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tv   WDBJ7 News Special  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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well, here we are. hi, everybody. andy: hi, barn. hey, you ready to go, and? in a minute. it's a scary one tonight, helen. hope you can take it. her? what about you? remember the mummy picture? you kidding? i never moved a muscle. maybe that's cause you had your eyes closed. hey, barn, you seen the stamps? they're right there in the drawer, ain't they? come on. i'll fix that for you. oh, would you, helen? uh, i can't find them. well, it's right here in the drawer. i know where the stamps are. listen, after the picture, let's go down to the lake and kind of get lost down there. lost? you know... ( grunts ) you know what i mean. you and thelma lou and me and helen we'll kind of separate. we'll have to play it by ear. there. it's fine.
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the movie's going to start. right. okay, come on. i'm kind of anxious to see this one, aren't you? well, let's go. hey, everybody. oh. hi, goober. hi, goober. where y'all goin'? well, we thought we'd go to the movies. well, have a good time. i might see you there. okay. yeah, well, let's go. ( clears throat ) would you like to go with us, goober? oh, y'all don't need me. goober, you can go with us. oh, no. y'all go ahead. it's all right, goober. if he don't want to come... i'll come. well, let's, uh... go.
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morning, barn. morning. did you have a good time last night, andy? i've had better. why don't you ask me what kind of a time i had? i can guess. go ahead and ask. oh, barn... ask, ask, ask. what kind of time did you have? rotten. you asked, i told you. rotten, rotten, rotten. i had a rotten time last night. well, i didn't have too good a time. had a nice canoe ride... me and helen and goober. i know. he told me when he was walking me and thelma lou home. he stayed with us. when i said good night to thelma lou i had to shake her hand... and his. well, it's a problem. i don't know what's the matter with them girls. every time hcomes around looking pathetic why, they just invite him along and then he hangs around and hangs around. well, i just been sitting here studying about that.
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what? well, maybe if goober got himself a girl... a girl? goober? yeah. if he had a girl he wouldn't have to be trailing along after us all the time. you know, andy, that just might be the solution. goober's got to get himself a girl. andy and me have been talking and we've decided you've got to get a girl. what barney means, goober is that you might enjoy yourself more if you had a girl. i mean, barney's got a girl. i got a girl. all god's children got a girl. that's right. it might be nice, goober if you had a girl. well, an eligible bachelor like yourself, goober there's probably somebody already. isn't there somebody that you like and admire? yeah. who is she? maureen o'sullivan. who? you know that girl that plays jane in tarzan? she sure can swim. uh, no, goober.
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was somebody from around here. isn't there somebody from around here that you like? yeah. do you ever see her? yeah, when she brings her car in. who is she, goob? lydia crosswaith. oh, lydia crosswaith. uh, you know lydia crosswaith, barn. sure. she's fine, goob. oh, yeah, she's probably just dying for you to ask her for a date. you think so? oh, yeah. i'd sure like to but i wouldn't know what to say to her. just act natural. you talk to her when she brings her car in? yeah. what do you talk about? her tires. she's got bad tires. don't you talk about anything else? she does have an oil problem. you never talked about anything but her tires and her oil? ain't nothing else wrong with her. is that how you act towards girls, goober? don't you know anything? you don't start off by talking about cars. barney.
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that you'd like to have a date. yeah. and you believe lydia crosswaith is the one, right? yeah. good. call her up and ask her for a date for tonight. tonight? yeah, get right with it. well, i wouldn't know what to say on a date. oh, well, uh, uh... you go up to her house and you knock on the door and when she comes to the door, you say hello. hello? could i just say hey 'cause i'm more used to that. hey. brother. and then if you want to talk about her car talk about her car and maybe that'll lead you to talking about traveling. you know, ask her if she's been up to raleigh. you know, talk about how hot it is up there and how cool it is down here, huh? even high school kids don't talk about the weather. barney. and then after that talk about anything you want to.
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say that she looks nice. and then by the end of the evening you ought to be friendly enough to, uh... hold her hand. hallelujah. hold her hand? yeah, hold her hand. show her you like her. hold her hand. andy i'm much obliged to you for this. and i sure hope it works out. oh, sure it will, goober. sure it will. now good luck and don't forget to call her. right. okay. pathetic. hey, car, travel, raleigh.
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hey, lydia. hello, goober. won't you come in? won't you sit down? a little windy out, isn't it? yeah. how's your car? it's, it's nice to travel in a car especially up to raleigh
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that's a nice looking dress. oh, thank you. your house looks real nice, too. oh, thank you. well, night. ( door closes ) uh, hi, goober. hey, barn. he you'd better get going for your date, hadn't you?
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i already been. you were on your date already? yeah, and it sure went fast and i followed all the directions. goober, you were on a date. you weren't taking medicine. i reckon i didn't do it right. maybe i ought to talk to andy again. that ain't gonna help. i guess i just wasn't cut out for dating. now, don't panic. i'll pull you through. must be some way of getting through to you on this thing. if there was just some way of fixing it up so you could see how normal people act with girls. how about you and thelma lou? i could watch what you do. are you batty?! how are you going to learn anything if i know you're standing right there? i wouldn't be acting natural. hey, wait a minute. wait a minute.
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now he wouldn't know that... yeah. yeah. come on, goob. all right now, goober. just keep your mouth shut, your eyes open and you'll learn something. barn, barn they're coming. pipe down. this ain't a ballpark. how about a little adventure? fine. see how he sits real close to her? you'd probably sit way over at the other end. have to move two or three feet. might take you half the night. sure ain't giving her much room. he's not supposed to. look, barn. look. all right, quiet, quiet.
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oh, that's smooth. that's real smooth. notice how he don't call attention to his arm? just floats it out there. there's your automatic reflex. why, it sure is something. just floats it out there. nothing to worry about. diversionary tactics. now where's the fox? ( screaming and gunshots on tv ) saw it, barn-- floater. yeah. unless i miss my guess you've got yourself a kiss coming up about now. barn, barn. quiet, quiet. they're doing it! be quiet. atta boy, andy! atta boy, andy! come on, andy! way to go! hey, whoa, honey. hey, way to go, andy. beautiful. you, too, miss helen. barney, what are you and goober doing out here? we was just....
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now it's not what you think, and. smooth, andy the way you floated that arm out. you, too, helen.
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you sure you're not mad anymore? i'm not mad. you positive? i'm positive.
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you keep it up and i'll get mad is helen mad? she got over it. you positive? she did ask me to pick up some blackout curtains. oh, very funny. it just so happens this whole thing was your idea. my idea?! yeah, your idea. you're the one that wanted to get goober a girl. what's that got to do with you sneaking around peeping into helen's house? well, i did that for us. thanks to me he's going out with lydia tonight. he is? yeah. he learned something after all. oh, well, good. at least we can get together with our girls and be alone for a change. sure. i don't know why we're arguing. actually, everything turned out just fine. in a way, the whole thing's kind of gratifying. gratifying? when you work with a man you shape him, you help him, you mold him then one day, it all pays off--
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( doorbell ringing ) oh, oh, would you get that, please? oh, okay. thank you, andy. barney! hey, andy. hey, goober. thought you'd be over here. thought we'd drop by and see you. say hey to lydia. hey, lydia. hello. coming over she took my arm. swell. well, won't you come in? uh, uh, lydia this is helen and thelma lou. thelma, helen, this is lydia. barney and everybody knows goober. hello, goober. hey. your house looks real nice. helen: thank you. sure looks different on the inside. goober. you look very... very nice, lydia. thank you. you look very nice tonight, goober. thank you. your hair is dripping. lydia, wouldn't you and goober like to sit down on the couch? oh, no, we couldn't sit there. that's for you and andy.
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well, uh, make yourself at home. yeah. sit somewhere. sit, uh, here. thelma lou. thank you. sit, barn. lydia, would you care for a pretzel? no, thank you. they lay on my chest. i'm sorry. goober? yo. not much lays on his chest. ( clearing throat ) what y'all doin' tonight? we were playing bridge. i always did want to learn that game. six can't play bridge, goober. well, how about set back or go fish? want to play go fish, lydia? i don't gamble. she don't gamble. that's nice. never have to arrest you. ( all laughing nervously ) well, we don't have to play cards.
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lydia... how's your family? fine. uh, is, uh... is your father still with the lumber plant? no. well, what's he doing? who? your father. he's working. oh. that's good. yeah, well, that's absolutely right. absolutely right. what's that? oh, about a man working. oh. it's good for a man to work. i believe in work. some people are against work but i've always felt that if a man works and he has pride in his work well, there you've got a man that... uh... ( clearing throat ) my father hates his job. why don't we just go someplace? sure, where do you want to go? there's a good movie over in mt. pilot the raiders of tripoli.
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how about that? i saw it. she seen it. ( clearing throat ) hey, i got it. i got it. we haven't been bowling in a long time. let's go bowling. i'd love it. good idea. you bowl, lydia? i've done it. good, good, good. can't. i have a bad back. if i threw a ball, i'd be in traction for a month. well, listen, everybody we're not being fair. why don't we let lydia choose what we're going to do? you know, helen's right. what do you want to do, lydia? anything. actually, why do we have to go anywhere? can't we just stay here and talk like we've been doing? uh... let's go for a drive. where? anywhere. just to drive around.
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i get carsick. you can sit by the window. where am i going to sit? i have to be near the window. could you move over a little bit, barn? the door handle's already in my side. this just ain't gonna work. one of you get in the front. go on, goob. you're next to the door. i'd like to sit next to thelma lou. what about me and lydia? what about you and lydia? one of you get in the front. a lot you care. you're up there with helen. we're not moving till one of you gets in the front. are we all set? yeah, let's start driving. you all right, lydia? yes. now that i'm near the window. andy, it sure was nice of you to go back and get lydia's hair ribbon.
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to quit hanging her head out the window like a dog? we ought to tell him. we ought to come right out and tell him. he's still a friend of ours. no sense in hurting his feelings. i'll straighten him out. don't jump on him. if we start pussyfooting around he'll want to come to that dance tonight. horn right in dragging that albatross with him. he won't horn in. i'll talk to him. let me do the talking. i'll come right out and tell him. hey, andy. barn. hi. goober. goober, from now on... barney. goober, uh... about the dance tonight... sorry, andy, can't make it. going over to lydia's. what? that's right. all dated up. oh, well... well, that's great, goober. that's great. isn't that wonderful? it is wonderful. and i sure want to thank you two for all the help you give me. oh, it was nothing. nothing at all. hey, listen, want to get off to a good start? yo.
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it never fails. andy's right about that. since we got you started on this in the first place it's only fair that we buy the first box. you don't have to do that, andy. you go over to downey's. get a big box of assorted deluxe. take it right to her. oh, you don't have to... take it, take it. yeah, take it. i'll settle with you later, andy. how can i ever thank you? listen, just having you and lydia together by yourselves is thanks enough. ( clicking tongue ) we'll see you, goob. well? we did it. yeah. come on. isn't it nice that goober is over at lydia's house tonight. real nice. let's go. it's time for freddie fleet and his band with a beat. hey, everybody. oh, hey, goober. looked for you at the courthouse. figured you'd be over here. they're here all right, lydia. come on in.
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hey, lydia. hello. hello. thought you all would be over at lydia's. was. ate up that box of candy. wasn't nothing else left to do. you all goin' to the dance? uh... well, we, uh, we thought we might. mind if we come along? lydia don't dance. but we can all sit around and listen to music and talk. uh, well, shall we all go out to the car and find our places? do you mind if we walk? i feel a little nauseous from all that candy we've been eating.
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the judge decided ashley white's fate just moments ago. why he says she neglected her children. two weather punches this weekend. bitter cold follow by significant snow. happening now - washington and lee university's 26th mock convention is underway hear about big politicians that are making a stop here before students make their big prediction. we are your hometown news leader, wdbj7. i'm jean jadhon. our top story at 6 - a pulaski county judge finds ashley white guilty of all three charges of child abuse and neglect of her son noah thomas and her infant daughter. noah was found dead in a septic tank in march afer a weeklong search. white willl remain in jail until her sentencing. wdbj7's justin ward has covered this story since last year. what was the judge's reasoning behind his decision?
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said this was a disaster waiting to happen. he said the combination of having, what he called, a filthy home in deplorable condition, and leaving a sick baby at home while she took her boyfriend to work wasn't evidence in her favor. white's lack of urgency on march 22nd before she reported noah missing was concerning to the judge. he said white tried to feed her baby and changed her diaper before she left to go search for noah. finch said she was aware of the problems with the septic tank behind her home. she took the stand earlier today and in her defense said she never went around the tank - explaining she had a skin condition, so she normally watched noah from the door or windows. she told the court it was a dumb move to leave her children alone but she said she didn't want to wake her sick baby. white said she was told by law enforcement someone poisoned her son and put his body in the septic tank. she said it was five


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