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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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millions drawing. we are wdbj7. good evening, i'm melissa gaona. chris hurst is off tonight. are looking to make it easier to get around the roanoke valley -- now, they want your help. wdbj7's christian heilman joins us live with some of their plans and how you can have a voice. the roanoke valley-allegheny regional commission is behind the plan. they're working on short and long-term goals to fix some common complaints with bus service. nat noisy bus you don't have to look far at campbell court to find someone like clifton stewart. clifton stewart "like we waiting on 65 to go up salem avenue and it ain't nowhere to be seen." he thinks bus
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especially in the northern part of the city. clifton stewart "i wonder why -- what's wrong with the rest of the city? what about the dmv? i might want to go out there one day and get my license." ozell jones, rides bus " the dmv is terrible, man because you have about a mile and a half walk either direction. " they're not alone. cristina finch with the roanoke- alleghany regional commission says people want bus service to reach places like the dmv. cristina finch, roanoke-alleghany regional commission "folks all over the region have been saying they need service to a variatey of different places. " ozell jones, rides bus 'i'd like to see a sunday route because i'm pretty much stuck on sunday. i can't go anywhere. no distance." for the past two years, the commission has been collecting data and information from riders. they created a six- year vision plan to expand transportation in the roanoke valley. now, they're asking for everyone's help. cristina finch, roanoke-alleghany regional commission "so at this point, we're trying to make sure we've hard the public correctly and that we haven't missed anything. " their recomendations include new stops and sunday service. they want people to vote and give their feedback on their trips now... clifton stewart "that's 65 there right
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that's my bus. " ...that way, they might be a little better in the future. the commission will complete the plan this summer and then hand it over to valley metro and radar. they'll get final say about what to impliment. we have a link where you can give feedback on our website, wdbj- christian heilman, wdbj7. waywe're looking at a quiet start to the weekend high-pressure building in across the west and no that's can give us generally clear skies of the next couple days we are tracking a coastal storm on the west those that will eventually make its way across the country the windsor the start to relax over the next twelve hours we are expecting a beautiful start to the weekend in fact was they to look at those temperatures as we had towards our saturday high-pressure for pretty much bring the warmer weather over the next couple days and we are expecting anywhere from about ten to fifteen degrees above average as far as temperatures go not a bad waiting in january fifty two
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relook annette sixties 60s by monday it does not last through the seven-day forecast i'll explain what happens commune the first three days after she was last seen, a missing blacksburg girl's father is begging for her safe return. but tonight, he's even more worried about her health. nicole lovell requires daily medication to help after a liver transplant. her father says she's never gone this long without her meds and needs it desperately. david lovell/father: "i know she is sick. she's hurting. she's probably already into convulsions. her liver is shutting down as we speak." "i'm worried to death about her." "if nicole does happen to see this, i don't want it to scare her. i want her to know that she is safe. she is not in trouble." he and nicole's step-mother helped with the search this afternoon. police and search teams are combing the neighborhood near her home, looking for clues from social media, and have used drones in the search. investigators aren't saying if he she left on her own or is with
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amelia county are expanding the search for the woman who was abducted from her home more than a week ago. deputies say search efforts will continue at least through the weekend in hopes of finding olene brooks. dana william, the man accused of abducting her, shot and killed himself as police in massachusetts say they moved in wednesday morning. investigators are now bringing in more resources to track william's movements. three former uva fraternity members are firing back in the lawsuit against rolling stone magazine over an gang rape. court documents filed today are in response to a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the magazine, author and publishing company. their attorneys argued that it is not the court's place to decide whether or in the lawsuit are valid. the former phi kappa psi brothers argue the article identifies them with key details, even though they are never explicitly named. police are looking into a virginia teenager's death
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investigators say rachel bandman's roommate found her in their off-campus apartment yesterday. she was pronounced dead when emergency medical workers arrived. bandman was from glen allen. the coroner says an autopsy showed no signs of trauma. the cause of death will be determined when final toxicology studies are complete. police also say there was no sign someone broke into her apartment. the mother of the lynchburg man recently shot by a security officer says mental health reform can't come soon enough. jonathan warner checked into lynchburg general hospital nearly three weeks ago seeking help for his anxiety and bi-polar disorder. according to a search warrant, warner attacked two hospital security officers after growing agitated. he took a taser off one officer's belt and discharged it at the other, just missing him according to police. the family told wdbj-7 two weeks ago warner fired the taser, but not at anyone.
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mother):"as of now to get treated, he now walks out with more trauma which is post traumatic never walk again, that's the result of the last hopsital visit for mental health." warner says she her son was not the she has been and lawyers not to share what she thinks happened just yet. the hospital says it has no comment on the incident as it's a police investigation. a lynchburg man has been arrested on child pornography charges. police traced online sharing to clifton trent's apartment on floyd street. investigators got a search warrant and found evidence of digital child pornography. trent is charged with one count of distribution of child porn and 10 counts of possession. the father whose 3-year-old daughter died when his car collided with a train in
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austin lilly was orginially charged with involuntary manslaughter after police said a substance was found in his blood. but after looking at the evidence, prosecutors added an aggravated involuntary manslaughter charge. investigators say lilly's car collided with a train at a private crossing last march. his trial is scheduled for march 28. a person of interest in a nelson county shooting is in custody tonight. carlton currier was arrested today in fluvanna county. investigators say they found a shooting victim near river field lane this morning. that person is expected to survive. the sheriff's office says currier is wanted on felony charges in another jurisdiction. those charges are unrelated to this incident. governor mcauliffe is defending his gun control deal with republican lawmakers as those calling for stricter gun laws speak out. the new proposal includes expanded voluntary background checks and police presence at gun
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it would also keep guns out of the hands of people with permanent protection orders against them. in turn the agreement would reverse a policy that invalidated concealed handgun permits in virginia held by residents of 25 other states. andy and barbara parker, parents of our fallen colleague alison parker say they are dissapointed by the deal. andy parker/gun control advocate: "governor, i understand the nature of politics and the need for compromise...but you should not be willing to be - to recognize conceal carry permits from states with weaker standards." governor terry mcauliffe/(d) virginia: not everybody is always going to agree, but you know what my job as governor is to do what's in the best interests of virginia citizens, how do we make ourselves safer. this action makes us safer. twenty survivors of gun violence sent an open letter to governor mcaullife asking him to reconsider. a special election has not been arranged for the next nelson county commonwealth's attorney. but one man is
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his candidacy. blue ridge life magazine reports daniel rutherford made the announcement today. he unsuccessfully challenged anthony martin in 2011. martin submitted his resignation earlier this week because he has accepted a private sector job. for the first time, the obama administration is confirming that hillary clinton's unsecured home server contained some closely guarded secrets. that includes material requiring one of the highest levels of classification. department leaders say seven email chains are being withheld in full for containing "top secret" material. clinton's campaign is questioning the secrecy of the messages, and demanding that the emails are released. a scam artist is targeting nonprofit organizations across virginia. the better business bureau serving western virginia says a person going by "kenneth mcfarlane" offers large donations to charities. he then sends fake
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targeted, but asks for part of the donations back. so far, three groups in richmond received and deposited fraudulent checks for nearly 40-thousand dollars. the b-b-b is asking that charities watch out for offers that seem "too good to be true." new at 11, a local non-profit is losing money and is now seeking new ways of revenue. w-d-b-j-7's khiree stewart spoke to the owner and tells us why they're facing these challenges and what they plan to do about it. management at the rockbridge area occupational center says they've been feeling some of the worst effects of the economy since they've been in business. now, they have a new strategy. nats - cutting plastic ((b-roll over sot)) 11:30:23 - 11:30:34 "we're a small little organization in rockbridge couny but we provide an impact to a much bigger area." roy funkhouse is the executive director of the rockbridge area occupational center in buena vista. it's a non-profit that provides work for people with disabiltiies. 11:18:14 -
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it can assembly of items, it can be dis-assembly of items we can do document shredding." funkhouser says they've recently lost more than 30 percent of their profit after one of their manufacturers stopped production on a product. he says several businesses they've done work for have either started outsourcing or left rockbridge county. 11:22:29 - 11:22:41 "that has been a big impact and has led us to more days that we are not able to bring employees in." to stay afloat, funkhouser says they've become more active in fundrasing and started selling their own items. 11:23:17 - 11:23:20 "we've gone into some jewelry production." "we're playing around with ceramics or pottery." he's asking for assistance from the public and other businesses to keep the people here working. funkhouser says they play an important part in the local economy... people who might not 11:27:03 - 11:27:13 that we are employing would be at a greater disadvantage at
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time, but we know where we want to go and we're looking to succeed." funkhouser says they're holding a fundraiser at 2 o'clock on sunday at the hampton inn in lexington. click on this story at w-d-b-j-7 dot com to find out how you can donate. khiree stewart, w- d-b-j-7. we are your hometown news leader, wdbj7. coming up, special members of the police force in one hometown get fitted with some much needed gear. and, a high school math wiz accomplishes
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next. vulenerable members of the norfolk police force are getting more protection. specialists visited the department today to fit the k-9 officers for bullet proof vests. it's thanks in part to a donation from c- n-n anchor anderson cooper, as well as money raised by the "spikes k-9 fund." norfolk p-d lost a k-9 earlier this month after a suspect shot him. the dog didn't have any protection and might have survived with a vest. doctors are trading the hospital for the hardwood. carilion clinic physicians will take on medical school students on the basketball court next week. we caught up with them at practice- they're getting ready for the 4th annual docs for morgan game to raise money for the "morgan dana harrington" scholarship to help medical school students. the competition is spirited.
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perkins/emergency medicine physician: we know the students very very well. we teach them. we mentor them all the way thorugh medical school 10 we all want to win so yea it is competitive. it's all for scholarships in morgan's name. morgan harrington was murdered in 2009- she interned at the hospital where her dad works the summer before she was killed. the scholarship is one way to remember her in a positive way the game is next thursday night at 7 at patrick henry high school. wdbj 7's travis wells and karen loftus will also play! a young roanoke boy and his family need help after he had a life-saving heart transplant. 3-year old spencer lockard was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, a condition that is usually deadly for children his age. thankfully he received his transplant, but still has a long road ahead with more medical help and additional transplants. his family is hoping to raise enough money to pay his medical expenses far into the future. (leslie ann lockard, spencer's mother) our fundraising goal is $100,000 for him. that's the estimated
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(justin lockard, spencer's father) and that can also go towards any of his insurance premiums that need to be paid. it will help him from her until he's, could be, 50, 60, 70, whatever. for much more on spencer's story and how you can help out, visit wdbj7 dot com. in what leaders call one of the most challenging areas of the state, danville public school's superintendent says there are ways to be successful. superintendent stanley jones says a new discipline program is seeing positive results and the new instructional stragety division wide is making progress. this comes, after one elementary school had its accreditation denied by the state. but even with the loss of accreditation on the horizon, when given the option, jones says not one parent moved their student to another school. stanely jones, superintendent, " to me that says they love whats happening. they love the leadership at woodberry hills. they have developed a positive relationship with the facutly at woodberry hills. they like the climate there. they
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there." jones says the school division continues to work towards improving instruction, behavior, safety and school climate. more than 30 schools in the commonwealth are on their way to becoming fully accredited. the virginia board of education granted the schools with "partially accredited: reconstituted school" status. that means they have been working to improve student test scores and the way they teach. staunton river middle school in bedford county is on the list and has come a long way. four years ago it was only accredited in science. "each year we slowly improved our scores. we were accrdited first in math, and then we were accredited in history and we were only three points away from being accredited in reading last year which w as a big disppointment. a reconstituted school will go back to its "accreditation denied" status if it fails to earn full accreditation within three years, or if its annual application for
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is not renewed. three schools in buena vista, two in lynchburg, one in campbell, and another in buchanan, have been granted the "partially accredited: reconstituted school" status. a california teen has earned a perfect score on one of the hardest college level tests in the country. the l-a student aced his a-p calculus exam! the test was taken by 300-thousand students last year alone. the aspiring rocket scientist received a letter from the college board this week commending his achievement. cedric argueta/perfect score on ap calculus exam:"that's when i found out that i was one of the 12 out of 200-thousand in the world to get a perfect score on this exam." the senior plans to apply to cal tech, berkeley and stanford, and hopes to one day work for nasa's jet propulsion lab. up next, a singing legend gives new meaning to the words "soul food." and, super bowl fans may have some of the biggest appetites around. what food they eat
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group. the complete first alert forecast
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nextbeautiful sunrise on the james of the past couple
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the next couple days because of these warming temperatures cool off considerably tonight know we have dry conditions the when start to lighten up just a little bit that allows as temperatures quickly drop off and packages saw chains there in martinsville twenty three thirty two at smith mountlake were looking at twenties already in the new river valley dropping down into the teens and low twenties tonight with those clear skies and calm conditions over the next couple weeks if you had outside just before sunrise rita see really cool thing in the night sky this can be five planets line up in a row you get jupiter you highs in the skythe and mars saturn venus and mercury is get a be the lowest there along the horizon but you can you glad about 45 min. before sunrise should be of it check those out through about mid to late february. so let us know if you see him high-pressure building in across the south that to really just brings us the most part sunny skies from start to finish over the weekend lighter winds it will help the warmest up to as that builds
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storm it's entering this is one of those that will eventually make its way across the country up providing a mixed bag weather everything from storms to severe weather down across the south for us even some rain by about the middle part of the week until then it's all about the temperatures going take to 15 above average saturday rent 52 any get up close to sixty degrees by sunday and i average highs this time year is writer and forty six degrees the last day we got up into the sixties was back on december twenty ninth of your member that was a really really warm month and i that was alas on we got up into the 60s soaks could get close to that by the second half of the weekend tomorrow you mechanic moves into the warmth with sunshine from fifty to about fifty three from roanoke the lynchburg in danville and upper forties from blacksburg all the way to hot springs tomorrow soaks when so should be much much lighter than they were today that what happens is we got the warm weather
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the and we are wife's the store movie this storm move it bringing snow to the midwest severe weather down across the south and then this moves through here late tuesday night into wednesday bring a some rain and also some gusty winds along with that so that's one of the things rita be watching in the 70 forecast coming it right in between say groundhog day and into wednesday so that's why those rain chances do go up until then enjoy the warm weather fifties and sixties not bad for late january and then into early february we do get much cooler though back on our front. there's a friday highs return to the of soul food. the singer says it will include desserts, chili gumbo and baked chicken. another legend, patti labelle made headlines over the holidays when her sweet potato pies flew off the shelves. franklin hasn't tried those pies yet but she says, quote "miss patti's gonna have to move that pie to the side!" football fans will eat
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it's the second biggest eating day in the us behind thanksgiving. in case you were wondering, one point three billion wings are enough to put more than six hundred wings on every seat in 32 nfl stadiums you can watch the super bowl next sunday right here on wdbj-7. we're going to touch 'em all tonight. we're talking football, even a little baseball. and we're talking a little basketball as well, with a couple of
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here in the star city. zac glover in for travis wells with your look at sports. the high school hoops season continues to roll along quickly with a couple of roanoke city-roanoke county match-ups tonight. william byrd visiting william fleming tonight. and the terriers came out shooting it well. will culicerto dropping that one in the bucket for three. byrd opens up with the 12-3 lead. but the colonels would inch back in this thing. von saunders with the tough fall away. gets it to go. then just seconds later, it's saunders again. this time from beyond the arc. that's good for three.
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at this point. tyrell adams with the nice cut to the basket for the easy lay-in. byrd though in the 2nd quarter would build a double-digit lead. devon kasey hits the three, but fleming would come all the way back to win it, 62-58. just across town, patrick henry playing host to hidden valley. the titans with the early lead, when nicholas logan gets the shot to go for ph, tying the game up. hidden valley soon retakes the lead though, as it's joseph keenan for the long 2. takes the bump and still gets the bucket. then it's deven musselman getting it done. he takes it straight to the hoop for the finish, and the titans are up by 4. coming back the other way, quishon calfee to terrell anderson working it underneath as well. but back the other way, will page knocks-down the 3 for hidden valley, putting them up by 5, but not so fast. patrick henry responds with a 3 of their own. rakwan manns beating the buzzer, cutting the deficit to two.and ph
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by two, 38-36. it was certainly a season to remember for the virginia cavaliers baseball team last year. not only did they make it to omaha for the 4th time in seven years, but for the first time in school history, the wahoos won the national championship. uva is back at practice, the team using the indoor football facilities today. head coach, brian o'connor is entering into his 13th season managing the hoos, and it will be an even mix this year on the diamond for the hoos, with 17 returners and 17 newcomers on the squad. virginia is picked to finish second in the acc's coastal division, behind the miami hurricanes. uva opens up their season on february 19th, but the team will be officially putting a bow on last season, when they receive their national championship rings at a ceremony tomorrow night. connor jones, virginia pitcher: "i'm excited for tomorrow. i think some of us almost forgot, because it's been so long that we haven't gotten our rings. we didn't forget completely, but i think it's good to flip back to the past and flash on some of those experiences. moving forward, and
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duplicate the season we had last year." brian o'connor, virginia head coach: "they're mature enough to be able to enjoy tomorrow night, to get their rings and celebrate something that they will always have, but also understand that they have to keep the task at hand, and continue to get better, and worry about this year." we are continuing to countdown to super bowl 50. the big game, of course, is a week from sunday right here on wdbj7, and we thought we'd get some help from some of the area's biggest high school football stars to help us countdown to the match-up between between the panthers and broncos. and tonight, glenvar's jacob mullins is putting his #9 jersey to work, as we are now just nine days away from the superbowl. mullins came up with plenty of big kicks for the highlanders. maybe none bigger than the one back on october 10th to end giles' 33-game regular season win-streak, in the 16-14 victory. and just a reminder, that super bowl 50 will be right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 next
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that's your look at
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of a horse getting hitched? a five year old from louisiana convinced his family to make sure his horse got married before breeding. "butterball" is trotting down the aisle in a "wedding ceremony" tomorrow. her owner even bought her a tutu for the occassion. wedding guests have been asked to wear western style clothing and bring
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