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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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week's tornado. we begin with a developing story out of roanoke county. in the last 90- minutes, authorities confirmed there was
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wdbj7's christian heilman is live on scene at electric road in roanoke county. christian, what have you learned? this is still a very active scene out here as officers are still piecing together what happened here earlier. roanoke county police confirmed that a male was shot by police. police say all this information is preliminary. at 7:15, they recieved a call that a black man wearing a bandanna and hoodie was waving a gun off route 419. we spoke with a witness who says he made that call. he was driving when he saw the man. thomas gill, witness "i saw his gun in the right hand. so he was waving it at cars and he turned around and he was waving it at me so i turned around and took a left and i called 911." amy whittaker, roanoke county spokesperson "officers then arrived on scene and they confronted the suspect which is just up the road from walgreens parking
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officer involved shooting that took place. the suspect was transported to the hospital." we do not know the person's condition right now. that witness tells us he heard at least five shots -- but it's not clear who fired. police are still out here and will probably be out here for awhile longer. we're live in roanoke county tonight, christian heilman wdbj7. just over an hour ago, i talked to another witness to tonight's shooting . he says he was leaving the cave spring corner kroger around 7:30. here's what he says happened as he approached 419. as i sat there, a black man walked by the front of my car i heard a loud speaker from one of the cars saying 'drop the gun, drop the gun.' and i noticed he had in his right hand a pistol. as he was going past me then a police car came up
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right in front of me so i couldn't have gone anyplace. the black man walked up and i don't know where he went but he went far enough where i couldn't see him anymore. and then there were 4 cops on foot who came up following him continued to yell drop the gun drop the gun, then one of the policemeen shot into the darkness. i think it was three shots but i'm not sure as of right now, the westbound lanes of route 419 near the walgreens on brambleton avenue are still blocked off. we're also following up on the aftermath of the appomattox county tornado. officials there are working to shelter and care for animals displaced from their owners. w-d-b-j-7's khiree
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their efforts. khiree stewart:"to some people animals are like family. that's why leaders of this shelter have been working to care for pets affected by the storm." "they have no voice, they can't go out and find housing they can't feed themselves so we do have to take care of them and that's what the animal shelter is for." shawne dunham manages the appomattox county animal shelter. she says over the last two days they've taken in more than a dozen animals and handed out food to pet owners. dunham says support from the community has helped. "we've received horse feed, horse hay. bottled water, we have it stacked and lined in the hallways. we received so much water. the community just overwhelmed us in a wonderful way." dunham says you should call the shelter if you find a stray animal, and never leave it unattended or chained outside the building. "there are bears in the area. there are coyote in the area and if that were to come upon a beagle then the beagle would stand no chance because they're tied to the
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animals tied to the door of the shelter." owners have 5 days to claim a stray dog or cat that doesn't have a collar with identification. they have 10 days to claim one that does. dunham says pictures of missing animals the shelter is receiving are being posted on its facebook page. "i've never seen devastation from a tornado in person so that was overwhelming and to see the community pull together, is incredible and i can't stress it enough how much that's meant to us," khiree stewart:you are asked to contact the shelter if you're pet is missing or if you need help finding a shelter for you animal. in appomattox, khiree stewart, w-d-b-j- 7. county leaders say all volunteer positions they needed have been filled, after the tornado turned lives upside down. earlier today though, volunteers set up donation tables and food trucks to feed both people and pets. companies brought in cleaning supplies, boxes and items to help people get rid of the debris and store recovered belongings. mike comerford lowe's store manager "i'm very
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we help our people where they live. you know our customers are important to us and this is in action what we do everyday" only volunteers from disaster relief agencies are being sent to the affected areas. loved ones are telling us more about the man who died during that tornado. keith harris was one of 18 children. he grew up in evergreen and stayed there the rest of his life, farming a piece of land along twin tunnel lane. a wooden cross now marks the spot where harris' home stood. he was found about 400 yards away at the bottom of a hill. harris' family took wdbj7 there today and said he died in a place he loved. harris leaves behind a wife, nancy, who was injured during wednesday's storm. she was on her way home when a tree fell on her car. relatives say she was not seriously injured. many of you want to know how you can help the tornado victims. go to our website and click on the helping appomattox
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there you'll find information on how to make a donation. beenit's a quiet night in mathematics and it's a cold night as well temperatures of drop down to thirty degrees of the high school and it's pretty dry out their dew points are only fifteen degrees it's a pretty big spread between those two numbers so as a result it could 15 that's a pretty big spread between those two numbers so as a result it could be quite a colder tonight this is a really yet easy set up for cold evening skies are fairly clear this is fairweather clouds drifting across beguiling today and it was a windy day there as well fortunately others once it started to die down just a little bit where looking at numbers like 20 other people field in hot springs twenty five in bluefield twenty seven with filling galax and in danville and the sour twenty four degrees in martinsville anticipating a few clouds first thing tomorrow morning sunshine starts to work out tomorrow's not our warm day will only be in the 40s we can
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sunday allay that all out for newsroom, roanoke fire crews are putting out a house fire. it's along lynn avenue southwest. we are working to bring you more information now. many people are dealing with tornado damage, whether it be from this week's severe weather or last week's ice storm. now is when people claiming to be in the business of helping homeowners could look to cash in. some will expect you to pay in cash up front and don't have outlining the work julie wheeler/better business bureau: "it's a time when folks that maybe don't have all the proper authorizations and licenses in place may knock on your door and offer to take care of the problems that you have. experts say rely on referrals from friends, neighbors and family. contact the better business bureau and your insurance company before going forward with work or payment. it's been 23 years since a truck bomb weighing more than half a ton detonated undeneath the world trade center.
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thousand were injured. the ringleader said he planned the attack to avenge the sufferings palestinan people had endured at the hands of u.s. ally israel. tonight, new details in last night's workplace shooting in kansas. authorities say this woman's been charged with knowingly supplying the gunman with the assault rifle and pistol in the attack. if convicted, the 38- year-old faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine up to 250- thousand dollars. police say the shooter was a convicted felon who stormed into the plant where he worked and shot 14-people. three were killed before the suspect was shot and killed by police. an hour and a half before the shooting, the gunman had been served with a protective order involving a former girlfriend. the tornado has county officials changing the polling place for voters in the chap precinct. because of the damage to central baptist church,
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moved to friendship baptist church on woodlawn trail. voters impacted by the tornado who need a photo id will be ablle to get a temporary one at the appomattox county registrar's office. ted cruz is the second gop presidential candidate to speak at regent university in virginia beach this week. it's part of the school's presidential candidate forum. cbs affilliate wtkr reports that among the topics he addressed tonight were foreign policy, ending the nuclear deal with iran, and differences between he and frontrunner donald trump on planned parenthood. in two days roanoke college will be the site to one of marco rubio's campaign stops. wdbj7's christian heilman talked with a group of college students particularily excited for the presidential hopeful's visit. nat basketball this may be a gym now, but come sunday -- it'll be the only place sophomore alex boone wants to be. alex boone, chair, students for rubio, roanoke college,
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only a couple more days to go. " in fact, he can't quite believe marco rubio will be right in his backyard at the bast center. alex boone, chair, students for rubio, roanoke college, sophomore "when we found out, i was sitting in class and i probably had about 20 text messages and my phone was going off all class long. " dakota tomlin, vice chair, students for rubio, roanoke college, senior "my phone has been blowing up ever since the announcement came for people wanting to know what's happening. " dakota tomlin and alex boone head up the college's students for rubio group. when they found out, news spread fast on the small campus. schyler wagner, roanoke college republicans "once i heard he was coming here, it was just all excited. people buzzing all around the school about it. " dakota tomlin, vice chair, students for rubio, roanoke college, senior "personally, for me, i thought it was about time he came close. [laugh]" they're optimistic -- even though their college's latest poll puts rubio at 13 percent -- far behind frontrunner donald trump's 38%. dakota tomlin, vice chair, students for rubio, roanoke college, senior "cause i believe he's the only one that has a viable shot at winning a general election for the republican party. " they're hoping other people will feel the same way as rubio heads to roanoke on sunday evening. dakota tomlin, vice donald trump is speaking at radford university on monday. on the democratic side: the two candidates are
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tomorrow's primary in south carolina. hillary clinton is expected to easily win there, but she's campaigning there until the very end. bernie sanders was also back in south carolina today, but not for long. he finished his campaign appearances today in minnesota. parents, a danger could be lurking in the back seat of your car. which child safety seat is under recall tonight. and a local campaign has law
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red. evenflo is recalling 56-thousand child safety seats because kids can loosen the internal harness. if that happens, it raises the risk of injury in a car crash. the recall includes transitions three-in- one combination booster seats from december 2014 through january 2016. no injuries have been reported. highway experts say people who run red lights cause hundreds of deaths and more than a hundred thousand injuries every year in the u-s. the blue ridge transportation safety board is teaming with local law enforcement to reverse that trend. all day today, officers staked out to catch red light runners and raise awareness about this dangerous problem. officers were spread out in various locations showing their presence because these crashes can happen anywhere. rick clark/roanoke police department "we want this across the valley. you could be injured or killed at a little single light stop light versus the bigger intersections so this is a valley wide
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the insurance institute for highway safety reports that close to 40-percent of crashes involing red-light running result in injuries. an accident involving just that happened this afternoon in lynchburg. warren grooms junior was driving a moped when police say he ran a red light and was hit by a chevy blazer. it happened at the intersection of 12th and church streets shortly after 3:30. grooms was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the virginia employment commission says the workforce center located at crossroads mall in roanoke is permanently closed, effective this week. its location there was damaged from a fire back in june. plans for a new site for the roanoke workforce center are still being worked out. salem is celebrating the 75th anniversary of carver school. and today, former students returned to explain the important role the school has played in the history of the roanoke valley.
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has just over 400 students in kindergarten through 5th grade. but for more than a quarter century during the period of segregation, roanoke county's african american students attended the school from first through 12th grade. marylen harmon/carver school graduate: so we had students that came from everywhere, and we did connect to be a family. and i guess that's the common thread for all of us. we were friends and family. the city of salem and the salem school division have produced a documentary on the school. they will screen "the carver project" for the first time monday night at 6:30, at the carver elementary school gym. a popular summer destination in the new river valley says it had a successful first-ever winter season and are now planning for more cold weather activities. mountain lake lodge provided winter actvities for families, new food and drinks, and an ice bar as part of its winter weekends program. you can check out the full story on mountain lake's
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wdbj7 dot-com. we move away from winter weather for a few days starting late this weekend. meteorologist robin reed is talking 60s. the complete first alert forecast
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the navy is once nextafter
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is what we think the clouds look like first thing saturday seaters at fair amount of it then what we think will happen is during the midmorning you'll start to see a clear out still some gusty winds were not quite done with that yet and then for lunchtime on perhaps clearing out completely because of that northwest flow it's still good to be pretty chilly tomorrow. probably make it in the mid to the upper forties and that's about yet we are still looking at a country that is settled down very nicely. the lower 48 no huge storms bearing down right now we still have that flow coming off the northwest which is reinforcing our chilly air for now when it shifts on sunday the effect is very dramatic fifteen twenty degree change in the temperature profile like effects those are starting to shut down a little bit after a couple of good days of that patient's midsection is the source region for our next hermas and as you can see is quite clear nothing big building here wherein hillsville right now twin
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twenty seven degrees with the dewpoint of 17 will prevent spread that sixty five percent relative humidity this time at night is a pretty good spread so it looks like temperatures are going to drop off more peak wind yesterday at 38 miles an hour right tonight partly cloudy and pretty cold we look for lows of twenty 22 in blacksburg and covington twenty four in lexington about twenty three degrees in marion we can planners pretty easy thing to do because high-pressure sitting here just to the south but it is daytime highs fifty ford chicago fifty three in cincinnati and forty nine in roanoke but if you look back here the colors are quite a bit different and that's the warm air so in order to trigger that's the high pressure system moves to the carolina coast now the winter coming out of the west and even the southwest with the big jump of sixty five and rhonda sixty five 65 in cincinnati 66 in nashville and seventy three in jackson mississippi that's a favorable
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but for monday and tuesday as well to have those temperatures continue to be in the upper 50s to around 60 this is our saturday outlook were mostly sunny breeze continues forty nine seems to be a good number for role in lynchburg prize will be in the lower south side then on sunday the big jump up we showed you and will continue that on monday monday as easy as with a morning low forty two will be hard to get to sixty two in all it's a tuesday should once again be fairly mild wednesday our next front starts to slide through there's a chance for thunderstorms. there fifty four hi dropping the temperatures behind that especially overnight lows going into friday if there's any moisture available then it will follows a use the stars to navigate. celestial navagation was created in the mid 17-hundreds. the teaching stopped more than a decade ago when g-p-s became available. the navy's bringing it back though, with the increased threats of cyber attacks. the gadget sailors use to determine their location is
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unlike g-p-s, it can't be tampered with electronically. nasa will send a new rover to mars in 2020 and has plans for astronauts to land on the red planet in the 10-years that follow. that's what nasa's leader charles bolden told students today at virginia tech. he was invited to speak to the campus community by professor and poet nikki giovanni - someone bolden says he admires. the retired marine corps major general and astronaut encouraged students to be bold, speak up, and not get discouraged. charles bolden/nasa administrator: "do not be afraid of failure. don't get the fear of failing, whether it's fear from your race, your gender... just because you've studied hard and worked hard have faith in yourself in the fact that you can compete and you can do things." bolden says he cried the first time he went into space because of the beautiful view. he's been in space four times but says seeing earth from that angle never gets old.
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amusing questions at the end of its surveys is at it again. this time, public policy polling asked florida republicans if ted cruz is the zodiac killer. that's the serial killer from the 1960's and 70's who was never caught. the results: it found 10-percent of florida voters are certain he is the zodiac killer. 28-percent say they're not sure. the remaining 62 percent say no. according to the daily dot, the joke that cruz is the zodiac killer started with a tweet in 2013. groupon announced today it has sold one-billion coupons. the sold promotion was for a restaurant in saint louis. the company says the restaurant will receive 10-thousand dollars for selling the landmark groupon. j-c penney is rolling out a new campaign this sunday to help shoppers literally get their pennies worth -and help boost declining sales. the chain is kicking off its "penney days"
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customers a buy one, get one for one cent deal on arizona-brand items. the campaign will run all year. hollywoods biggest stars are getting ready to walk the red carpet for sunday's academy awards. but it costs a pretty penny to get them looking gorgeous - about 35 hundred dollars a person. the gold plated oscar itself costs about 680-dollars. some of the nominees won't leave with an oscar, but will get the most expensive oscar gift bag ever, valued at 200-grand. it includes 50 luxury items, services, and trips. all that swag isn't entirely free though. the bags are considered a business gift, so recipients will have to pay taxes on them. from one golden trophy to another - bassett high school alum devone claybrooks made a special delivery today at his old stomping grounds. he's a member of the tampa bay buccaneers super bowl 37 team, and
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school's trophy case. claybrooks talked to students about achieving their dreams no matter what their circumstances are. high school and odac hoops to get to tonight, but first our extra point, kyle busch dominated sprint cup qualifying today in atlanta, winning the pole for sunday's race but he'll start from the back of the pack after failing post qualifying inspection.
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pole. college maroons have had a great regular season, entering tonight's odac tourney quarterfinals as the three seed against number 6 randolph. page moir's team struggled shooting the ball early in this one. cam smith was working hard though. he gets the three ball to fall here but trailed by 3. randolph goes inside to josh freund who turns and puts in the little to help the wildcats maintain. then it's corey brown right to the rack for 2 of his 15 and randolph led by 7 at the break. joey miller tried to shoot roanoke back into it late but it wasn't enough as randolph won it 74
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the semis. the lynchburg college hornets, the #1 seed on the men's side, took on hampden-sydney in the day's opener. and early in the second half, lynchburg pushing the lead to double- digits. austen arnold knocks down the three from the top of the key. hornets up 47-36. then in transition, it's lyndon white finishing off the fast- break. the hornets continued to buzz outside on the perimeter. the kick- out to zack burnett. he finds the bottom of the net, as the lead balloons to 16. burnett then, showing off the versatility. drives into traffic, but still gets it to go off the glass. the hornets are onto to the semifinals, beating hampden- sydney, 90-67. the high school playoffs rolling right along. spotswood and hidden valley playing for the 3a west girls championship at magna vista high school. and spotswood came out firing away. addisen delucas knocking down the jumper. then it's chloe brooks stepping out a bit farther. she knocks down the three. the trailblazers out to the early seven point lead. hidden valley having to scratch and claw their way back into it. senia garay with the
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finish. sawyer freeland then pushing the pace up the court. she dishes it over to haley singleton for the lay-up. this one went go down to the wire, but the titans had just enough. drew freeland working the give-and-go, as hidden valley won a barn-burner, 60-59. earlier in the evening in ridgeway, the host-team, magna vista taking on brookville in the 3a west 3rd-place game. magna vista up 13 heading into the 4th, but back come the bees. alexis rosser connecting on the long two. hannah young then on the drive. goes between her legs and straight to the hoop. the finish, plus the foul. the bees back within five. but the warriors get it back together. check out the beautiful ball movement. taisha deshazo will put it home. then it's ocean adams breaking some ankles on the drive. her shot is blocked, but deshazo is there once again for the bucket. magna vista holds on for the win over brookville, 40- 31. the 3a boys were at cave spring again where northside and spotswood locked up for the title. shey webb got northside started as he pulls up and drains the deep
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but spotswood hung around. check out justin kier in transition. he gets all the way to the bucket for the deuce. northside had an answer though as brendon price gets to the basket for the acrobatic finish in traffic. the vikings went on to win 63-46. in the third place game, the host cave spring hooked up with western albemarle. it was tight throughout. in the second half the knights work the rock to the corner where jake furrow buries the three to give cave a little breathing room. then off the loose ball, mason reyer able to get it ahead to brody hicks for the throwdown. he had 28 points to lead the way. but western made things interesting down the stretch.chris mcgarhen gets hot late. he drains back to back three pointers in the fourth quarter. but it wasn't enough. cave won it
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a unicorn led police in california on quite the chase this week. it's actually a pony named juliette dressed up as the mythical creature to take pictures with children. when she got loose on wednesday, police say they received bizarre calls. after a three hour pursuit, juliette was found safe and sound. virginia's general assembly gave approval for an official state snake. it's the eastern garter snake. the legislation survived an unsuccessful amendment at naming the timber rattlesnake virginia's official snake. the washington post reports a boy
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eastern garter snake's behalf. lawmakers were persuaded when the 11-year-old pointed out the timber rattlesnake is neighboring west virginia's state snake. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather.
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