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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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by that earthquake five years ago. buildings could be felt swaying and shaking in tokyo. so far, no reports of damage or injuries. >> good evening. >> we have breaking news right now in hudson where fire tore through a condominium complex. >> the flames are under control. firefighters rescued a man from a balcony. john >> that man was on one of the third-story balconies. the black smoke was pouring out of his unit. he had to wait for firefighters to arrive. you can see firefighters here tonight. they have been able to put out this fire. we have video which shows where the fire started. it was on the third floor of the emerson garden condominiums.
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balcony with three pets. the fire started right across the hall and he could not get out. >> the woman came running, there's a fire in my closet. so i ran over. when i pushed the door open, it was too bad. so i told her to get out. then i kept throwing my animals on the deck and they kept running back in. but the fireman said, you wait right there. they helped me down the ladder, took my dog down the ladder, two cats down the >> firefighters were able to rescue that man, his three pets. but there were a number of other animals in this building. firefighters were able to get them out. they are still here tonight as they continue to look for a cause. we are live in hudson. john, at water, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a patriots player suspended for drugs. defensive attack alan branch will miss four games after apparently testing positive for marijuana.
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the jets. he started nine of the patriots '10 games. -- 10 games. gusts sent tree limbs crashing down on oak street. the wire was also knocked down, but nobody was hurt. temperatures stuck in the 30s today. i went for a run outside. >> brutal. the wind really hurts. 'r the winds look like they stick around. >> they do. the superstrongest are still occurring. wind gusts 54. fall river to 50. salisbury to 40. worcester airport and boston over 30 nantucket. still going to be wind, but the wind advisories will come down after 6:00 p.m. in boston.
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cod. with the wind and temperatures, it feels like 16 at worcester airport. feels like it's 24 in boston. we have snow flurries in parts of the berkshires. some areas have had up to 20 inches of snow. there's still a winter storm warning out there until 7:00 tonight. all right, so more snow flurries and squalls. but it should be winding down and less of an issue for tomorrow. we should have more sunshine tomorrow than we had toda conditions and the weather towards thanksgiving. >> the cold weather creating icy conditions on the roads in new hampshire. two crashes were deadly on route 4 in durham. crews responded to spin-outs and rollovers. the conditions caused traffic delays. >> no arrests have been made in
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mother. her son with down syndrome witnessed the attack. >> baffled that no one is in custody. this attack happened 48 hours ago and still no answers for victim's family. >> a simple memorial remains at the spot of a deadly weekend attack where a woman was grouped by people as her adult son who has down syndrome watched. >> he doesn't understand. >> trying to protect his mother. witnesses say he then held her bloodied and beaten head in his arm, her face barely recognizable. >> the mother of four was at a party at this apartment complex saturday night. she was asked to leave after getting into a verbal altercation with other partygoers. it then spilled outside into the parking lot where witnesses say both men and women were punching
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or tire iron may have been used. >> very devastating >> the family says they know names of the attackers and are surprised an arrest has not been made. >> everybody knows these girls. they are a pack of wolves. it's disgusting. >> i want justice for my sister and my family. nothing is going to bring her back. nothing is going to bring her back. >> lowellnd working with the d.a.'s office. several people have been interviewed but no arrests have been made. live in lowell, wcvb newscenter 5. >> new at 5:00, wonderful news from the boston police department. officer matt morris, who was shot in october, has been released from spalding rehab. his release comes in time for thanksgiving. officer morris adding he's lucky
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everybody, i say thank you. >> a busy start to the holiday week for president-elect donald trump as he works to fill the ranks of the administration. scott brown had his job interview today. our reporter here with what the two discussed. >> as we reported on friday, former senator brown did get that phone call from the president-elect, telling him he is considered for secretary of veterans affairs. today herr brown a 35-year veteran or the army national guard, he's been on the veterans committee since a state representative in massachusetts. he says the v.a. has problems to overcome. but he believes his passion for the military will make him the right guy for the job. >> something i feel very, very passionate about. i think each of you do too, regardless of whether you're democrat or republican. these are soldiers and airmen and marines who are doing our country's business.
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with other candidates. trump will head to his home in florida for the thanksgiving holiday. >> hundreds gathered at the status house today rallying for peace. our reporter live on beacon hill. >> showing solidarity at the state house, uniting against >> i recognize and respect -- >> signs reading no place f hate. a state house rally to show discrimination will not be tolerated. >> the city is 100% against hate. >> more than 30 organizations represented. plus local dignitaries like boston's mayor, the state attorney general, all uniting to show there's no tolerance for hate. >> we will protect our
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forms. we will move civil rights forward, not backwards. >> since attorney general set up a harassment hot line, there have been nearly 400 calls to report incidents in the state. >> west springfield, puerto rican couples had the words, go home, keyed on their home. milford, messages from the ku klux klan were delivered to door steps. >> this man says he was the the presidential election. >> the most important thing we need to make sure we do is that we do something, whether it's engage those around us, ask them to step in, or contact the local law enforcement. >> on your screen right now you will see the attorney general's hot line to report incidents. that number is 1-800-994-3228. live from the state house, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thanksgiving week is here.
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when is the best time to get away in newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich found out and he is live in newton. >> most of the heavy volume is typical rush hour traffic. as for the peak travel day for this holiday, it will be tomorrow. if you have to travel tomorrow or wednesday, leaving early in the morning or late in the evening can help you avoid sitting in traffic like this. >> we're from chicago, illinois, and we're coming into is already under way. aaa estimates nearly 90% of holiday travelers will drive to their destination. that's about 50 million americans. here in massachusetts, the good news is there may be actually be less congestion due to the tollbooths coming down along the pike. that means shorter delays at the interchanges with 128, 495, and 84. >> we'll have backups. a lot of people traveling. but it will be lessened.
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larson says although the entire week will be busy, the peak travel day in massachusetts will be tuesday. he urges to wear seat belts and never drive under the influence. >> it's not just about alcohol anymore. we need people to understand that driving under the influence of drugs or marijuana, that is an impairment and that affects your driving. >> massdot says construction will be suspended beginning at 5:00 a.m. wednesday. and there's one other note. if you use hand held devices and if you use g.p.s. apps, the state urges to let your passengers do the navigating so you can focus on the roads. reporting live in newton, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. >> helpful tip, thank you. ahead of the travel rush, prices at the pump have fallen. aaa reporting the cost of
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let's check your first look traffic on this monday night. there's the zakim bridge. you're jammed heading into the o'neill tunnel. let's see how traffic is around the region. toward the split, 31 minutes. that's about normal. mass avenue to route 3 north from the bridge, 36 minutes upper deck to 128 is a pretty long drive. there's the pike. 17 corner. half-hour southbound from route 2 to route 9. on the pike, 30 minutes from the toll to 495. 495 looking good. serving thanksgiving dinner at the tv garden today. neighborhood charity put on the table of friends meal with help of volunteers from the bruins and celtics.
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stuffing, 40 gallons of gravy to hundreds of people. four officers in three states shot in separate incidents over the weekend. still to come, the search for a suspect in the most serious assault. >> new at 5:30, a distuin ofld endangerment. the new hamr re arreed after his children are found. >> moms who want to work but want a flexible schedule.
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cities shot within the same 24-hour period. the most serious happened in san antonio. officer benjamin marconi, a 20-year veteran of the force, was shot and killed while writing out a traffic ticket. police are looking for a suspect seen in security video. now, in st. louis an officer was shot twice in the face while he sat in traffic in a marked police cruiser. the shooter was later killed by police. >> the officer says he saw the flashes and felt the glass breaking in the window a >> two other officer-involved shooting -- two officers were shot in missouri and florida. both are expected to survive. hundreds of baggage handlers and other unionized workers who threatened to strike before thanksgiving are now holding off until after the holiday. the new strike date will be from tomorrow, tuesday, 29th. the workers demand higher pay
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weekend. saturday afternoon to sunday morning. big change. >> it's like the seasons changed like that. >> you said it was going to happen, and it did. >> it did. not because i said it was going to happen. it's because the atmosphere was ready to do it. these are the temperatures right now. look at the windchills. they are in the teens and low 20s. >> 60 degrees last week. >> even saturday for most of the area was unbelievable. peop not doing that now. doesn't that look incredible? it almost looks like that's a painting, but that is boston. we are almost an hour past sunset. just a sliver of light is still left in the western horizon. only 35 and the steady winds are 22 in boston. and look at this. it is under 30 degrees right now at worcester airport and orange,
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20 inches of snow. wind gusts up to 36 miles per hour. we have windchills in the teens and low 20s. now, the actual temperatures overnight tonight will drop into the 20s. they are already there in worcester and a little below freezing here in boston. so it is going to continue to be cold. the wind will ease some later on tonight. not going to disappear completely. it will still be an active wind tomorrow, not quite as strong as today. and temperatures least several degrees in the afternoon. don't know if you'll notice the difference, but it actually will be a slight improvement. we have a few snow flurries getting into the worcester hills. but the action is more significant in parts of the berkshires. you see this stream? you hear about that all the time. the great lakes are very, very warm right now. so is lake ontario. cold air, pick up water, here comes the moisture.
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way to the berkshires sometimes. a lot of times most of it dries out going eastward because the air is going down from the mountains and it tends to dry some. but it was enough to give some flurries and a coating and tiny accumulation to parts of eastern mass last night. we have a winter storm warning for berkshires and parts of vermont until 7:00 tonight. so we'll take you out in time. you can see the snow does diminish and/or ends towards the berkshires and vermont. there will be clouds and maybe flurries tomorrow. i think by tomorrow the accumulating snow is done. we'll have more in the way of sunshine tomorrow through most of the day on wednesday. so if you're traveling within new england tomorrow and wednesday, there really won't be precipitation at least falling at that time. we do want to talk about thanksgiving because this is interesting. not a major storm at all.
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if it is in the form of snow, it could be enough for a coating or tiny bit of accumulation. you see that strip? right here around 7:30 in the morning towards northeastern connecticut? it could hold together. around the time football gales are played, there could be a light coating of snow or rain towards cape cod. the timing is thanksgiving morning. on friday, looks like we're in between systems. but late friday or friday night, more rain seems likely for most of our area. that system may intensify some as it turns somewhat colder. so on saturday there's a chance of rain or snow and it looks like we'll partially clear on sunday, breezy and cold for the end of thanksgiving weekend. lots of things to watch here in the weather center.
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from dementia. a study shows the rate of alzheimer's disease in people over the age of 65 dropped to 9%. experts credit the decline of control of blood pressure and diabetes. >> getting flu shots as early as possible is the best way to avoid getting sick as the flu season it takes weeks to produce enough anti-bodies. the c.d.c. says to avoid the nasal spray vaccine. >> a big buy this time of the year. flat screen tvs. ben has what you are really getting with 4k and what your tv might be doing that you don't realize. >> we like to think of
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together. but this year's election left many families divided. next, five things you can do to
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>> caught on camera, a burning pickup truck. flames sparked by a child's toy. a w ride-on dump truck was in the back of the truck when it caught fire. firefighters struggled to put out the flames. >> the officer said the flames looked -- appeared to be 15, 20 feet high. it was pretty shocking. >> toys "r" us pulled the toy truck from shelves, saying the incidence appears to be isolated but further investigation is needed. >> the curtain has come down on the big apple circus.
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entertaining around the world. in its chapter 11 ftheiling circus says it has assets of almost $4 million but owes more than twice that. at its peak, the big apple staged more than 300 shows in manhattan. a spokesman says it hopes someone will buy the circus and reopen it. now the new trend. a woman who wants to work but wi flexible s. join a company and use social media sales. newscenter 5's erika tarantal takes a closer look. >> elibeth wadswoh -- >> i w for a plant-based supplement company. but you've probably seen their work on instagram or facebook. >> i'll send a message, these
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interested. >> look at this more closely. i'll pass it. >> it's like tupperware. they moved out of the living room and online. skin care company says it has around 150,000 independent consultants and reported a revenue of $626.9 million in 2015 30s or 40s, a woman who wants to work but have flexibility. >> it allows people to do a lot when their kids are sleeping or after they finished their job. >> i fit into the nooks and crannies of the day. >> it's hard work and not always lucrative. the average annualized income for one was around $3,100. as a military wife and mom of
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forever from anywhere. can >> there's huge social aspect. just comng with people and their >> erika tarant, wcvb necenter 5. >> experts say moms need be careful and not overdo on social media, seeing too many sales on their facebook feeds turns family and friends off. >> you nailed it the third team. mom a local woman's fight tonight after being severely hurt in a hit-and-run crash. >> her family sharing her story. the road to >> tuesday morningn the eyeopener. >> saving time during the holiday dinner scramble. >> secrets to getting a tasty turkey done faster. >> and tckinghe chance f morey weather for angiving day are tuesday at angiving day are tuesday at 4:30 a.m. ?
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magnitude earthquak struck off ifame sounds familiar, it's the home of the nuclear plant thas ravaged five years ago aftr an earthquake>> meeting with anchors and executives from major news networks today. he sat down with representatives from abc, cbs,nbc, foxnews,
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10:00. wind gusts over 35 miles per hour at worcester and boston at thishour. the temperatures are upper 20s inorcester and orange where the windchill i in the teens. so we have a cold night coming up. boston will be around the freezing mark or slightly below later on. we're keeping an eyen the snow flurries and snow squalls in the rkshir. there's a winter weather


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