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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 27, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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now: >> where the investigation -- antoinette: a tragic discovery. a mother found dead in her apartment. where the investigation stands this morning. doug: caught on camera, the moment of impact in a hit and run. the search right now for the driver. >> the winning numbers are in. where the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] antoinette: good morning, it's sunday november 27. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan. beamed up to 42 degrees out there. nice and clear.
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things. kelly ann: right now, we have a temperature of 39 degrees in downtown boston. wind chills down into the lower 30's. we are now seeing wind speeds up to 16 miles an hour moving into the northwest, bringing in that cool air into the region. feels like 25 degrees. the windchill is really going to be we are staying dry. any signs of clouds well off to the west and that is also where we see flurries. i will have a look at the next track of rainfall in the area coming up. antoinette: breaking news from new orleans. doug: multiple people shot in the french quarter. police say at least one man died at the hospital. at least nine others are injured.
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two men are under arrest for gun possession including one of the victims. it's still unclear who fired the shots. we'll bring you more information as we get it. antoinette: breaking overnight in boston, state police are investigating a deadly crash on morrissey boulevard. victims. it's still unclear who fired the shots. boston ems confirms one person is dead and two others are in the hospital after a crash that happened after one this morning. the survivors are being treated for non life threatening injuries. and this is new video in overnight, crews are still on the scene of a house fire in the fire started in the boston road home before 5 this morning. no one was hurt. the cause of that fire is under investigation. doug: right now, investigators are searching for answers after a woman is found dead inside her mattapan apartment. relatives found the woman along with her 3 small children. investigators say it is still unclear how she died or how long the children had been alone. police responded to the home on bismark street yesterday after a neighbor reported what appeared to be a break-in. but they soon discovered it was a relative who broke down the
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>> we are not sure if it is a natural desk -- natural death at this time or a trauma. doug: the children, who are all under the age of 5, were not hurt. dcf is investigating and has taken custody of the children. right now, braintree police are searching for a missing teenager who may need some medical help. police say ivy koulis ran away from the hyatt hotel friday and has not been seen since. the national center for missing and exploited children says and exploited children says koulis is 5-feet-5-inches and weighs 210 pound with black hair and brown eyes. anyone who may have seen her is asked to give police a call. antoinette: a horrific hit and run crash caught on camera a 25-year-old thrown into the air as the driver kept going. it happened early friday morning. three men were leaving the spot bar in brockton, when a car sped down the street, striking one of
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disturbing to show. >> flashlights to help people as they come. antoinette: the victim, who friends say is a father of three is being treated for serious injuries at brigham and women's hospital. police are still searching for the driver. doug: massachusetts congressman jim mcgovern is marking the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. he's calling for the removal of all restrictions between the u.s. and cuba. mcgovern says it's time for the two countries to find common ground. castro's funeral will be held next sunday followed by a period of public mourning. he was 90-years-old. doug: a scuba diver from massachusetts has died in hawaii. 46-year-old timothy o'sullivan of newton was pulled from the waters near the kahala hotel and resort. the incident happened friday. an autopsy will be performed on monday to determine the exact
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after a rock on school grounds was defaced by symbols of hate. students from the bromfield school spent part of their saturday, painting over the rock that is planted in front of the school. the rock was vandalized friday, covered with swastikas and profanity. students plan to paint a design on the rock tomorrow, police are investigating the act of vandalism. four people are facing charges after getting caught breaking into a middle school in marblehead. police called to thene grounds. the other two were arrested a short time later. police say there was some damage to the school. one of the suspects also took a roll of school stick-on visitor passes. doug: five families in new hampshire are thanking the red cross this morning. a fire tore through their
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last night, forcing them out of their homes. red cross workers gave the families money to help them with temporary lodging, food, clothing, or anything they may need. fire crews say the damage could have been much worse considering the size of the building. fortunately, the building had working sprinklers. also in manchester, two men are under arrest accused of pulling fire alarms. there have been nearly a dozen false alarms pulled over the past two days. a passerby helped police catch the suspects wanted for at least two of the pranks. 19-year-old justin nagy is charged with false public alarm and 20-year-old stavros dou-keris is facing a criminal liability charge. >> anytime a false alarm is >> anytime a false alarm is pulled in the city, our resources are stretched so thin with all of the things going on, it jeopardizes the safety and welfare of individuals who really need the service. doug: police have not said if all the incidents are related. antoinette: breaking overnight we have a winner. doug: just one ticket matched all 6 powerball numbers in last night's drawing. if you purchased your ticket in
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winner. the winning numbers are 17-19-21-37-44 powerball 16. the jackpot is an estimated $421 million. merry christmas. that adds up to a cash value of $254.7 million, the biggest prize ever was $1.6 billion which was one in january. laughing, tennessee. antoinette: me -- maybe you have a family member. doug: threatening letters sent to several mosques. antoinette: the extra protection worshipers are asking for after what police call a hate crime. a renewed push for a higher minimum wage. the next step in a series of rallies by bay state workers. doug: a big buy this time of year, flat screen tv's, and ben has your back. what you're really getting with 4-k. and what your tv may be
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temperatures stay cool. plus i'm tracking our next chance of showers for this week.
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on the best network for only $50 per month. antoinette: good morning and welcome back. a new call for a raising the minimum wage. events are planned for tuesday in cambridge and at logan airport for the national day of action to fight for $15 an hour. right now, massachusetts workers are some of the highest paid in the u.s, the minimum wage is set
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sales, made online instead of in stores. shoppers spent over $3 billion on purchases made over the internet, that's up more than 21% from last year, according to adobe, which tracks online retail transactions. and shoppers used their mobile devices d industry watchers say with all that early online shopping, cyber monday may be a bust this year. doug: my phone is just too small. i need something bigger. you may have your eye on a new tv this holiday season if you haven't bought a tv in a couple of years, they've changed quite a bit almost all are smart and 4-k, but before you bring that tv home, some things you should know.
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your back. >> there is nothing quite like watching it like this, on a big flat beautiful screen. with so many choices, this year, for many, there is one more choice, 4k, the new high definition tv's are cheaper than ever, half as much as they were a year or two ago. >> the prices have come down drastically. >> things. super uhd. but the bottom line is manufacturers make two kinds of 4k tv's. a basic line and a premium line. the premium tv's will have slightly richer color. tech experts say you still may want to hold off on buying a 4k set. >> if you will buy one that is under 60 inches, you do not need
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>> almost all tv's these days are internet connected, smart tvs, many with more -- voice recognition. samsung came with fine print that appeared to warn tv owners that the tv might be recording conversations and sending to a third party. that is not exactly the case. >> some people are scared the tv is listening on the time. it is but only for keywords that will turn it on. it is not listening for your conversations. your viewing habits and feeding back that data. >> it will basically understand your preferences and give what it believes you want to see. >> how to stop it is do not connect the tv to the internet. think about a box to run apps like netflix or amazon. amazon's fire stick, apple tv, or roku.
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the roku box. they are best practice across the board. the interface is wonderful. >> i will buy a 60 inch or bigger, even if i do not have the room. the whole wall. that external box ranges in price from the roku, anywhere from $30 to 230. amazon fire tv. antoinette: apple tv is generally the most expensive out of all of them. it all depends what system you $150. like the best. 5 or cast with kelly and. -- kelly ann. kelly ann: checking about 40 degrees. here is the thing. not only will we cut out the breeze, the wind will make it
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place. we have wind starting to strengthen. the wind is making it feel colder than what the thermometer is reading. strongest winds are coming out about 21 miles an hour. that is where we see the strongest wind through much of
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>> now, your stormteam 5 forecast. kelly ann: here is a look at the chilly conditions as you head out the door. the wind chill is a huge factor. feels like 25 degrees, 31 degrees in boston right now. th down to mid 30's through much of the coastline at this point. we see that even in the afternoon. the wind is looking to stay strong. wind up to 16 miles an hour, occasionally gusting between 20 and 25 miles an hour. with that in place, it will make the 40 degree highs feel like the 30's through much of the afternoon. the wind chill factor into the
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in downtown boston. it will feel chilly if you head out there today, more so tonight and tomorrow morning. clear skies will have our temperatures dropping rapidly. heading out tomorrow morning, is feeling like 27 in boston, 26 in plymouth. 21 degrees as you head out tomorrow morning. as the kids had out to school, they need extra layers because it will feel like winter once again as we kickoff the work week. sunshine is in place. for. a few thin clouds to the west mainly western massachusetts and western connecticut as well. a few snowflakes to new york and light rain showers as well. that is something we will mainly miss out on. sprinkle or two to the west. clearing out into late sunday night and monday morning. your travel forecast today is looking relatively quiet for
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northeast, though it is cool. we have trouble spots especially, the move toward the midsize -- the middle side of the country. watch if you do have any travel today. looking cool initially, but we start to warm up as we move through the middle of the week. showers are moving through the area with rain approaching for wednesday and thursday as well. it will feel like the 50's. doug: thank you. the time is 10:20. other stories now. antoinette: protesters stay -- say they will stick -- and stay there ground. despite the pleas from the community and a government order to leave the area, the protestors say they are staying. hundreds of demonstrators have
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pipeline. the army corps of engineers plans to close the area on december 5 for safety reasons. there are plans for a free speech zone that will be set up just south of the encampment. doug: and as the pipeline protests continue, another group made their voices heard. about 400 people rallied to support the police who have occasionally clashed with the demonstrators. the residents said they are standing in solidarity with law enforcement and say they want their community back. antoinette: calls for more police protection after threats agains mosques. the la times reports the same handwritten letter addressed to quote the children of satan arrived at three different mosques last week, the letters noted the election of donald trump by saying he was quote going to cleanse america and make it shine again. police are investigating the threats as a hate crime. doug: candlelight vigil for an officer killed in the line of
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organizers of the vigil say he was an organ donor who saved dozens of lives after his death. >> sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. >> the patriots taking on the jets. looks like a gametime decision bob brady does not like to say too much about any injuries he's dealing with. he communicated through sign language yesay -- road sign. the next that, new york. telling fans he is on his way and ready to play. it will be his 200th when, tying him with peyton manning and it is almost -- only a matter of time where it is a record that will never be broken.
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, a lot of football things and football injuries. it is a tough sport. been around for a little bit and played with a lot of great players on a lot of great teams. >> highlights by -- and postgame reactions tonight. have a great day. doug: might be the tom brady of paint. one of the most adorable out there. in fact, it's lasted for centuries. re-created decades ago it's now made in mass. >> what? never heard of milk paint? all of the kids are using it, especially those from the days of the pyramid's to the revolutionary war. >> one of the world passes most ancient forms of paint. >> president of the milk paint company. >> we found traces of milk paint . it has been around a long time.
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around since 1974 and it all started when her father came across some paint and no matter how hard he tried, it would not come off. >> how long do you think it has been on there? >> 1700s. >> after exhaustive research and plenty of trial and error, he came up with his own version of the historically proven paint. with crushed limestone, early pigments for color, then simply add water. you can paint like an egyptian. >> the milk proteins together form an incredibly tough winder and you can barely even move it. >> do not ask her to give up the exact recipe and the way it is mixed. it is a closely guarded secret and it will remain behind closed doors.
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it. it is like nothing else out there. >> and it is out there. projects as large as this to smaller applications. part of the appeal goes way beyond the colors. the old-fashioned form of cover is some of the safest you will ever use. >> it is about the most ecologically friendly thing on the planet. we are just pretty proud of that. >> you can buy this directly from them. they are in a select number of hardware's horse. if they don't have it, you can have it mailed to you. it comes in that powdered form so it is easy to ship. barrels full. they want to make sure they had a -- free product.
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doug: flying is a relative term. it was not good weather for flying so centered -- santa took time to talk to the kids, waiting patiently to share their wish list with the jolly elf. tens of thousands turned up. people from all over new england. the christmas tree was lit last night. people who enjoy live music, street vendors, all to enjoy outside of city hall. beautiful, really. antoinette: we are continuing the conversation through today. doug: shifting gears, the death of fidel castro. antoinette: celebrations. but also reflection. how the boston community reacted to the passing of the long-time cuban leader. doug: plus honoring a hero. why a scholarship is more of a
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be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. kelly ann: the sun is out today but some spots drop below freezing tonight. the timeline on those temperatures and the rainy week ahead. doug: it's the end of an era. how the death of fidel castro is being marked in boston and around the world. antoinette: recount controversy. the back up for jill stein the reaction from the president-elect.
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fox's news leader. good morning. doug: just about 10:30. antoinette: we were just talking about how it is a gorgeous day to look out the window. doug: it is the wind. it drops. kelly ann: the combination is really hurting us. it is warm and sunny, almost summerlike. 39 degrees in boston. slow to warm this morning. add that we have those wind -- the wind at 15 miles an hour, upper 30's. areas like worcester are actually wind chills down in the low to mid 20's.
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out. that is the case much of the day. things are looking pretty nights -- pretty nice. all of that and rainfall coming up. doug: we're following breaking news from new orleans where 10 people have been shot in the french quarter. antoinette: police say at least one man died at the hospital. at least nine others are injured. it happened on bourbon street. police arrested two people on gun charges but it is unclear if the shooter was one of the people arrested. right now, police are reviewing surveillance video. boston police are searching for answers after 3 children are found in an apartment with their mom's body. the woman was found dead in her apartment yesterday afternoon when family members came to check on her. her 3 children, all under the
10:32 am
police say it is still unclear how she died and how long the children had been there with her body. doug: brockton police, releasing this video of a deadly hit and run. it happened early friday morning as three men were leaving the spot bar. the impact of that crash is too graphic to show. police are searching for the driver. the victim is being treated for serious injuries. antoinette: also right now the world reacting to the death of former cuban president fidel castro. in miami, there have been celebrations in the streets since the announcement of the communist leader. doug: members of florida's cuban-american community say they want to make sure castro's >> the end of a man who separated so many families throughout the years, a man who killed many, who imprisoned many individuals, thinking differently. >> the economy. most important way the destruction of the population. morley, socially, and
10:33 am
doug: miami police say the situation has been peaceful so far, no reports of violence or arrests during the celebrations. president obama offering his condolences to the castro family. in a statement the president saying our thoughts and prayers are with the cuban people they have a friend and partner in the united states. president-elect donald trump calling castro a brutal dictator. he says his administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. antoinette: here in boston, fidel castro's death greeted with mixed emotions. there were celebrations along with quiet reflection. newscenter 5's david bienick continues our coverage. david: for 20 years at the cuban restaurant, garcia has been keeping a bottle of champagne marked "own them -- "open only
10:34 am
>> lopez celebrated castro's's death with a game. she kept his portrait on a roll of toilet paper. do you feel joy about his death? >> it is ok. >> just ok? >> yes. everybody goes. >> you're looking at the old cars of cuba. >> parents generation hated castro, younger cuban-americans have more complex feelings about the legacy. >> i think actually, there are things that should be recognized as positive and things that should be critiqued. >> fidel castro transferred power to his brother a few years ago and since then, there has been relations with the u.s.
10:35 am
-- popped the cork on his bottle of champagne. [applause] david: then he took a sip and got a surprise. [laughter] >> this day they would not thought would change everything. wcvb newscenter 5. doug: jill stein is getting some back up in effort. hillary clinton's team is offering its support. stein petitioned for a recount in wisconsin, and won. president-elect donald trump is -- jill stein: over 80% of voters said they were disgusted by the selection and the incredible loss of faith in our basic institutions of government. i do not think we fix this by sweeping it under the rug. doug: president-elect donald trump is slamming the effort, tweeting just moments ago,
10:36 am
nothing will change. the clinton team says it had not planned to ask for a recount, but now that there is one, they just want to make sure the process is fair for everyone involved. election officials in wisconsin say the count could begin by thursday. antoinette: today, protestors are getting ready to rally against what they call text message rally against what they call president elect-donald anti-refugee agenda. the demonstrators plan to gather on boston common at 1 this afternoon. organizers say they will speak out against what they say is the racism, fear and anti-immigrant views put forth by the president-elect and reflected in his cabinet appointments. lawrence mayor dan rivera is taking a wait and see approach to how his immigrant city of 76,000 will fare in the the new trump administration. rivera is this morning's guest on on the record.
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>> you need money as well and also talking about tax breaks. >> someone who is concerned about the programs for the kids at risk, if he takes away all of those programs and takes away and brings back 25 hundred jobs, good deal. we have jobs. the reality is in the absence of jobs and real support for community needs, you have to support people. watch on the record with y rivera, ed harding and janet wu this morning at 11am followed by. matter of fact at 11:30 and cityline at noon. doug: the search is on for the suspect in this picture, accused of robbing a gas station in dartmouth. police say the suspect pulled a gun on a man inside the shell station at the intersection of state road and reed road friday night. they say the suspect beat the man with the gun and took his money. antoinette: right now honoring the work of a teacher killed in a stabbing rampage in taunton.
10:38 am
fundraiser in his name at the bertucci's where the attack happened back in may. the george heath superhero scholarship will go to a student at greater new bedford voc-tech high school, where heath worked. >> they are gone above and beyond to help other people, to working communities and churches and whatever. we will pick the winners at the end of the year. looking out for someone else. beyond him, and that is how i want this to benefit the students. antoinette: aide of a pregnant waitress during the attack. an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot and killed the man responsible. doug: there is good news for pats fans. espn's adam schefter reporting tom brady and rob gronkowski are expected to play this afternoon. brady had been dealing with swelling and soreness in his knee. gronk was nursing a chest injury suffered during the seattle game. martellus bennet, julian
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kick off 4:25. late start. antoinette: i have faith. a house fire traps several family dogs. doug: but thankfully, they're all safe this morning. the quick thinking by the firefighters who got them out. antoinette: we've heard about how drinking can be bad for your health but what about the opposite. the new study that links drinking to a lower stroke risk. kelly ann: sun today but a cool breeze throughout the day. i'm tracking a drop in temperatures and a break before rain moves in this week. doug: speaking of that sunshine, look at that. it is beautiful out there. 43 degrees might feel a bit cooler. grab the gloves or an extra struck -- extra sweater if you're heading out the door for an extended time. when does that rain rollback in
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antoinette: the 5 on main challenge made a comeback in honor of small business saturday. boston mayor marty walsh is behind the effort to get consumers to buy 5 gifts or me those supporting the effort can post pictures on social media with the hashtag 5 on main. the mayor tweeting this photo, he was shopping for cards in roslindale village yesterday, small business saturday is a nationwide effort to keep money local as the holiday shopping season kicks off. the boston police department is getting new social media tracking software to search for threats to public safety.
10:44 am
the software will be able to give law enforcement an address to where content was posted. civil liberty groups, including the aclu, say the software is a threat to free speech, and that the bpd showed a lack of transparency in selecting the program. doug: one of the six victims in that devastating bus crash in tennessee laid to rest. her friends taking to the stage at the church where cor'day-ja jones was a member of the youth choir. they sang her favorite songs. police say the bus driver, 24-year-old john-thony walker was speeding when he crashed the bus, killing six children earlier this week. three dogs pulled from a house fire in florida are safe this morning, thanks to the quick action of firefighters. the dogs were lifeless when firefighters rescued them and gave them oxygen. they were all suffering from smoke inhalation. a dozen firefighters surrounded
10:45 am
no one was home at the time of the fire. investigators are working to find the cause. >> now, your storm -- stormteam 5 forecast with kelly ann. kelly ann: here's the thing. yesterday, the clouds and the fogginess, it is looking up today here we have the sun breaking now. 50's toward dallas and new orleans. strange, but something to look forward to. temperatures are definitely trending below average right now. temperatures in the 30's, topping out in the 40's. 40 degrees as well. heading into tuesday, right below the average line of 48 degrees. jumping into the low -- the low-to-mid 50's.
10:46 am
mid-to-upper 30's. 36 degrees right now, if it warm or at 43, a few more 40's as well. even at the height of the afternoon, temperatures struggle to get out of the 40's. it will feel like the 30's. 21 miles an hour now. struggle towind for this morning and liky this afternoon as well, the wind could guest to up to 25 miles ao factor is something we will watch all day. down to the 20's and mainly the lower 30's heading along the coastline. feels like temperatures for boston. sunshine is out. you can see the clouds have cleared. if you clouds to the west will be pushing through the overnight hours. overall, the clear sky is
10:47 am
the scale. high pressure tomorrow is pushing in and helping to keep her clear and dry. it is not taught pushes off to the northeast that the rain makes it -- a return to the area. gusty conditions and a warm-up pushing through the area bringing mild air into the region. moving into the work week. temperatures are topping out in the 40's. we're in the 40's again tomorrow. we see the stream starting to push northward. the warm air to the south pushing northward. the price to pay for the warm-up will be rain heading our way.
10:48 am
west. it brings the warm air from the south. the system will keep us in the continuous rain chance. it continues wednesday and thursday and will be heavy at times. the time. we are following is wednesday into thursday. we are keeping an i on thursday night because we had to see some clearing out. we start to clear out friday into the weekend. the temperatures start to cool down as well. antoinette: having a couple of glasses of wine could be good for your health but any more than that could have the opposite effect. a review of past studies found that people who had one or two alcoholic drinks a day reduced their risk of a stroke by 8%. but people who had more to drink had an increased risk of stroke.
10:49 am
than 4 drinks a day jumped by 14%. here's a memorable holiday gift, plunk down some $2500 and you, plus 9 of your nearest and dearest, can speed around a racetrack in canaan, new hampshire. cars, motorcycles, atv's, .bring whatever you like. doug: it's the brainchild of a dartmouth college professor who invested more than $2 million, >> a lot of defunct mobile homes, old cars, it was a mess. >> three years ago, a dartmouth engineering professor bought the speedway intent on transforming it from a local nuisance to a boost to the local economy. >> it is greener and has an economic benefit to the town.
10:50 am
relationship to the town and at the same time, creates a center where people can come from all types of backgrounds and have a good time and enjoy themselves. >> the motor club is open to rentals from a wide for -- wide diversity of motorsports enthusiasts. for brian and heather carroll, dad and daughter bonding involves little drive at very high speeds. >> it is the closest thing to flying on the ground. it can get ver responsible for shifting position on a tiny platform and counterbalancing the entire rate as it leans into high-speed turns. >> i am jag a on the track. >> witness the protective plastic puck. >> i love it because i get to do it with my dad. i literally get to hang out with my dad.
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doug: tomorrow on chronicle, turn down an alley for a saintly sight. travel to a hole in the wall for a slice. find peace and quiet on a sunny deck. or, find the club that's only for the clued in. ted reinstein explores boston's nooks and crannies, tomorrow at 7:00 thirty on chronicle. always fun. antoinette: i still cannot get over the racing. doug: slowing me down, get off the track. so good. we are following breaking news overnight in new orleans. antoinette: one man is dead, 9 others hurt after a shooting in the french quarter. the victims and the arrests made
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doug: welcome back. breaking overnight a gunman opens fire in the crowded french quarter of new orleans killing one man and injuring 9 others. police say they have arrested two men including one of the victims of gun p charges. it is unclear if one of those suspects is the shooter. antoinette: breaking overnight in boston, state police are investigating a deadly crash on morrissey boulevard. police say a car went over the guard rail on 93 north and landed on an suv down below on morrissey boulevard. police say the driver of the card -- of the car died on the scene. taken to the hospital with
10:55 am
doug: and braintree police need your help they are searching for this missing teenager. police say ivy koulis ran away from the hyatt hotel friday and has not been seen since. police say she may be in need of medical attention. antoinette: right now boston police are investigating the death of a mattapan woman. her 3 young children also in the apartment with their mother's body. police are waiting for word on the cause of her death. the children were not hurt and are now in state custody. doug: brockton police, are searching for a hit and run driver, wanted for this serious crash. spot bar. the impact of that crash is too graphic to show. the victim is being treated for serious injuries. and this is new video in overnight, crews are still on the scene of a house fire in groton. the fire started in the boston road home before 5 this morning. no one was hurt. antoinette: donald trump now calling a recount effort in three states as a scam. president-elect donald trump is lashing out at the effort by green party nominee jill stein . he's posted several tweets this morning, critical of former
10:56 am
election officials in wisconsin say the recount there could start on thursday. during the election he had claimed it was rigged. antoinette: massachusetts congressman jim mcgovern is calling for the removal of all restrictions between the u.s. and cuba in the wake of the death of fidel castro. mcgovern says it's time for the two countries to find common ground. castro's funeral will be held next sunday followed by a period of public viewing. he was 90-years-old. doug: a quick check of your weather as you're headed out the door. kelly ann: it is still very cool out there. that is the big story. the cool air and the wind will make things feel chilly even in the height of the afternoon. sunny skies tomorrow, cool in the 40's as the next chance of rain approaches tuesday night.
10:57 am
good news there. they are in new york and it is sunny and nice. doug: before we go, antoinette will be sitting at the adult table and leaving us here on the weekends and moving monday through friday on eyeopener. we want to say thank you. it was so much fun to have you be a part of this.
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>> time to put down the final turkey sandwich or grab another because it is time to go on the record. >> he is obviously going to take my application or interest under consideration. >> putting all of his eggs in the trump baskets may payoff for scott brown. >> election i feel the democratic party needs to have soul-searching. >> not all members of the massachusetts delegation are in the policy camp. dan rivera is here and we will talk about what a trump administration will mean for inner cities like his. let's go on the record. >> today's newsmakers are going on the record. doug: i am -- i am at harding.


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