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tv   On the Record  ABC  November 20, 2016 11:00am-11:29am EST

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ed: good morning, everyone. it is time to go "on the record." watching and waiting, as a flurry of possible names for the new trump administration swirl -- gov. baker: i will advocate that massachusetts continues to be treated fairly. ed: after sitting out the presidential election, republican governor charlie baker working on building a relationship with the new washington. looking for new leadip congressman steve lynch and some other democrats taking a hard look as they limp back to a gop-ruled d.c. and -- politically, what are you thankful for? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: from wcvb washington, the inside news. ed: good morning. i'm ed harding along with newscenter 5's political reporter janet wu. days away from the thanksgiving and we're guessing this year there's going to be a lot of
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so our guest this morning is , congressman steve lynch coming to us via satellite from our washington bureau. the south boston democrat is a ranking member of the sub committee on national security. sir, thanks for joining us from washington. regression -- we appreciate it. rep. lynch: good morning. jaent: thank you for jonas. i am not sure if it is safer to be in boston or there. we're stiai president-elect trump to announce this entire team, but when you hear names like steve bannon will be at the highest level in the oval office, what do you think? rep. lynch: well, he has a history, as you know, and he has said and he has printed some outrageous stuff. he could be a bridge-burner versus a bridge-builder. i am not sure if that is a good first step for the new president. if he is trying to establish a
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said we should give everybody a chance, but knowing his background, do you give mr. bannon a little bit of width and see what he does before you pass judgment? rep. lynch: well, the president won. donald trump won. he gets to make these appointments, and his administration will rise, succeed, or fail, based in large part on who he i do not think it was a wise choice on his part. he gets to make that choice. i don't hear it we will deal with -- i don't. we will deal with what he decides in the realm he has the ultimate say. ed: congress, should americans be concerned that the president elect's children will be not only running his businesses and advising him at the white house? should we be concerned about the? rep. lynch: markets tell me what to do on a regular basis.
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he has some smart -- ivanka -- his daughter, the oldest one, very bright. if he feels comfortable having them advising him, you know -- i mean, my biggest concern is he won't listen. he has not shown a proclivity to listen to others, and that might be one of his weaknesses. if we can get him to listen to some people, hopefully his own advisors on defense, national securifo think that is a good thing. ed: do you think his son-in-law should be involved in the high-level briefings the president-elect himself gets now? rep. lynch: well, there is a nepotism statute. i am not sure how he will deal with that about hiring family, but if he is an off-the-payroll advisor, i know there are a number of organizations there
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if he trusts his son-in-law's judgment, then i suppose we shouldn't deny him good advice. jaent: what do you think there is a conflict of interest when you think about them running his business and also advising him at the white house? rep. lynch: sure. there will definitely be conflicts of interest. i know he has contracts with the drove by it. yeah, he has a far-flung financial empire. it will be very difficult for him to divest, i guess. if he is just going to hand it off to his kids, he still has an active interest in his children and the business. so, we will have to deal with that. i am not sure how, but i am sure this will be an extraordinary effort to try to create a firewall between the president's
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territory, isn't it, congressman? you are dealing with someone not from the washington and someone who has been, as janet, and you well know, a successful businessman, to disconnect from that and be president of the united states. rep. lynch: yeah, george bush -- george w. bush, i think he was owner of the texas rangers baseball team. he had he was able to do a blind trust, something like that -- he divested his interest. so, we have had similar situations, not one as extensive as this one, i think. jaent: let's turn the conversation to your party. you signed a letter this week to postpone the election of a democratic house leader. do you think it's time for nancy pelosi to step back despite her fundraising prowess? rep. lynch: well, i think it is time to have a discussion about the role forward.
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fail for the democratic party. we went from a party -- a congress where we had the largest republican majority since herbert hoover was president, and we only gained five or six seats. so, we talk more about free range chicken than we did about working people. we missed the message on that. a lot of people who normally would vote democratic voted for donald trump. plan. jaent: so, is it time for pelosi to step away? rep. lynch: let's hear what her plan is. she wanted a shotgun election. we were in washington less than 24 hours, and she wanted to be reelected right away without end is -- without any discussion. i thought that was wrong. i feel the democratic party needs some soul-searching, find out what the plan is going forward. the old plan did not work.
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mrs. pelosi to pursue that leadership chair. until somebody comes forward, she is the fait accompli. ed: let's go down that road, congress and. give us a name, or two, or three, please. rep. lynch: well, it has been in the press. i know joe crawley -- there is an article in political politico this morning, joe crowley is considering it, and we're him from the rust belt crowd there is nobody in leadership from the rust belt, which we lost terribly to donald trump. so, this feeling that while mrs. pelosi is very good at raising money, and every but he concedes that point, we also think that besides money, campaigns are
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we did not capture the imagination or inspire the electorate in terms of our idea in the last election. ed: it sounds as you are interested in a change in the leadership position. am i misrepresenting your position? rep. lynch: i am interested in a change in the plan. mrs. pelosi could do that, i guess, but so could some of these new candidates that are interested in -- as well. jaent: crowley or ryan could win your vote over policy? rep. lynch: let's hear what they have to say. mrs. pelosi could win the vote. ed: we are ready to hear what you have to say about the "otr" pop quiz. you felt that you were in washington you would not get it. rep. lynch: i dread this. ed: you do so well. question 1 -- breitbart executive steve bannon, president elect trump's new senior counselor and chief
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what was he doing when he was in boston? rep. lynch: i am sure it was nefarious activity. i cannot even imagine what he was doing. ed: some might call this nefarious activity -- he was a student at harvard business school. rep. lynch: there you go. question -- ed: question two -- donald trump claims that he is a billionaire many times over. what is the current annual salary of e and seller, by the way trump has , already said he won't accept.
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trump now promising a hand in glove relationship? rep. lynch: would that be ted cruz? ed: that would be house speaker paul ryan, although ted cruz is an interesting answer. question 4 -- president-elect trump snuck out the other night for a quiet dinner with his family. at what posh manhattan restaurant. where did the trump's dine? rep. lynch: i have no idea. ed: paid place apparently he received a standing ovation. he ditched the press pool, which should not make people happy. you are off the hot seat. we're done with the quiz. rep. lynch: thank you. [laughter] jaent: back here in massachusetts governor charlie , baker is hopeful that the 5 year medicaid waiver agreement he just signed with the federal government won't dissolve with the new administration. can you give him any assurances that that deal, which would basically save massachusetts taxpayers about $5 billion over
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i believe we are in a good position. the hospitals and providers that have been affected have been reassured, and they are going forward. i would say in the out years, and i understand that donald trump has said that as the new president he would be, you know, not fullpe changing the affordable care act extensively. it remains to be seen if the medicare waiver-type prozac -- provisions would be an area where he is trying to change. we will have to look at that closely. but it won't be a situation that affects massachusetts only. it will be a broader landscape that is affected by the changes,
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complicated process for him to try to decouple some of the provisions versus others within the affordable care act. it is not as simple as he has made it sound. ed: you heard what candidate donald trump said about changes in immigration policy. now the question is what can you , tell undocumented immigrants in massachusetts to expect? not that it is president top. -- trump. rep. lynch: everybody up and throw them out, at least the bad ones, according to him. i think that is an oversimplification. i think there are rights that a lot of the immigrants who are in this country have as far as you process goes -- due process goes. i do understand, as far as anyone who has been convicted of
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from the country if they are here illegally. i also think that if we are going to come up with a comprehensive immigration system, then we have to construct one that you cannot go around. there has to be accountability there. ed: congressman -- i do not mean to cut you off, i'm sorry. rep. lynch: go ahead. ed: this is the last question -- i asked this four years ago. has the electoral college lived its usefulness in the united states? rep. lynch: no, not at all. it engages the smaller states. if we go to a general population, we will focus on the most populous states, and that is where the engagement in the political process will be, and we will leave all of the smaller states of less population, and
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most efficient use of dollars, going after votes. california -- certainly the east coast, new york, new jersey, massachusetts -- they will get some play. florida, a big senior population there. a couple of the big states in the central united states. but, you know, i do not think that is the way to go. i think you stick with the electoral college. play in most of the states, and that is a good thing. jaent: think you, congressman. we appreciate you being with us this morning. rep. lynch: thank you, janet, thank you, ed. ed: as we continue, how does
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- announcer: thousands of boston area families
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h to develop new common-sense home sharing rules. we're working with policymakers to ensure our community can pay their fair share of taxes. and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods. together, we can make sure all of boston benefits. and an eventful political season behind us, we are wondering, what you have to be thankful for when it comes to politics? ? >> i am thankful for the wake-up call. >> i am thankful for the free country, and we can vote for whoever we want. mr. trump: it is going to be america first. ? >> history.
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>> seeing him on "60 minutes" i believe he is humbled by what this means. >> and you are thankful for the? >> i am thankful for that. >> life moves on. >> and you are thankful for that? >> yeah. ed: and speaking of being thankful, we are thankful to have great americans. who wouldn't like to have your thanks giving cable all the time. lots of good discussion. good, meaty issues. [laughter] where are we here. jaent: ok, you all heard steve lynch this morning. what does this mean for the congressional delegation -- they had solid contacts at the white house and on the hill with party leaders for many years. has it all evaporated?
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important to hold trump accountable, as it is to get things done for massachusetts. that is the issue there. the other issue is what will charlie baker do to work with the new president? that is the dilemma for everyone. jaent: have we lost a lot of our cloud on capitol hill? ginny: certainly, yes, there is a leadership gap on the democratic side. whether someone can claim the mantle will be interesting. 33 republican governors were elected. democrats are clearly out of touch with the country. jaent: is it time for pelosi to go? ginny: i think new leadership and new ideas would be smart. mary anne: i think she is the only one that could do what the democrats need without consequence. i doubt she runs after this. ed: we talked about john kerry -- the end of the obama
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crossroads. ignoring mumblings he might run for governor, what do you see in the cards for him? mary anne, you use to work for -- ignore that he used to work for him and long time ago. not a long, long time. read the tea leaves. mary anne: there is no question john kerry wants to stay involved. what form that takes -- i do not know. people speculate about governor. he didn't want to run for governor, ran for senate. takes. i think he sees what every other democrat sees right now -- an opportunity in light of the election to really go after republicans, go after trump, and do things, and since the election, everyone seems to have stepped up. i'm happy about that. ed: what do you see for the secretary? ginny: i see a complete inability in the democrat party to learn the lessons of the campaign -- people do not want to go backwards.
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backwards. john kerry, as much as i admire him, is a step backwards in terms of the future of the country. mary anne: one point, i do not think we know what happened in the election until you look at the votes in the voter file. that is the biggest concern. democrats are great at finding the last fight, but know what the problem is. that is my concern with everyone ready headlong into every solution. jaent: governor baker ~ -- walked the same fine line as president trump this week, but he did issue this warning about trump's chief strategist steve take a listen. gov. baker: based on some of banning's previous remarks and activities, that is a concern to me. jaent: so how difficult is it , going to be for a republican like baker? mary anne: i think it is hard to be governor of massachusetts and the switzerland at the same time. i think that is what baker was during this campaign. he has ceded his authority to bring the state together. over 60% of massachusetts voted for hillary cut in. 30% voted for trump.
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moving forward and why some a democrats have jumped at him more than they have. ginny: -- donald trump won the primary here. some of his base are trump voters. the vast majority of the blue states that flipped out the kind of people charlie baker represents -- fighting for working people, fighting for jobs, and he wants to get president elect trump a chance. mary anne: purgatory was too political and that advice. jaent: democrats have a new party leader, gus bickford. he's ready to give the governor a run for his money in 2018. any advice for him? ginny? ginny: i don't know. take a nap. [laughter] ginny: i think it is going to be a tough pill to flog there. jaent: issue right? mary anne: no. charlie baker only won by 40,000
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a way to go after him. ed: robert kraft went to see donald trump. was he just congratulating them question mark congratulating him -- congratulating him? mary anne: if you are a fan, and your quebec" supported him -- ginny: it is someone that is out of touch. donald trump won the election. three reasonable, tell the people supported him. mary anne: if you are anything other than a white man, you weren't happy with the election. ginny: i was happy with it.
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ed: of course there will be a lot of things that table because seldom ac has been allowed release, but after the the 2016 season, who should be told to sit at the kids table this year? mary anne: the 16 republicans that ran against donald trump in the primary. hillary clinton showed how lame they were. they won every presidential candidates as well. ginny: the anti-trump protesters after the election -- many of whom did not even vote, we found out, of those who got arrested in portland, oregon, --
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ginny: mike pence will be a gravitas figure with a lot of standing. mary anne: president obama, who campaigned for him to come in and is trying to do the transition. ed: i love that picture. one was that picture taken? mary anne: he was young -- helping job even though trump questioned his citizenship and try to delegitimize the first african-american president.
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soledad: right now, as a "matter of fact" -- >> any announcements today? soledad: the trump transition enters uncharted territory. would you grant his children top security clearance? jonathan: it is not uncommon for advisors to have clearance. soledad: plus, want a lower tax bill? and a better job? can republicans deliver both in the new administration? journey from somalia to the state house. how this young lawmaker rose from refugee to representative. but first, the supreme court under a trump administration. i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to "matter of fact." ? soledad: justice ruth bader ginsburg said it plainly enough,


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