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tv   CBS 58 News at 430pm  CBS  August 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm CDT

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3 we continue to follow breaking news at 4:30..a federal court overturned brendan dassey's conviction in the death of teresa halbach today.dassey is the newphew of stephen avery. if the state does not decide to retry dassey, he could be released from prison in the next three months.we'll have much more on this decision..
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decision coming upin 10 minutes with a live interview wiht a local defeense attorney. 3 3 it was supposed to be the ?second?...but instead the packers will play their ?first? preseason football game tonight. may recall the first one was canceled because of poor field conditions. so now that the preseason is ?finally? getting contain their excitement. 58's evan krugel is livin green bay...evan. fans have been waiting all year for this moment - as packer football returns to lau fmbeald - and even though it's just the pre-season - fans are treating this like a regular game - filling this city with green and gold. of course a number of starters ?not? expected to play tonight - but fans are
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excited to be back at lambeau with 80-thousand of their closest friends. 3 closest friends. :37:54 drove up 2 and a half hours from waukesha, the experience of coming up here to tailgate. first game of the season at lambeau field nothing better so it's amazing to be here 3 kick-off now less than three hours away - yon action over on our sister station "w-m-l-w the m" - at 7:00. live outside lambeau field - evan kruegel - cbs58news. 3 like evan just told us.. the game is on w-m-l-w.. that's
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oakland raiders will also be on our sister station. and tune in early before the game tonight, we'll be re-airing our brett favre special, "making of a legend." much more on tonight's game from our sports director, kevin holden...coming up on the news at five. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 flash flood watch through friday eveningtoday: more scattered showers and storms expected, so grab the umbrella. rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches possible in spots that get temperatures will bounce around a bit with the on and off rain, but most will touch 80 degrees at some point this afternoon.. winds: e 5-10 mph. tonight: evening showers and storms. partial clearing late. lows near 70.weekend: dry and seasonable under a mix of clouds and sun. highs near 80. lows in the 60s.
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new details from police about a fatal hit and run. a woman caught in the path of a speeding driver who is still out there. 58's april dovorany joins us live with the latest...april. neighbors say-this appleton is busy& people often jaywalk- but police tell us-mary wills was in the cross walk when she tried to cross here last night ...and was hit by a car. police say a small, dark suv with tinted windows made a right turn ....striking the 64 year old woman around 10 last night. officials found her unresponsive in the street-and the driver was nowhere to be found. wills died at the scene. local businesses in the area say the intersection is
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right thru it. 3 customers lost his arm because his car was t-boned, hit and flipped over on his arm. we have people that basically cross...they jaywalk basically and cars swerve to avoid them. it's a very busy intersection any sudden changes in lanes- ople can't see what's going on. 3 mke police are still searching for the driver of that suv. live in mkad cbs 58 news. todays is world elephant day. and at the milwaukee county zoo they're bringing attention to the main reason elephants are agnere..the ivory trade. trade.zoo visitors were asked to give their support a law that would prohibit the sale of ivy in wisconsin. the zoo says 96 elephants are killed each day because of the ivory trade. and they want everyone to know...they can be a part of the solution. "a lot of people don't realize they can make a difference,
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have a child that's under the age of 1 and i would love for her to be able to see these animals not just in zoos but still in the wild as she grows older so we just want people to really care and realize that once these guys are gone, you're not going to be able to see them anymore." anymore." the elephants were given special treats this afternoon to stomp's meant to symbolize "stomping out" the ivory trade. what happenes to y letic and elegant greyhs ft they've reached mike: about how many greyhounds do you find homes for each year?chris our organization adopts out anywhere from 150 to 200 per yeareveog ry dat 3leaves here h. home. this weekend on cbs 58 sunday morning - a different breed - we meet a dedicated army of volunteers working to find homes for retired racing greyhounds... why these dogs are unlike most rescue animals ... and their remarkable
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mike: "what's the biggest misconception about greyhounds?" chris straka: "that they're hyper dogs. i mean you're seeing them run around here and they're running pretty fast and they're playing, but they're really not hyper. i mean they'll sleep 20 hours a day if you let them." 3 you can watch the entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike strehlow... that's at 7-am just ahead of cbs sunday morning from new york...we hope you'll join us. 3 after the break...we get back to that breaking news that brendan dassey's conviction has attorney in the studio next to
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back to that breaking news we've been telling you about... a federal court has overturned brendan dassey's murder conviction..joining me in the studio now is attorney alex flynn.. 3 3 3
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alex, thanks for 3 your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is
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flash flood watch through friday eveningtoday:more scattered showers and storms expected,so gb the umbrella. rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches possible in spots that get good showers right overhead. temperatures l off rain, but most will touch 80 degrees at some point this ternoon.. winds: e 5-10 mph. tonight: evening showers and storms. partial clearing late. lows near 70.weekend: dry and seasonable under a mix of clouds and sun. highs near 80. lows in the 60s.
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a traffic alert to pass along this afternoon...there will be some new closures starting monday as part of the zoo interchange 58's traffic reporter andy brovelli has the details. as work continues on the zoo interchange construction project ramp closures will be one thing that drivers will monday august 15th the i-94 eastbound close long-term for ramp reconstruction. this closure is expected to last until spring 2017.drivers should plan ahead if they normally use this ramp for either of their commutes. several alternates are available to drivers to help navigate the roads while this closure is in place.if you need to accesth i- will need to exit i-94 eastbound at hwy 100. you can then head north and rejoin the way atrtown ank rd. drivers can also exit i-94 eand amoorland rd. and
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as with most closures drivers will need to plan out their routes and expect a slower commute until commuters get used to the new routes. 3 an amazing discovery made about some of the oldest sharks in about some of the discovery made about some of the oldest sharks in the
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3 3 a pretty amazing discovery made about the sharks in eenland. researchers say they ?could? be living this out by looking deep i their es. the lens is made up of proteinsat build up over time. using radio-carbon hem out -- like rings on a un tree. they could see carbon initially going to the 1960s when nuclear bombs were being tested off greenland and we could see the radiation the eyes there and we can go deer and estimat that it's 300 to 400 years when these sharks were actually born. born.
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shark was most likely 392 years old! to give you some perspective on just how old this guy is...that means he was born arnd the same time galileo started mapping the stars. 3 don't forget -- tonight's packers reseason game against the cleveland browns is on our sister station w-m-l-w the m. tune in early at six...we'll be re-airing our brett favre special "making a legend". and the game is on at seven. much more on the packers...coming up on the news at five. thanks for watching the news at four... four...the cbs 58 news at
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3 breaking news right now at 5 -- a federal court has overturned the conviction of brendan dassey in the death of teresa halbach. this means he could be released from prison. 3 stephen 2007, the then 17-year-old was convicted of being party to the homicide of the photographer and sentenced to life in prison.'s decision gives the state 90 days to retry dsey.. otherwise hewill be released from custody. custody.the court called into question the conduct of dassey's defense attorney as well as techniques used by police to interrogate him including false promises and no consideration for his
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avery and dassey have been in the spotlight recently since the netflix documentary, "making a murderer".avery has since appealed his sentence. michele mccormack is in studio now breaking down what this means.. michele? joining me now is attorney
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