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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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7 million dollar fine over the 2014 coal ash spill. a bitterly cold stretch of weather with highs barely reaching the freezing mark this week. this is wdbj-7. i'm kimberly mcbroom. new at noon - jury selection is happening again today in ashley white's trail. right now dozens more people are in the pulaski county courthouse waiting to be questioned by the judge and lawyers. wdbj7's justin ward is watching the process in court. he's at the courthouse live now. how many potential jurors have been selected so far? they've approved five new people so far today. that brings the jury pool total to 20. once they have a pool of about 22 pool down to 12 jurors and two alternates. the courtroom again today also watching she's showed emotion twice. both times when one of the potential
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discussion they've had with someone who knew noah thomas - or a special way that person honored noah after his death. white is charged with child abuse and neglect of noah and her infant daughter. noah was the five year old son of white who was found in a septic tank near his home last year. the biggest controversy today has been around the wording of a single question asked by white's attorney. that question is "do you think a mother has a bigger responsibility than a father in raising a child just because she is the mother?" the judge and lawyers argued whether the question was confusing and agreed to add the word "should" to that question. i'll have much more on this developing story tonight at 5 and 6. live in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 environmental regulators in north carolina say they're fining duke energy over the 2014 coal ash spill. the department of environmental quality says the nearly 7 million dollar fine is for violations surrounding spill at the company's dan river power plant in
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civil penalties could be increased because this fine covers violations duke energy admitted when it pleaded guilty to federal pollution crimes nine months ago. the company previously agreed to pay 102 million dollars in fines and restitution. forecastit is a couple burst there were getting moving through the area this afternoon a looks like yesterday if you're seeing the snow it's can be down sticking because it's so cold of the locations not see much of anything lindsay in some of those snowflakes flying around there on some of the traffic cameras from virginia department transportation in around the radford area turnoff would've the radar there some of the snowfall in radford closer blacksburg want for sixty that's headed over into floyd as well will line
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showers alsoget some the snow showers also along interstate 77 corder work towards hillsville again. these are moving from the west towards the south east so expect these off and on through the afternoon here's why we got towards low-pressure system. that's pretty much parked across parts of the great lakes and the lows right appear will happen is his little spokes of energy will move through over the next couple days not just one not just to many of them just a scattering over the next few days and that's olguin a keep that chance of some of the snow showers around why we really have to watch the temperatures today because highs over the next few days again a be extremely cold that means anything that falls instantly cause some slick spots feels like it's in the teens and even some 20s outside. right now will digits right now what it feels like with the windchill in hot springs those like it's five now because of that we have some school announcements a let you know about allegheny county schools are closing two hours early today nothing allegheny county and then also wytheville community college will be close. not is again just a few of the numbers in the schools we have right now will talk more about that sick
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pushing get those online as in today's pet stories, it's your chance to help a puppy in great need. roxy brown, with the regional center for animal care and protection in roanoke is introducing us to winston today winton is an 8 month hound mix puppy. he was found abandoned, tied to a tree and extremely under weight.
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the event is being held next weekend, saturday am until 6. dogs are 30 dollars.
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in adopting winston some of the other animals, contact the regional center for animal care and protection. it's located at 15-10 baldwin avenue in roanoke. the phone number is (540) 344- 4922 forget the flowers. chuck out that chocolate. you can send your sweetie a singing telegram this valentine's day. the virginia gentlemen stopped by wdbj7 today to serenade us with their love songs. for fifty bucks you can send an a capella singing quartet, a personalized message, and long stemmed rose to your valentine. you can deliver the singing group this friday, saturday and sunday. david: "you always walk into something unknown. you're generally going in to somebody's office, everybody crowds around because it's a show, everybody loves a show and we sit the lady down and eventually somebody cries" for more information on how you send your valentine a signing telegram, click on this story at
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what's hot on wdbj7-dot-com. campbell county's school investigating a social media post made by a principal. ty gafford put a comment on facebook that said "just because you put the stars and stripes beside the stars and bars doesn't make it okay." when we had our big snow, the rockbridge s-p-c-a had some special help in the form of a four-wheel-drive truck. a foundation supported by dominion power made the donation. a roanoke valley man went to super bowl 50. you can see pictures from chris duncan's exciting trip
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it'sgot some photos that is mount way of clouds kino shoves of a turbulence
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winds in a very strong northwest flow bring some snow showers into the area pick up about half an inch there gathright him allegheny county copperfield about an inch of snow almost an inch blacksburg service opposite the big number there burkes garden taz will a you inches of snow now we have both seen an extension of a winter weather advisories so that include the allegheny highlands long virginia west virginia border down along interstate seventy seven corder or with county only down to gracing county this winter weather what weather visors now goes until 7 am on thursday for this very strong persistent flow that will bring the snow showers in an and the ski country once we've been telling about showing you the pictures of the heavy snow there that's really were continue to see that heaviest snow moving through low-pressure system spinning right appear he can see on the water vapor imagery it will eventually move out towards the big canadian maritime over the next couple days but until then us to swing in the snow showers there not really heavy
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you get a quick burst it because it's so cold we will notice some slick spots out there this afternoon and you back through the next couple days right now were watching winds moving through the new river valley blacksburg of the next couple days. right now were watching winds moving through the new river valley blacksburg, only down with bill galax moving into floyd and there's another one back behind that and even another one in the distance a was is monitor these as they move through giving low heads up that their coming through and that we can plan accordingly temperatures in the twenties and thirties these are the actual air temperatures right now for two factor rain and gusty when that's been the region anywhere from twenty even some thirty mile per our gust it makes it feel a lot
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thisevening, temperatures a senior blacksburg 14 hot springs in a get down to about 2324 roanoke lynchburg danville keeping some snow showers around. again not a persistent snow bridges some of these occasional snow showers in the forecast model you can see the how this northwest flow does is the snow showers it all the way into wednesday an and finally by thursday afternoon that finally lets up and will eventually have but overall just dry skies for every body will start relaxants winds a little bit the cold air is here to stay though this is probably the biggest and longest the cold stress we've had quite some time and it's can a continue although he and early next week but highs only in the upper twenties to low thirties everything those are calm we could see the overnight lows which are easy to get down into the single digits for your wednesday partly sunny blustery cold i temperatures anywhere from 21 to about 38 mountains. of course being colder and we will have a bit of the windchill to weather impact day today but for you let's get it a severe weather impact it with this very cold weather would have over the next few days affect today adventurous for you and i can see how cold it's can a big one they'll point out we have a chance of some scattered snow showers on friday and then another one on monday right now none of them
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some snow showersalong with the cult will or i know you feel guilty wrapping rebounds the freezing pipes things of that nature with with this
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there's a new sport kids' birthday parties to social media. players aren't just having a ball - they're wearing one. mark albert explains. (pkg) nats collision when these players face off they get knocked off their feet. it's a new sport called bubble soccer and it's a big hit. (sot steven segerlin/washington, dc) '"it's hilarious this is actually a great game if this was a league i'd be for sure signing up for it." after seeing it on social media, steve segerlin got a team together. "they have these videos of people getting knocked out and who doesn't want to do that on a saturday." like traditional soccer, the goal is to get the ball in the net - although at times it looks less like soccer and more like bumper cars. despite appearances organizers say it's mostly injury free.
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md) "they get up laughing and it's just no holds barred going at it." ryan schuman and john millhausen bought their first bubbles in 2014 and now average 30-40 rentals a month. (sot john millhausen/ bubbleball md) "we've had eight year olds up to 80 years olds play we've done corporate events kid parties." (stand-up bridge mark albert/cbs news/washington, dc) "playing soccer wearing 20 pounds of plastic not as easy as it looks. this one's pretty see through, but not all of them are." (sot jake rasmussen/ arlington, va) "it's impossible you can't see anyone i was identifying my teammates by their shoes that's about all you can do." (sot segerlin) "the balls are very hot you can't breathe in them all your heat is retained by them it's like being inside a thermos." the short bursts of play give everyone the chance to catch their breath. a crash course in fun - bubbling up in cities across
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news washington it has to be one of the most fun tuesdays of the year. more about the hard-partying tradition getting
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shout out? restaurant chain is bounce from beyonce. those stories and more in today's moneywatch. the markets opened lower for the third trading day in a row. japan's stock market plunged five percent this morning. yesterday u-s markets staged a late day comeback... but the dow still finished nearly 200 points lower on falling oil prices and concern about european banks. coca cola's profits are bubbling over. the company says sales of coke, sprite and coca cola zero all rose in the past quarter. as did sales of non carbonated drinks, like bottled water.
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negative area: sales of diet coke and coke light fell five percent. anheusser busch says it didn't pay peyton manning to say he'd be drinking budweiser after the big game -- but they're quote -- delighted he did! the unscripted mention is said to be worth millions in free advertising. an industry paper says manning owns shares in two anhaueser busch distributors in louisianna. and it's being called the beyonce bounce! red lobster's sales soared this weekend after beyonce released her new song 'formation'. it mentions the restaurant chain in its lyrics. workers at red lobster already started to rename menu items after beyonce... like the cheddar "bey" biscuits. and that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at jill wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. on wall street at noon, the dow was down 178 points. the nasdaq was down 144 points. time to gather those
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fat tuesday. people across new orleans are marking the culmination of the mardi gras season with elaborate floats, outrageous costumes and marching bands. it's the city's biggest tourist attraction, with thousands of people filling the streets. the party ends tomorrow, which marks the beginning of lent, a period of spiritual renewal for many in the largely catholic city. weather summary here thanks for watching your hometown news leader, wdbj7. join us tonight at 5. you can also keep tabs on the weather
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