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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in place. that metal framing is the carriage carriage correll. there may have been an additional car that may have been involved. you can look at the number of people. here is what we know now. this happened on russell street near main street. we are sending a crew to the ground. back to you. ben: trees have fallen on a man working in his yard. this happened on ive lane a short time ago. first responders tell us the man was airlifted to a boston hospital. no word on his condition. the thanksgiving getaway long underway. millions expected to travel
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-- we looking live there at sky 5. from the traffic camera, on the right, waiting until the morning. it will be interesting. jc: we have you covered on traffic with weather. anchor: we have an issue tomorrow morning but it will be scattered pockets. you saw that to the west. this is a little band that is going to lift northward. some pockets of a mix. it stays above the freezing mark. outside of the city it is going to get colder. when that first batch comes through there may be a few
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of a commute. it is warm enough that for most of us it will be rain. just looking at a few spotty areas of nexmix going on. more rain coming for friday morning. jc: taking a live look at tonight's commute. this is the mass pike. are look at traffic. kevin: things are easing very quickly. this was jammed solid. don't let this picture full you -- fool you. we still have delays. slowdowns, not quite as bad.
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beyond 495. it seemed to break loose around that rest area. it takes you a little over an hour. up to the north, slow going. a couple pockets. 93 heaviest coming out of the city. not too bad in wilmington. trying to get towards 2:13. heading into campton, 95 quite busy. 93 southbound, the expressway is still boston to braintree. jc: breaking news. a former boston prosecutor turned defense attorney is facing rape charges again. gary zerola surrendered to authorities today. newscenter 5' shaun chaiyabhat
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he has been down this path before. reporter: nothing new. he is a well-known and notorious local attorney. gary zerola beat rape charges before. but now he's facing 2 new counts of rape. >> he came here voluntarily to court. reporter: gary zerola walked into boston municipal court on his own with an attorney after investigated by boston police for rape. the incident happened november 10 but reported 2 days later. prosecutors say they have medical evidence, although testing has not come back yet. >> it's a very strong case for the government. reporter: zerola once a people magazine most eligible bachelor stood silent in court. dubbed the playboy attorney he beat 3 prior rape allegations. this time, his attorney says he has witnesses that will clear him again. >> they're patently false.
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the entire encounter allegedly occured within feet of her friend who was sleeping on the same couch. reporter: zerola is expected to make to $10k bail and will be fitted for a gps monitor monday. live in boston municipal court shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. ben: four boston police officers recovering tonight after being hit and dragged by a car early this morning. the driver took off, but is now under arrest. newscenter 5's julie loncich is chain of events that led to all this. reporter: the suspect allegedly dragged these officers with his car as they were clinging to each side. investigators are searching for surveillance video. >> it was a chaotic scene on dorchester's stoughton street
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wheeled into ambulances, nats -- into ambulances. two officers responded to a call for a gun were dragged 20 feet by a car. >> they struck a couple of officers. >> around 1:00 in the morning the officer spotted the suspect. one approach the drivers side. the other the passenger side. of the ignition but failed. they say the suspect managed to throw the car into gear and accelerate dragging the officers behind. two additional officers were struck as the car sped away. weeks managed to get away but was later arrested athis residence. all four officers were treated
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to be thing for that arnd the united states right now. >> vincent is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. we are live in dorchester. ben: a school bus driver is now on leave after a student was sexually assaulted. investigators say the seven-year-old student. the mother of the victim said her son is supposed to sit in the front of the bus next to the driver. he is developmentally delayed. jc: now to the trump transition. the president-elect choosing to women with party credentials for a pair of top-level posts. governor nikki haley of south carolina, tapped for u.s. ambassador to the united nations. haley, the daughter of immigrants from india, had been a vocal critic of trump during
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columbia to serve the administration. the other choice is more controversial. betsy devos as education secretary. devos is a conservative activist and billionaire philanthropist who strongly supports charter schools. public school advocates already decrying the choice. former governor mitt romney said to be a strong candidate for trump's secretary of state. local leaders are reacting tonight. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich joins us with that part of t reporter: some local leaders say governor romney would be a good pick. he understands negotiation and diplomacy. what matters now is what donald trump says. as president-elect donald trump prepares for inauguration, mitt
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jersey. governor charlie baker was certainly not dancing around questions about the former governor. he said romney would be a pick. >> he is an and or mislead talented guy. he is certainly a worthwhile and worthy candidate. at a decision the new administration needs to make. reporter: senator ed is endorsing romney. >> while he is a republican and i am a democrat will leave he tries to apply the best possible rational analysis of issues. >> the sharpest critic may be the president-elect himself. they traded barbs. >> donald trump is a phony and a
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meeting, no word from donald trump today. jc: an armed robber taken down caught on camera. ben: the store owner talks about the decision to take action. jc: the popular sugar substitute, couldn't prevent you
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parking lot. you see the police cars there. a woman backed her car in that parking lot, hitting a worker who was taken to the hospital. it seems like it created quite a mess. where you return your carts was all toppled over. we will continue to follow ben: another bid to save children's hospital has been rejected. those fighting to save it say they are not giving up. >> those trying to save it filed an injunction to halt its demolition. they say the fight is far from
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-- [no audio] reporter: clearly some technical issues. they did lose that in court. boston children's hospital which they say needs the room for an expansion project can move forward. they got permission, an 11 story building here. in the meantime the guard has been closed. speaking with people here, patients say it means so much to the hospital, one person said she was here twice. they lost the injunction today. a lawsuit has been filed by
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it will in fact move forward. ben: thank you. caught on camera in california. an armed man entered a convenience store only to be taken down. he walks into simon's market in venice. you can see the store's owner. he quickly tackled the suspect. he forced him to the ground. eventually he runs off. >> we tousled. i was not happy about it. he ran. i was not running after him. let's call it a day. ben: he said he would have asked him why if he caught the suspect. jc: it's exactly what police
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>> hopefully everybody will get where they need to go. >> there's going to be a heads up here. you may be cautious about this. it revolves around temperatures we have. cold in the northeast. down to the south, this warmer air is trying to bubble its way up. it may pocket of ice. there is wind to be that thread. boston, 40 degrees. it felt like it was below zero. let's talk about the temperatures. it is cold enough in many areas, if we have some precipitation it
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work with. clouds are off to our west. there is the storm system. this is the warm air. ittarts running into the cooler air and changes to mixed precipitation. here is the area are going to be watching. it is heading towards canada. as far as the impact midday. the threat of rain starts to get back out. it looks pretty likely we will see some rain. this is the way the map looks. there is not much for rain or snow showing up.
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coal -- cold rain. we may see a little bit of snow. as we head to the evening hours that is your best opportunity. not out of the question friday we will do it all over again. for most of us, a few spring -- scattered showers. otherw pocket of icy mix here or there. not widespread. the threat will be out there. a mixed towards don -- a mix towards dawn. during the afternoon a sprinkle or 2. you will see temperatures, it will be warm enough.
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, but for early-morning shoppers, do be advised. we may have pockets. same thing on friday as thursday. we head toward saturday. a few scattered showers. all of this is light stuff. we start to dry things out. once the sun comes out, we are going to warm things up nicely. temperatures int in the forecast. temperatures climb into the mid-50's. jc: thank you. your health, disappointment among alzheimer's advocates following the results from an experimental treatment. eli lilly says their drug has failed in a widely anticipated study. there had been hope but it did
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officials say they are incredibly saddened by the news. ben: researchers are calling a question of the effectiveness of aspartame. the sugar subject -- substitute. it may actually block natural functions that can prevent obesity and diabetes. evidence suggested it can make you feel more h consumption. jc: tater and taught live to see another day. ben: two very lucky turkeys. president obama's final turkey pardon. jc: after thanksgiving comes black friday. a look at that discount. ben: and part of the program's
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ben: a holiday warning from federal authorities. the department of homeland security urging vigilance as you celebrate. in new york city, police are stepping up security for the famed thanksgiving day parade. federal authorities issuing a clear message to law enforcement agencies, that celebrations could be targeted by the night before the big parade they blow up the balloons. it is great to take your kids to. some white house traditions can't help but bring a small to your face, and the pardoning of the turkey's is one of them. president obama clearly gets a kick out of it. jc: he gets a kick out of it and
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last time. he was joined by his nephews boston and aaron -- austin and aaron. daughters sasha and malia bowing out this time. a pair of turkeys named tater and tot getting the good news. >> tater is here in case tot cannot fulfill his duty. pair of aviator glasses. jc: tater and tot will find a new home at gobblers rest on the campus of virginia tech. anchor: i like the names. it makes me hungry. jc: new tonight, searching for suspects in what has become a murder investigation. it is underway right now.
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>> this is an editorial. >> the election turmoil is over. many are nervous about their
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clashing ideologies have proven to be thorny subjects. it is a recipe for difficulty. perhaps continuing over leftovers. is your family among those declaring politics off-limits? look at the bright side. that could mean at her home things of football. favorite family stories, hit shows like hamilton. maybe not hamilton. maybe thanksgiving comes at the right time. many voted for donald trump. others voted fo against him for how he may change the nation. neither side can predict the future. perhaps we are fortunate to also have these few days where we can take a collective breath and be
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whether or not your family chooses to engage, take a break and find safer. happy thanksgiving to all. anchor: this is wcvb newscenter five jc: live at the scene. anchor: it was pretty chaotic, there are making a last-minute rush. police s a woman backing up her car suddenly surged, hitting an employee putting them into
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she kept on going. people scramble to get out of the way before she came to a stop. the employee was dragged a short distance. he suffered minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. none of the others were injured. you can see the last car that was hit is still on the scene >> also breaking, a man flown to the hospital after a tree walls on him. ems tells us the man was working on his property in natick when it happened. no word yet on his condition. ben: and, a prominent local attorney faces sexual assault charges again. gary zerola turned himself in today, at a boston court. this allleged incident happened november 10.


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