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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: breaking overnight, boston police dragged by a driver outside of a bar. their conditions right now and the call starting this chaos. >> also breaking a campus police officer attacked in michigan. the case getting his attention when he was shot in the >> president-elect trump, arriving in florida as speculation grows, the front-runner for secretary of state. on the eye for this wednesday. emily: we are learning the police officers are ok after that wild scene in dorchester. we will have a live report in a minute. >> of course, it is a busy travel day. we're looking at traffic moving
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have changeable weather conditions through the holidays, cindy. >> but we're in great shape today. it is just cold out there this morning. wind chills are running in the teens through the interior, and feels like lower 20s along the coastline so the kids are heading to school today want to bundle up. it is chilly getting off the bus. we are up into the 40s, wind out there this morning in spots gusting over 20 miles per hour. the winds settle back out of the west, northwest to about 10 to 15 miles per low 40s at lunchtime, we could touch 46 in taunton, near 40 out through the worcester hills today, so we're in great shape across the northeast today, but there is a storm system right now bringing rain to chicago, snow near minneapolis, and this is moving towards us, and for your holiday tomorrow, and it could bring a little dusting of snow first thing tomorrow morning. especially north of the pike,
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coming up. right now we want to get out to the dry roads, we have got that going for us, olessa. >> so far, the volume is light, a look at the pike. so far, so good. let's get to the maps and check your trip as you make your way west of town, watching one accident on 290, westbound crash by solomon pond road, and then if you travel the pike, no complaints. south of town, 24 building volume out of avon, route 3 looks ok, and on the expressway, your trip right now, almost 2 braintree into boston. north of town, 93 south side, starting to slow down as you travel out of methuen and approaching the spot pond. trains and buses so far are running on schedule. >> thank you, now to that breaking news we're following in boston. four police officers are injured overnight, in a violent confrontation. >> the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is here this morning with the latest information that we have. >> and where a scary situation this was for those four police officers.
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suspect's vehicle. the other two officers were nearly hit. it started with a call overnight to this area in dorchester around 12:30. reports of a person who had a gun near dublin house on stoughton street. police found a car matching the description that they were given but as they were investigating that car suddenly took off, dragging two of the officers and then nearly hitting the other two police officers. the four of them were taking to brigham women's hospital suffering that suspect got away and at this point the only description police have released is that the vehicle is a silver or gray chevy with connecticut plates. police say that there are surveillance cameras in this area so they are reviewing that video in hopes of catching the suspect who is still on the loose 24 this morning. live in dorchester, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: also breaking, police making an arrest in connection
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university campus police officer. the officer just got out of surgery a short time ago after being shot in the head while investigating car break-ins. the man who is under arrest is believed to be a person of interest in last night's shooting. the school's president says the 29-year-old officer is with family but has a tough road ahead. new this morning, newly released data shows homicides in the city of boston have gone up dramatically. there have been 40 homicides so far. that is a 20% jump over 2015. community leaders tell the herald thath an increase in gang activity. they are asking witnesses to come forward, they find hot spots for the crimes, franklin field at blue hill avenue and the boden geneva neighborhood of the city. >> a holiday warning from federal authorities, the department of homeland security urging vigilance as you celebrate. in new york city, police are stepping up security for the famed thanksgiving day parade, and federal authorities issuing a clear message to lawsuit, the
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home grown violent extremists. >> if you are ready to hit the roads, as you've been saying, get ready for some company. >> s it's when you start the getaway, doug meehan is on the road, tracking conditions and dispensing some travel with them for us. >> right now, plenty of tail lights. >> it seems we have lost at traffic. backed up in spots this morning. >> absolutely, and in recent years tuesday it has been the busiest travel day, that does not mean that you are out of the woods today. aaa predicting 5% increase in travel this holiday season, most of that on the road, and today, the busiest travel day, times are expected to be around 1:00 to 5:00, so if you can start early or late, you may be better off again, the usual choke points are on the mass pike. 495 and 84 interchange, but open
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less painful this year and of course i will be out there keeping an eye on it for us. >> good luck to everybody. >> yes. >> and thank you. and president-elect donald trump is in florida this morning. his plane landing there late last night. trump will spend thanksgiving at his second home in palm beach. cabinet positions in his administration have yet to be quilled but we are getting new insight, and the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking overnight developments. erika? >> one insider says that trump has offered ben carson, secrar development, it was just last week that a spokesperson for dr. carson said he did not have the experience to run a big department. there were reports this morning that former congressman harold ford could be considered to lead the department of transportation. mitt romney is at the top of the list for secretary of state. romney's former spokesperson talking last night to our sister station wmur. >> i think it's very encouraging that donald trump is reaching out to someone like governor
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and unite the republican party and likely gain easy confirmation to the united states senate. >> trump's advisors are split between romney, rudi guiliani, and a third alternative. emily. >> all right, thank you. new this morning, more evidence that newton mayor warren is laying the groundwork for a gubernatorial bid. warren has made bid to donors requesting campaign contributions, even stating he plans to challenge governor baker in 2018 announce that he's seeking re-election. warren announced he is not seeking another term as mayor of newton, he's also hired democratic organizers john walsh, who was a top advisor to former governor duval patrick. >> sal dimasi is back home, the former speaker of the house on the beacon hill was released early from prison. he has returned to boston. the democrat has been battling several cancers. he looked noticeably thinner.
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yesterday afternoon talking to reporters. the 71-year-old has been fighting neck, tongue, and prostate cancer in a north carolina federal prison. he expressed gratitude for his early release granted by a judge. >> i just want to say how happy that i am and grateful and thankful that i am home in boston where i love my family. i am is a fighter, you know. i am going to fight this all the way. >> he says he looks forward here in the boston area. he did serve five years of an eight-year corruption sentence. >> five on the opioid crisis, a new push to get funding from congress. senator ed markey will call for the passage of funding during the lame duck session. he will be joined by house experts this morning in boston. and this push comes as we learn the impact of new rules on prescription monitoring. the daily searches of a prescription database have more
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requiring doctors check before prescribing opioids with a high rate of abuse. the rules will put into place on october 15, since then doctors have searched an average of 28,423 times per weekday and in july that number was just below 6,000. caught on camera a would be robber makes a big mistake. the moment giving the store clerk a chance to pounce. and a new court order could cost you money. the issue that could hold u americans. and new this morning less guilt this thanksgiving. sounds good, right. how to cut calories. erika. erika: breaking news in boston, police are looking for the car that dragged and hit several police officers overnight. it happened in dorchester, none of the four officers was seriously hurt, though. we'll have updates all morning long. cindy. cindy: dry roads expected today. good news if you are doing traveling but there could be a
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the time line on that and when more rain returns for the holiday weekend ahead. first, take a look, as you are heading out the door. it's a cold start, just 27 degrees as you are heading out in worcester right now. >> cindy, thank you. a bit later we'll be reconnecting with doug as you see, he's on the road this morning month, checking out all of the travel conditions. and in addition to the reports, and this is live in natick on the massachusetts turnpike,
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>> good morning eyeopener. randy: good morning to you. folks have the right idea, they are all pumped up, of course, one last workout. it does help. >> they need extra help. >> and all the good stuff. keep record it on your phone and upload it using our app. >> so it doesn't feel good but looks pretty. >> yeah. >> and we're in great shape today weather-wise, so anything that you got going on, you are not going to be battling the weather. >> right. >> and a big travel day. >> it has clear skies, so that's how we did it. >> look at that. >> yeah. the sun up at 6:45 but you can see the light there on the horizon, we're in great shape, really across the entire northeast. these are current delays at airports in the northeast, and notice there are none.
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out the view, maybe you are heading somewhere else, you can see no travel delays at any of the airports right now due to the weather, that could change later on today, and we have winter weather advisories up here in the northern great lakes area through minneapolis, and you can see that. that system is heading in our direction. an area of low pressure that's tracking towards us fairly slowly. you can see the snow to the north and rain and severe weather expected to the south with the thunderstorms down to the gulf coast but over the northeast, the high pressure in traveling. skies are mainly clear this morning, and any patchy clouds will be dissipating. it is cold, it's 28 in orange and we're just above freezing in boston and near freezing on the cape but there is a little wind out there making a bit of a wind chill. so it does feel like it's in the teens and lower 20s. wind chills you, not as brutal today. notice how the winds lessen a bit this afternoon, closer to 1. not as much wind, lots of sunshine, low to mid 40s.
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notice how we drop back down into the 20s and lower 30s. and that's important because the clouds are going to thicken up after we get through the evening hours, and first thing tomorrow morning, as that system approaches, there is a strip of moisture in our direction, and it looks cold enough north of the pike, that could start as a bit of very light snow. and that may continue into the mid and late morning hours, especially from route 2. closer to the coastline at boston and points sth winds down and we're left with clouds. and showers may fill back in, in the evening. so it's, it's amounts that are light but a dusting of snow is a possibly. especially near and north of the pike and that could make the roads a bit slippery so heads up if you are heading out. maybe you are watching the football games. a high of only around 40, with a lot of clouds tomorrow afternoon. and this area of low pressure is going to start to redevelop to the south on thursday evening,
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friday morning, notice we have got the rain around and with the temperatures near the freezing mark, there could be a bit of icing first thing on friday especially north and west of the city. at times rain persisting, and saturday, we may start with the rain and as that system pulls away, colder air works in, so saturday night and into sunday there could be a few flurries before we dry things out and warm them up. how about that, 50 again by next week. get you out to the roads right now, so far, so good, olessa. >> shape, a live look outside for you. the lever connector, the southbound side heading to the bottom 69 screen and you can see the traffic doesn't look too heavy but we are expecting a very busy travel day today. whether it's go to the maps and check your ride. we're watching one crash, westbound on 290, by local is monday pond road. east of town, east of there, i should say, the pike looks good and as you head south so far, 95 is quiet, 24, a bit of volume. and your ride on the expressway, about 20, braintree into boston,
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pick up. and once again, towards the lever connector. train and buses doing ok. >> and thank you. a california convenience store owner takes down a would be robber. that incident captured on the store surveillance. this is happening here in venice, california, a man walking into this store, pulling out a gun, and demanding cash, the store owner grabbed the gunman, and tried to russell him, and the struggle ended outside. and when the gunman finally got free andoo says that he decided to not go after him and chase the gunman. he said that he was relieved that it was finally over. >> economy headlines on this wednesday, asian stocks higher overnight thanks in part to the dow's record close. right now u.s. stock futures are lower. the weekly job snapshot is due out today, and that's a day early since the markets are closed tomorrow. >> a change in the nation's overtime regulations. a federal court is blocking the
6:18 am
a district court in east texas has granted the nation-wide preliminary injunction that stopped the labor department from going forward. this order comes after 21 states sued to block the rule, which was supposed to take effect december 1st. food and the holidays go hand in hand. >> food and me go hand in hand. >> deliciously, right, but things it get in the way of the diet goals. >> so we went to the boston how to lighten your favorites. >> stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie. what if there was a way to have it all guilt-free? >> if you are going to take out the fat you want to replace it. >> i can remove the butter and add some seasonings and herbs and spices. >> mashed potatoes with heavy cream and butter is the best, right. >> executive chef daniel bruce says you also have to remember to replace the moisture. so if you take out the cream add yogurt or non-fat milk.
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flour, use cornstarch. >> candied sweet potatoes. >> do a drizzle with something healthier, like pomegranate juice. a lot of people use a lot of butter in the vegetables. i like to roast mine in the oven. >> toss them in olive oil and put them in a 400-degree oven. >> and then you have these wonderful flavors, and colors, but no fat. >> as for the main dish. >> i like to glaze my turkey with apple cider. >> just add it and the cider will reduce down and thicken up and brown. >> and we have to have a pie. >> a bottomless pie. >> and make a filling and put the crust on top so i saved 50% of my fat. >> so oh, my gosh, delicious. >> they were delicious. >> you said it, delicious vegetables. >> i am telling you they were really good. the chef made them, a professional. >> those are great ideas.
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>> all of that is on our app. so go and see it, and she likes vegetables. you heard it here first. >> the freedom winners had fun at the white house. the video getting attention this morning ahead in eyepoppers. >> new at 6:30, how much snow should we expect this winter? a weather guru makes his prediction for our storm team. also new information on the death of a lowell mother, the caused by a suspect escaping the scene. and we're still waiting to learn the name of the driver who hurt four police officers in boston overnight. police still trying to find that driver and the car involved. we'll have a live report in our
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>> we are looking good in boston. we are talking about a wind chill factor, in fact, we're talking about wind chills running in the teens out in the worcester area, we have a nice recovery, sunshine, and lower 40s.
6:24 am
morning. we may start out with a patch of snow here and there, before the temperatures warm in the afternoon with more rain coming on friday, enjoy that sunshine today. emily. >> we will, cindy, thank you, it's time for this morning's eyepoppers. 6:24. what do we have today? >> we're talking about a cat. in california. and it's stuck in a tough spot. the cat's name is bat boy. >> he's not nice. >> and he got stuck on top of a pole connected to a high voltage powerline. the line, that serves 250 unhappy customers. he took a cat carrier with him so the fat boy could be safely lowered to the ground. >> very traumatic. >> they keep calling him fat boy and he's going to keep going up there. >> he's getting some kind of tranquilizer there so all should be well with the world. >> and as far as the mannequin challenge, it happened after president barack obama honored the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom, which the highest honor, medal
6:25 am
include kareem abdul-jabbar, ellen degeneres and bill and melinda gates. >> pretty good. >> everyone is making it look really easy, and i think that i would be awful. >> i could hold it for a nano second. >> that's why we have not done it. >> that's an amazing scene there in the oval office. and an unusual image here, caught on a police dash camera. the explanation calming nerves in injured during a pipeline protest in north dakota. the competing claims from police and from her family >> after all the election tur mcminnville, it's understandable that many people across the country are nervous about their family gatherings this thanksgiving weekend. political discussions and clashing ideologies have proven
6:26 am
it's a recipe for difficulty around the dining room table, and perhaps continuing over leftovers all weekend long. is your family among those declaring politics off limits for discussion this weekend? if so, look at the bright side. that could mean extra helpings of football and in time for so many other topics, favorite family stories and holiday movies and theater and shows like hamilton. ok, maybe not hamilton. there is another way to look at this turbulent a the right time. many voted for president-elect trump to express unease and anger over how they see the nation. others voted just as passionately against him because of his unprecedented style of leadership and how he may change the nation. neither side can predict the future. but a midst the angst perhaps we are fortunate to have these few days where we can all take a collective breath and be thankful for the traditions that still bind us all, regardless of
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whether or not your family chooses to engage in this steady stream of political dialogue, currently engulfing america, or take a break and find safer ground to share, we can all give thanks. we live in a country with the freedom to choose our path is enshrined. happy thanksgiving to all. - announcer: thousands of boston area families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working home sharing rules. we're working with policymakers to ensure our community can pay their fair share of taxes. and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods.
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>> breaking news, four police officers injured in boston. >> what we know right now about a violent confrontation overnight. and anguish and outrage, new details after a mother is killed in lowell. >> the holiday rush in high gear, what you should not do today if you want to get to the table in time. >> and ready or not, here comes winter. the secret signs pointing to how much snow we'll see this season. on the eye. >> first of 6:30, those boston police officers are recovering after the scare in dorchester last night. the investigation is just getting underway, and antoinette is there, and she will tell us what police need to find. >> but first we are live on the pike eastbound in framingham on a major travel day. cindy says the conditions should be clear all day, so that's a bit of good news there, and good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> and i'm randy price, with cindy and olessa. it looks good as we travel out there. >> right. >> so far, so good.
6:31 am
rest of the holiday weekend things go downhill. no big storms but just some unsettled periods, but beautiful, clear skies this morning. really nice out there. today will be a nice day. no worries weather-wise. cold. so that's what you want to dress, for wind chills in the teens and lower 20s right now. and actual temperatures are running in the mid 20s in worcester. 33 in boston, and below freezing on the cape, as well, so bundle up at the bus stop, a lot of them have a half day today so mid-day should be in the lower 40s, so we warm up quite a bit quickly here, temperatures keep climbing, by 2:00 we're 43 degrees in boston, and a lot of sunshine, winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour through the afternoon. we could sneak up to 46 in taunton. 45 in marshfield and around 40 out through the worcester hills so doing better today, the high pressure giving nice weather the entire northeast but you can see once you get back towards chicago there is rain in minneapolis, has some snow, and this system heads our way for
6:32 am
of light snow providing a dusting to make the roads slippery early tomorrow, we have got the dry roads, and let's go back out there and see the trouble spots. >> a bit of volume starting to build. thank you, cindy, a live look outside at the expressway, a check by the gas tank and you can see northbound, a delay starting to build. now to the maps. as you travel west of town, clearing this crash here, westbound 290 by solomon pond road and eastbound, 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and 24 building some the expressway, 20 minutes, braintree into boston and heading north, and 93 southbound, it looks ok, and volume does start to pick up just a bit as we travel down towards the spot pond, trains and buses running on schedule. >> and we're working to get new information on the breaking news we're following right now, in boston. >> the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live in dorchester where four police officers were injured overnight. antoinette. >> emily and randy, those police officers are in the hospital recovering this morning after
6:33 am
by a suspect vehicle. the other two were nearly hit. here's a look at that scene. you can see at least one of those officers being loaded into an ambulance. the four were transported to brigham women's hospital, their injuries are nonlife-threatening. all of this starting around 12:30. when police were called here for reports of a person with a gun, near dublin house on stoughton street, here in dorchester, they found a silver connecticut plates matching the vehicle description that they were given, but as they were investigating, the car took off dragging the two officers nearly hitting the other two. that suspect got away and police are now reviewing the surveillance video from this area in hopes of catching that suspect. who is on the loose. live in dorchester, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> all right, thank you. and we're following more breaking news this wednesday. >> erika is tracking that new
6:34 am
from detroit, a man is being questioned in the shooting of a wayne state university police officer. the officer was shot in the head last night but is expected to survive. and president-elect donald trump waking up in florida this morning. he arrived there last night where he will spend the holiday. yesterday trump reportedly asked dr. ben carson to head to the department of housing and urban development. and former massachusetts house speaker sal dimasi is back home. he was granted early release from prison in north carolina because of cancer and served five years on corruption charges. >> people gather in the city of lowell to remember a woman beaten to death outside of an apartment complex and one woman now is behind bars and prosecutors are not ruling out more arrests. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is live with the latest in the investigation. >> emily and reaped, that victim was left for dead in the parking
6:35 am
the investigation is far from over. take a look at the suspect they have in custody. amarillas was arraigned yesterday, she's accused of hitting the 44-year-old mother of four over the head with a full bottle of liquor during a fight at a weekend party. for others were involved but they have not been identified. family members of the victim are hungry for justice. >> i will be happy when they get the rest of the no heart. >> investigates say that perez jumped into his stolen car and took off. and that sparked a high-speed police chase which ended when the acura crashed into a home in northborough. the people inside then ran away, and police tracked down and arrested perez on monday night. now more arrests are expected. live in lowell, sera congi, wcvb
6:36 am
and new this morning the town of boston is taking action against six makers of fire extinguishing systems in barnstable. the highly toxic chemicals had made their way into the water sources of cape cod, potentially endangering thousands. according to the herald the town is seeking nearly 4 million to cover the cost of testing. the companies have since ceased is production of the chemical but the suit claims that there were no alerts, no recalls. >> right now a massachusetts liberal arts college c injured while protesting the dakota access pipeline. 21-year-old sophia rolansky is a graduate of williams college in williamstown. she was in north dakota when an environmental protest over the pipeline turned violent, she was hit by a grenade and her left arm might have to be amputated. a prayer service was held for her last night. wilansky's father talking about his daughter's recovery.
6:37 am
she's focused that it's not about her but what we're doing for our country. >> her father says the grenade was thrown directly at her. police deny that claim and say that they were not using so-called concussion grenades, which are non-lethal. a police officer was also hurt in that overnight clash. the new englanders want to know how much snow will we get. cindy has the prediction from a guy whose track record is spot on. and new information on the man accused of shooting a texas police courthouse while he was on the run. also we're trying to learn more about the car that injured four boston police officers overnight. police say that it was a silver chevy with connecticut plates. we don't know the exact plate number yet. antoinette antonio will have a
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> good morning, welcome back. a live look outside at the bridge and the lever connector. the southbound side, heading towards the bottom of the screen and you can see the delays starting to milled as you travel into boston. expect it to be a busy travel day so far, it does not look too bad. head out now if you need to get to your destination and weather not a problem today. >> and not today at all. you can see the skies are clear up in boston, all is quiet. 33 degrees, so it's cold, we
6:41 am
afternoon. so a bit below average. we should be closer to 50, we'll manage the low to mid 40s this afternoon. lots of sun today, but that changes tomorrow, we start out with a light dusting of snow in many areas tomorrow, and only about 40 in the afternoon, and with more rain coming on friday, and still unsettled as we work through the rest of the weekend, so that's a short-term but everybody wants to know how much snow are we going to get this winter? our weather guru juda cohen sees cohen is the director of seasonal forecasting and atmospheric and environmental research in lexington, and by setting the snow cover in siberia among other factors he estimates that we'll see about 75 inches of snow in boston this season, and that's 30 inches above normal. cohen says climate change could be a factor. >> the warm arctic decreases the ice you bill parcells makes more moisture available and when we get these snow blitzes, that's
6:42 am
winter weather episodes. i think it's all connected. >> and he says that we could also see outbreaks of severe cold snaps like when we sent that record low of nine below back on valentine's day. get ready. randy. >> yes. and a surprising sight explained in florida. the cause of unusual dash camera video. >> and a recall just ahead of thanksgiving, the item you will want to take off the table. and we are updating breaking news in news to g dragging two boston police
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 6:45 this morning, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. antoinette antonio covering breaking news. four boston police officers are hurt overnight. randy: what triggers the violence in dorchester, that's ahead this morning. but first cindy is busyti head into the holidays. >> right. >> and try to pull up the travel delays because there are none and that is great news, so many people are up early-this day before thanksgiving, going to be doing some traveling and that's a great thing. you can see that we have clear skies in boston. >> absolutely. but you look at the middle of the country, and it is a different story. you can see the strip of rain from chicago down through the gulf coast and up towards minneapolis, and that is snow, and that's what we're watching here as we get into the day tomorrow, that whole system is
6:46 am
pressure, which is really dominating the northeast so from the canada border down through the mid atlantic states, quiet weather, mainly clear skies, there are some ocean effect clouds on the mid and outer cape, and not the case in boston at all with the clear skies. it is chilly. the temperature running at 33 in town, and it's 26 in worcester, and we are below freezing from worcester down to the cape. here's where we end up, at or above 40 degrees, in fact, mid 40s from tauntedden to marshfield, boston 44, and nashua, a high of 44. today. and the temperatures break down like this over the next 12 hours, by noontime it's in the lower 40s, so pretty nice with a lighter wind. and thursday into friday, though, a bit of a different story. we're going to watch the system from the middle of the country move in with clouds overnight, and first thing tomorrow morning there is going to be very light precipitation moving in, but from the pike on northward, it maybe cold enough for light snow, and closer to the coastline as that shifts it may mix with rain but there may be
6:47 am
in southern new hampshire, and then we have a lot of clouds, and rain may fill back in into the evening, so we're only talking about a dusting of snow, very light. it could make roads a bit slippery if you are going out early in the day tomorrow. a little slower glare out there. >> overall the ride is a quiet one, for now at least, we're expecting the delays later on. a live look at the bridge. the lever connector southbound heading towards the bottom of the screen. let's go to the maps and see your ride, clearing this c and along the pike we're still in great shape. south of town much of the same, not seeing too much volume. and a little patch of delays on 95 and cantsen and as you travel the expressway, 20 to 25 right now, braintree into boston. and north of town, 93 looks good until you get to spot pond, volume picks up. and so far, trains and buses are doing ok. >> four boston police officers are recovering after trying to stop a motorist.
6:48 am
>> and the officers are in the hospital this morning month, two of them dragged by the suspect's vehicle, the other two officers were nearly hit by that car. here's a look at that scene from overnight. you can see at least one of the officers being loaded into an ambulance. the four officers injuries said to be nonlife-threatening, which is good news here. and they were responding to reports of a person with a gun near dublin house bar on stoughton street here in dorchester. they connecticut plates, and that matched the vehicle description that they were given but as they were investigating the car suddenly is sped away, dragging two of the officers nearly hitting the other two officers. they are all recovering this morning at brigham women's hospital, as for the suspect they got away and the search is still on this morning. live in dorchester, innocent -- antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you, and also breaking right now in detroit, michigan, an arrest has been made in the
6:49 am
person of interest as they are calling this individual in custody. it's unclear if that person is a suspected shooter, police say that the wayne state university police officer is out of surgery this morning after being shot in the head last night. he remains in critical in. >> more breaking news now, sources say that president-elect donald trump has made his pick for ambassador to the united nations. abc news has confirmed south carolina governor nikki haley got the offer and is expected to accept today. she w b selected so far. and the last week a spokesperson for dr. ben carson said that he was not interested in the post. here he is on tuesday, and insiders saying he's been offered the job of secretary of housing and urban development. we know former massachusetts governor mitt romney is up for secretary of state. the wall street reporting he, rudi guiliani and a third choice are being weighed. sera, out to you. >> and erika, a lowell family is calling for justice after the
6:50 am
four. her name, gloribel orengo was killed on saturday night when a fight broke out at a party and then spilled into the parking lot. the d.a.'s office says that 23-year-old amarillas perez was one in a group who kicked and beat the victim. prosecutors say that the worcester suspect used a full bottle of liquor to hit the mother. and as the group drove off one may have run over the victim's body. the d.a.'s office says that they are investigating this as a homicide, and more arrests are newscenter 5. >> the heck with grandma's house, if you need to get to the office on the day before thanksgiving. travel is thumbs up. we're doing pretty good out here he or she. approaching the allston-brighton tolls but it is best to be prepared. tuesday has become the new wednesday when it comes to the busiest travel day, that was yesterday, and you can still expect plenty of company out
6:51 am
increase in travel this holiday season. today will be the busiest between 1:00 in the afternoon and 5:00 at night, especially out here on the mass pike. crossing fingers that open tolling will help to ease congestion, and as you come back live you are looking at the allston-brighton tolls, open tolling, sailing right into the city of boston. enjoy the ride and happy thanksgiving. doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> all right, thank you. and we are now learning the an police officer got married while on the run. that's according to a marriage license. otis mckane is charged in the ambush murder of detective benjamin marconi on sunday. mckane was arrested on monday night. he and a woman obtained a license that morning. marconi was shot while writing a ticket near police headquarters. >> a school bus driver is on leave after a student was sexually, allegedly sexually assaulted on their bus. investigates say the
6:52 am
renaissance charter public school was repeatedly assaulted by a six-year-old student. the mother of the victim tells the globe her son is supposed to sit in front of the bus next to the driver. she says he's developmentally delayed and suffers from attention defer sit hyperactivity disorder. >> ntsb will be reviewing the two cameras set up inside of the school bus involved in a deadly crash. five children dead. several others still in critical condition after monday's wreckage. speeding before it rolled over. the 24-year-old driver is facing five counts of vehicular homicide. >> and take a look at this. a giant fireball captured on camera. that bright light flashed across the sky in the tampa florida area on monday. this video caught on a north port police officer's cruiser camera. the international astronomical union defines a fireball as a brighter than usual meteor. >> the smithsonian will be displaying the first bucket used
6:53 am
it will become part of a permanent exhibit giving in america the ice bucket challenge really took off, pete operates, -- pete frates got involved in the movement, raised $115 million for the als association. it helps scientists discover a gene linked to the disease. >> the bruins were skating high against st. louis blues before losing defenseman zdeno chara. he left in the second period when they were up returned. despite 41 shots the bruins couldn't score. they lose 4-2. no word on zdeno chara's possible injury. >> the hockey league welcomes its 31st team. the golden knights were unveiled in front of 5,000 fans after being awarded a franchise in june. the team will play at the t mobile reason starting next season. the colors, gray and gold and red and black. >> a grand prix recall a day
6:54 am
recall, days before thanksgiving. the fda says some of the jars are labeled to be heinz pork gravy but might be beef gravy. you can find more information on under your health. and an emotional ellen degeneres receiving her medal of freedom at the white house yesterday but she almost didn't make it. ellen forgot her i.d., having trouble getting into the building. as you can see, though, everything straightened to 21 people yesterday. >> right. >> after she finally got in. >> i know, you would think that she doesn't need one, she's ellen degeneres, for crying out loud. >> i love her. >> she's great. >> thank you. and busy travel day expected but so far, so far we're in good shape. a live look outside here. expressway by the gas tank and you can see the northbound side, really have those delays building at this point, but this is the busiest spot that i am seeing at this point. so for now you are good to go. the delays are expected to be
6:55 am
let's go over to the maps and check out your ride, accident cleared, westbound on 295, solomon pond road, the pike eastbound still looks great, 15 minutes from 495 to 128, and 24, no delays just yet, we're in good shape, volume in randolph, that's really it. expressway, about 25, you just saw it live, braintree to boston, and north of town, 93 looks good, delays start to build as you approach the lever connector. so far trains and buses are running on schedule. we are hoping for perfect weather for so don't forget the sunglasses, it is cold out there, 33 degrees in town. and the wind is still busy. out of the west, northwest at 17, so wind chills are running in the teens and lower 20s. bundle up yet again. temperatures will come up by lunchtime into the low 40s, tong out in the low to mid 40s this afternoon. the winds settle back to 10 to 15 miles per hour. so it is a nice one today with the high pressure over the northeast. so traveling across the northeast looks good. this is a system that we're watching, you can see a bit of a
6:56 am
south. and this is moving towards us for tomorrow, so the clouds increase tonight but we're down in the 20s and lower 30s. cold enough. as we watch the moisture move in, very light snow starts to spread in from the pike on northward, as well, that is where we could see light snow mixing in with raindrops closer to the coastline. and it is drier in the afternoon with a lot of clouds and maybe some patchy drizzle, and rain will fill back in tomorrow, so we're talking about only a dusting of snow, maybe a coating to an inch, far northwestern enough to make the roads a bit slippery early on tomorrow. and only 40 for the thanksgiving afternoon and then as we get towards tomorrow night and early on friday, more rain comes on in, and with the temperatures first thing on friday morning, near the freezing mark, could be some spots that we deal with freezing rain, could be slippery north and west of town, keep that in mind, and the temperatures throughout the day, though, in the 40s, periods of very light rain on friday. and lingering into saturday before we slowly dry things out on sunday and that could end as the light snow or flurries on saturday night and into sunday
6:57 am
>> right. >> yes. >> one day at a time, right? >> and if you are on the go you can watch us any time, we stream our program on the mobile app. >> and erika, antoinette and cindy will be back with you at noon and then all of us back starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight and major traffic jams break out on los angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the air on the busiest the year. the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as he reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions on for tur and climate change. we have the reaction and new questions about his business


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