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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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football is back..the packers open their preeason at home.. we are live at lambeau field coming up.. but first brendan dasy was 17 when sentenced to life in prison for the murder of photographer teresa halbach.but could a new court ruling mean he might go f? free?a federal judge overturned his cci november of march of 2006, dassey was chrged as an accessory after he confessed to avery kill the photographer. despe saying thatconfession 5s marshanna hester joins us in the decision was made and what it means. bill and michele-- a video confession was the main piece of evidence that got brendan dassey convictedbut a judge
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broke the rules to get it... 3 102-10.29 the honest person ithe one who's going toget a better deal out of everthing. you knowhow that works. mmhhm. honesty's the only thing that will set you free."an terrogation of false promises. promises.6.54 we're or side.that'show a federal dge says investigators ed btrckndan dassey into confessing his role in the of teresa halbach.the cort also queioned the explotation of i-q.. "10.s no qstion brendan dasseyse 's cas weak. had nothing nothing but thnfession." attorney jerry buting knws the details of the coession..he defended steavery says itwas obvious law enforcement was feeding dassey all the acts... it just took the right level of the justice system to see it too"00.59 ate courts are elected judges. unpopular decisions are difficult for
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help avery's appeal?buting believes the state will argue it didn't usthe video in avery's trial so he should new evidence and incoming tips will soon reveal the truth th men are innocent. cent. "00.08 i didn't do it and i couldn't do anything like that.""7.53 brendan dassey should be frand the state of wisconsinshould do zellner tweeted this today... brendan's opinion shows cops made will show cops made up crime ev. evence.zellner says she visited avery today and he was happy for brendan dassey...the state has 90 days to re-try dassey -- oerwise he'll be relead from in the newsroom, mh cbs 58 ne we have much e about tod's decisionn our website, cbm.something that's finitely wth yo
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milwkee defense attorney alex flynn who says a plea bargain for dass might now be t rks. just look in the local news section. this was supposed to be game two of thpackerpreseason.. but night, is the first time the pack have hit thefield in m. monthsand fs weobviously in with some of them in just a minute..butu first an update with earl arms herl? a list of 17 players incactive for tonight's aaron rodgers and brett hundley... but still, packers football as the preseason kicks off. packers right ahead in the fourth quarter. slow srt to the game... bt he paers getting into thend zone with a joe callahan touchdown pass to john crockett. callahan... 16/23, 24 rds and a touchdown in a halof work. eddie lacy alst starting-- getting four carries for 24
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more on the game coming up in sport fits--but... we go outside laeau where our evan krugel is live mwith e on a bunch of excited fans. evan? well earl, fanshad mixed reactions about thteams rformance hetonigh- but lets face it - what happens the?on? field is ly half under music) :05:00there's nothing like it in the nflon a cool summer day - the feeling of fallwas in the air...10:18 it's kind of like coming out of hibernation for the ac fans poed into lambeau field for their first glimpse - of the green and gold :04:13 taiating with some friends and famild just having a od time dont tell ?these? fans that its just the pre-seon - n rusch has been waiting all summer to tailga here here:04:48it doesn't matter if it a preseason game, regular season game, 's pret c the same all the time. it's electric, the fans arome e awes the pre-season opener was a gold game - awing hundreds of season ticket holders from southeast wisconsin. hours from waukesha, the half experience of coming up here to tailgate. first game of the
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to be did ave to deal with new metal detectors at lambeau - but that didn't seem to w the crowd.last week's canceled all of fame game - adding even more excitement. :11:00it's ind of exciting to be here for ?the? first game now 38:08win or lose - football is back - a cause for celebration in een bay (cheering or music) 3 fans here wont have to wait long to see some more packer football herat lambeau - the second preseason game is also lambeau... at 3 the next packers preseason game will also be shown on w-m-l-w the's at home against the oakland raiders starting at 7 p-m. 3 new tonight a 33-year-old man shot dead while driving dow burleigh in milwaukee pole safter he washit.. his car
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waing rnst onto burleigh. those eople are expected to be okay.police do no t know what led up to the shooting...anve not told us if they have any suspects. two teens are in custody tonight.. after poce say they attaa macked while e was filing u at a wauwatosa gas ppenejus after midnight on hawley road and wisconsin.. wiscsin..the mandescribes to our eric levy what happened and how tri to fight back. eric? bill...he askedus not to say his name, d frankly his name isn't important.his incredible pulled up...and knew something wasn't right when an suv with three teens inside pulled up next to him.teens inde lled up next to him. "i had the gas pump in, i'm looking around in there, and then i saw a head pop up."the gas stati's security camera caught everything..."i just
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nozzle out and shot it over e car and sprayedhim with the gas."then he took off running as his phone rang... "as i'm running, i'm swiping, i have an iphone, i'm swiping. i don' itt knowhad answered owhatever, i'm yelling call 911, help!"just of the teens caught him..."right then the keys fell out, he was scuffling for that."the teen grabbed the keys and sprinted ck to the gas station... station..."you see the suspects then get in tothe van, and now the van along wih thesuv h two of the teens an hour later after they ashed the van. mentality that not on were they notdetered by somebody spring gas athem, the victim physically tries to run awafrom hem and theychase him down, throw him to the ground and then come back to tthe ca...who knew the gas he was buying for the van would be used to fend off teenage car thieves!"you don't thinkwhoa, what's the gas station guy gonna say? you know? you think, how am i getting out of ts."
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s for the thteen who was driving the last check, he's still on the loose. 58... 3michele b the hunt continues for the person who mowed down a milwaukee woman in a crosswalk and then kept going. going.64 yearold mary wills di while trying to cross the street at 91st and aleton around ten last ght. her..making a turn at the time..and speeding.a commo problem say local business ners. 18-29people speed up and down this street every day literally you can hear the motors reving its like a race track down there. for 15 years ive herbeen and ive seen a lot of accidnets anda lot of people get hurt. hurt. the suspect car is described as a a newer model, small, dark suv with tinted windows. 3 two milwaukee police officers taken to the hospital after a
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luther king junior around 2:30. right now, we don't know if the officers were reonding to a call.we're told the officers were taken to the hospital as a word on the condition of the person in the other car. police in their own emergency..and when you look at the video.. you'll understand why so many are amazed that anybody waed away. surveillance video shows the moment a squad car rushing to the scene of a crash in cudahy hit a pick truck at the intersection of kirkwood and 58 obtained the owner in the area who also happens to be a friend of the guy in the truck...and saw the crash with his own eyes. "oh i was so scared, i was freaking out. i was like my buddy! i see him hanging out the window and i thought he was dead... i didn't know what, i thought my dog was going to get it, the debris flying everywhere. i didn't know what to expect, everything happened at once." once." no had to go to the hospital and as for the original crash..that turned out to be a stolen car that
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3 the -n-r is stepping in to help the d-n-r is ping in to he people replace lead pipes....we'll tell you how.. 3 plus, football is back!an packers win their firsgame ck.we'll ave a live report from lambeau comi up....drew?
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3 making sure what happened in flint doesn't happen here.the r with money at the ready to help dozens of cities get lead out of their drinking water. barbaresi is live in n cudahy...with details about the plan to replace lead service lines and that city is using the ey those lead service lines connect ter ains-- under the street, homes.the part from the water main to the
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of the line is the homeowners the dnr is handing out 14.5 million dollars this year so municipalities can help people get rid of theirportion of those lead pipes. 00;01;22 the reason we needed to that is because in wisconsin, utilities are not ble to use utility rates to pay for any work on private of the cities getting money to replace privately ed led service lines is cudahy the city will this fall, while replacing water mains along packard avenue, between cudy avenue and the st. francis border rder06;08the city has been replacing the portion they own when we've done ter main relays for about the last ten years, now we are hoping tose this money to encourage residts in this project ar to replace their portion.the dnr money will be used for the 59 properties in t cructioarea, where the city will be replacing their
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replace th portion of a lead service line that's owned by the municipality and you leave the private lead service line in place, you can actually increase the exposurelead is not fou in the water source, instead gets in through the lead service lines and lead lumbing, and is most dangerous for children because development.and while expert say the situation inwisconsin is not something to panic about, it is important to be aware. good job with corrosion oing a control, we are minimizing the term i think eventually flint shows lead is dangerous enough, we just need to get rid of it. homeownerin the cudahy project area will be getting more information in the next weekand the d-n-r will hand out another 7.5 million to cities next year...but the d-n-r expert says to get rid of all lead serce lines-- will likely take more federal funding. 3
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only 13 percent of voting-aged adults cast a ballot in tuesday's primary.that's according to th wisconsin elections commission.the number is based on unofficial electionnight reports from county clerks.oial results will be reported later this month.the commission had republi presidential t turnout. candidate donald trump is returning to wisconsin next wee. week.he's expected to hold at least two fundraisers -- one of them in milwaukee next tuesday.he's got anoth stop that day... but no details of when visit comes after the latest marquette law poll shows him trailing hillary clinton by ten points among registered voters... and an even bigger gap among likely voters. 3 with clinton's big lead over trump now many political observers say wconsint migh not be a key battle state after all.and yet its possible at could change...again..says rquette professor paul nolit ette..l depends on if the conservative gop base can get energized in three key counties -- waukesha, ozaukee, and washington.
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ultimately have to come from trump hielf. and he's going to have to convince the voters in the wow counties and really republivoters who are still sktical of him nationwide that can really handle the job of president... skepticsim has where the 3been been nolette says it will be nearly impossible for trump to win wiscons unless he can rally the support of voters in those ounties. 3 a new national poll show hillary clinton openina wider lead overtrump in the battleground states of coloradvi calina.but the race is tighter in floda whe clinton has a 5 poilead. ntonclieleasedher 20-15 taxes today.earlier this week she called on trump to do the same. clinton's return shows sheand bill made more than 10 million dolls and do one million dollars to charity, most of to clinton family dation. gotta catch 'em al right? maybe not, at least if yo rk for the u-s defense depant. department.washinon times rept says a merecently
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telling workers to ep the "pokemon go" app ?off? their workphones.and it's not just because of the potenal distraction.....the memo says the game could be used by ?spies? topinpoint the locations of sensitive facilities. it is ok r pentgon workers to use their own personal phones. an urgent messe from kis at the milwaukecounty zoo day. -nats kids-"stomp out ivory!" ivory!" todays world elephant day, and the zoo hosted to demonstrate the threat. many visitors signed a petition calling for a ban on the sale of ivory products in wiscsin to prevent poaching. kidshowed their suppt coloring an elephant bann. "the african elephant is actually considered threatened at this time. and the asian elephant is anenngered pecies. although at the rate of 96 african elephants killed a day me experts believe the
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2020. the milwaukee elephants.. brittany and ruth.. helped out by posingfor our cbs 58 featured in a demonration symbolizing the need to end the illegal ivory trade. local amen no headed up nelp orth toth flooding relief effortsthe crews are om the 8th ir refueling members of the national gua g in nohern wisconsin.they brought chainsaws, generators, machinery, and other equipment to roads.president obama declared eight northern counties in wisconsin disaster areas...making federal help avlable for rebuilding. 3 3 3
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3 3the milwaukee county outdoor pool season is quickly coming to an end.some splash pads, wading polls, and deep-well pools will close ?sunday?. others will close august 21. the county's two family aquatic parks will stay open through labor day.before the cool waters aquatic pa is dr, there's the annual "doggie dip" where dogs can have fun in the pool. 3 3 a traffic alert for drivers
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starting ?monday?, the i-94 eastbound ramp to i-41/us 45 northbound will ?close? for ramp reconstruction until next spring.drivers should plan ahead if they normally use this ramp for their commutes. y alternate route to get access to the 41/45 corridor... we've got some posted on our website, cbs 58 dot com. there's a competition for just about everything at state fair and our own resdient foodies jessica tighe and marshanna hester got on the action day. today.0 bacon chocolate schmorgasboard.. we st named that right nowwe did 3 that was one of several creations for fooding competition using patrick cudahy proucts.they had to work fast--getting only 20 minutes to whip something up. thoice was anapetizer salami rol, an a entree wih ham, and a dessert with bacon and chocolate.they came in seconplace -- great job ladies!! 3 volunteers pulled out their hammers and power tools to
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meta house on milwaukee's rth side.that's an organization that helps women fight addiction... and the playground is for their kids. more than 200-volunteers have been helping t... and their enthusiasm is contagious. "they're gonna be building playgrounds, ty're onna be ncrete and then doing ing additional site enhancemes including tre benches, a pi ce fend murals." murals." the brewers community foundation is a big part of this effor... and so it was norise to racing sauges from miller park usehis skills on the
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if you drove past a dunkin donuts this morning... you may have seen an uual sight cops staked out on the rooftop rooftop.they weren't trying to cat criminals.... it was all to hp special olpics. cops collected donations at 46 wisconsin cations as a way to raise awareness and funds for the organization. :50-58donations like ths sporting events, costs of facilities, and everything else that goes in with thecosts costs they're hopingto collect about 40 thousand dollars. those who pitched in received a coffee coupon. times... for a serious causei was honored toplay in a golf tournament in sussex this morning ... raising money for the national fallen fiefighters foundation. the organization dies in the ine of duty.the
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government ney... so they get the ney they need to to help families. 06:44:37-43they he the families they help the fire department... because a lot of stuff goes on that people aren't prepared for and to just support them 06:45:39-46 there's so much more that they're still involved with... ese people once they're there with the foudnation, they're there for life 3 life if you're interested in hethe lping national fallen firefighters foundation, wve put a link on o website, cbs 58 dotcom. 3 3
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we're used to most we're used to most of the starters sitting out in green bay... but we did see some of them, including eddie lacy . the big fella getting work on the first drive. four total carries for 24 yards. also we sawmicah hyde... comes up
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griffin i on their first defensive posession. his pick leading to a safety. just field goals from there.. until the end of the first half. callahan gog 80 yards on 12 plays... 124 total yards passing for the undrafted free agent.... ckers 10-5 the half. the second half... the packs gting their own saftety. browns quarterback cody kessler runing out of the end zone. then how about another one? this time he actually gets brought down. christian ringo... that's how this one ends. 17-11---packers win the first one with oakland coming
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve is message. johnson: i've always sd i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: ife loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million doar bonus he paid hielf as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. he gets another six years toupport tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship joos as. all to benefit corrations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win eitheway.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> wow. >> what you reading? >> stephen: the internet. >> oh, i read that, it's good. >> stephen: it says here that researchers at m.i.t. taught a computer to watch two people on tv and predict whether or not they're going to kiss. >> hey, we're on tv. >> stephen: i don't know. but who i kiss is none of my computer's business. ( laughter ) oooh. give me a kiss. >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes samuel l. jackson. julie klausner. and a musical performance by


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