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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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watch for much more on this breaking story tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten., 3 now to our top is back at lambeau field. in about two hours, the green bay packers host the cleveland browns at lambeau field. 58 has team coverage of tonight's preseason opener.
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kruegel, who's been talking to fans about tonight's game. but we start with sports director kevin holden, live at lambeau with a look at what you can expect to see on the field...kevin? we're going to see football, which is already a step up from the hall of fame game! and since the packers get to open the preseason at home, we'll be getting the authentic lambeau experience for the first game action of the new season - no offense, family night. but if you're tuning in to the m tonight to see heroics aaron rodgers, it ain't happening. he'll be watching from the sidelines. probably won't learn much about the trimmer eddie lacy either. this game - and really the entire preseason - means the most to two groups of players. guys locked in position battles - they can win starting spots with an impressive showing - and the young packers on the roster bubble. those are the players who'll have the eyes of the packers coaches and staff for
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thompson: i think it's a valuable tool. it's just one of the tools, but it's a valuable tool in deciding how the team is going to be constructed. there's gonna be a guy who makes the team based off of that, and there's gonna be a guy who doesn't make the team based off of that. so it's important. it's a seven o'clock kickoff tonight on w-m-l-w, the m. you can catch a replay of our special from canton - favre, the making of a legend, right before the game at 6-30. on two positions up for grabs, later in the show. live in green bay, kevin holden, c-b-s 58 news. 3 3 we've seen the summerfest, we've seen them at state fair this packer fans will have to go rough tal
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requent from the nfl at all stadiums this year. year.of courslltake a lot more than metal detectors to dampen the enthusiasm of packer fans as football returns. cbs 58's evan kruegel joins us live outside lambeau....evan? well it's no secret that packer's football and tailgating go hand in hand - and even though the game might not count in the standings - these are important repetitions for fans to get ready for thas if you've never been to lambeau for a packer game - it's truly a sight to see these fans began arriving here about 5 hours ago - filling these parking lots with green and goldsome of these fans were ?planning? to get the season started with last week's hall of fame game - but that cancellation has simply built up even more excitement for tonight 27:56 feeling great, glad to be here, look forward to seeing what our new prospects are :38:08 i got goose bumps just knowing that i was here. i have season tickets but the three games i have i still get goosebumps no matter which
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live outside lambeau field - evan kruegel - cbs58news. 3 3 if you're watching us righ lambeau tonight. so join us on our sister station, the "m", wmlw for the broadcast of the packers browns game....kickoff is at 7, but tune in an hour early. at 6, we'll rebroadcast our sports team's special on brett's called "favre - the making of a legend". then it's packer pregame activity at 6-30, followed by the game...all on the m, wmlw. 3 3 toss to drew
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a rumble of thunder. scattered showers overnight. lows near 70.saturday: scattered showers during the morning and then a mix of clouds and sun during the afternoon. highs in the low 80s. winds: n 5-15 mph. sunday: mix of clouds and sun. highs in the low 80s.extended: 80s continue through the early part of next week. chance for a shower or storm on wednesday. warmer air returns by the end of the week with rain chances increasing for
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new tonight, a squad car in cudahy, involved in a violent crash.....and it's captured on video. the officer was responding as backup to a stolen vehicle crash. 58's jocelyne pruna joins us live from cudahy...jocelyne here at the intersection of kirkwood and munkwitz a driver who had nothing to do with the stolen cars and high speed chase was hit by a police
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backup. check out this surveillance video of the crash. you see the squad car... and the driver impact... debris flies everywhere and you cant help but wonder how badly hurt they are.richard conti junior is the owner of pinball salvage and hes the one who shared this video... the driver is his friend. you can see 2 different angles of the crash. cudahy police say it all started around 10-30 this morning... they chased the suspects.. a stolen car hit a light pole. catch 6 people and take them into custody.there was a lot going on at the same time... three different scenes with stolen cars... suspects running away and for this crash-- everyone survived. sot richard conti jr./ pinball salvage owner14:27:00-11"he just had a little cut on his head that was it and the police officer he just had a spot on his head. that was it, everyone was fine, cars were a mess but everyone else was fine. the milwaukee county sheriffs
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crash that happened here. several other departments helped cudahy police catch the in cudahy, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news. 3 also new tonight, a traffic accident sends two milwaukee police officers to the hospital. it happened at martin luther king driver and clarke street this see at least two damaged cars on this video...the police vehicle had apparently been moved. police have little information about how this happened...and we don't know the conditions of the officers or anyone conditions of the officers or anyone else involved yet. 3 for the driver who struck and killed a woman on milwaukee's northwest side last night.and then drove away. cbs 58's april dovorany is live from the scene of where it all happened. police say 64 year old mary wills was here, just trying to cross to the other side of 91st street.but before she made ita car turnedhitting and killing her. when authodmrities got to the intersection of north 91st and west appleton avenue around 10 thursday night-they found mary wills unresponsive in the
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she had been hit by a car. police say speed ?was a factorwhich isnt surprising to kevin petersonwho has spent the past 15 years working at a car dealership near the scene. scene.219 people speed up and down this street every day literally you can hear the motors reving its like a race track down there. for 15 years ive been here and ive seen a lot of accidnets and a lot of people get hurt.john gliatis-who owns a restaurant across the street agress and says-the intersection is dangerous. 3329 because its kind of slanted, the line of sight isnt great for people who want accidents ove rthe years. theres always a problemgliatis says theres not enough lights in the intersection and between that, high speeds and jaywalking-it's a recipe for trouble. 3408 over the years ive seen different accidents. ive seen cars flipped over. and its a neighborhood restuarant so a lot of the people are my customers here police say wills ?was in the cross walk when she was hittheyre describing the car as a small dark suv, newer
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peterson says while hes saddened by this-he hopes it will get officials to make changes... especially since two new bus stops were recently installed here.403 those two bus stops have been there a year or so and theres been a couple more accidents and people getting hurt. at last check-milwaukee police say-they do not have a suspec ti custody. lie in milwaukee ad cbs 58. 3 next at five, is wisconsin still a battleground state for the presidential race, now that hillary clinton has a big lead campaign 2016 coverage when the cbs 58 news at five
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3 to the presidential campaign now...donald trumpis not arned today that he'll be ba ckin thdger state next tuesday.,...milwaukee will be one of his stops. this week's marquette law school poll showed trump trailing hillary clinton among likely voters by 15-percentage points, which raises the wisconsin still a battleground state? cbs 58's david ade has been asking that question and
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3 at this point... the answer is no acrding to marquette univer poitic scie professor paul nolette. however... he says wisconsin can return to swing state status ?if? voters in three key counties lead the turnaround. "we turned the state red again because of the great turnout in waukesh.. ozaukee... and washington counties."at last night's mike pence rally in milwaukee... state senator alberta darling made an appeal to the group of ot governor scott walker... and lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch beat recalls in 2011 and 2012. 2012."you're the wow counties... you're the ones who are known nationally to get out the vote... to work your butts off to make sure you get your candidates in." that proved true in 20-12... when walker got over 70 percent over the vote in each of the counties during his reca. recall."and right now donald trump is suggling in the wow counties..."many expected wisconisn to be a key
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this weeks marquette law school poll shows it's not.and says appeals from state officials like darling... kleefisch... and walker will only go so far in motivating the key coervative base in wisconsin's wow counties. counties."it's going to ultimately have to come from trump himself. and he's going to have to convince the voters in the wow counties and really republican voters who are still skeptical of him nationwide that he can really handle the job of presidency." 3 nearly impossible for trump to win wisconsin unless he can ray the suprt of voters in those in the newsroom... david ade... cbs 58 news. if you enjoy steve hartman's stories from the road on the cbs evening news, you'll want to know that tonight he reports from grafton, wisconsin. wisconsin.since 9/11, 5,000 kids have lost a parent because of war. and a few years ago, camp hometown
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bring those kids, from across the country, together. this is james house. his father, a navy medic, died in a helicopr crash iniraq. that was in 20-05 - when james was just a month old.bite michael: throughout the whole camp you always have supporters.bite lauren: it was easy to make friends because we're so similar watch for steve hartman's report on camp hometown heroes tonight on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, right after our newscast. 3 3 3 tonight: evening showers and a rumble of thunder. showers overnight. lows near 70.saturday: scattered showers during the morning and then a mix of clouds and sun during the afternoon. highs in the low 80s. winds: n 5-15 mph. sunday: mix of clouds and sun. highs in the low 80s.extended: 80s continue through the early part of next week. chance for a shower or storm on wednesday. warmer air returns by the end of the week with rain chances increasing for
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earlieis week, we showed you that video of nfl star jj watt, working out in fullgear
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hometown of pewaukee. well, if jj can do it, why not me? 3 -nats golf swing- swing- ok, so i was golfing instead of working out...and maybe it wasn't ?full? firefighters gear.i was out at a golf tournament in sussex this morning, raising money for the national fallen firefighters foundation. we had a good time, but this is serious business. the foundation steps in and helps firefighter dies in the line of duty. "counseling, whatever they need, kids camps and they also bring them out to the memorial weekend every october to honor their fallen firefighter." firefighter." the weather looked a little iffy there for a while, but the rain held off. if you're interested in helping the national fallen firefighters foundation, we've put a link
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finally--packers football finally--packers finally--packers football happening at lambeau field. 3... ... scott grodsky in green bay
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finally--a reason for fans to get out of their seats and cheer! a week too long but the
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rodgers or brett hundley against the browns tonight-- t we will see joe callahan. scott grodsky with more on who he'll be throwing to in green bay tonight.. scott? hey earl, the stands are starting to fill up at lambeau with a little more than an hour to go until course roers anclay matthews in on acti.. thefront office is looking at a guys....players like john crocket and carl bradford as they try to set the 53 man roster.......the biggest position battle in camp is at wide receiver....randall cobb and jordy nelson are locks............there are five others fighting for either three or four spots....with nelson still on the sidelines last year's playoff superstar jeffjanis has gotten a chance to play with the 1' far he hasn't capitolized still ing 5th or 6th on the depth cht....ban knows go... is still wato a long 3 3
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be on the same page with aaron. with me it's going to take reps. just like with jordy it took a couple of years to get on the same page and get everything right so that's just what i'm trying to work on." on defense the inside linebacker slot s stealing looks like sam barrington, jake ryan and blake martinez will battle for the two ...barngn and ryan haveboth missed time in training camp thanks to injuries....martinez is just a rookie, buten 4th round ck....sed by the 3 3 3 barrington: "blake, he communicates better than any inside nebacker that i've been in there withnot to take anything aw frm the guys i've been in the with in the past but that's just what he brings to thtable. he's a great communicator. so for a guy like me who is locd n and looking at everything he's like a second voice in my head." (ad-lib)reporting live at lambeau field, scott grodsky,
5:26 pm reporting former pkers tight end andrew quarless suspended two games by the nfl for violating the picy.he took a plea deal and has a year of probation afte being arrested for discharging a firearm in public back in july of last year.quarless still a free agent after not being re-signed by the packers this offseason. also tonight... jimmy nelson leading the the cincinnati reds tonight. he's lost his last four starts... but his last win coming against the reds back on july 16th. he'll go against
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win eith way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo.
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if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way. narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world full of possibilities. connecting with family, friends d the things that matter m and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. if a member of your household is a snap participant, you may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs
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captioning sponsored by s >> pelley: deep trouble in the deep south. flooding threatens lives along the gulf coast. >> i just told him, you know, don't panic. i'm heir for you. i'm going to get you out of these waters. i'm going to rescue you." >> pelley: also tonight. >> go home to and your momma is voting for trump! >> pelley: the road to the white house. >> the republicans do have a tougher path. >> pelley: we'll show you how tough. amazing simones, the gymnast and the swimmer. >> she just kind of blows the rest of the world out of the water. >> pelley: she's talking about the gymnast. >> pelley: and storm at summer camp. >> the kids who come here share one exceptional bond. this is the "cbs evening news"


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