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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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announcer: now on newscenter 5. ed: a federal judge approves the early release of sal dimasi. when the former state speaker of the house will be getting out of prison. narrow escape, the latest on a driver who's lucky to be alive, after his car is smashed by a speeding train. it was caught on camera, by a deer, in the middle of a race. announcer: wbc be newscenter 5 at four clock starts now. ed: newscenter 5 at 4:00 starts with breaking news, police in bourne make an arrest in the attack on a 14-year-old girl. 18-year-old john allen of buzzards bay is now facing two felony charges. police say allen attacked the girl one week ago on puritan road as she walked to her bus stop. he allegedly grabbed her from behind, threw her to the ground and nearly strangled her. a witness calling the girl's name interrupted the attack. allen will be arraigned tomorrow
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right now, the family of salome see -- salm dimasi is getting ou of prison early. today, dimasi's wife is speaking with newscenter 5 about her husband's release. janet wu is here with this television exclusive. janet? janet: i spoke to debbie dimasi late this afternoon and she had still had not heard from her husband. she sent him an email the only way she can reach him and hanging onto her phone, hoping for a reply. debbie dimasi hasnt but after being treated for neck, tongue and prostate cancer since entering prison, he no longer looks like this he has lost around 70 pounds and no longer can eat solid food. sentenced in 2011 for extortion and fraud, dimasi will be released on tuesday having served 5 of his 8 year sentence. called compassionate release, it will allow him to get proper medical care and cost taxpayers far less. quick when i heard it was under
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thinking and slightly. when i'm able to walk with h and fly him home it will be amazing and that when i will really believe it. reporter: both judge mark wolf and e us attorney's office which recommended dimasi's release had anything to do with that said it has nothing to do with his former political status as the house speaker. judge wolf said quote five years was sufficient to deter comparable corrupt conduct by he jc: breaking news, police say a student brought a loaded gun to nashua high school-south. officers found the gun after the student had an apparent seizure this morning. they searched his backpack for medication, and discovered the weapon. the student was brought to a hospital for treatment. no word yet on any charges. ed: emotional testimony today in the gary sampson death penalty re-trial. sera congi joins us live outside mily mbers of sampson's, where victims took the stand today.
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the federal courtrooms, but i can tell you there were a lot of tears today as loved ones of sampson's victims took the stand. gary sampson had been sentenced to death for a murder spree in 2001 that left 3 people dead in massachusetts and new hampshire. he won a new trial on appeal, and now federal prosecutors are retrying the case. today, family member of those killed took the stand, including the father of jonathan rizzo who was taken at the age of 19. weeks about clinical testimony about the crime scene and autopsies, who the people are get lost in there. that's what this is about, it's not about anything else except for phil jonathan and eli. reporter: those three victims were 19-year-old jonathan rizzo, 69-year-old philip mccloskey, and 58-year-old eli whitney. today the prosecution rested their case today, the defense begins monday.
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and the pcb newscenter 5. dixie right now, the driver who : collided with a couter rail train in revere and then ran away, is now out of police custody. jc: police say the accident happened around last night, when 10:30 the man tried to cut across the tracks after the gates closed. he was allegedly fleeing from another accident nearby. there was a passenger in the car when the train hit. incredibly, they both walked away from the crash. that director has en you heard two explosions in there and you can see the fire all, camera in westminster. a box truck engulfed in flames at the mbta layover station this morning. several aerosol cans were inside the truck at the time and they exploded but no one was hurt. and it only took firefighters about five minutes to get under control. new at 4:00 three suspects , accused of passing fake money face a judge in burlington. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat was there, and joins us now with
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shaun: police say this was a group of men, passing off fake ca at this store and no telling how many others. three men faced a judge today. each of them from new york. they are also try with a fourth man who remains on the run today. this was the scene yesterday in burlington as police tracked down men wanted for passing off fake bills. at a bed bath and beyond and first, again at the paper store. savvy clerks spotted the counterfeit 100 dollar bills, and called police. , found a large number of bills laying in the backseat. >> in addition to the 3 fake 100 dollar bills, the one from bed bath and beyond and two from the paper store, they confiscated an additional $360 from that motor vehicle in 100 dollar and 20 dollar denominations that they also believe to be counterfeit. shaun: prosecutors had hoped for
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the men. the judge decided on 10,000. 50000 and $200. defense attorneys say that proves they are innocent. attorneys say the state will have a hard time proving they knew the money was fake. back to you. jc: new at 4:00, a construction hospitalized, after being overcome by natural gas fumes. it happened this morning at a job site on cliff road in wele a worker was in a trench trying to cap a gas leak leak when he passed out. other workers were able to safely get him out. he did regain consciousness before being taken to newton-wellesley hospital. crews have been replacing aging gas lines on that stretch of cliff road since last summer. a live look over boston. what a gorgeous day we had today. but it looks like we could be in for a change this weekend.
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the clouds have cleared in the area mostly but still some around the cape and the island. look out west. that is snow in parts of the dakotas. we have winter storm warnings for parts of that country. denver is a classic example of what has happened. 80 degrees yesterday. 32 degrees now. the change will start to market eastward. w a while longer, but i have the timeline for the big changes. ed: new at 4:00, a construction -- he is about 33 -- 30 feet high in that bucket trucks with his control stopped working and fire crews were called down to go up and you can down. >> he was stuck and that's the way it fits. no begin.
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and use another bucket trucks that works. we turn now to the president-elect donald trump's transition into the white house. a surprising and headed to trump tower. ben simmoneau's here with more. ben? ben: ed, today, cnn is reporting that trump will meet with former massachusetts governor mitt romney this weekend. remember mitt romney called trump a fraud and phony during the election. the conversation is expected to include a possible cabinet position and we are now hearing it could be secretary of state. secretary of state mitt romney, house of that? as trump's transition continues, he tweeted today that his team is doing a 'fantastic' job. but sources tell abc news the transition is full of internal fighting. one potential problem for team chuck, jared kushner, the president-elect's son in law. reports have the family member taking a formal role in the white house. the legality of the move has been questioned by ethics chiefs
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a democrat and a republican. today, trump aide kelly anne conway denies those reports, but says kushner will remain involved. >> jared was incredibly important to our campaign effort and to the election and he's a trusted adviser of his father-in-law. that won't change. ben: the other big headache trump's choice of stephen bannon as white house counselor, the former head of breitbart news with ties to the alt right and white nationalists. vermont senator bernie sanders has now urged trump to take back bannon's appointment, and calls bannon a racist. in the midst of his transition process, president-elect donald trump also hosted his first foreign leader the prime minister of japan. ed? ed: and director of national intelligence james clapper announcing today he's stepping down as the white house prepares to transfer power to president-elect trump. clapper has said he's been counting the days until the end of president obama's term. he adds he submitted his letter of resignation to the commander-in-chief last night and it quote felt really good. and taking a look at first alert
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expressway. the traffic is moving smoothly and that includes the hov lane. the traffic is going left to right. let's begin our traffic look and see how long will take you to get from the city. . a half hour, that's normal. first leg of the pike, it looks normal. when 28 south is let the wellesley, flow into neiman. 495 in both directions is pretty good. minute rice. traffic looks normal. a gas explosion leaves a man dead, and destroys a huge portion of an illinois community. jc still ahead on newscenter 5 : at 4, witnesses speak out about seeing the blast, and who's now getting involved with the investigation. ed: and later, a runner taken out by a deer during a race and it's caught on camera. what the runner did right after being hit, and how he's doing tonight.
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storm developing out on the ocean. it will not readily impact us, but when you look at west a lot will impact us. jc: reaction keeps coming into the state house fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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central illinois community, and leaves a utility worker dead. jc: and today, federal investigators are searching for answers, about what caused this deadly blast. residents in canton, illinois will spend the day picking up the pieces after a deadly explosion in the city's downtown square. historic buildings are destroyed and businesses remain closed. >> just a massive rumple had a big boom and just everything came crashing down at one time. jc: it happened just before 6:00, wednesda crews were repairing a natural gas leak. take a close look at this surveillance video from a store in the area. glass is shattered and debris everywhere. >> there was glass and stuff blown everywhere. it scared the living jesus out of me >> just a big like it sounded like a bomb just a big commotion and we all just stopped i just looked out the window that we all rato the window to figure
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will be joining the investigation as search crews continue assessing damage from the explosion, that left many residents in shock. >> we never experienced something that loud, it almost felt like an earthquake, very scary. jc: authorities are urging residents to stay away from the downtown area as the investigation continues and the clean up begins. ed: ohio congressman tim ryan says he will challenge nancy pelosi for house minority leader, underscoring anger in the democratic par stephen lynch is taking a wait-and-see approach to the future of close his leadership. >> she wanted a shotgun election, we were in washington less than 24 hours and missed plus he wanted to be reelected right away without me -- without any discussion. i felt the democratic party needs to have soul-searching. the old plan didn't work so that could hear her new print best
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the democrats talk more about free range chickens than the working man. jc: turning off the weather at three -- afternoon i some till date. harvey: it is been beautiful day -- all day. it is a pleasant out. we will keep that smile on a few more days. in boston on this pretty late afternoon, 55 degrees. wind of the northwest and the air is pretty dry. we are set for a cool, but not exceedingly chilly night for this time of the year. most places are in the 50's at this time. the wind is coming of the north-northwest. a little bit more out of the
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along the cake, that is where the wind will be gusty around chatham and nantucket. while we're seeing the clouds melt away, we still seen some off southeastern massachusetts and the tape. those are the clouds from the ocean storm that is developing. low-40's in boston. the air will be dried and that's were the temperatu close to the freezing mark. look at the midwest. it is so incredibly nice. it is 73 in cincinnati. 71 in chicago. it is 32 in denver and there is snow going on out west. a whole different world out there. tomorrow, a great day coming up. anywhere from the is upper-50'so be low-60's. a light, northerly wind.
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pe, especially chatham and nantucket. all the warmth in the eastern half and all the cold on the western part. that cold is on the way here and you will surely know it for the second half of this weekend. a view from the clouds of that developing ocean storm. that is the northeast to northerly winds that will be gusting for the outer cape and nantucket saturday. we'll see the approach of this front. they'll represent the big change. lots of sun for tomorrow around chatham and nantucket. it is going to be a spectacular day. even saturday, west of the coast on, we'll be ok most of the day. clouds coming in from the east and the west as well.
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approaches, showers could breakout during saturday night and in central and western portions of massachusetts, he could flip to some snow showers later saturday night. your next seven days come here you go. . the big change, a few showers south -- sunday. wendy and cooler. we are also talking 20-40 mile per hour wind. it is certainly going to feel like a of rain or snow will be left over whole different world later this weekend. ed: from now to then? jc: there goes my smile. ed: another multimillion dollar fine for a u.s. bank. jc: why j.p. morgan chase is going to have paid millions of dollars to avoid prosecution.
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in a college student accused of killing his best friend. the punishment a judge handed down just a short time ago working to end the public health crisis. the alarming statistics of a new report released by the surgeon general. with no let up from the opioid crisis, we investigate the front lines of the epidemics. one community's response.
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ed: your economy on this thursday, j.p. morgan-chase will pay about $265 million dollars in fines to settle bribery charges. jc: the feds accused the banking giant of hiring children and friends of high-ranking chinese officials, to gain favor and win banking deals. that's a direct violation of u.s. bribery law. today's settlement is not an admission of guilt. no one at jp morgan-chase will face criminal charges. a mattert secretary in the trump administration. jc: -- ed: wells fargo says new account openings have plunged. bank officials say they were down 44% last month compared to october of 2015. that's worse than september's drop of 27%. the bank has been doing damage control for months, over revelations that 2 million unauthorized accounts were opened in customer's names.
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by a deer. a real beer and is caught on video. jc: still ahead on newscenter 5, find out where this happened, and how that runner is doing today
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>> keep your eye in the center. ed: you heard it, right? this is intensive and you as a cross-country race. the deer i got a runner. he went down hard but got back up and finished the race.
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jc: there you go.
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?[ music ] ? my new book. >> trashing megyn kelly. >> are internet trolls purposely giving her new book bad reviews? >> and inside the new center of
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in trump tower? >> it's a nice play. >> are hotel and motel employees spying on you? perverts. >> invading your privacy in hotel rooms. >> how to make sure you're not the victim of a peeping tom. >> how many people were you able to spy on? >> thousands. >> and remember her? you won't believe what happe plus, mystery in the air. >> did you see this? there was this plane, just circling, circling. >> what we've learned about the stark white aircraft that keeps circling the city. and barbara streisand. she's got legs, at 74. plus why are these people frantically digging through the town dump? now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody, and thanks for joining us. megyn kelly is working


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