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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  August 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CDT

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we begin at four with breaking news --- brendan dassey could be released from prison..a federal court overturned his conviction in the death of teresa halbach today.dassey is the newphew of in 2007, the then 17-year-old was convicted of being party to the homicide and sentenced to life in's decision gives the state 90 days to retry dassey.. otherwise he will be released from custody.the court called into question the conduct of dassey's defense attorney as well as techniques used by police to interrogate him including false promises-- and no consideration for his intellectual deficits.avery
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spotlight recently since the netflix documentary, "making a murderer".avery has appealed his sentence. new today at four --- a cudahy police squad was involved in an accident this afternoon. the officer was responding as backup to a stolen vehicle cras. crash.surveillance video shows the moment the vioelent crash h. 58's jocelyne pruna joins us live with that video and new information...jocelyne. this is the corner of kirkwood and munkwitz... you can stl a police squad car crashed into a driver as he was heading to a crime scene. we obtained surveillance video from pinball salvage-- a business here. the owner says the police officer had his lights on... ran the stop sign crashing into his friend who was the video you can see richard conti junior running to help him.this is just one of the scenes... there were three. the cudahy police chief says they have 6 people in custody who were in what they think were stolen cars.and the business owner i
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entire thing happen in his front yard. "oh i was so sced, i was freaking out. i was like my buddy! i see him hanging out the window and i thought he was dead... i didn't know what, i thought my dog was going to get it, the debris flying everywhere. i didn't know what to expect, everything happened at once." once." 3 his friend and the police officer only had minor cuts and bruises and werent taken to the in cudahy, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news. 3 also new at four -- two milwaukee police officers taken to the hospital after a car accident this happened on clarke near martin luther king junior around 2:30. right now, we don't know if the officers were responding to a call.we're told the officers were taken to the
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person in the other car. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3
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3 donald trump is returning to wisconsin next week to hold at
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milwaukethe republican presidential nominee will be in town next tuesday. he's got another stop that day --- but there are no other details on that yet. trump's visit comes after the latest marquette law poll shows him trailing hillary clinton by ten points among registered voters...with an even bigger gap among likely voters. 3 a marquette university political science professor says trump has a big problem here in the badger state...among 58's david ade is live in the paul nolettfrom marquette university tells me... trump's problems in wisconsin won't be fixed by a single appearance. he says trump still has not made amends with republicans in the state... and has actually done things to make that relationship worse over the last few weeks.nolette says today's rift with the reince priebus-led republican national committee is just the latest example...marquette's poll shows clinton leading by 15 points among wisconsin's likely voters... and nolette
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docrats are lining up behind clinton... while republicans are not doing the same for trump...and nolette says while wisconsin is not a sue thing for clinton... this week's poll does send one very important signal. "certainly at this point it looks like wisconsin is frankly not a swing state... and so i wouldn't be shocked if things stay the way they are for the next few weeks... we see really both campaigns start refocusing in other states. but like i said.. it's possible things could change." change."could change." change."possible things like i said.. could change." change." nolette breaks down how that change could happen... and it all starts with one key part of the state...we'll hear more about that on the cbs 58 news at in the newsroom... david ade... cbs 58 news. the wait is finally over...the packers first preseason football game is just hours away now. now.their first preseason game scheduled for last sunday was canceled because of poor field conditions at the tom benson hall of fame stadium in canton, ohio. the paint used
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for players. so the presean was pushed back a few days. and tonight the pack take on the cleveland browns at lambeau field. you can watch tonight's game on our sister station w-m-l-w the m. next week's game against the oakland raiders will also be on our sister station. and tune in early before the game tonight. we'll be re-airing our brett favre special, "making of a legend." and stay tuned...we've got a live report from green bay coming up on the news at four thirty. if a firefighter dies in the line of duty... the national fallen firefighters steps raise money... they held 20-16 golf tournament happening today at the ironwood golf course in sus. sussex.i took a swing in the fireman's suit. and while we had a good time out there on the links today...this is an improtant cause.the foundation is not supported by government they depend on events like this to get the money they need to help families. "once you're a part of the foundation family, they're
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and it's a help because you're losing a person that you weren't expecting to lose so fast." 3 fast." if you're if you're if you're interested in helping the national fallen firefighters foundation, we've put a link on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. 3 matter of days in milwaukee county because of heroin...a warning from the medical examiner's 3 and there's been ?another? theme park accident that landed a young chlid in the hospital...more on the rising concern about theme parks 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld will return with your
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way. narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office is sounding the alarm. its seeing a huge spike in the number of heroin- related deaths in the past few weeks. cbs 58's julie parise reports on just how serious of
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20 people have died of heroin overdoses in just the last two weeks. since mid july, there have been 36 total deaths due to drug overdoses. a representative from the me's office told me this is a "tremendous" increase. increase.since january 1, there have been 120 overdoses deaths in milwaukee county, which makes it the area's number one avoidable cause of death. since the start of the year, the number of homicides is at 83 and traf deaths is at 44. the medical examiner says the county averages on heroin overdose every three's becoming an alarming trend. trend."we don't normally see this many overdoes in a short period of time like that. we see them routinely, they are pretty static thing in this office, but this number has dramatically increased for us." the medical examiners office says the most effective way to stop the rise in overdose deaths is to educate people and get these drugs off the street. reporting in milwaukee i'm jp cbs 58.
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a new study shows people living in states with expanded medicaid insurance under the affordable care act...are living healthier lives. lives.the study found low-income people in arkansas and kentucky -- which expanded medicaid insurance to everyone -- are healthier than low- income people in texas, where medicaid was not expanded. researchers also found that the expansion of medicaid was associated with increased use of outpatient services and preventative care. which...reduces emergency room use. nef experience for passengers on a jetblue flight headed from boston to sacrramento. the plane had to make an emergency landing after more than twenty people were hurt by sudden turbulance...i was buckled in but the lady next to me was starting to fly and the guys behind us hit the over apartment and it cracked, you can see where it cracked. i felt like i was in the tower of terror. 3 the unannounced turbulance hit
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landing in south dakota. several people were thrown from their seats...and two flight attendants were hurt. in all 22 people were treated and released from the hospital. a young boy fell from a roller coaster in pennsylvania yesterday. that's the ?third? amusement park accident just this week. cbs news correspondent vinita nair has more on the rising concerns about safety. "the rolo-coaster will be closed pending the results of the investigation.the accident happened on this ridethe rolo- coaster. it and does ?not? have seat belts. instead it uses a lap bar to secure riders. "unknown aged child just fell from a rollercoaster." authorities say the child fell from a height of around 12 feetlanding on the tracks near a fence. "the boy was conscious while being treated on site and airlifted to a local hospital this latest incident comes just days after two other accidents involving amusement
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girls - ages 6, 10 and 16 - were hospitalized after falling more than 30 feet from a ferris wheel at a county fair in greenville, tennessee. "the smallest child feel right beside me // the other two came right behind her." and on sunday, a 10 year caleb schwab - the son of kansas state representative scott schwab -- died while riding down a 17-story waterslide at schlitterbahn (shlit-er-bon ) waterpark in kansas city, kansas.rules and regulations over rides at fairground, amusemepa parks -- vary from state to state.the rash of recent incidents is raising questions of safety and oversight.we spoke to deborah hersman -- the president and ceo of the national safety council - earlier this week."there are no federal requirements for oversights or reporting as far as injuries or fatalities for this industry"(standup close: vinita ir, cbs news)records shothe rolo-coaster was inspected by pennsylvania
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idlewild park officials say the 78 -year old ride is inspected by ?its? workers daily. 3
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3 flash flood ch scattered showers and storms expected, so grab the umbrella. rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches possible in spots that get good showers right overhead. temperatures will bounce around a bit with the on and off rain, but most will touch 80 degrees at some point this afternoon.. winds: e 5-10 mph. tonight: evening showers and storms. partial clearing late. lows near 70.weekend: dry and seasonable under a mix of clouds and sun. highs near 80. lows in the 60s. 3
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here's a look at the traffic conditions now... 3
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irish fest announces it gate promotions for 2016 how you can save some green for this celebration of all things
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we're looking ahead to irish fest..which announced a series of special gate promotions when the festival starts next thursday august 18th.but you can brush up on all things celtic at the summer school which starts in just days. patrick boyle and jeff ksaizeck joins us this afternoon.
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i've got more information on our website cbs 58 dot com...i'll be posting this interview when i get off the set. patrick, jeff, thank you both for joining us. 3 we've got much more news and weather headlines...coming up on the cbs 58 news at four
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3 we continue to follow breaking news at 4:30..a federal court overturned brendan dassey's conviction in the death of teresa halbach today.dassey is the newphew of stephen avery. if the state does not decide to retry dassey, he could be released from prison in the next three months.we'll have much more on this decision..


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