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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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emily: a driver arrested after a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. what he may have done wrong and how the community is trying to save other lives. randy: the president-elect speaking directly to the public. his plan for the first 100 days and the private comments he made. emily: a child disturbing acts on a school bus. the supervision the bus was lacking before a facebook post went viral. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. randy: 6:00 a.m., the state department is issuing a warning. emily: the concern their announcing just before thanksgiving. we will get to that first we want to check in with cindy for a look at the forecast today. a chilly start. >> it sure is. you want to watch the winter
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temperatures near 30. bright sunshine. wind chills in the 30s. we're starting out in the lower 30s in boston. but mid 20s out into worcester when you factor in the gusty winds. wind chills still a factor. if you want to dress for a feels like temperature that are running in the teens and 20s out there this morning just some patchy clouds around. those clouds are going to be breaking up as we go through the day. it's a bright, sunny day. sun up at 6:44. notice by lunchtime we're near 40 andre the lower 40s. a high of 42 in town. 43 on the cape. 30s out through worcester county, and if you are doing traveling by air, quiet, no travel delays expected this morning. there is a storm in the middle of the country. not causing any problems yet. it could later on today. speaking of that let's go out to the roads this morning. see how we're looking. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. a live look outside. the lever connector, you can see the southbound side is starting to build the rush hour delays as
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expecting this to be the busiest travel day of the year so you want to plan ahead. let's get to the maps and check the travel times and also one problem spot. this is 93 southbound. we're watching a crash on the shoulder. we do have delays back into methuen. once you get past it more volume builds, and then once again as you just saw the delays down towards the lever connector. the pike eastbound for now in good shape. 15 minutes. 495 to 128. if your commute takes you south, 24 northbound, delays building out of brockton, and the expressway 30 minutes from so far trains and buses doing ok. emily: the driver behind the wheel of this horrific school bus crash in tennessee is under arrest. at least six children are dead. the tragedy happening just days before thanksgiving. randy: there are a lot of questions about how it happened. erika tarantal is tracking the overnight developments. erika: that bus driver, johnthony walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and
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investigate. the scene is heart-breaking. that school bus is on its side wrapped around a tree. the 35 children on the bus were in kindergarten through fifth grade. five died at that scene. another at the hospital. several more are in critical condition right now. the police chief spoke overnight >> this is a tragedy to families, extended families, schools, and the entire community of chattanooga. >> this is new video, long lines donate blood. the governor of tennessee is pledging to assist in any way possible. investigates say excessive speed was likely a factor. randy. randy: right now a man is dead after a car and a tractor trailer collided in danvers. this happened around 8:00 last night. route 1 right at north street. danvers police tell us the driver of the car, a 50-year-old man from peabody was killed. no charges were filed at this point. right now parents are demanding
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boston school bus and the eye's sera congi is at hyde park with the new information that we're learning. >> randy, dcf is investigating, and it says it notified the d.a.'s office as well. they are looking into allegations that a seven-year-old student was sexually assaulted by a six-year-old classmate on a school bus. this incident happened earlier this month on november 3. school officials say that they immediately notified the auit learned about it over the weekend from a facebook post. only then did the school send out an alert to the school community. now according to the boston herald there was no school monitor on that bus. >> i believe all children should have a bus monitor on the buses so things like this will not happen. >> the alleged victim's mother tells the boston globe that she was first told of these allegations on november 3. she says her son is
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six-year-old threatened the victim not to talk. in a statement boston public schools says that we are working with the charter schools administration and our transportation provider to ensure that all protocols were properly followed. he added that they were not made aware of the allegations until monday. the charter school is not a part of boston public schools, however the school system is responsible for that bus route. renaissance charter schools sent out a message to all parents saying that they took the appropriate steps to p students' safety as well as the privacy of the students involved. live in hyde park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: house speaker sal dimasi is preparing to get out of federal prison. last week sal dimasi was grand a rare compassionate release because of his physical condition after battling several cancers. he served five years of an eight-year prison sentence for extortion and fraud. he is one of a dozen prisoners
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>> our transition team is working smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. >> donald trump talking to the american people through a new video. the president-elect laying out his plan for his first 100 days. he has yet to hold a news conference in front of reporters saying he wants to restore our laws and bring back jobs. he plans to lift restrictions on coal and file a notice of withdrawal from the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. he will also department to investigate visa abuses. he met with members of the media at trump tower. the group, including broadcast journalists from the major networks, insiders tell the washington post he was highly critical of coverage of his campaign. today trump meets with the publisher and journalists from the "new york times," another frequent target of his criticism. randy: there is a warning to americans in europe, that is al-qaeda and isis are hoping to
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the u.s. state department says there is incredible information about the groups planning attacks. the risk is heightened during the holiday season. americans are urged to be extra vigilant especially in public places in europe. >> do you have anything to say to his family? randy: the suspect in the murder of a san antonio police officer is apologizing to the officer's family. otis mckane was arrested las officer benjamin marconi. mckane says he was upset over a custody battle. emily: a boston police officer injured in east boston will be home for thanksgiving. officer matt morris thanking the staff after he was released. he was shot while responding to a call last month. officer richardson tolo was also shot but was released.
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himself. calls before the finance committee say that he was unapologetic about spending $585 of the city's money on classes so he could learn to speak in cape verde in creole. >> this class was designed to get basic skills in a language spoken by more than one-third of the residents of this city. i think that my gaining some basic skills in cape verde in creole improves my ability to represent the entire community in this emily: the mayor says he got the ok from the cfo and auditor before submitting the expense to the city. new clues in a deadly hit and run in chelsea that is still unsolved. police releasing this video of the car believed to have struck the 25-year-old victim in hopes of making an arrest. police are also hoping to identify this man believed to be connected to the crime. photos were taken of him in the area of plaza mexico restaurant and bar on washington street.
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to 2009 silver toyota camry. the car should have damage to the front driver's side. randy: investigates are trying to figure out what caused a fire that left a man trapped on his balcony in hudson, new hampshire we can show you a picture of the man who had a hard time escaping because of the thick smoke. the fire broke out before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at the emerson garden there. they took -- they helped me down the ladder and took my dog down and two cats and they were unbelievable. >> no one was seriously hurt. and new this morning we learned the powerful earthquake that rattled japan's coast was an aftershock of the 2011 earthquake near fukushima. this camera shows you what happened. the japan meteorological agency
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a tsunami warning was issued. so far no damage from the waves. the experts warn another large quake could hit in the next few days. emily: a burglary attempt goes wrong in brockton. how a rock spoiled one man's plans before they got started. a driver ends up off the road with his tanker truck in flames. what he was trying to avoid when he lost control. and new this morning get a crispy, tasty turkey in less time. olessa shows us the erika: we're just learning a school bus driver has been arrested after a deadly crash in tennessee. five children died at the scene. a sixth died at the hospital. nearly two dozen others were hurt. the driver might have been speeding. cindy. cindy: we have another cold day ahead. i am tracking some rain and snow that could impact our area on thanksgiving. the time line on that is ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures as you are heading out the door. 20s and 30s but the winds
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just running in the teens as you are heading out the door in - announcer: thousands of boston area families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working with the commonwealth to develop new common-sense ing with policymakers to ensure our community can pay their fair share of taxes. and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods.
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>> good morning eyeopener! >> good morning. what a -- what's better than this. we get this every morning. >> it goes up and down like that. >> you should see it. >> yeah. >> thank you for the wakeup call. please send us yours. you know the drill. your phone, upload it. >> it looks like fun. >> yeah. >> it is a little light on the horizon. i'm not speaking about that metaphorically but literally. there it is. olessa: it looks pretty. cindy: it is chilly. you know how cold it was yesterday. we did not get out of the 30s. low 40s today. mid 40s tomorrow. notice on thanksgiving we're at 40 degrees. colder than average temperatures
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there is a storm coming through the middle of the country pulling out of the northern rockies with snow, going to bring snow towards minneapolis today where there is a winter weather advisory up, and that storm is heading our way for thanksgiving. by the time it gets here a lot of the moisture is going to dry up. however even a bit of light precipitation could snarl up the travel plans on thanksgiving. in the meantime we have a storm to the north. still spinning. a lot of wind in our direction so patches of clouds. overall today will be a bright day. on the chilly worcester. 32 at boston. so we're at the freezing mark. we have lower 30s out of the cape. the wind is busy and creating a wind chill factor. you want to dress for wind chills in the teens and 20s this morning. by lunchtime notice we're talking about wind chills that are in the 30s, so a little better than yesterday. the wind chills didn't get out of the 20s, and a lot of sunshine throughout the day today so temperatures sneak up into the low 40s from lawrence through boston down to
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even below freezing in boston. another cold night but the skies are mainly clear. a ton of sun in the forecast on wednesday. it looks good across the northeast. here comes that system with a bit of rain. it's going to bump into the colder air. by thanksgiving morning a bit of light snow could break out across the area. it could mix with freezing rain or drizzle. the amounts look very light but the afternoon time we should warm up. anything that is left changes on over. it does not loo under a half an inch. we could get trace amounts closer to the coastline. more potentially out towards the berkshires but just enough of the light snow or light freezing rain to make things slippery. keep that in mind if you are headed to the games in the morning. could be light snow or mix around, just showers or drizzle mid-day and notice in the afternoon, temperatures come up to 40 degrees, still damp. a lot of clouds around on thursday. a lot of clouds around on friday. friday night into saturday we
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rain. at this point it looks like we should dry things out a bit towards the rest of the holiday weekend. so it's active but no big storms, just a little unsettled. >> we like that for the holiday getaway. we want to start off with a beautiful picture. look at that sunrise. you can see it in the distance. traffic cameras are quiet this morning, except for a bit of sun glare. let's get to the maps and i will show you what's going on. if you are going north of town we have this one crash on the shoulder not blocking any lanes. 93 just a bit of volume building back into methuen also on route 3. as you go south, 93 stop and go down to the spot pond approaching the lever connector. on the pike, 10 to 15 from braintree into boston. south of town so far 24 building delays out of avon. 95 looks ok. route 3 stop and go from weymouth to braintree and the
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succeed drive on. was this a failed burglary in brockton? we can show you the video here with the surveillance and police say if you know this guy give them a call. they would like to hear from you. the suspect drives up to two debi's and toss as rock. it does not break. he tries it again. no luck the second time. he eventually will get back into the van and just drive away. no arrests so far from sunday's a close call with a group of deer here ending in a fiery rescue in michigan. you can see the huge fire. the driver of the tankerred truck says he crashed while trying to avoid three deer. several other truck drivers sprang into action pulling the victim from the area moments before the area went up. amazingly he is expected to be ok. >> your economy headlines. the company that makes the epi-pen has agreed to a
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however mylan and it's ceo have no plans to return to capitol hill for a congressional hearing set for next week. mylan will pay $465 million to settle allegations that it overbilled medicaid for the cost of the life-saving device has skyrocketed. a check which of the markets, asian shares rise across the board a mid higher oil prices and a rally on wall street. right now the futures here are higher. investors keeping an eye out for the monthly rep home sales. that's due out today. randy: it is the week of the big feast. we love chowing down but no one wants to spend all day in the kitchen. emily: so les -- olessa went to a top chef. >> we went to a farm focused restaurant and their chef has some tips. check it out. >> we all know turkey is a part of the meal that takes the longest but the owner and chef
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>> spatchcock, a silly word. >> the whole turkey can take four hours to cook, this can get it done in an hour and a half to two. the key is a sharp knife or kitchen sheers. >> once you mastered this you will do this to every chicken, any time you are going to be having friends over. >> how about the fast easiest to get the perfect crispy skin? >> soak this cloth in butter, we make a butter blanket. what this does is continually bastes it. it looks silly but this will go into the bird. >> now let's carve it and make it easy to eat and enjoy. >> start right here on the side, and separating this out. then the chef says to go in on one side of the backbone until you hit the rib cage with your knife. >> this whole breast comes right off of the bird.
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>> thanksgiving made a little faster. olessa: delicious. randy: it looks delicious. olessa: i tried it, and it absolutely was delicious. i hope he was not planning on doing anything with that platter because i went right into it but if that's rich for you, don't worry tomorrow we have another restaurant with simple ways to lighten the holiday meal without skimping on the flavor. randy: a great tip. you have got to see this, a sign with a big mistake on morning in eyepoppers. erika: new at 6:30, service woes on the worcester line of the commuter rail. why so many trains are late. what they are doing about it. and also a pet store in new hampshire, why the owner is concerned about more than getting the dog back. and don't start the holiday by sitting in traffic. olessa is back. she says it's the best time to hit the road to get to your
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this year, i want the best bird for my family and my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my stop & shop. cindy: it is 6:24. we have clear skies over boston. it is 32 degrees. we're going to see a lot of sunshine. looking for a high this
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30s until late morning. lunch time temperatures around 40 degrees, notice the wind out of the west is busy in the afternoon so wind chills hold in the 30s most of the day. temperatures come up a couple more degrees tomorrow. great travel weather on wednesday, and then as we head towards thanksgiving could be a bit of light snow or a mix in the morning but we come up to 4. randy? randy: the celtics hit the gas late in this game against the timberwolves. isaiah thomas 20 in the second half of the game. the c's were down 13 going into the fourth before a 19-0 run, and al horford adding 20 to help propel the celtics. they take the lead off this deal with about six minutes to play, and they keep it. 99-93 the final. emily: 6:25, olessa back with your eyepoppers. olessa: we're going to stick with that theme.
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he knocked down this shot against the pacers but it was just after the buzzer. the warriors did not need it, though. they ends up winning the game 120-83. >> all right. olessa: there is a mixup on this sign in dartmouth. it offers direction to cod cape. >> i didn't notice it at first. some drivers noticed that mistake and dartmouth police pointed it out they will replace that sign. i think it's kind of interesting. it gives it character. >> yeah. i guess. why not. >> confusing people along the way. >> i didn't notice it. did it confuse him? i don't know. randy. randy: a massachusetts college is removing the american flag from the campus as the fight with school leaders are trying to avoid and a new amputation technique developed right here in the bay state. what surgeons are able to
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you can see there is a problem here on the bridge. olessa will be updating this and all of the traffic problems
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randy: breaking news and arrests after a deadly school bus tragedy in tennessee. emily: the charges announced overnight and the answers
6:30 am
allegations about a sexual assault on a boston school bus. randy: new this morning, the commuter rail under fire after new numbers targeting the worcester line. >>reporter: the great get away begins. when and where traffic will be the worst today on the eye. randy: 6:3on sky5 live here over the naponset river bridge. you can see police and fire down there. olessa will be updating there and all of this traffic this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer, along with cindy and olessa. we're off to a cold start but at least we have a nice sunrise. cindy: we do. you will need your sunglasses all day long. today and tomorrow, bright and
6:31 am
up over the horizon, so it's brightening up. kids will want their winter gear. we're running with the wind chills in the teams and 20s out the door this morning. so bundle them up as they head out there, they are getting off the bus. wind chills will be in the 30s. temperatures will sneak up into the 40s. right now it's just 27 in worcester. otherwise, at or above 30. 32 right now in town but that wind is still active. not as much wind today as we had yesterday. but still noticeable so wind chill factor all the reason the storm is spinning to the north but it is slowly pulling away, and as it does so we'll have less wind. the skies are brightening. patches of clouds, we'll see a lot of sunshine over the course of the day. the temperatures are in the 30s through 10:00. it should be around 40 at lunchtime and we sneak into the 40s this afternoon. average high is closer to 50. so still below average. low 40s for most of us. 30s out through the worcester hills. if you are doing traveling by air it looks good.
6:32 am
country will push towards us so on thanksgiving more on that ahead. out to the roads right now we have some trouble out there olessa. olessa: sky5 on the scene in quincy and the naponset river bridge. you can see the central line right now is blocked for an accident and in the process of clearing. two fire trucks are on the scene. a very slow ride. we'll keep you posted. in addition to that we have volume building. let's go to the maps. i will show you where. still clearing an accident here. 93 south. delays back into methu all the way down to the lever connector. eastbound on the pike, that volume is starting to build. it's a 15 to 20-minute ride, 495 to 128, and word of a car fire on the pike. that's also on the eastbound side. south of town, 24, stop and go ride as you travel out of brockton, and also on the expressway, slow trip. 30-minute ride from braintree into boston but so far trains and buses are running on schedule. today is expected to be the
6:33 am
by 128. 495 and once again by 84 and stu. the first times to travel are between noon and 5:00 today and tomorrow after 3:00. the things may be smoother this year with open tolling in effect on the mass pike. massdot plans to shut down road construction at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning or earlier depending on traffic today. emily: we are following breaking news on the eye. erika: the breaking news coming from tennessee. the driver in this deadly school bus crash is under arrest. six children were killed. the 24-year-old driver is facing five counts of vehicular homicide along with reckless driving and endangerment. a 50-year-old man is dead after a crash involving a car and a tractor trailer in danvers. it happened on route 1. no charges have been filed. and right now former house speaker sal dimasi is preparing to get out of prison.
6:34 am
morning, return to massachusetts. he was granted early release for his corruption sentence because of cancer and ongoing health issues. >> the commuter rail is under fire after new numbers point to problems. >> doug meehan is live in worcester where riders probably noticed pain all too well. doug: you are not kidding. people that ride these rail lines are familiar with the delays but this new report is so bad that the company the commuter rail launching a taskforce to figure out exactly what is going on here. in the last 30 days just 61% of the trains on the worcester line have runyon time. when you look at the morning in november that morning drops to 49%. keolis general manager david scorey told the massdot members there may be a number of factors, including construction along the mass pike that forces
6:35 am
coming commuter concerns are high given breakdowns in the recent years. scorey hopes the 2.5 million in motor overhauls will help the entire fleet. state lawmakers recently calling for more transparency about those delays, including when keolis is fined for not meeting service requirements. we're live in worcester, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: right now one woman is at the hospita in a room where the firefighters say that the fire started. this was the scene last night. this is pleasant street. a dozen people have been displaced because of this fire. the state fire marshall is investigating. the firefighters say that there were no alarms sounding when they got there. a massachusetts college is removing the american flag entirely days after the election someone burned the american flag at hampshire college in amherst.
6:36 am
they lowered it to half staff in solidarity with those concerned about a trump presidency. that caused backlash from those who see the flag as a symbol for all that's great in america. so the school administrators decided to remove it entirely. >> right now a pet shot owner in new hampshire is searching for a puppy stolen from that store. this tiny chihuahua was taken from the little shop of pets in portsmouth, and the time line of this is still in question. either the puppy was taken right before the sto after it opened yesterday. the puppy is in need of special care and the store's owner is concerned about its health. >> we don't know what is happening, and it could very easily crash and turn into a sick puppy. no questions asked. we just want to get the puppy back. we're not going to prosecute. we just, you know, please return the puppy before something drastic happens. >> the owner says the puppy is micro-chipped so any trip to the vet would raise red flags.
6:37 am
making way for more advanced prosthetics, and children nearly hit by a speeding police car but it was not the officer's fault, the scare sending this cruiser out of control. and ahead in news to go, kanye west trading the stage for the hospital. the health concerns that has him
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>> welcome back. is there something about your commute that's bugging you? you can ask olessa, tweet me and post on my facebook page. i will get answers and share them right here on the eyeopener. this morning the roads are busy, watching a problem spot right here. sky 5 on the scene over the naponset river bridge, and you can see the backup. the center lane is shut down for an acciden the bridge here in quincy so we're watching those delays plus a couple of other problems, and i will have all the details coming up. we have the beautiful sunshine. cindy: we do. nice sunrise but it's cold out there this morning. these are the wind chills. it feels like 16 in worcester. 22 in boston, so bundle up as you head out there. we'll have sunshine today and again tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. as we head towards thanksgiving could be some light snow or a mix in the morning changing to rain as we come up to 40 in the afternoon. emily.
6:41 am
called the greatest development in limb research since world war ii. it's a partnership between doctors at brigham women's and researcher at mit's media lab. surgeons say it allows them to preserve nerves that patients might otherwise lose with a traditional saw. that gives them more control over a more advanced prosthetic. they will be able to do things like wiggling their toes and turning ankles out. jim ewing is the first patient and he is excited for the future. >> the fact that im this new foot and try out this new technology, i don't know. who would not want to do it? emily: he should be walking on that new prosthetic in six months. randy: 19 before 7:00. updating breaking news in news to go. how police say a driver may have caused a deadly school bus crash and a patriots' player gets suspended.
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randy: the eyeopener team is ready to go. we're in boston and worcester and erika is tracking developments in a school bus crash in tennessee. emily: first we want to check in with cindy with a look at the forecast. good news, lots of sunshine. cindy: beautiful sunrise. you can see it there behind us this morning. a view sent that in. thank you very much. a nice morning out there. today and tomorrow were fine.
6:45 am
holidays. there is a storm in the middle of the country right now. not a particularly large storm but that is the one that we are tracking for thanksgiving. that's the one that's going to be moving towards us. a lot of the moisture will dry up, but it will be bumping into colder air, so there may be a touch of snow with that or the mix. right now we're seeing the snow flying back towards the great lakes and the storm still spinning to the north and that storm is still kicking up the winds. the winds are gusting to 20 to 30. that's making it feel colder outside than it actually is. the wind chill feels like 16 in worcester. 22 in boston so that's what you want to dress for. most temperatures this morning are starting out in the 20s and 30s. you can see this afternoon we're heading to the low 40s in most spots, although still maintaining those 30s out through worcester county. winds today -- out of the west at 12 to 20. occasionally they will gust higher. break down the forecast. you can plan your lunch hour today. the temperature around 40 with the sunshine but that wind will make it feel colder. tomorrow we're back to bright
6:46 am
thanksgiving, that's the system that we are watching. as it comes on in there could be just a bit of light snow or a mix. amounts look very light. we're talking about a coating to maybe up to a half an inch of snow out through worcester county. it could make things slippery if you are doing traveling first thing in the morning. we'll have the timeline on that ahead. we want to get back out to the roads, travel spots are out there this morning. we're watching a problem from sky5. the northbound side heading towards town, and you can see they have got a bumper-to-bumr two fire trucks blocking the center lane and several cars involved. this is at route 3a. let's get to the maps. north of town watching an accident. 93 south over here. a backup into methuen and once you get past that, the volume builds stop and go down to the lever connector. the pike, right now the ride is slow into the newton corner. there is a car fire and only one lane is getting by. heavy delays back to 128.
6:47 am
south of town 24, building delays. expressway a half-hour from braintree to boston. trains and buses on schedule. randy: thank you, and breaking news centered around a deadly school bus accident. erika: the driver of the bus is under arrest for that crash. 24-year-old johnthony walker is facing vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and driving charges with more likely to come. the 35 children on the bus were in grade. five died at this awful scene. another at the hospital. more are critically hurt. police say excessive speed was likely a factor. lines of people waited for hours overnight to donate blood. the community just is heartbroken. the ntsb is sending a team of investigators to investigate. out to you. sera: an investigation is underway into allegations that a six-year-old student allegedly
6:48 am
school bus. it happened earlier this month on november 3rd, and it was first record to the officials at boston's renaissance charter school in hyde park. the administration took action and contacted authorities. dcf is investigating and contacted the district attorney's office. but parents at the school only first learned about the incident this weekend from social media. the charter school is now assuring parents it has taken appropriate steps to protect st students' privacy. live in hyde park, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: delays are an expected part of life but a new report shows delays are so bad that a task force is being launched to figure out exactly why. take a look at the numbers. over the pastor 30 days only 61% of the trains here in the worcester line were on-time. when it comes to the morning
6:49 am
massdot board members yesterday that there may be a number of factors for those significant delays, and included among them construction on the mass pike that forces trains to slow down. the hope is that a major overhaul to the train's engines will help especially with this coming winter. we're live in worcester, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. a new york man is under arrest accused in a terror plot. mohammed naji tried to join isis in he failed to. the prosecutors say that he revealed his plans to an informant describing the attack as similar to the terror rampage in nice, france earlier this year. breaking news this morning president-elect trump just announced on twitter that he has scrapped his meeting with the "new york times." trump tweeting moments ago i canceled the meeting with the failing new york times, when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment, not nice.
6:50 am
follow yesterday's talks with executives and broadcast journalists from the major networks. insiders tell the washington post that trump was highly critical of the coverage of his campaign. hillary clinton spotted in a rhode island bookstore here. the former secretary of state was seen on sunday in westerly. she's mostly kept a low profile since the election loss. she was in the bookstore with president bill clinton, daughter chelsea and son-in-law and japan's coast was an aftershock of the 2011 earthquake near fukushima. the cameras captured the moment. a tsunami warning was issued but no damage from waves. japan's meteorological agency warns that another large quake could hit in the next few days. randy: former state house speaker sal dimasi is expected to return home today after being released early from prison. last week sal dimasi was granted a rare compassionate release
6:51 am
cancers. he was sentenced to federal prison five years ago for extortion and fraud. sal dimasi is one of a dozen federal prisoners given early release. emily: a salem police officer accused of assaulting an inmate has resigned now. brian butler pleaded not guilty to sex assault charges stemming from an incident at the police station in october. he resigned on november 10 and will not receive his pension. butler is free on bail until a december randy: a woman beaten to death outside an apartment duplex. loved ones gathered to remember 44-year-old gloribel orengo. she was killed during a confrontation after leaving a party on saturday night. witnesses say they saw a group of men and women kicking and punching her. emily: that was in front of the woman's son. they say they know who is responsible but no arrests so far. tips continue to pour in three months after a woman was murdered in princeton.
6:52 am
home in princeton in august. she had gone out for a run last week. investigates were -- last week investigates said that they were looking for a dark colored suv seen in the area around the time that marcotte was killed. randy: a national loan company will pay $2.4 million in fines after an investigation by the attorney general here in the commonwealth. xerox education services, also known as acs, allegedly charged excessive late fees and failed to properly process applications repayment plans. the a.g.'s office began investigating the company in december of 2015 for violations. a close call for kids in pennsylvania who were nearly hit by a skidding police car here. this happened over the weekend as officer chased a stolen car. the cruiser was lit and broadside by another car sending the cruiser out of control, and nearly into four kids standing on the sidewalk. the kids were ok. the police officer who crashed
6:53 am
emily: a day after canceling his tour, kanye southwest hospitalized in los angeles. abc news reports that the rapper suffered from exhaustion and sleep deprivation and went to the hospital voluntarily. before he canceled the remaining 21 shows on his tour including boston, west went on a rant on stage in sacramento before walking off just 30 minutes in. randy: alan branch will be missing four games after testing positive for m expected to play on sunday against the jets. he started nine of the patriots' ten games this season. he already was suspended by the patriots for a few days in august for violating team rules. emily: the celtics hit the gas against the timberwolves. isaiah thomas scoring 29 points. 20 in the second half alone. the c's were down 13 going into the fourth before a 19-0 run. al harford adding 20 points.
6:54 am
play, and they keep it 99-93 the final. >> "dancing with the stars" finale is underway. the two-night event coming to a close after country music singer janet kramer was sent home last night. the final contestants are olympic gymnast lori hernandez and calvin johnson. catch it right here on channel 5. >> the frog pont is winter thousands flocked to the landmark to skate on the ice. the pond is open every day starting at 10:00 and today is admissions-free through 4:00 p.m. not a bad deal. >> and it is weather appropriate today. >> and on the roads. >> you can warm up the cars for sure. a live look outside here at the pike. so far no problems here. this is the eastbound side heading to the top of the screen here by allston-brighton but let's get to the maps because we are watching a couple of issues. still clearing a crash on the
6:55 am
south of 128 down to the lever connector, and if you are heading along the pike we have a car fire eastbound here by newton corner with some heavy delays approaching from 495 to 128. it's almost a half-hour trip right now. and south of town more delays on 24 out of avon, 95 slow from sharon, and your ride on route 3 is heavy from weymouth to braintree. once you get there, 30 to 35 braintree into boston. trains and buses are running on schedule. busy travel day today and luckily weather cooperating? >> yeah, gear and you can see the temperatures come up into the low 40s as they are getting off the bus. at least we have got the sunshine. beautiful look over the city. 32 degrees, and that wind is active out of the west again. and it is going to bring in some of the colder temperatures. we're watching a storm in the middle of the country but this system is the one that is generating the stronger winds. also some patchy clouds. the clouds are dissipating so a lot of bright sunshine. just the wind chill this morning
6:56 am
lower 20s. and we'll see the temperatures come up through the 30s this morning, to around 40 at lunchtime, and we'll top out in the lower 40s in most areas today. a bit colder out through the hills. tonight we're in the 20s, and even below freezing downtown. and it's clear to partly cloudy overnight, and lots of sunshine. if you have travel plans, you look fine but here comes the system. it runs into that colder air. a bit of light snow or a mix with freezing rain around. and during the afternoon hours it looking at rain showers, so amounts will be very light, does not take a lot of snow or freezing drizzle to make the roads a little slippery so keep that in mind if you are headed out to the games. could be a bit messy with the light snow or mix. doesn't amount to much more. temperatures slowly come up to 40, so just light drizzle or a few showers around, not an all-day sort of rain but unsettled rain on friday. there could be more rain on
6:57 am
weekend. but no big storminess to contend with. >> we'll take it. >> right. >> and it's a long weekend. >> there you go. randy: you can watch us any time on the mobile app. emily: have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. espressos, and donuts. at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. moving forward with compassion. moving forward with care when you need it.
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why move forward alone when we can move forward together.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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good morning, america. school bus tragedy. >> the bus flipped over occupied with children. >> this bus filled with 35 elementary school students in a horrific accident running off the road and slamming into trees. at least five killed and two dozen hospitalized. overnight, the bus driver arrested. for this community. >> investigators on the scene as we hear from the families this morning. donald trump makes his first direct appeal to americans since the election. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, america. this morning we'll have what he promised, what he didn't say about isis as he meets with former rivals even democrats about joining his cabinet. the frigid blast turns


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