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