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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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couldn't vote for ryan today because of the split ballots. polls close at 8 o'clock. orion is expected to speak to the media wants results are close to final. 3 a little too close to a polling place in racine county this morning. morning."an indivudual showed up here at village hall, 8811 campus drive with some political signage for electione" electioneering." that officer in mount pleasant told the man with the signs that he had to keep his distance from the entrance to the poll...and he says the man 58 caught up with a nehlen volunteer who's worked in other states...she says there were about 20
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stay back. "i've worked several polling places and never, ever have i had responses like that. it just makes you think there's a conspiracy against nehlen. they just want ryan in, they don't want anyone else. they don't even want to give anyone else a chance." chance." state law says you can't post or distribute any election- within 100 feet of an entrance to a building that contains a polling place. one of wisconsin's senate seats will be decided in the november election...and the candidates are on the primary ballot today.kristen barbaresi is live in racine with that story... with a win tonight, former senator russ feingold would try to reclaim his seatfrom sen. ron johnson, who defeated himin 2010. tonight feingold is kicking off a listening tour-with
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state's 72 counties-obviously he's banking on a win in tonight's primary feingold does face a challenger though-political newcomer, kenosha's scott harbach. harbach has never run for office and calls himself an "independent democrat" and currently works as a private investigator.feingold, who has significantly more money and name recognition, is favored in the primary.pollsters seem to have called this primary as well. the most recent marquette poll only considered a feingold-johnson matchup in november, with feingold favored by seven points johnson does not face a primary challenger-but will be holding a primary night rally tonight in in racine kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news 3 stay with cbs 58 for continuing coverage of today's primary election on our newcasts at 9 on wmlw and at 10 on cbs can also get up to the minute results on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. 3 days of comfortable weather
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and humidity. chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is in the ready weather center with the details. toss to drew drew tonight: mild with some fog. lows near 70.wednesday: temps push into the mid to upper 80s with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph.week ahead: the hottest day of the week with a high of 90. late thursday night into friday morning scattered showers and storms return across the area. some strong storms are possible. friday should clear out with highs in the middle 80s. lower humidity with a
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new at five, a woman is in the hospital after she slammed her suv into a house on milwaukee's north side. cbs 58s amanda devoe is live wi say led up to the crash. crews are still working to repair the hole that was left after the suv slammed into this home. the homeowner tells me he had just left to run an errand when the accident happened. police say the accident happened around 12:40 this afternoon... at the intersection of north 51st boulevard and west vienna
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honda civic, were involved in the crash and the durango hit the house. witnesses say there was some confusion of which car had the right of way at the intersection and and the driver of the durango tried to swerve to avoid an accident ... but ended up crashing into the house. homeowner arthur wilson hadn't been gone 15 minutes when he got a call about a car hitting his house. "none of us were here, so i got a call that says someone has run through your house. i was at home depot so i immediately dropped what i was doing and came here."sot arthur: :11 i'm told the driver of the durango has non life threatening injuries. a similar accident happened to to home next door. live in milwaukee.. ad cbs 58 news. 3 also new tonight, word that the pilot of a plane that crashed at the fond du lac county airport last month has died. 78-year old david spencer from santa fe, new mexico was at the controls of the plane when a mechanical issue shortly after takeoff
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the plane crashed and spencer and a 71-year old passenger were injured. spencer died this morning. the f-a-a continues to investigate the crash. three men are dead tonight as a result of two separate shooting incidents on milwaukee's north side this mor. morning. police report a double murder near 36th and congress at around 3-30 in the morning. one of the men was shot and died at the scene. the other was stabbed and died after he was taken to a hospital. police believe the murders are related....they are still looking for susp. then at about 7-45 this morning, a man was shot and killed near 50th and clarke. no arrests reported yet and police are investigating the circumstances. 3 it's not easy to streamline airport security....but the t-s-a is trying. today we got a look at a temporary pre- check application center at mitchell international airport. under the pre-check program, you apply to become what they call a "low-risk"
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you pay a fee and you can go through the pre-check line at any american airport ?without? taking off your shoes, your belt or your light jacket....and you can keep your laptop and liquid bag inside your carry-on. "here in milwaukee our morning compression is 4:30 to about 6am if you're going out on c concourse or d. you're gonna wait less than 10 minutes in our pre-check lane. comparison to our standard lane you could wait 20-25 minut" minutes." you can apply at this temporary pre-check ce the airport through august 26th. there's a permanent application center located at 39th and wisconsin avenue. there's news tonight about one of the most popular players ever to wear a milwaukee brewers uniform.'s been awhile since prince fielder played first base at miller park, but he's well-remembered for his role on some very good brewers 58 sports director kevin holden joins us in the studio....kevin? michele and mike, prince fielder is expected to retire tomorrow. he's being forced to
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injuries... specifically neck issues that forced fielder to have two surgeries... the second one less than two weeks ago. doctors reportedly won't clear fielder to play after this late surgery - he's considered medically disabled. brewers fans remember prince as the free-wheeling first baseman who clubbed 2-hundred- 30 homers in milwaukee, including 50 one season. he was also an iron man, playing at least 1-hundred-57 games in every full season with the brew crew. he was never the same player after season... fielder hit just 89 home runs with detroit and texas. if prince is done, he'll leave the game with 3- hundred-19 homers - the exact number as his dad cecil as a major leaguer. there was a time several years ago when the brewers were faced with a dilemma - sign either ryan braun or prince fielder to a massive contract. they couldn't afford both, and eventually extended braun's deal. fielder is getting paid 20 million a year until the
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what's the next best thing to going to the wisconsin state fair? the answer is easy...having the fair come to . you. and that's what happened for kids at children's hospital today. the fair sent , entertainers and food to the hospital to help kids who can't get out to the fairgrounds get a taste of one of the most fun events of the summer. therapy animals dresed up as farm animals it's something they do this every year at children's hospital...and the kids who are longterm patients can't wait. "the children waited with anticipation as they saw some of the balloons going up and they knew something was going on down here so they started to take a few walks around the lobby to see what was happening and very excited about the fair." fair." 3 eileen clark tells cbs 58 that events like this don't really make kids ?forget? that they're in a hospital, but it is a nice distraction...and it sure looks like they were having a good time. 3
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the construction crews are coming along on the new milwaukee bucks arena? cbs 58 got a look around today and we'll share it with you. 3 and we have good news about the mitchell park won't be too long before all three of them are back open to
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"reopen" "i have always supported my party's nominee. that's what made this decision so difficult" difficult." and with that, another republican leader....maine senator susan collins, announced that wi vote for donald trump in november. collins says the tipping point for her was trump's recent feud with the family of a muslim-american solder who was killed in iraq. 3 watch for more coverage of trump's troubles within the republican party coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley at 5-30., 3 trump's running mate, mike pence is planning a campaign stop in milwaukee. he'll be here on thursday night at 7 at the hilton city center will be pence's second wisconsin visit in
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friday. 3 someday, the milwaukee bucks new arena will look something like this. construction just started in june, so they've still got a long way to go, but they're making progress...and as cbs 58's lindsey branwall learned today, they're happy to show off that progress. from far away it may look like there's only cranes where the bucks arena will be.nat ?construction site sound?but get a little closer to the milwaukee tool construction sitenat st sound?trucks are constantly driving in and outhauling the gravel that goes just underneath the arena floor. floor.denver callahansenior project superintendant53:47"we can't do just one thing at a time. we're doing multiple trades at various point on the site"although, this is what you might notice first.nat ?construction site sound?it's called dynamic compacting compactingjesse kempsenior project manager45:24"it's a ten ton weight being dropped times over to make sure soil proper compactions.[butt to] then we'll cover it with a layer of stone which you can see on the northern part of
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week, and then 1000 of these steel pipes will go into the ground. that'll be a necessary task before pouring the foundation.jesse kemp just finished working on the u.s. bank stadium (or new vikings stadium?) in minneapolis.he says the bucks minneapolis.he says the bucks arena has one of the more aggressive schedules he's worked on.jesse kempsenior project manager45:42 "starting to get the horizontal work in place until vertical with steel"in just 18 months, the building will look a lot like this ... (show rendering).denver callahan senior project superintendant 58:16"a lot of curtain wall, a lot of glass. going to be a nice building. really good looking."lindsey:to be this close to the construction site, you can see i'm decked out in my safety gear: hard hat, glasses, and safety vest. if you find your way down here to take a look at the progess they just ask that you be safe. stay a safe distance away from the site, and behind all of the fencing, reporting
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3 some of you may take a milwaukee county transit system bus to that new arena once it opens. today we got a look at one of the 30 brand new buses that are about to hit the streets. streets. the new buses have seats redesigned for better comfort. definition security cameras...and their engines are designed to improve fuel mileage and reduce their carbon footprint. "a lot of people you just see the buses on the outside, it looks the same to them. but on the inside and in the engine and the motor and the transmission, it's different, it's better, it's better for the environment and it's gonna save us and taxpayers money in the long run." run." milwaukee county has almost completely replaced its fleet of buses with new vehicles since 2010.if you'd like to take a look at one of the new
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'park and ride' lot from 9 to 11 in the morning, and at watertown park and ride from 1 'til 3 in the afternoon. 3 coming up tonight in our special report at 10... uncovering the truth --- with the help of d-n-a evidence evidenceif they dont' know who this baby belongs to... if they have some idea... then dna is going to be useful useful we go inside the dna lab to see why science is law enforcement's most powerful weapon in solving crime involving a dead baby from kenosha county. what scientists are looking tonight's speial report "uncovering the truth" only on the cbs 58 news at ten. 3 3 3 tonight: mild with some fog.
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push into the mid to upper 80s with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph.week ahead: thursday's the hottest day of the week with a high of 90. late thursday night into friday morning scattered showers and storms return across the area. some strong storms are possible. friday should clear out with highs in the middle
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the weekend.
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right now, parking along milwaukee's lakefront is just hard to find. someday, it may also cost money.the county parks department budget request for next year includes parking fees along the lake for the first time. the one dollar an hour fee areas like the east lot at veterans park, the north point parking lot at bradford beach and the mckinley marina lot. if you'd like to weigh in on that proposal, there's a public meeting on the county budget tomorrow at 5-30 at the washington park senior center. 3 and confusion on when the mitchell domes will open exactly.. the friends of the domes tell cbs 58 that all three of the domes should be back open to the public by the end of october. but the person
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the county says that's not correct.the domes closed early this year after a chunk of concrete fell from the desert dome. in late april, the show dome reopened to the public.....but the desert and tropical domes stayed closed. milwaukee county says it will announce the correct information tomorrow. we're still waiting for packers preseason football. football.poor joe callahan just wanted to play sunday... the latest from green bay as the packers get
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3 the wait continues - although it ?is? the wait for preseason football, so we can temper our expectations for now. now.practice will have to do for the time being, but there's good news for fans on that front. the packers get back on the practice field in about an hour for a night practice, then again tomorrow morning for an 11-45 session, and both those practices are open toe can't wait til friday, get to ray nitschke field tonight or tomorrow. a reminder, friday's preseason game is on w-m-l-w, the m. the packers first depth chart of this training camp isn't great for jeff janis - except maybe for motivation. the hero on the receiving end of the postseason hail mary is listed as a third stringer on the depth chart - jordy nelson and randall cobb on the first team, davante adams and jared abbrederis with the second team. there's an increasing
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significant role in the packers offense. at least it's a second chance. wily peralta takes the mound at miller park tonight to face the atlanta braves. the crew's opening day starter struggled so badly, he we sent to the minor leagues, and one could argue things went worse for peralta in triple-a than they did in the big leagues. an injury to junior guerra means the brewers need a starter though, so the hope is that wily can slide back in return to his double-digit win davies posted a strong start last night - impressing his manager craig counsell. 3 3 zack was good. really good, very efficient. the two home runs weren't bad pitches. they weren't bad pitches at all, and he induced a lot of weak contact, so he did a nice job. two practices now in the books for the badgers. and the theme in madison is the same as the past few seasons - paul
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they're facing l-s-u at lambeau field in the season opener in early september. that means more pressure now, and more importance on the players offseason work program. 3 3 chryst: you always come out with a purpose, but i thought those.. our guys did a lot of stuff this summer. you talk to them and see how it went and there's, for instance, a few things to clean up a little bit, to make sure we're on the same page. so we're piggybacking on what they did, which we weren't a part of. tim tebow's next career choice is a shocker. the former quarterback and analyst is taking a swing at a baseball career! he plans to hold a workout for major league teams later this month. tebow was a baseball star in high school - he had a batting average of nearly 5-hundred in his junior year of high school. tebow has been working with former milwaukee brewers catcher chad moeller to get his game ready for the big leagues.for the
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tonight: mild with some fog. lows near 70.wednesday: temps push into the mid to upper 80s with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph.week ahead: thursday's the hottest day of the week with a high of 90. late thursday night into friday morning scattered showers and storms return across the area. some strong storms are possible. friday should clear out with highs in the middle 80s. lower humidity with a high near 80 over the weekend. 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs
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is sure to join us
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump goes off script and critics say over the line. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't ow zika cases from florida mosquitos. >> we want to start a family soon, and this may keep us from doing so. >> pelley: new calls for tighter regulation of amusement parks after the tragic death of a young boy. and thousands hike the appalachian trail every year, but not the way stacy kozel is doing it. >> reporter: hang on, hang on. i have never heard that sentence before.


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