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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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incident and are thankful to the local fire department and emergency response teams for their quick action and continued support. the representative for s&c electric says they will update us with more information on this incident. of course, we'll bring that to you once it's available. reporting live, lb, cbs 58 news 3 sheboygan falls, has caused heavy damage to an apartment complex. this video, after the fire was put out shows just how extensive that damage was to the roof. the fire was reported on the second floor of the complex.....officials have not offered much information about the word of injuries yet. 3 marquette university is out with its first political poll since the republican and democratic conventions....and the survey offers one very clear message.....donald trump has a lot of work to do in wisc.
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has been crunching the numbers and he joins us live from the newsroom...david? this poll was done after both conventions wrapped up and while the poll's director says clinton's lead is growing now it's not time to count wisconsin for clinton. "there's a lot of time between now and november."wednesday's marquette law school poll showed hillary clinton open up a 10 point lead among wisconsin's registered voters and a 15 point lead among likely voters. voters."where we are now at a 15 point lead is about where the 2008 election turned out with a 14 point obama victory."just before the poll came out trump supporter wisconsin congressman sean duffy predicted clinton would expand her lead.but says he thinks the conservative base in southeast wisconsin will get behind trump in the next few mo. months."even though they may not agree with everything he says even though they may take some offense to some of the things he says just like
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brokedown the statewide favorabilty and approval ratingsclinton has a 43% favorability among wisconsin voterstrump is at 27%while house speaker paul ryan has one of the highest statewide favorabilty ratings ever measured in the poll's four year exsistence he's at 54%. president barack obama's approval rating is 53%while governor scott walker's is 38%. "we've seen very little change in his job approval numbers over the last year and a half almost. but the point at which to expect some shifts in that is probably next winter when the new budget comes in and we see how that plays out." in the race for u-s senate the poll shows former senator russ feingold leading senator ron johnson 49 to on the marquette university campus david ade cbs 58 news. 3 on the presidential campaign trail, there was damage going on for both the trump and the clinton organizations. 3 "if she gets to pick her
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folks. although the second amendment folks maybe there is. i don't know." know." that comment yesterday, interpreted by some as a potential call for violence against hillary clinton by gun rights advocates, touched off yet another firestorm for the 'trump camp.' the gop nominee tweeted a message today insisting that he meant those advocates must 'organize and get out and vote.'for democrats, the problem was e- mails again...a new batch of them suggestina link between bill clinton's charity foundation and the state department under hillary clinton. the campaign says the e-mails did ?not? involve the secretary. 3 watch for much more campaign coverage tonight on the cbs evening news right after our newscast at 5-30. one day after a primary election in wisconsin, a new ruling on the state's on again, off again voter i-d law. law. a federal appeals court overturned part of a ruling last month which blocked part of the law that requires
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the polls. bottom line: if the presidential election was held tomorrow, you ?would? still have to show your id to vote. of course we still have almost three months, and other rulings are possible. possible.a statement from governor scott walker says today's decision "recognized that the previous ruling is likely to be reversed in light of supreme court precedent.... precedent....voters in wisconsin support voter i-d and our administration will work to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat." 3 it's been a gradual climb back this week to higher climb back this it's been a gradual climb and humidity...chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is getting us ready for another day of it before things change... toss to drew drew today: temps are warm late this afternoon, mainly mid to upper 80s with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph. it's feeling quite humid too with dew points around 70. rest of the week: thursday's the hottest day of the week with a high of 90. there's a chance for a few scattered storms on thursday, but the more widespread chance is still set to arrive thursday night into friday morning scattered showers and storms return across the area. some strong storms are possible. friday will still be warm and humid highs in the middle to upper 80s. a few lingering t'showers will possible during the day on friday.upcoming weekend: lower humidity with a high near 80 over the weekend.
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new tonight, a bartender's harrowing experience in sheboygan. hit by gunfire
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he's alive to tell his story..and he's telling it to cbs 58's amanda devoe. 3 "i looked over and my arm was just jello. blood everywhere." kurt klessig recalls the tragic night he was hit in the crossfire during a robbery while training as a bartender at union avenue tap. while officers fired shots and killed the suspect klessig says a bullet grazed his chest.. and went through his arm. "simple things like opening a door, writing my name. i can't do it"doctors were able to save his a replacing shattered bones with metal rods. he wraps his arm daily and squeezes a sponge to help regain feeling in his hands. "i've got mimimal use of my thumb. minimal use of my pointer finger. so i'm having to go to therapy tomorrow with that. they said it could be up to a year, getting back to work."as doctor bills start piling upklessig is struggling to find a lawyer to take on his case. "not one of them will touch it. they said they can't litigate it." klessig's fiance mary heitzmann has now taken on the role of caregiver."if he can't go back to his job, it's more scary future-wise than i think people know."the couple says the community has stepped in to help so far raising more than five thousand dollars in donations. in spite of it all.. klessig says he has no ill will towards the officer he says shot him. but as far as going back to the bar to
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i there to try and get past it. i did. i could. i think i'd rather work the day shift though. (chuckles.
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in milwaukee, marquis johnson will spend the next 25-years of his life under the care of the state department of health and family services. he was recently found not guilty by reason of mental disease for an abduction attempt last june. surveillance video showed johnson grabbing a 7-year old girl and carrying her a short distance before she was able to kick herself free. milwaukee county executive chris abele is about to hear from residents about a proposal to start charging fees for parking along the lake. 58 brought you the story yesterday. the budget plan would impose fees for parking in a lot at 'veteran's park'... the 'north point parking lot' near bradford beach...and at mckinley marina. today, the chairman of the county board released a statement opposing
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concerned that charging fees would "limit access to these public spaces and make this parkland exclusive only to those who can afford added parking fees and tickets." tonight's public hearing on the plan runs from 5-30 to 7-30 at the washington park senior center. city leaders are teaming up with local churches on an ambitious plan to help milwaukeeans get the services they need. need. it's called "all things in common" and it was announced at city hall this morning. agreed to become what they call "community resource hubs"....offering a variety of services like 'group mentoring' and 'child support mediation.' and this partnership will be celebrated with a citywide block party later this month. "the city has yet to do something this massive, this large scale, simultaneiously. and for us to be able to mobilize so many sites and have it uniformed on one day is something that we are all
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the block party is scheduled for saturday, august can find a list of community resource hubs and more on the block party on the city of milwaukee's website. we thought they'd have one preseason game under their belts by now, but thanks to last weekend's cancellation, the packers are still getting ready for their 'exhibition ope. opener'. that's coming up friday at lambeau ..where the field should be just fine for 58's scott grodsky brings us the sights and sounds from today's practice 3 whole preseason opener thing again friday after the hall of fame game the last public practice before hosting the browns the youngest players fought to stand out. 3 clark: "a lot of guys are here trying to win spots and get jobs, everybody is just excited. i haven't played a game since my last bowl game so i'm just excited to go out there and play against a different jersey other than my teammates."thompson: "there's going to be a guy that makes the team based off of that and there's going to be a guy that
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that doesn't make the team based off of that." that."fackrell: "it's very exciting, we've been looking forward to the experience at lambeau. i've heard a lot about it i'm just very anxious to see what it's like, what the energy is like."three players came off the physically unable to perform list including tight end jared cook... coming up a little later in sports we'll take a look at the newest weapon in the packers arsenal. 3 our sister station, wmlw "the m" will broadcast friday's packers browns game from lambeau field. the game is at 7...and before the game, at 6, we'll rebroadcast our special "brett favre - the making of a legend"....followed by a packers pregame show. 3 next at five, a scathing report on the conduct of police officers in baltimore..and the mayor promises change. 3 and is a big, strong nfl superstar tough enough to
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3 i never sugarcoat our problems nor will i run away from our most pressing challeng. challenges. the mayor of baltimore promising changes today after a federal report harshly criticize department. among other things, the report found that baltimore officers make a large number of stops, mainly in poor, african american neighborhoods....with dubious justification....?and? make unlawful arrests.the year-long investigation was launched after freddie gray died while he was being transported in a police van. 3 here's a sign that the new school year is not far away....volunteers filling up backpacks with school supplies at milwaukee's martin luther
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back-to school festival this saturday.5-thousand of them had to be prepared, but one organizer says the volunteers didn't need much coaxing. "i said to them this morning, remember the first day of school, when you had new clothes and a new bookbag and your pens and your pencils and your smile was this big? they all looked at me and said yes we remember. i'm 68 and i remem" remember." saturday's back to school festival is at king park on 15th and vliet from 11-30 until five -- it really will music and games. families can register for the backpack giveaway from noon until 2-pm. he's a regular visitor to the milwaukee area, and retired packers wide receiver donald driver was back today. today.he visited a local family that won a challenge called "driven to better health". this is something put together by driver and children's hospital to promote healthy families. the santos family was recognized for building a greenhouse behind their west side apartment and for embracing an active
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to change overnight, and that's the hardest thing to do. so we try to teach that it's baby steps, you take each step one by one. and we want to make sure that everyone is healthy. right now we want to know that what? wisconsin has the healthiest kids in the world? right? that's right." right." driver says his 64-year old mother is now embracing a more active lifestyle of her own....with the help of a workout program he's put together for her. 3 3 3 today: temps are warm late this afternoon, mainly mid to upper 80s with a southerly wind at 5 to 15 mph. it's feeling quite humid too with
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the week: thursday's the hottest day of the week with a high of 90. there's a chance for a few scattered storms on thursday, but the more widespread chance is still set to arrive thursday night into friday morning scattered showers and storms return across the area. some strong storms are possible. friday will still be warm and humid highs in the middle to upper 80s. a few lingering t'showers will be possible during the day on friday.upcoming weekend: lower humidity with a high near 80 over the weekend. x 3
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"how's it feel?" "i am hot. very hot" "you haven't done anything yet." "i know." "we'll get a taste of it today and see how it goes." "yeah we " will." the guy in the firefighters gear is j-j watt...the nfl superstar and native of pewaukee. a new educational video on heat safety shows watt....whose dad is a retired firefighter....going through a tr pewaukee fire department, in full gear on an 86-degree day. he ran and jumped and pulled and pounded.needless to say, he needed a little gatorade. "i think it's cool for me now finally to get a chance to see and live through the work that he put in all the time and that these guys put in and see how hard it is. i mean, i pride myself ion being a great athlete, but these, these drills put me under the table real quick.:" quick.:" if you'd like to check out the entire video, we've got it posted on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. the latest from packers
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packers training camp--some good news on the injury front. 3... ...but bad news coming from prince fielder himself.... we hear from the former brewer at
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ou home is in the lane on the bench or on the range there's only one place to go. come to cabela's all week for great deals and more. save big on all your favorite trusted brands. get 20% off all walker's hearing protection and $400 off cabela's signature 64 safe. plus join us this weekend for free safety education, training, demos and seminars. because responsible ownership starts at cabela's. stop in and save all week long at cabela's and remember to own responsibly. y22xey yvpy jared cook signed by green bay this summer to give aaron rodgers another weapon to work with and to shore up the packers offesne at tight end. only thing is... we haven't even seen him in that offense- -until now. scott grodsky has more from training camp. aaron rodgers is the big man on campus in green bay, but not the biggest man in the huddle. 6 foot 5 monster tight end jared cook towers above
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that's the point.the packers signed jared cook this offseason so that his size and rare athletic ability could give rodgers another that he's been activated off of the physically unable to perform list cook is hitting the ground running. running.cook: "football withdrawals, it's not easy when you are so accustomed to just being out there, it's all about having fun." mccarthy: "he gives us another big target so he fits the way we to get him out there. i thought he got off to a great s" start."thompson: "he's been sitting with an injury for a while, he's been anxious to get back out. chomping at the bit was the quote that i had heard. we were glad to get him back out there and we hope that were able to keep him out there."wide receiver ty montgomery and linebacker sam barrington were both activated off the pup list, but we'll have to wait and see if they'll play in friday's
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scott grodsky cbs58 sports you know, after two spinal infusions--doctors told me i can't play major league baseball anymore. former brewer prince fielder-- forced to end his career after complications with his neck. his career over after 319 home runs and six all star appeaances--three of those as a brewer. prince last playing with the rangers... but played since july 19th, after an mri revealed a herniated disk in his neck. fielder had surgery on his neck july 29th. prince ending his career in north texas but remembers great times in both detroit and milwaukee. especially milwauke, that's where i started out. that's what got me here. without those two teams and cities, i wouldn't be here and wouldn't have this time.
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this time. closer to home... chase anderson on the mound tonight. he's coming off a loss in arizona but a quality start then to go along with two wins before that no-decision. joel de la cruz on the other side for atlanta. 7:10 the start from miller park. longtime sports anchor john saunders has died. saunders was a fixture on espn programming for 30 years. his cause of death not immediately known. saunders is his wife and two daughters. he was 61 years old. we'll be
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't
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>> pelley: trump provides the ammunition. and clinton fires back. ( no audio ) >> pelley: also tonight, did an isis spy shoot this video of u.s. forces training syrian rebels? a police education course goes wrong, leaving an elderly woman dead. >> it's a fluke diswen, but it's just devastating. >> pelley: and an unlikely path to the olympics for a woman without a country. >> my sister, sometimes when she


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