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tv   News Center 5 at 400  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> a local family calling for justice after a hit&run leaves a woman badly injured. what we've learned today about that case. >> a mother murdered in front of her son in lowell. the killer still on the loose tonight. >> and, former massachusetts scott brown at trump tower. what he said after today's meeting. about a possible place in the president-elect's new administration. >> breaking news right now at 4:00, fire rips through an apartment in hudson. this is happening now at 200 manning street. right now, no word on any injuries. we have a crew just arriving at the scene, and will bring you an -- >> also breaking a patriots player suspended accused of using drugs. defensive tackle alan branch
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the -- he will appeal so he's still expected to play sunday against the jets. he's started 9 of the patriots 10 games this season. he was already suspended by the patriots for a few days in august for violating team rules. the clouds roll out, but biting winds and cold temperatures aren't going anywhere. check out this time lapse video from our city cam in downtown boston. right now, it's feeling like winter. thanks for joining >> and i'm jc monahan. we're here in the weather center with chief meteorologist harvey leonard. harvey: i have to show you behind there is a wind advisory.
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the actual temperatures are only 30-35. the afternoon feels like it is 24. the winds will stay busy before sunset. flurries going on. it is an extension of the snow coming from the great lakes right now. several more hours of snow flurries. by late tonight, you can look forward to more sunshine. temperatures rise.
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coming up in an hour. jc icy roads created traffic : -- icy roads created traffic nightmares for some drivers in new hampshire this morning. in durham, one driver died in a crash with a tanker truck on route 4. the road was closed near the lee town line. rollovers and spinouts were also reported in epsom, and across many other granite state communities. here in massachusetts, we didn't deal with much ice, but the high winds created a scary situation for this trucker in weston. a tree came down, taking live wires with it this morning on oak street. the driver wasor a local woman has a long road to recovery after she's badly injured by a hit and run driver in brookline. jc it happened on the corner of : washington street and corey road late last week and the victim is still in the hospital. as the search for that driver continues right now, the victim's family is speaking to newscenter 5. the public's help can really make a difference for the victim and her family. kim longmore was in this cross walk out on her morning walk friday at 6:00 was struck down a.m. by a hit and run driver
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discovered injured. police have no leads on a suspect vehicle. it happened friday at the washington street and corey road intersection on the brookline/boston town line. kim longmore had internal bleeding, and has fractured ribs, a broken shoulder arm and knee. >> she is in a lot of pain. she can really move or do anything for herself. jc kim longmore of weymouth is a : beloved main office secretary the students miss her terribly and the family set up a go fundme page help pay for her expenses while out of work. boston police hope to find surveillance video of the vehicle or get some info to help in the investigation. ~ next story ~ right now, the lowell community is in shock, after a local mother is murdered right in front of her own son.
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the killer, still on the loose today. newscenter 5's reid lamberty joins us live in lowell with the latest. reid? >> and there very well may be more than one person rounded up when police make arrests, because witnesses say it was a group of people who attacked the 44-year-old victim gloribel , orengo beaten by both men and who punched and kicked the mother of four, and there are reports a crow bar or tire iron may have also been used, and as this savage beating was happening, her 28-year-old son, who has down syndrome, watched and try to protect his mother. this happened saturday night. orengo was at a party at this lowell apartment complex or she
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the fight then spilled out into the parking lot. >> -- ed: a huge rally, as demonstrators called for peace and unity. it comes in the wake of hate crimes in massachusetts, after the presidential election. nichole berlie is at the state house right now nichole? >> hundreds came out today, in a show of solidarity, uniting to rally against bias and hate. anti-defamation league. more than 30 local organizations came out, numerous politicians. signs in the crowd with messages like no place for hate. since attorney general maura healey set up a harassment hotline one week ago, there have been nearly 400 calls to reports incidents. the hotline was set up in -- >> we can disagree on policy
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everyone in this country deserves dignity and respect. >> that hotline was set up in response to an increase of reports of bias. it is 1-800-994-3228. jc: a familiar face at trump tower today, as president-elect donald trump fills out his cabinet. former massachusetts senator scott brown met with the future commander-in-chief today newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with more. >> as we reported first on newscenter 5 friday, brown got a phone call from trump telling him he is being considered for a cabinet post, perhaps secretary of veterans affairs. {vo} brown, a 35-year veteran of the
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friday night he's very passionate about the military. at trump tower today, he was able to suggest the priorities he'd like the trump administration to focus on. >> i think, the toughest job in the cabinet is to lead the v.a. because it has, while it has so many angels working there, it has so many great problems as well. so he's obviously going to take my application or interest under consideration. i'm glad he called. and he's going to obviously going to meet other folks. and we should know i would think probably after thanksgiving. ed: executives and anchors from the country's biggest television networks also meeting with president-elect today. representatives from abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, and fox news all there . mr. trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway who organized that meeting calling it an informal but cordial meeting as the administration looks to move forward after the election. more meetings over the next couple of days, and perhaps some more announcements before trump heads to his second home in palm
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jc: new at four clock the , department of transportation taking down a sign with a big mistake in dartmouth. check it out, you can see it offers directions to cod cape. it was put up on faunce corner road, the dartmouth police then called out the dot on facebook, posting a picture of the sign. no word on when a corrected replacement will be in place. jun massachusetts are down. aaa northeast reports prices have dropped four cents to an average of $2.08 a gallon. that is lower than the national six cents average. experts say a lower-than average demand contributed to the decline in prices, which are expected to continue to inch lower. the traffic you see is moving slowly.
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it isn't as bad as it might be. from newton corner, a 16 minute ride. slow on the north side. a 21 minute ride -- not too bad for monday afternoon. a manhunt still underway for the killer of a police officer, {j}) : the latest on the search for that suspect, and several other attacks on police officers in just a matter of hours. harvey: we are not the only ones chilling out. it is pretty cold. ed: right now police are , searching for the person who
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has just fired head coach jurgen klinsmann. he coached the u.s. men's national team since 2011. his firing comes after a pair of losses to open this month's world cup qualifying. no word yet on who will take over as coach. right now, a manhunt continues in san antonio for the gunman who killed a detective. jc: it was just one of four attacks on police across the country in just a matter of hours.
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ambush. one of them, murdered just outside police headquarters. i've got an officer down in -- >> i've got an officer down in front of headquarters. jc detective benjamin marconi, a : 20-year veteran of the san antonio police department, was in his patrol car, writing a traffic ticket, when police say, this car pulled up behind him, then a man got out, and shot the detective twice in the head, through the passenger side window. >> we have been able to develop a suspect from this video surveillance. the suspect is described as a black male in his 20's, thin build, five foot eight inches -- five feet 10 inches with a goatee. the vehicle is a 2009 to 2012 black mitsubishi gallant with custom rims. >> the suspected killer is still out there. meanwhile, in saint louis, another officer, a father of three is in critical but stable condition after he was shot twice in the face, also while sitting in his patrol car. clerks the officer says he saw the muzzle flashes and felt the glass breaking in his window as the shots came through and struck him in the head. the alleged shooter in this case
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and this morning, two more shootings over the weekend, in florida and another in missouri have two more officers recovering, both shot during traffic stops. in the wake of these shootings, st. louis and san antonio officers will be making traffic stops in pairs, until further notice. ed: breaking news out of japan. an earthquake has just struck. right now, warning has been issued. again, a 7.1 magnitude quake. a sigh of relief for some thanksgiving travelers, about 500 union workers at chicago's o'hare airport say they will strike after the holiday. they're set to walk off the job next tuesday. the union says they want the public's support in their fight for higher wages, and wouldn't want to snarl anyone's holiday plans. o'hare is one of the nations'
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president barack obama returning overnight from peru, wrapping up his final foreign tour as commander in chief. of course, he was asked about president-elect donald trump in all 3 countries he visited. the president said he wouldn't be a constant critic of his successor but reserved the right , to speak out if an issue compromises his core values. the obama's will stay in washington, d.c. for a few years after leaving office while their youngest daughter finishes high school. jc: we all noticed the cold, but what is really troubling is the wind. -- ed: -- harvey: if you look behind, this is showing wind
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through tomorrow. here's some of the snow in our area. there was an inch or two. we still have snow flurries snow squalls going on. we go out and finally see that. it has been a long haul for a
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worse than today. tomorrow we will basically see the wind wednesday. still and when advisory in effect for our area. the wind advisory should come down, but it is still going to be fairly windy. -- if remember saturday, most of the area and it was like a switch was returned. there is a look at boston. you saw the gusts at 37. we will be back to the low 20's and 30's overnight. tomorrow's temperature should be up a few degrees from today. still windy but maybe down a
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tomorrow night and wednesday. there will be system approaching wednesday, but it looks like it will weaken with time. just a touch of snow or sprinkles. it doesn't look like anything to significant. commodities he temperatures moderate slightly. it is still a chilly thanksgiving. we do it to keep and i laid
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ed: trouble today for massachusetts first casino. jc still ahead on newscenter 5 : at 4:00, the promise that state auditors say the slots parlor has failed to keep. but, first let's see what's new at 5:00 with ben. >> the travel rush about to begin. when are the best times to get on the road. life with what you need to know.
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ed: massachusetts' first casino isn't meeting its hiring goals. jc state auditors say plainridge : park casino is required to hire 90% of its workforce from the surrounding area. but that number was closer to 35% as of june of last year. the massachusetts gaming commission says the hiring goal is an ongoing obligation, with no specific time frame. the commission also says live within 20 miles of the facility. ed: general electric has sold its old corporate headquarters in connecticut. sacred heart university will pay $31.5 million for the campus in fairfield. ge moved to boston back in august, and is now in the process of building a huge new headquarters at fort point channel. it's scheduled to be ready in 2018.
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jc: an australian zoo introduces some adorable newborns to the public. these are called puggles. the short-beaked echidnas are the first ones to be born at the zoo in almost three decades. echidnas are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. they're also one of only 5 species of mammal that lay eggs. zoo keepers haven't chosen names
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only fios can. ?[ music ] ? gigi hadid blow back over her melania trump imitation. >> i love my husband. president barack obama.
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>> the actor from hamilton who went after the vice president elect speaks out. >> you must seize that opportunity. >> and melania's surprising revelation. she reportedly doesn't want to move to the white house. >> then, selena gomez's return to the spotlight. >> i was absolutely broken inside. >> and why are they gassing your steak at the supermarket? is it safe to eat? >> they can't actually see or smell what the meat is really like. >> what you the meat you buy at the supermarket. plus, thanksgiving day showdown. >> why americans across the country are worried about conflicts breaking breaking out at the dinner take over the election. >> politics. no politics. >> and preschool sweethearts. 30 years later. >> here we are. >> now they're getting married. now "inside edition" with


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