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is to protect the safety of these players." (crowd booing) booing)booing) booing)players." (crowd safety of these players." (crowd booin) booing)a major disappointment tonight for football fans.... the hall of fame -- pre-season game -- cancelled.... thanks for joining us...i'm amanda porterfield. porterfield.glad you're with us...i'm eric levy.hall of fame president david baker -- explained at made conditions unsafe for players...saying that both teams agreed to stop the game... game...tonight...we have team coverage of this major upset... we begin with cbs 58 sports director kevin holden live in canton, ohio. 3 the nfl and hall of fame game organizers were left in a chaotic situation in the few short hours leading up to tonight's hall of fame game. first, there was the field. used last night for the enshrinement ceremony, paint
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damarious randall said on periscope that the paint was like glue and the turf was destroyed. then, there's the moment - a stadium full of fans expecting football with no real backup plan. the winning concern was player safety - preseason injuries are evil and devastating - and even hall of famer tony dungy agreed with the decision. "it's unfortunate there's not a game. i know had i been playing in it, i would have been disappointed that, know, there's no game. i hate that for the young kids, because some of those guys need that extra game. and obviously, the fans would have loved to have seen it." then you have the fans. unique this year because they were overwhelmingly green and gold, and many wisconsinites spent money on flights, hotels and much more for an incomplete experice this weekend. some fans didn't hide their displeasure as they exited
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what a joke. cheerleaders can go out there and cheer but you can't do the players really? that's ok. you don't care about the girls? really? really?i think everyone is disappointed. i think they should've been better prepared, and they should've taken care of the field sooner but safety comes first so it is what it is. is.there was a lot of people that were booing. i get it. for their safety and everything, but i guess it would've been nice to of known that a little bit before hand. one fan told me as he filed out - they had a year to prepare for this. how could they mess it up? after the announcement and the boos, there was an awkward sequence of entertainment - there were hastily arranged interviews, lee greenwood sang a few songs, and fans told to drive home safely. coach mccarthy's thoughts on the called game and how aaron rodgers passed the time on the field, later in the show. live in canton, kevin holden, cbs 58 news.
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sportszone with scott grodsky scott...the fans in canton might be the most upset...but there were plenty of people here who were less than excited. excited.and it's hard to blame any n-f-l game the die hard fans plan their days, sometimes their weeks around the packers..... 3 bars across wisconsin would've been packed right now as the game would be finishing up on national t-v......instead, you can see steve's on blue mound here an n-f-l gameday turns into a g night.... we went spoke to some of the fans who planned to watch the game....while many were disappointed there was actually a bit of a mixed reaction... 3 "i'm disappointed, i was looking forward to the packers playing. i love watching football and i don't care if it's preseason or regular season. i like it.""i think it's great. the less chance for injuries, 5 preseason games is stupid. they did their ceremony, got it done with. now go home, don't get hurt, move on. ""that sucks that they're not playing, i'd like to see some of the new guys, the rookies, i was looking forward to it.""i was
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tonight. i went to the celebration last night i can understand that a lot of people are pretty upset but not getting injured guys helps." 3 of course fans won't have to wait too long to see the pack in action....they host the browns friday night...ic. night...eric.scott... thanks. amanda... this h 3 on social media. 3 of course... news the game was canceled exploded on social media.a lot of people angry... angry...packers offensive lineman t-j lang tweeted "man, what an embarrassing day for the nfl." nfl."this is a tweet from colts punter pat mcafee "had no idea a cancellation was possible.. when it 1st got mentioned our entire locker room had the same reaction."
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funnier... like this from "nfl retweet" -- "when you realize the hall of fame game got canceled".with an image of a a sad picachu 3 we'll have more coverage and reaction to the decision coming up later in sports... and on our website, cbs 58 dot com. switching over to our weather forecast now...a clear sky overhead as we close out the we. weekend.meteorologist justin thompson-gee is here to get you ready for 3
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a 54-year-old man is recovering today after he crashed while he was parachuting in waukesha county. county.medics were called to the lake keesus boat launch in the town of merton yesterday af. afternoon.that's where they found the man, who is from florida.the parachuter was rushed to the hospital...he's
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county sheriff deputies are working with the federal aviation administration to figure out what happened. 3 this comes nearly a week after two experienced skydivers crashed in walworth county. last monday...we told you that the two jumped from the same plane and they hit near the drop zone.that's according to skydive lwaukee.both skydivers were taken to the hospital. it's been four years since a gunman shot and killed six people at the sikh temple in oak creek gathered to remember their loved ones...while trying to move on. on. "sometimes it's really hard for our family to come. it's almost like a re-traumatizing. mom was inside the temple when it was happening." happening."members of the temple say they've leaned on each other a lot since the august fifth 20-12 attack.but even more... they say it's strengthened their faith. "it was an act of ignorance, but it led to something positive. sikh faith is not about about any anger, about
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faith is all about peace and love. sikh faith is about compassion, kindness to other people, sikh faith is about compassion and kindness to other people." people."since the shooting, some in the sikh community are using their experiences to help the families of victims of ?other? attacks around the country. 3 madison police arrested a man they say live-streamed threats against police.according to the report -- the 27-ea going to drive to the area where madison teenager tony robinson was shot... and shoot the first officer he saw.a madison police officer shot and killed robinsin in march of 2015.the officer was ?not? charged. 3 (singing prayer) prayer) a different kind of protest today in chicago... much quieter and more solemn than the last two's also the biggest since the chicago
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video of officers shooting and killing paul o'neal.the silent sit-in at millenium park was another call to end what they call police brutality. republicans have pounced on hillary clinton's verbiage...saying she ...and this is their term "short circuited"...on how truthful she was about her use of emails. emails.?but?... the former director of the c-i-a says clinton never put the country in danger. danger."i provided her -- personally provided her some of the most sensitive intelligence agency has. she never misused it. she always protected it." it."now, michael morell ?does? endorse clinton... doing so in a new york times op-ed. op-ed.republicans are also at odds over how to treat donald trump after his attacks on a gold star family. "he does need to apologize, he'd be better just to move on, just as hillary clinton would be better to apologize for her statement with regard to the emails and move on."
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former reagan advisor frank lavin says he plans on voting for hillary clinton unless trump makes policy changes. house speaker newt gingrich is happy trump endorsed paul ryan and john mccain... though he admitted it's something trump should have done in the first place. 3 here in wisconsin, there are just two days before primaries. today, milwaukee mayor tom barrett addressed a federal court's ruling surrounding wisconsin's election laws,in the process, he slammed state lawmakers. "the reasons that these challenges have been successful, i think, is because the federal courts, far more than the state legislatures and republican governors, are paying heed to the constitution, and the requirements of the constitution that allow people in the united states of america to vote for the people who represent them." last friday.. a u-s district judge ordered the state to allow people struggling to get an i-d to vote in november... as long as they have an
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can't get an i-d.the judge ?did? however uphold the voter i-d requirement. 3 stay with cbs 58 for team coverage of all of the biggest primary races around southeast wisconsin.kyle aevermann... kristen barbaresi... and david ade will have reports all day tuesday. 3 summer safety on the roads. next on the cbs 58 news at ten... a word of warning after four motorcyclists were killed in just the last week. also...thieves who are out to steal your money are keeping up with technology.what they're doing now to get their hands on your cash. 3 plus -- we head back to canton. how packers management is responding to decision to cancel tonight's hall of fame
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an illinois man is facing
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incidents that began in sheboygan... and ended in ozaukee county. county. the ozaukee county sheriff's department says the 26-year-old was drunk when he hit a person walking in sheboygan just after eight last night... then sped off. that man is expected to be okay.about a half-hour later, ozaukee county deputies found him on i-43 and a chase began that reached speeds of over 110-miles an hour. ended when the man hit ?another? car and rolled several times.that man is now in the hospital with 3 in milwaukee county -- sheriff's deputies arrested ten people on suspucion of d-u-i... including these three repeat offenders.spencer livingston faces his third offense... while margarita limon and colso juarez- martinez were arrested for second offenses. four separate motorcycle crashes over the last week in southeast wisconsin.four people have died as a result. result.with more motorcycles
10:15 pm's important to check twice while you're 58's amanda devoe spoke to bikers about what they see when they're out on the roads. amanda? motorcyclists i spoke with say.. being aware of their surroundings .. and making sure road conditions are safe...helps them avoid accidents. but they also want drivers to look out for them too. "for those of us that ride, we know and we accept that there's dangers." it's a say... the take every time they ride. jeff childress has been riding motorcycles for the past 35 years. he says being in a serious accident many years ago... makes him more mindful whenever decides "there's a breed of motorcycle riders that take a little bit of risks. some people don't realize the what the limit of their skill is. they exceed the limit of their skill, and when they do, they pay he ultimate price a lot
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"house of harley" in milwaukee runs a motorcycle safety class. he says staying alert is extremely important for anyone riding a motorcycle. motorcycle.when you're trained properly, and you allow yourself a safe distance, then you take those risk factors out of the equation."he also notices more motorcyle accidents happen during the warmer months. "it's kind of systemic this time of year with more motorcycles on the road. a lot of it has to do with your own position." according to the d- o-t -- 92 people motorcyclists died on the roads in 2013 -- the most recent data from the agency.childress believes being cautious while on the road.. is a two-way street for both drivers ?and riders. " when we throw a leg over the bike, we know that there's certain risks. the bottom line is, just be aware of what's going on around you. we want to come home safe to our families just as much as you do."
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past few weeks..reports show that those crashes only make up a little over one percent of all crashes. .. live in..milwaukee.. ad cbs 58 news a federal appeals court says the i-r-s still has to prove it is not targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. status.the court reinstated a lawsuit against the troubled agency friday... rg unconstitutional for the i-r-s to create "bolo" or "be on the lookout lists".agency officials say they ended that practice... but the federal appeals court said "suspension" is not a permanent change. planning a vacation right now? you can now get a direct flight to san diego california from milwaukee. milwaukee.we were there as the southwest airlines jet took off on the first daily flight this afternoon.southern california is known for it's
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have a party with a sunglasses and beach ball theme.this is going to be nice...especially during the dark cold days of winter in wisconsin. 3 gas stations are again the target of skimmers.police say they've upgraded to bluetooth. skimmers are people who take credit card information from the machines at the pump. dallas police say they found the skimmers at four locations around the city... and it's becoming a problem all over the country. people are putting a blue tooth enabled credit card skimmer. "it makes total sense being that bluetooth is very short-range, easy to install, micro-small." small."consumers or gas station owners could buy a frequency detectors.the basic ones start at 200 bucks but the more sophisticated instruments that pin-point each, specific frequency -- can run up to 500 dollars. 3 there are now 16 confirmed cases of zika virus in number of states are launching an
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atmospheric research drew up this map showing all of the states at risk.the darker the color...the more at risk they are.several states have developed plans to fight zika...and crews are spraying chemicals by florida.police officers are also handing out zika information pamphlets to tourists...and encouraging the use of bug repellent.
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3 more than one-million americans have type one -- or junior --, dozens of golfers teed up for a cure. cure.for four years now... the family of mary kate sullivan have put on the tournament to raise funds for the junior diabetes relief fund.she died in 2012 at the age of 34 -- after fighting diabetes thought this would be the perfect way to keep her memory alive. "the sullivans are very much in the irish community. they all love to golf, along with mary kate, who learned how to golf when she was blind." blind."the tournament has raised nearly 25-thousand dollars over the last three years.they hope to raise 10-thousand dollars this year. cbs 58 anchor michele
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fencing...the hammer throw...table tennis.thosare all olympic sports.but have you ever wondered how the athletes get in to them in the first place? place?(whoosh) (whoosh) at least for the luge...the national team holds open tryouts...and have for the last 30 years.of course luge is a winter sport... but this weekend...the national team was in new berlin.they invited kids from nine to 13 to come try out the luge... in hopes of finding americ of olympic stars.just watch out for those hay bales. "i'm just getting really excited. and when you hit the haybales, it can be really hard. (have you hit one yet?) yes. (was that you who hit one?) yea." yea."because it's summer...they used a soap box
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tryouts are where nearly 90- percent of the luge team's current olympians started. scott joins us now with sports and we'll hear from a few key members of the packers franchise about the hall of fame ...
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kevin holden was ready and excited to bring you the hard hitting highlights from today's packers preseason showdown against the colts....instead, he's gotten to say the word congealed 20 times in the last 5 hours as the game is canceled.....he joins us live in canton where
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3 scott, the joe callahan era might be over before it started. the third string packers quarterback was going to get a start on national television tonight. but players on the packers and colts players on the but but players on the c going on the turf tonight. congealed paint in the end zones and on the 50 yard line destroyed parts of the turf. brett favre says he's a jinx - heplayed a hall of fame game here in his career that was called in the second quarter. but field conditions? that surprised everyone, even packers higher-ups. 3 3 favre: "if i were playing, whether or not i'd be playing in the game, i'd want to have the game. i'd love to play in it. you practice, this is the fun part so it's unfortunate. but for us, the hall of fame members this year, it doesn't
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it's been a wonderful experience, the people here have been outstanng." outstanding."murphy: "obviously surprised, it's relatively unprecedented that the field conditions would be an issue. but ithink that obviously safety isa crucial, big issue for the league and the field conditions are very important and they wanted to make sure that it was right." 3 after the game was called off, the nfl tried to tertain fans, but players stayed on the field. and that made for the photo opportunities of a lifetime. chat a bit with aaron rodgers, posing for pictures that these men and women will tell their grandkids about. the football side? jordy nelson getting hurt last year in the preseason leaves a bad taste in every packers fan's mouth. so mike mccarthy would like to avoid anything that might cause more preseason injuries.
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the decision was made and i give the committee and everybody involved a lot of credit for making the right scission so it just wasn't the field wasn't where it needed to be. it's disappointing for the team to come here and play. it's disappointing for fans. just incredible to see the green and gold, i mean, everybody was there last night, i think the ceremony was special and our fans are unbelievable. 3 mccarthy hasn't been a fan of the unusual preseason schedule for his team. in that way, he's probably a bit relieved to his guys a break in what would be a 5th preseason game. they'll be back at lambeau the browns. kevin this friday to face back at lambeau game. they'll be 5th preseason game. they'll be back at lambeau this friday to face the browns. kevin holden,
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well at least the brewers game wasn't canceledwith the mound turning into quick sand or anything like that.... it was a normal day at chase field......jonathan villar stays red hot smashing a homer to center to put milwaukee up two.....he reached base in 12 of his 17 plate appearences this was also a big series for superstar prospect orlando arcia..... the 22 year old shortstop had his first career hit friday and isn't looking back....after a pair last night he adds another one here......villar scores to tie the game at three...that's when the wheels fall off for jimmy nelson...he's tagged for 7 runs in less than five innings of work, the brewers never recover sing by six... coming up monday: a legendary rock band is in town. find out how kiss is honoring members of our military. we've also got a way for you to get free tickets to see the group. we'll explain how, plus all of your news from overnight. monday, on the cbs 58 morning


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