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tv   CBS 58 News at 530pm  CBS  August 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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ything. it's not to say i was perfect. but i don't regret anything, and that's what i'm most proud of. and i say thank you again. (cheers)" (cheers)" a lifetime of work... one night of reflection. favre will forever be a packer...and a hall of famer. good evening...glad you're with us at 5-30...i'm eric levy. levy.and i'm amanda porterfield...brett favre got the call to the hall. and tonight...the excitement is still going the day after favre's induction to the pro football hall of fame. 58s sports director kevin holden is live in canton ohio tonight.kevin... 3 brett favre sets records even in his speeches. there's no
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may have been the longest hall of fame speech ever. but the speech was packed and emotional last night as the longtime packers star shared his life with the world. he spoke of family first and football second, a vintage brett favre trait. and stats took a backseat to style, which is still how favre defines himself despite all those passing records. 3 "what makes me most proud is
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real, authentic, and spontaneous, and loving the game, to me was what it was all about." favre's first full day as an official pro football hall of famer feels like the last several days... still packed with prestige and memories. favre and the other new hall of famers took a smaller stage at the canton civic center for a round table discussion. some terrific insights here - favre says warren sapp was the best trash talker he ever p against. and brett says last night's speeches had a theme that serves as inspiration. 3 "everyone took the credit from themselves and placed it to someone. to the team, to the coaches, to family. and i think there's a lesson to be learned there for all the youth. even though we're technically honored in this. this is not us. this is about everyone." as we've been reminded all week, you don't have this kind of stage without rabid fans.
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signing autographs for all those packers fans inside the hall of fame. no shock here - the interest in favre outweighed anybody else in the hall of fame group. last night was so packers-dominated, it felt like they held the induction in wisconsin. once favre's tears dried and the thrill faded last night, we stuck around the stadium and talked to two people very close to favre during his time in green bay. hear from a fellow quarterback and favre's quarterbacks coach - two pretty big names - later in the show. live in canton ohio, kevin holden, cbs 58 news. thanks can find complete coverage -- plus some behind-the-scenes pictures from this weekend's hall of fame celebration -- online, anytime at cbs 58 dot com. after last night's ceremonies... tonight, it's all about football. football.meteorologist justin
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for tonight's hall of fame game between the packers and the indianapolis colt.s
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with each passing year...since the sikh temple shooting in oak creek...the pain and the memories of that awful day rema. remain.six peple died on august fifth, 2012.this weekend -- the community gathered once again to honor the lives they 58's lindsey branwall is live outside the sikh temple tonight... and explains how they're still moving forward. lindsey? 3am finished up a 48 hour service this morning ... where they read their holy book from cover to cover.a way to remember the victims. ?nats of singing at service? rahul dubey remembers his godfather satwant singh kaleka kaleka"it has taken time. and in especially these things when you lose your loved one it definitely - it takes time, but still those memories remain etched in out mind and
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killed in the sihk temple shooting in 2012.kaleka's son, amar singh kaleka is also taking it day by day day"sometimes it's really hard for our family to come. it's almost like a re-traumatizing. mom was inside the temple when it was happening. i think my father would be proud of the way we reacted since that day. there's been up and down, just like any mass shooting, and i think we as a culture have handled that suffering in a very tranquil, peaceful way." amar kaleka says this anniversary is special. it's the fourth year. it takes four cycles for the moon. it's very different than the trinitarian thought. the fourth is they move forward, the temple hopes others will learn from the tragedy on august 5, 2012"it was an act of ignorance, but it led to something positive. sikh faith is not about about any anger, about any anguish, about hate or fear or any ignorance. sikh faith is all about peace and love. sikh faith is about compassion, kindness to other people, sikh faith is about compassion and
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for more information on the six victims who died from the sikh temple shooting, we have a link on our website. reporting in oak creek... a day after a man attacked police with a machete.. is underway to find out if he had any ties to terrorism. terrorism.police say the man yelled "god is greatest" in arabic... as he attacked the officers.two women were hurt... before a third officer shot the man.he later died in the hospital.prosecutors say they know who the man is... but that as far as they knew, he wasn't tied to any terrorist organizations.his name is not being released at this time. 3 a secret policy regarding potential drone a secret no more.
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spells out how those potential targets are chosen and approved.the policy states...a plan to go after terrorism targets must first undergo a legal review by the agency conducting the then goes to the the national security council before being shown to the president.the policy also calls for an annual review of those individuals the u-s government has authorized for possible lethal action.if that person is a u-s citizen, the justice department determines if the decision is lawful and constitutional. two days before the primaries... milwaukee mayor tom barrett addressed a federal court's ruling surrounding wisconsin's election laws -- in the process slamming the state's republican lawmakers. "the reasons that these challenges have been successful, i think, is because the federal courts, far more than the state legislatures and republican governors, are paying heed to the constitution, and the requirements of the constitution that allow people in the united states of america to vote for the people to represent them."
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them." last friday.. a u-s district judge ordered the state to allow people struggling to get an i-d to vote in november... as long as they have an affidavit explaining why they can't get an i-d.the judge ?did? however uphold the voter i-d requirement. there's still a lot of discussion among republicans about their nominee donald trump.some say he's moving in the right direction -- others say he still has a lot to expla. explain."he does need to apologize, he'd be better just to move on, just as hillary apologize for her statement with regard to the emails and move on." on."long-time republican and former reagan advisor frank lavin says he plans on voting for hillary clinton unless trump makes policy changes. speaker newt gingrich is happy trump endorsed paul ryan and john mccain.gingrich said it's something he should have done in the first place. 3 a parachuter had to be rescued
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that story is next on the cbs 58 news at 5-30... 3 some of brett favre's former teammates are talking about his induction in to the hall of fame last night.reaction to the big night coming up a
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a 54-year-old man is recovering today after he crashed while he was parachuting in waukesha county. county. medics were callo keesus boat launch in the town of merton yesterday afternoon. afternoon.that's where they found the man, who is from florida.the parachuter was rushed to the hospital...he's expected to be okay.waukesha county sheriff deputies are working with the federal aviation administration to figure out what happened. 3 this comes nearly a week after two experienced skydivers crashed in walworth county. last monday...we told you that the two jumped from the same plane and they hit near the drop zone.that's according to skydive milwaukee.both
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there are now 16 confirmed cases of zika virus in number of states are launching an aggressive attack to stop the s. spread.the national center for atmospheric research drew up this map showing all of the states at risk.the darker the color...the more at risk they are.several states have developed plans to fight zika...and crews are spraying chemicals by florida.police officers are also handing out zika information pamphlets to tourists...and encouraging the use of bug repellent. planning a vacation right now? you can now get a direct flight to san diego california from milwaukee. milwaukee.we were there as the southwest airlines jet took off on the first daily flight this afternoon.southern california is known for it's it was fitting to have a party with a sunglasses and beach ball theme. this is going to be 3
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wisconsin. 3 general mitchell international airport is clearly making it easier to get to other major you don't have to drive to can leave milwaukee and go directly to atlanta...philadelphia and dallas fort worth.airport leaders also announced recently their plans to convert concourse "e" in to an international terminal.
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scott joins us now with sports and we're going back to canton..... ...that's right, kevin is back in just a few minutes....we'll hear from a former coach plus one of favre's former backups tells a story you don't want to miss...
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brett favre made it clear in his hall of fame speech that he is not a viking, a jet or a falcon.....he's a packer, through and through.....c-b-s 58 sports director kevin holden was in canton for that speech and joins us live with reaction...kevin... 3 if there was the healed rift between favre and the packers and their fans, it was erased last night.
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number four jerseys, favre took his place among the game's greats and made it known clearly that he wanted to be remembered as a green bay packer. you've no doubt relived the emotional speech several times by now, and favre's final remarks proved that he's still at his best in the closing moments. 3 3 favre: don't ever look back in re there are no second chances. don't cheat yourself, don't cheat your teammates, work as hard as you possibly can, lay it all on the line, and whatever happens, happens. only a few people even in the football world have had the pleasure of getting really close to brett favre. steve mariucci is one of those recurring figures in the favre
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green bay, and soon to be co-host of a satellite radio show with favre. cbs 58 was the only camera waiting for mooch after his work day last night to reflect on the speech. 3 3 mariucci: he got emotional, didn't he? it was awesome. all the speeches were awesome tonight, weren't they? this has turned into such a spectacle. remember when the hall of famers used to get inducted on the front steps over there and now it's like the super bowl here. canton has done such a great job. but i was proud of brett. boy they love him. they should love him. and then there's matt hasselbeck, a teammate and backup to favre early in his career... a starter in seattle for years after. i asked hasselbeck if favre treated his teammates like family. matt said that wasn't possible because teammates were often star struck. 3 3 hasselbeck: i remember my first year i was deathly afraid of him finding out how much of a fan i was of him. he'd offer me a ride, and i'd
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truck, being like oh my gosh, i'm in brett favre's truck! that's not normal. he's trying to be my friend and i'm trying to be a stalker. tag thanks kevin, we'll let you get back to work because it's a busy day in canton....the packers kickoff the n-f-l season tonight with
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five pre-season games for a team that does not like to risk injuries with their starters so don't expect to see aaron rodgers, jordy nelson or any other superstars....instead it's likely that undrafted rookie joe callahan will start under center with marquise williams as his backup........this is a huge opportunity for all of the newest packers to impress their coaches and fans... mccarthy: "the two young quarterbacks 3 3 i've watched this highlight ten times today and i'm still not sure i believe it....jim furyk shot a 58 in the travelers is the lowest round ever on the p-g-a tour...but he actually didn't win the tournament finishing 5th while russell knox takes home the title here on c-b-s 58.... against the diamondbacks.....batting over 600 in this series he scores on a wild pitch in the first .... two innings later he belts one to straight-away center field to double milwaukee's lead....villar has reached base in all three plate appearences so far.... but he can't do it all by himself....rough night for jimmy nelson who can't get out
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the
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johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: what is this? you might think of heroin as primarily an inner city problem, but dealers are making huge profits by expanding to new, lucrative markets-- suburbs all across the country. i'm sitting here looking at you, you're the... you're the girl next door. and you were addicted to heroin. >> i mean, obviously, it's very flattering that you say, like, i don't look like a junkie. but even miss america could be a junkie. i mean, anybody can be a junkie. ? ? ? >> stahl: "an american in paris" is a love story. it's also a valentine to dance.


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